Good Night Messages to My Lovely Wife

Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages for My Lovely Wife

The night is a perfect time to express your feelings to your spouse. It is a time of the day you’ve got to tell her how much you miss her and how important she is to you.

It is believed that any discussion had in the night is always true and genuine. It’s the perfect period to apologize for your wrongs, to bridge the gap when you’re very far away and the time to put some smile on her face.

Make it a point of duty to be the last person she speaks to at the end of the day. This will make her feel so special as she truly is.

Below are loads of these romantic good night messages for my lovely wife you can send to your wife to put some smile on her face before she goes to bed.

Romantic Good Night Love Messages for Your Wife

As much as you want the best for your wife, It would make no sense if you don’t express it, and one of the ways to do this is to spoil her with love messages, quotes and prayers. Below are good night messages to my lovely wife you should send to your wife to express your thoughts towards her even at night. Romantic good night love messages for your wife to make her sleep cool with thoughts of you in her heart.

1. One thing I look forward to every night is to hold you tight and give you a goodnight kiss because you deserve it. Have a sweet night, my queen.

2. As you close your beautiful eyes to sleep this night, I wish you the sweetest dreams, my darling wife.

3. Dreaming of you every night has made to understand that it’s the best thing ever because you are my dream come true. Sweet dreams, my dream woman.

4. No matter how my day goes, I know my nights would be colourful because you, my sweetheart, add honey to my life. Have a lovely night, my queen mother.

5. On cold nights, I am always warm. On warm nights, I’m always cool. I’ll love you always. You make my night romantic. Sleep tight, my woman and always know that I love you.

6. The twinkling of the stars shows how beautiful the nights to the universe but your beautiful face shows how my nights are always sweet. Goodnight my love.

7. Just like the stars, you shone beautifully in my life day and night. A special blessing you are to me. Have a nice night, my queen.

8. I sleep beautifully because your kisses are the lullaby to my heart. Sleep well, my baby and wife.

9. My love for you is immeasurable just like the stars that shone during the night. Good night, my angel.

10. The beauty of the stars reminds me of how beautiful you are in and out. Good night, my star.

11. The sound of your sleep makes me want to hold you tight every night because it’s sweeter than the voice of the Nightingale. Sleep tight, my angel.

12. To my darling wife and angel, may you have a sweet sleep just like your heart. Good night, my queen.

13. Just as the stars mean much to the night, you mean everything to me, my darling wife. Sleep well, my honey.

14. So many things to tell you but distance won’t permit but what know it can’t stop me from saying ‘I love you’ this night, my sweetest wife.

15. You’re bright like the day, so calm like the night and so beautiful like the stars. Good night, my love.

16. I’m not always bothered with what the day brings because I know with you around, my nights will be filled with love and calmness. Sleep like a queen that you are my wifey.

17. Their world is spherical but my world is you. Goodnight, my queen mother.

18. I was dreaming of angel’s hovering around me, only for me to wake up and find one beside me. You’re my angel. Goodnight love.

19. Tonight, the stars are bowing to one of them. That’s YOU, baby. You light up my life. Sleep tight, my star.

20. The twinkling of the stars and coolness of the night are what define YOU, my wife. Goodnight, mama.

21. The goodness of the night has always been you, that’s why all my nights have always been good. Sleep tight, my goodness.

22. The NIGHT means no Need IN Getting Hurry Tomorrow because you are right beside me. The sweetest night is what I wish you, my darling wife

23. I hurry to work in the morning but at night, I gently get into bed to curdle you because with you my calmness is restored. Sleep sweet, my lovely wife.

24. Many stars emerge during the night, there’s one that shines my life and that is YOU, my pretty wife.

25. Just as the stars radiate the night, so also you, my darling wife, radiates my life. Goodnight, my queen.

26. A romantic night for a deserving woman like you. Sleep sound and rest well, my love.

27. Only a few people speak with angels, but I count myself lucky to be living with one. You are my angel darling wife. Have a splendid night.

28. Nights are meant for relaxation and to forget the stress of the day, but you are my relaxation who makes me forget the trouble of the day. How can I not love the night? Goodnight, my queen.

29. I prayed to God to send an angel as we sleet tonight. Well, He said I already have one who sleeps with me every night and that’s YOU my heartbeat. So, I wish you a goodnight rest, my queen mother.

30. With your presence around, I know tonight is going to be loving and filled with lots of romance. Goodnight, my priceless gem.

31. I have come to realize that I love nights so much because they bring you closer to me. Pleasant dreams, my wife.

32. Being in my arms makes the night sweeter. Goodnight, my queen.

33. How I wish the night can be longer so as to enjoy more cuddling from you, my sweet wife. Good night.

34. Your presence every night is more loving than the cool breeze and the stars. A very pleasant night, my love.

35. My day is always complete when I wrap myself in your warm embrace. Goodnight, my darling wife.

36. As the stars hover around the moon, so I do feel wrapping you in my arms. Sleep well, my love.

37. A lucky man is the one who is married to an angel. Guess you can call me Lucky! Have a nice night.

38. I’m always happy to see you in my dreams because you are my reality. Hope to see you in my dreams tonight my precious wife.

39. The night, no matter how long it is, will leave for morning to surface but my love for you will stay till eternity. Goodnight, my wife.

40. I have turned off the alarm because tonight is for me and you. Enjoy the love that comes with the night, my darling wife.

41. Darling wife, you’re the drug that drives away nightmares and usher in sweet dreams to my life. Goodnight baby.

42. I want to be your sleep because I’m sure it will be filled with sweet dreams. Goodnight, my lovely wife.

43. To my lovely wife, lucky charm, the queen mother and shining star. Goodnight and sleep tight.

44. Goodnight is too balmy for a woman like my wife who has always been my backbone. I love you, baby.

45. Spending the night with you is one thing I always look forward to. I love you, my armour. Good night, darling wife.

46. The toughest part is when I say “see you soon”. The perfect one is when I come back to you. Goodnight, sweet wife.

47. The best part of my life is not my wealth. It is YOU. Here’s to wish you a fragrance dream, my precious wife.

48. The best way to end the day is in your arms. You make me feel like an adult-baby. Goodnight my love.

49. I’m always grateful to God for sending me a beautiful woman like you to my life. I love you now and forever. Goodnight darling.

50. In the morning, I look forward to the afternoon. In the afternoon, I look forward to the evening. In the evening, I look forward to the night just for you to be in my arms and me to feel your warm embrace. Good night, my sweet wife.

51. Even if the night is long or short, all I want is to be in your arms. Good night, my darling wife.

52. Angels are not born, they are made because they are special. You, my darling wife, are my angel specially made by God for me. Sweetest dreams, my angel.

53. Just as that moon illuminates the universe so also do you shine my world. In fact, you’re my world. Goodnight, pretty.

54. Even with the heavy rain tonight, I still feel warm around your body. I count myself lucky to be called your husband. Goodnight, love.

55. My best period of the day is the night when I cuddle in your angelic arms. Sleep sweet, my queen

56. The darkness of the day can’t stop me from lightening your life because you light my world. Goodnight, my sweet wife.

57. Morning turns to noon, afternoon to evening and evening to night. But my love for will still remain the same.
Goodnight, my love.

58. To have a peaceful sleep, I must never forget to wish you, my lover, my friend, my wife a pleasant night. I love you.

59. Surprisingly, I can only see a star tonight and that’s YOU. You light my life. Goodnight, queen of my heart.

60. When night emerges, I think of you. Goodnight my sweet wife

61. As the night draws near, so also am I eager to draw close to your embrace. You are my everything baby. Good night.

62. As you lay on your bed tonight, may all your restlessness receive calmness and may God lights your path. Goodnight, angel.

63. The cosiest place to be is your beautiful body. I love everything about you, my darling wife. Goodnight, baby.

64. I hope you have a peaceful sleep tonight and always remember that I love you. Good night.

65. I long for nights because I know snuggling in your cuddles and warm embrace is the best thing to experience. Goodnight, pretty wife.

66. I worried so much during the day on how to get the day’s work done, but every night, I threw my worried away because you have made your tender shoulders available for hugs and calmness. Sleep pleasantly, my wife.

67. Tomorrow will come but tonight is ours. So let’s make sure it is filled will cuddles and romance. Sweet night, baby.

68. I sleep peacefully whenever you’re by my side. You’re my dreaming come to reality. Sleep well, beautiful wife.

69. Thank you for making the children’s day lovely with your warm smile. Thank you for making my night romantic. You are the best mother to our kids and the perfect woman for me. I love you and wish you a pleasant night.

70. Tonight, I pray for rain to wash away your sorrow, wind to blow away your worries, breeze to calm your heart and sweet dreams to chase away your nightmares. Goodnight, sweetest wife.

71. Even the curse of the stepmother could not keep Beauty sleeping forever. A prince still came from afar kingdom to kiss away the curse. Tonight, I wish your nightmares be kissed away by my love. Sleep tight, my beauty.

72. Just as the rose appreciates the rain, so also do I cherish you, my darling wife. Goodnight, sweetheart

73. All day, I’m glued to my work, but tonight, I’m glued to your warm body. Sleep sound, my love.

74. The best place to be every night is your arms because they soften my heart and relieve the stress. Goodnight, sweet wife.

75. Hey pretty woman, may you sleep wonderfully and dream beautifully. I love you, baby. Goodnight.

76. I don’t worry about the trouble of the day because the night is always peaceful around you. Goodnight, wifey.

77. I’m looking forward to spending the night with you because you are my everything. Goodnight, my queen.

78. I personally pray to God tonight to let me see you in my dreams because you make them sweet and lovely. Goodnight, my lady.

79. I wake up every night just to look at your beautiful face and I’m always grateful to God for sending you to my way and making me the luckiest man ever.

80. The night is cool and I miss your cuddles and warm embrace. But no matter the distance, I can never miss telling you to sleep tight, my baby.

81. As you close your beautiful eyes tonight, may you have a soft and sweet deal. Good night, my darling wife.

82. Go outside tonight and count the number of stars. Just as they are uncomfortable, so also is my love for you. Good night, my love.

83. Sleep beautifully my angel and be sure that I’ll wake you up with a gentle kiss in the morning. Goodnight, my amour.

84. The darkness of the night cannot overcome the light that illuminates my life and that’s YOU. You lighten up my life. Goodnight, beautiful wife.

85. Sending you good night messages filled with love to make your night beautiful just like your heart. Goodnight, my lovely wife.

86. I opened the window to welcome the moon and for it to see one of its star sleeping peacefully. Goodnight, baby.

87. May your dreams be sweet as you are. Goodnight, my darling wife.

88. Tonight, I want to wish you goodnight just like other night. I love you, my precious wife.

89. As the stars keep vigil till the day breaks, so also do the angels watch over you, my love. Good night, queen of my heart.

90. Just as the starlight up the night, you also light up my world. Sleep tight, my sweet.

91. Here’s wishing the perfect woman one can only dream of the sweetest of nights where angels watch over only you. Goodnight, my wife.

92. The beauty of the night which comprises the sparkling stars, the moon and the coolness of it cannot compare to your beauty. You’re God’s perfect work. Goodnight, my love.

93. As you lay your pretty body to the bed, I hope I’m in your dreams as you’re always in mine. Peaceful sleep, my love.

94. You brighten my day just like the sun and shines my night just like the stars in the sky. What more can I ask of? Goodnight, my woman.

95. On this beautiful night, I’m sending you my distance hug, my imaginary kiss and my real heart just for you to know how much you mean to me. Goodnight, my angel.

96. As it’s raining heavily tonight, I miss your warm gentle body. Sleep tight, my beauty.

97. Every man wishes to have their dreams come true, but I’m the lucky man whose wishes came to reality. That’s you. Goodnight, baby.

98. The treasure of the sea cannot be compared to you my real treasures. Goodnight, my love.

99. Let me be the captain of your ship and calm the noisy sound of the sea for you to have a smooth trip on the ship. Good night, my life.

100. Tonight, I just want you to feast on me. You deserve every good thing of life. Pleasant night, precious wife.

Love these messages? Pick as many as you want, send them to your wife and let her know you’re lucky to have her as your spouse. Kindly like, share and comment on this post.

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