Romantic Good Night Messages to My Sweetheart

2023 Romantic Good Night Messages to My Sweetheart

Most days are filled with numerous activities and distractions, leaving you tired and drained.

But, taking out time to send your lover a goodnight message is a reminder that he/she is constantly on your mind.

And that no matter how busy or tired you are, you’ll always have time to wish them well. Now, who wouldn’t love to know that?

Let your lover know how much you can’t stop thinking about him/her, by sending any of the Goodnight Messages To My Sweetheart below, to usher him/her into a night of bliss and sweet dreams.

I recommend you send at least one, every night. You’ll be glad you did, as you’ll begin to reap the bountiful rewards almost immediately.

Good Night Sweetheart Text Messages for Him or Her

It is lovely to receive a text from a loved one before going to bed at night. Make your lover feel relieved and enjoy a good night rest with this romantic good night messages to my sweetheart.

1. Did your day go well or did you refuse to think of me? Either way, I wish you a blissful night, honeycomb. Sweet dreams.

2. Sunshine, did you remember to illuminate the world today? Your smile shouldn’t be for me only. Have a good night rest.

3. My day was incomplete without you. I hope you’ll never stop being a part of my life. But hey, expect me to appear in your dreams tonight.

4. Baby girl, how did your day go? You need a bear hug after today’s work. Here is me wishing you a pleasant sleep.

5. Sometimes I sit to imagine how beautiful you look at night and how it lights up the street. This is no joke. Hope you had a swell day? Sleep well, my love.

6. I’ve been looking forward to another nighttime since I got out of bed this morning. Can’t wait to be back home, by your side, honey.

7. Hey baby, it’s going to be a cold night without me. Haha, don’t say you’ve got your duvet because my text does more work. Have a sound sleep, queen of my heart.

8. What are nights without thoughts of you? Or visions of you in my sleep? They are ordinary darkness. But with you, they are meaningful. Goodnight, my love.

9. As you close your eyes to sleep, never ever forget that you mean more than earth to me. Sleep well, honey, I love only you.

10. You didn’t get to kiss me goodnight today, but I shall come for it in your sleep. Prepare to meet me, my love. Have a good night rest.

11. Ain’t no girlfriend as lit as you. No babe as wonderful as you. No lady as awesome as you. No man as lucky as I. I’ll always love you, and only you. Have a good night rest, sweets.

12. You’ll always remain my greatest treasure and the reason I count my blessings twice, just to make sure you’re not missing. Enjoy the night rest, love.

13. Hey babe, how did work go? Annoying. I know. Stressful. Tell me more. But you thought of me right? Can you ever stop? I’m your knight in shining armour. Have a sound rest, baby.

14. Even after our wedding, I’ll make sure you get night texts from me till death do us apart. You’re worth giving all away for. Sleep well, my angel.

15. I prayed for freshness for you today. Hope you got it? Yes? Well, there’s more in your sleep. Have a wonderful night rest, baby.

16. When you left today, I realized how lucky I am to have you in my life right now. Thank you for all you do, my love. Have a great night rest.

17. Babe, babe, babe. The only babe that keeps my heart beating and breath intact. I’m crazy about you, baby. Too crazy. Have a beautiful night rest, love.

18. I’ll keep calling you honey because that’s who you are and what you do. You coat my life with sweetness only. Have a sweet night, baby girl.

19. I’m beginning to count down to the day you’ll say you do and I’ll have you to myself forever. I can’t wait to kiss you to sleep every night. Have a beautiful night, baby.

20. You give me the drive to wake each morning and that life is worth living. You make my nights pleasant with dreams of you. Have a pleasant night, my love.

21. Goodnight, queen of my heart. I love you daily, cherish you always and need you forever. Sleep peacefully, sweetheart.

22. I fall deeper in love with you daily. I’m surprised there are men as good as you and I’m blessed to have you in my life. Go to bed knowing you’re all that’s on my heart.

23. I love going to bed with thoughts of you. Just you, honey. Have a good night rest.

24. I still ask God what I did to be blessed with a beauty like you. You’re my heart. Sleep tight, baby.

25. I missed you today, baby. Work is really getting in my way and I can’t wait to just be done! But it won’t stop me from wishing my baby a lovely night rest. I love you.

26. I hope that just by reading this, you find traces of my heart engraved within the letters. I love you, baby. Have a good night rest.

27. Is there any word greater than love? It feels like I’m getting tired of using the word love. I feel like it doesn’t really describe my entire feelings for you. Since there’s none, know that I am madly in love with you. Sleep well, baby girl.

28. I’m grateful for all things but most grateful that you love me beyond my flaws. Have a pleasant night rest, honey. I love you.

29. Every night is another chance to remind you of how much I love and adore you. Make sure to have a beautiful night rest.

30. Your smile after reading this text is all I need to have a good night rest. Sleep well, darling. I love you.

31. I miss how you smell and how you look me in the eyes to tell me that you love me. I must admit that I get lost in those pure eyes of yours. Sleep well, baby.

32. Please visit my dream tonight too and don’t ever stop. You own this place too. Sleep well and know I love you.

33. May your night be filled with happy faces only. No nightmares of any kind. Have a lovely night, my love.

35. I am just a guy in love with a beautiful damsel, with a pretty face, and a great heart. Goodnight to you, my heartthrob.

36. As long as I live, my love for you shall be unwavering. Goodnight to you, my dearest.

37. You’ll never have a reason to doubt my love for you. There’ll never be a reason to go for someone else. Good night, baby girl. I’ve got you. My

38. I hope all your heart desires for today were granted because mine was. I asked for another opportunity to wish you a pleasant night and I got it. I love you, baby.

39. My heart is constantly filled with love for you. My heart yearns for you only. My heart wants you only. Have a blissful night, baby girl.

40. You’re an asset to me. And I’d never devalue nor undervalue you. Have a great night rest, honey.

41. I had a great day because you were in it. I’ll give a greater night because I’ll see your face in my sleep. Good night, honey.

42. I understand how tiring today must have been for you. I won’t tell you not to sleep than sleeping beauty. You deserve a long rest. Sleep well, butterscotch.

43. A warm goodnight to the king of my heart. The only one who sits on the throne of my heart. I love you.

44. You know my night is incomplete without a goodnight message from me to you. Sleep peacefully, honey.

45. I hope your beauty’s as fresh as it was this morning. I am still in love with you and will be, all day, every day. Good night, sweetheart.

46. A sweet goodnight to my favourite person in the entire universe. I love you, woman.

47. If you were here, I’d have fixed you dinner soonest. I know you’re tired but don’t take it into your sleep. I love you.

48. My heart has housed you and with you is where I want to build a home. Goodnight, my king.

49. Hey babe, ready to sleep? This is me wishing you a wonderful night. I love you.

50. I wish I could say goodnight in person but we are so far away from each other. Have a great night, my love.

51. I spent the day thinking of how lucky I am to have you. Did I say lucky? Blessed is the word. Goodnight baby.

52. You’re my first and last thought daily. It’s one habit I don’t want to break free from. Goodnight, darling.

53. I hope this text tells you I’m still thinking of you. I’ll always send one. Goodnight honey.

54. I am going to bed with you on my mind. You’re a safe haven baby. Goodnight, my sweetheart.

55. How many months now and I still can’t get enough of you. It still feels like the first day I set my eyes on you. I love you, baby. Have a splendid night rest.

56. I love to carry you along wherever I go. I love to dwell on thoughts of you only. Baby, I love you. Have a great night.

57. Hey sleeping beauty, do not forget to dream of me. Kisses and hugs. I love you, honey. Goodnight.

58. I love you more than I did yesterday and will love you a day after forever. Have a good night rest, baby.

59. I am tired now but my baby matters to me most. How did your day go? Have a wonderful night. I love you.

60. I am going to bed with that charming smile of yours. Have a great night rest baby.

61. You’re the man I prayed for. I’m honoured to have you in my life. Good night, my knight.

62. If I ever hear anyone say all men are the same, I’ll tell him/her they haven’t met the right one. You’re different from the rest and certainly the best. Sleep well. I love you.

63. You are my heart’s desire and you’ll never stop to be. Have a good night rest baby. I love you.

64. You thought of me today? Guilty as charged. I did the same. You occupied my thoughts. Sleep well, honey. I love you.

65. May the night bring peace and stillness to you. And all your worries go with it. Sleep well, baby.

66. The distance is killing me already. I’m tired of pictures only. I only get to see your face in my sleep and I can’t wait to go there again. Hurry and join me.

67. Even in the dark, you light up my life. You’re my burning candle, and my love for you won’t run out. Enjoy the night, my love.

68. You stepped into my life and everything fell into place. Without you, I will fall apart. Have a good night rest, baby.

69. The feelings you stir up within me are new. Different from the ones I felt for others. They are true and pure. I love you, baby. Sleep well.

70. I’ve kept you in a safe place; my heart. No one can take you from there. Goodnight baby, I love you.

71. I’ll love to get into bed now so I can wake to your face in the morning. Goodnight, honey.

72. You light up my dreams because they are usually dark for me to stay. Goodnight, honey.

73. You’re the moon and star combined. How much light you give at night. How much more in my sleep. Good night, honey.

75. I’m willing to let go of all, just to hold onto you alone. You’re the one I always want to run after. Goodnight, honey.

76. I love you over and over. It gets fuller daily and now is overflowing. Goodnight, dear.

77. We don’t ask stars to light up the night. It comes with them. I’m full of light because you’re in my life. Have a good night, baby.

78. This is me standing on the highest level of love, screaming how much I love you. Good night, baby.

79. It doesn’t matter what they say, or how they try to get my attention. My eyes are fixed on you, baby. Goodnight, my angel.

80. Hope your day went well? Get ready to have one of the most mind-blowing nights ever. Sweet dreams of me, baby.

81. Don’t try to win the battle against sleep, baby. Just follow the tide. Have a lovely night. I love you.

82. It’s time for another beautiful rest to recharge your body. Enjoy it while it lasts. Goodnight, honey. I love you.

83. I would have sung you a lullaby, but I’m saving you from nightmares. Goodnight baby. I love you.

84. If I were there, I’d wrap you in my arms, with no intentions of letting go. Goodnight, baby. I love you.

85. Hey babe. Had dinner now? So before work takes me away again, I want you to know that I love you deeply. Sleep well.

86. I took up the post of your guardian angel. There’s no need to fret. Sleep well, baby. I love you.

87. It’s a cosy night and I suddenly want to hug you for warmth. Good night honey. I love you.

88. Although I am absent, I am always with you. My heart is yours. Goodnight dear. I love you.

89. I am going to replay moments spent with you, in my dreams tonight. Make sure you do the same. Goodnight, love.

90. I hit the bed daily with a heart of thanks. And it’s all because of you. Goodnight, honey. I love you.

91. I kept seeing your face on everything, today. Are you going to haunt me with your cute face, my love? I am in love with you. Goodnight, baby.

92. I am pretty sure you were a star before being human. I am lost in your love’s light. Goodnight, baby.

93. I wish you a pleasant night rest, honey. I cherish you always. I love you. Have a good night rest.

94. You shine brighter than the brightest star and you’re fun to me. Goodnight, my adorable baby.

95. My lady of honour, I just want you to have a goodnight night rest, filled with sweet dreams. I love you.

96. I’m afraid I can’t stay away from your dreams tonight. Goodnight, honey. Being with you is my heart’s deepest desire.

97. I hope you dream of me tonight. Don’t have a blank night baby. I love you.

98. Wishing you good night rest makes it a lot easier to sleep without you here. Have a nice rest. I love you.

99. Promise that you’d always be here and there won’t be any reason for texts to end. I love doing this daily. Goodnight, baby.

100. My heart stopped being sceptical tonight because I now agree that you’re here to stay. Goodnight, baby. I love you.

101. I am kissing you through this text so give me back your lips. Goodnight, baby. I love you.

102. There’s no one to take over my thoughts and it’s never going to happen. Goodnight, my sweet baby.

103. I don’t deserve you, and I’m grateful for this great gift of being loved by you. Goodnight baby, I love you.

104. I’m sending a piece of the happiness you give me daily to you tonight. Have a happy night rest. I love you.

105. I don’t like to see you worried but you are. Baby, just get into bed and sleep. Let me work on the worries in your sleep. I love you.

106. I won’t even let this night pass without saying I love you. I am never tired to do so. Goodnight baby.

107. You have all of me baby. You’re my weakness and greatest strength. I love you so much. Have a great night.

108. Get ready to shake the world tomorrow, baby. Gather enough strength now. Goodnight. I love you.

109. Thinking of you before going to bed allays my fears. Good night, dearest.

110. You’ve brought so much rest to me. There’s hardly a time you give me a tough time. Thank you for this. Goodnight baby.

111. I take out time to think of us together forever before closing my eyes to sleep. Let’s make this happen. Goodnight baby, I love you.

112. I wish your head was on my chest right now honey. I can’t wait for this to happen daily. Goodnight baby.

113. May your dreams be pleasant ones only. Goodnight baby. Make sure to sleep well. I love you.

114. You’re my strength when I am weak. I cherish you forever. Goodnight baby.

115. The moon’s laughter is a reminder of yours. Goodnight, dearest one. I love you.

116. I pray we grow stronger in love. Goodnight honey. I love you.

117. I await the time we’d stay up, talking about the least things. Goodnight baby.

118. I want to have pillow conversations with you every night baby. Let’s make this happen soon. Goodnight baby.

119. I spent today with you yet miss you so much right now. What spell do you have on me? Goodnight baby.

120. I love going to bed eager to receive a text from you every morning. I love you, Barbie.

121. Loving you has become my latest hobby. I love you, baby. Goodnight

122. I’ll pick you over a dozen jar of chocolate bars. You’re much tastier than them. Goodnight baby, I love you.

123. You’re the addiction I don’t want to break free from. Goodnight baby, I love you.

124. I pray for a blessed night for you. God’s angel is your guide. Goodnight baby.

125. I can’t wait to see you again and start my day with you. But for now, goodnight. I love you.

126. I believe that the night is cold for you and me. Make sure to miss me well. Good night, my man.

127. A beautiful goodnight to the man I want to share my life with. My world and all it has in it. I love you.

128. I feel safer when you call me yours. It quiets thoughts of losing you. Goodnight, baby boy. I love you.

129. All I want right now is a kiss on my forehead and a hug from you. I love you, honey. Goodnight.

130. I just opened your pictures on my system hoping to stare at them till I fall asleep. Goodnight baby.

131. It would have been a painful loss if I had lost you. Thank you for coming back for me. Goodnight baby.

132. My thoughts suddenly become unorganized when thoughts of you arise. Goodnight baby.

133. I want to be asleep in your arms right now. Is it too late to come get me? Goodnight baby.

134. Let’s go on a night date sometimes and return at mornings. I never want to spend my nights alone. Goodnight baby.

135. Being with the hottest guy hasn’t been easy but thank you for staying loyal. Goodnight, honey. I love you.

136. I can still feel the taste of your lips in my mouth honey. What a good way of going to bed. Goodnight and I love you.

137. I don’t love to rush my night since you’re in there. Goodnight baby. I love you.

138. I’ll pick longer nights over longer days anytime, any day. You know why? Because you’re in it. Goodnight baby.

139. Baby, take my hugs to bed with you. They’ll keep you from the cold. Goodnight. I love you.

140. You’re my missing rib. I’m glad I found you early. Goodnight baby. I love you.

141. I’ll never take your love for granted baby. I’ll cherish you as long as I live. Goodnight baby.

142. Each day increases my love for you. That’s why you should get into bed so I love you more tomorrow. Goodnight baby.

143. I enjoyed every bit of the meal, honey. I wish you didn’t have to leave. Good night love. Sleep well.

144. The room still smells of you, making it more difficult to sleep. I just want to inhale all of you. Goodnight baby.

145. There’s tomorrow and a lot of other days, but tonight won’t pass without telling you how much I love you. Goodnight baby.

146. My mind has gotten used to you. Even without me trying, I think of you. Goodnight baby.

147. No nightmares today. Your guard in on duty. Goodnight baby. I love you.

148. Don’t beat yourself over what happened today. Tomorrow is another day to try again. Don’t give up. Goodnight baby. I love you.

149. It’s easy to give up on other things and people, but on you? I’d break down if I did. Goodnight baby. I love you.

150. You’re the one I asked for while making a request. You’re more than I requested for. Goodnight baby.

151. You are the reason why I look forward to each day. You also are the reason why I look forward to nighttimes. Good night, my angel.

152. I had a very good day, today. And I’m about to have an absolutely fantastic night, lying beside and with the most beautiful woman in the world. Good night, baby.

153. I hope you weren’t too stressed today? Feel free to let thoughts of me fill your mind, so, all your tiredness can melt away. You know it works like magic. Good night, sweets.

154. I miss you so much and wish you were here right now, holding and wrapping me in your warm embrace. Have a good night filled with sweet dreams of me, darling.

155. A beautiful night to the most beautiful lady in the whole world. I love you, darling, sleep like my baby that you are.

156. Nighttime is usually wonderful for me, cos the stars that appear in the sky remind me of the most beautiful star, who lives in my heart. Good night, my sweetheart.

157. I look forward to seeing you in dreamland tonight. I hope you’re all set to take the trip? Good night, my sweetheart.

158. My night is going okay but will have been perfect if you were here with me. I miss you, darling, have a good night rest.

159. My day was filled with thoughts of you, my night is filled with same. You are the only one who makes me feel truly alive. Good night, darling.

160. The stars have started to appear in the sky, and I thought to wish the star that lives in my heart, a very great night rest.

161. I have banished every form of nightmare from your environs. All you’re going to have tonight are sweet dreams. Good night, sweets.

162. It’s a cold night, and the only thing I wish was wrapped around me tonight, is you, not my duvet. Good night, love. I miss you.

163. No matter how dark the night might be, your love’s light shines brightly in my heart, always. Good night, sweetheart.

164. I’m sending lots of hugs and kisses your way tonight. Safe trip to dreamland, baby.

165. I long to be cuddled in your warm embrace. Good night to you, my darling. Sweet dreams.

166. As you lay your head down to sleep tonight, loads of sweet and wonderful dreams await you. Enjoy, sweets.

167. I want you to know that you mean the world to me, and nothing’s ever going to change that. Good night, my love.

168. I wish you were here right now. You’re my hiding place and comfort zone. I just want you to know that I’m crazily in love with you. Good night, sweets.

169. Every time I think about you, I realise how blessed I am to have the gift of you in my life. Have a good night rest, sweets.

170. I don’t have answers to all the questions of life, but I do know for sure, that I love you and don’t plan to ever stop. Good night, baby.

171. How really cool it would be, to spend this cold and beautiful night cuddled up in your warm embrace. Good night, my love.

172. Of all gifts I’ve ever received, you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, sweets. Sleep beautifully, and peacefully, darling.

173. If I had the option of choosing a partner over again, you remain my one and only, darling. Good night, beauty queen.

174. You’re the best man any woman could ever wish and pray for. Sweet dreams tonight, baby.

175. My love for you grows more and more, each day, darling. You’re the best thing I’ve ever had. Have a peaceful night rest.

176. Do have the sweetest of dreams, possible, tonight. Sleep peacefully, like my adorable baby that you are.

177. Please forget about the troubles of today, and sleep well tonight, so you can wake strengthened tomorrow. Good night, my sweetheart.

178. I hope you can you feel tonight’s cool breeze, where you are. That’s a way of saying good night to the best hubby in the world. I love you, dear.

179. I find it hard to sleep every night, till I say goodnight to the king of my heart. Good night and sweet dreams, honey.

180. I can’t wait for the time I’ll get to sleep in your arms every night and wake up to see you first, every morning. Good night, sweetheart.

181. Good night, my sweetheart. I hope you know you’re only permitted to dream about me, and us tonight? I love you deeply.

182. Thanks for your love, thanks for all you do in my life, and for all you’ve been. I appreciate and love you greatly, my darling. Good night.

183. I just want to wish my baby, a good night rest. Sleep peacefully and wake up strong and refreshed. Kisses.

184. My day can’t officially come to an end, till I say goodnight to my number one fan, and precious jewel. Love you, baby.

185. My heart beats for only you, darling, have a great night rest tonight. Sleep tight, and have amazing dreams.

186. May all your wishes and dreams come true, as you sleep beautifully, tonight. Have a good night rest, my sweetheart.

187. I sent a million Angels to watch over you, tonight. Their main aim is to ensure you have nothing less of a great night, and sweet dreams.

188. Mosquitoes have been warned, not to come near you as you sleep tonight. Feel free to sleep like my baby that you are. Good night, darling.

189. Though you are far away from me, I want you to know that you’re very close to my heart. I miss you, dear. Have a great night rest.

190. I’m happy tonight, and can’t wait to go to bed, cos I know you’d appear in my dreams as always. Good night, my darling sweetheart.

191. Thoughts of you, are keeping me awake this beautiful night. I hope you’re having a good night rest, and most importantly, dreaming about me.

192. Should we have a contest on who’ll have the sweetest dream tonight? Be sure I’ll win, cos I’m going to be dreaming about the most handsome man in the world, you. Good night, sweets.

193. I just want to wish the handsome young man reading this message, a great night rest. I hope you’re blushing? I love you, darling. Have sweet dreams.

194. I just sent a million hugs and kisses your way, to assist in ushering you to the land of sweet dreams tonight. Good night, my darling.

195. I just ordered the night’s breeze to wade off every negative dream and bring only pleasant ones to your sleep. Enjoy, my darling.

196. It’s at nights like this that I wish I had superpowers. I’ll have teleported myself to right beside you, right now. I miss you, baby, have a good night rest.

197. The sweet dreams I have about you every night, are enough to help my body rest well and heal from every stress. I can’t wait to see and touch you, baby. Good night to you.

198. There has never been a night that I didn’t go to bed with thoughts of you. I’m always thinking about you, darl. Good night.

199. All you need to do tonight is, have a cool shower and lots of thoughts about me, as you fall asleep. Sweet dreams, my love.

200. You make my life so beautiful, and my nights, filled with lots of sweet and pleasant dreams. You brighten my life sweets, I adore you. Have a good night rest.

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