Cute Ways To Say Goodnight Over Text To Your Boyfriend

2023 Cute Ways To Say Goodnight Over Text To Your Boyfriend

A fragrant night should not be sealed with just an everyday perk or a joyful wave from you to him.

Do well to take it further by sending your boyfriend a cute goodnight text. The type that’ll make him walk on the moon even if it means doing that in the dream.

Doing this will give a lasting impression of how much you have him in the middle of your thought.

So, here are texts to do that magic;

Pick your choice! And don’t forget to share.

How to Say Goodnight Over Text To Your Boyfriend

The best way to say goodnight over text to your boyfriend to make him have the best of the night.

1. Come replace the night’s cold hands of loneliness with your warm touch, my love. Sleep tight next to my heart, sweetheart.

2. With such avidity, I desire your warm embrace. But more desperately, for your charming smile that comes with a new dawn.

3. What a night to love! Until the nights I can listen to the melody of your snore, I’m wishing you a sweet sleep.

4. Breeze into my dreams and I’ll be fine. Lay softly on your pillows, and let me feel your head on my bosom.

5. Someday, you’d replace the pillows I draw to my bosom and more than that, you’ll come home to me every night. Sweet sleep, angel.

6. Sleep tight as my eyes watch out for you in the dark. I love you to the stars and back.

7. More than tonight, I’ll love you more passionately in the morning. So, wake up to see my heart beat for you. I love you.

8. I may not be right next to you tonight. But I hope you show your face in my dreams all night long.

9. Dreams don’t come true without an angel. I hope you appear in mine tonight, sweet angel of love.

10. From my heart’s open door, I hope you walk in to draw the waters of love to cleanse your face in the morning.

11. As soon as the stars disappear in the morning time, it’s your lovely face I hope to see. Sleep tight, my love.

12. Even in somnolence remember to kiss this heart a goodnight. Sleep sweetly, my only one.

13. A nifty goodnight rest comes from sharing my dreamland with you. Hoping to see you there.

14. Come feel at home sleeping right next to the heart that beats for you. Goodnight, my love.

15. The rainbow of the night comes with the innocence of your sleep. Sleep tight, darling.

16. Revel my sleep with the shining stars of loving each other in an unknown world tonight.

17. Does it matter if we are a world apart? A heart that loves you only beat for you alone. A good night to my sweet love.

18. If the night gets chaotic, may the sound of our love calms the storm.

19. I’ve caroused the wine of your love at daytime so, I sleep well at night when you’re not around.

20. When I pray tonight, I’ll save a special prayer for my love. Sleep night, angel.

21. Sleep tight, sweetheart. You have to be ready to love me just when the stars cease to shine and when the day breaks.

22. Let’s make this love last all night. Let’s wake up with the memory of a loving twilight.

23. Strut into my dreams, my love and I’ll come embrace you with open arms.

24. Dreaming would never do, so, I’ll wake up to love you even more. The day would never be enough, so, I’ll sleep to dream more of our love.

25. Till the end of love and till the sun fails to shine, I’ll love you with all of my heart. Sleep tight.

26. Make a wish of us in your dreams, I’ll make it happen when the sun shines during the day.

27. Watching you sleep is a dream of a lifetime. I hope you bring it to life some night.

28. With the sound of the piano attuned with your smile comes an ecstatic fantasy night of love.

29. Be back again in my dreams as you’re in my world. I love you, sweetheart.

30. I hate to let you go but with the night comes the sadness of loneliness. I need you!

31. All the leaves start to swerve at night when the breezes of your love sweep from the sea of your heart to mine.

32. I’ll sleep with your thoughts filled up in my head. Goodnight, angel.

33. Your kisses during the day are a memento of the love we share and hope for at night. I love you.

34. The darkness of the night abates our mistakes of the daytime. I hope the morning comes with your forgiveness and more passion.

35. If love says so, then, I’ll do it for the one I love. What then, is love saying now for I am ready to please her voice? Sweet dreams, my love.

36. Stars in the sky at night. My love shining brighter than each one of them.

37. Unlike the sun, I won’t disappear when the twilight comes. I love you forever.

38. Your smile shines brighter in the dark, I hope tonight comes with the ray of your smile.

39. The rich darkness of the night would not tarry my legs from running to you when the need calls.

40. The vicissitude of life comes with night and day but with my heart comes the fervency of love.

41. Nothing shall tear us apart. My love will never fail even when darkness covers the face of the earth.

42. Listen to my heart race at night from loving you in its solemn silence.

43. All I know is the night intensifies the passion I feel for you, making me want you more when the sun sets.

44. One more night without you is akin to an aeon of damnation. I need you, my love.

45. Love me when the stars love the sky and when the sun loves the earth. So, love me at all times.

46. Knowing that your heart loves me silences the voices of naysayers just like the night.

47. I’ll take my time to love you since it’s my favourite call. Sleep tight, teddy.

48. I’ll protect our love more than darkness gives cover for the evil at night. Sleep tight, angel.

49. My heart keeps beating at night to the sound of your love even with my eyes closed.

50. It doesn’t matter who else is loving me, but I’ll love you because it is you my heart chooses every day and night.

51. Give me a new dawn and I’ll love you once again. Sweet sleep, my darling.

52. No matter what says the time, my heart calls your name always.

53. On every night, you’ll always be my wish to the stars with the moon bearing my witness.

54. We’re miles apart, but in each other’s heart, we take a rest tonight and always.

55. If sleep eludes me, I’ll think of you all night long. If I slumber, my dreams will be our reality at night.

56. Let our fears fade away with the darkness of the night. Let our love blossom as soon as the sun starts to shine.

57. Say a prayer for our love. With the higher power, we’ll make it into the promised land.

58. You’re my good fortune and my godsend. Tonight marks only the beginning of the best nights ahead. I love you.

59. A little confession tonight; you’re adept with the skill to handle my heart. The Potter did well when He made your path cross mine. Sleep tight, my love.

60. I bemoan the night seeing the loneliness it brings, however, I’ll keep on loving you till joy comes in the morning. Sweet sleep, my darling.

61. Your heart is my utopia. I’d rather be there than anywhere else in the world. Goodnight, my love.

62. Kiss me slowly in my dreams, draw me gently as we take our first dance in wonderland.

63. The cuteness of your face when you sleep is what my eyes long to see than daybreak, I hope the day comes nearer than I imagined. Sleep tight, my love.

64. You elate me with your many cute smiles during the day, and your love is what brings light to my world at night. Sweet dreams.

65. I’ll accede to your proposal even in my dreams because the night does not halt my heart from feeling what it feels for you, my love.

66. The stars are an assurance of my love for you at night. The sun testifies of my feelings for you when you rise in the morning. Sweet sleep, my darling.

67. Let’s not take too long, follow me into my dreams and love me to the moon and back.

68. I feel your love from the cold breezes of the oceans at night. Your presence is near as soon as I close my eyes. Sweet dreams, my love.

69. I’ll love in my dreams like the daytime doesn’t exist. Come join me tonight, my love.

70. Too many nights you’ve proven your love for me. Therefore, in the deep darkness, I’ll recognize your heart.

71. You’re my darkness and my light. I’ll love you till night turns to day.

72. Every night without you makes me want you more. I’m in love with the shape of you.

73. The night does not hide the love my heart feels for you. So, sweet love to us all night long.

74. I’ll dream of you all night whilst loving you all day. My heart beats for you, my darling.

75. With you my sweet boyfriend, I wish to spend my night and day.

76. I may not be there with you, but I hope my absence reminds you of a beautiful thing: me! Goodnight my heartbeat.

77. My heart was created in the form of desire. I hope you can see how pretty the stars are tonight.

78. The beauty of tonight would be unwhole without my farewell to you. Goodnight, my sweetness.

79. This night will only emanate peace and bring back wonderful memories because I confess that “I love you.”

80. On a flight, I can lay my life for you, cause when it comes to you, I lose my sense of reasoning. This night wouldn’t be crazy without you.

81. Don’t ignore me in your dreams. Make me the centre of your attention as I am in the real world. I love you tonight and forever.

82. Wake up with a yearning to make me yours till forevermore. Do not hesitate to chase and catch up with me when it’s dawn, my prince charming.

83. I loathe going to bed without confessing my feelings to you. I wouldn’t mind confessing it a hundred times. I love you, darling.

84. I’m an admirer of the night because it beckons on me to feel at home by just thinking about you.

85. The beauty of the night is aggrandized when I remember I’ll be in your thought as you lay your head down to sleep.

86. For me, you’re an annexe to the glory of the night, because when I envisage you in my life, my world lightens up like a firework.

87. I’ll be an empty vessel, prone to brokenness without telling you how I feel tonight. I love you. Have a good night.

88. You’re my first love and I hope to spend my last nights with you.

89. Time flies because you’re in my life. Without you, the night will be longer than usual. Sleep tight, my one and only.

90. This night came to you in peace so you can think of me in the most fascinating way your mind can think of. Kisses!

91. I wish I could turn each of these words to kisses so you wouldn’t have to miss out on goodnight kisses.

92. This night may not last forever, but my love for you is one to last. Goodnight, sweety.

93. When I pray tonight, I wouldn’t forget to ask for a great night for you. The type which entails beautiful dream.

94. You may be at yon, but I best believe a great night isn’t far from your reach, my love.

95. Since the night couldn’t come between us nor besmirch our affection for each other, then, I want you to know that our love is insurmountable.

96. Our love would work be it in the sunup or sundown. Our feelings are too bright to be darkened by the gloominess of the night.

97. Let’s hold on so tight tonight until the morning comes to meet us in a great shape of love.

98. Let this night remind you of our days together whilst wooing each other.

99. I can’t express the mirth of loving you. It’s indescribable and unquenchable. Good night, hun.

100. Let me kiss your eyes and stay memorably on your lips.

101. If only the night knew how much I long for it, so I can think of a beautiful thing like you: it would be eager to come.

102. Because I’m in love with you, no matter how dark the night may be, all I see at night is an azure sky.

103. I am besotted with your thoughts at night. I am smitten when I sense the scent of your night garment. I love you this night and beyond.

104. You’re a light of dazzling brilliance even in the midst of thick darkness such as the night. You make my night brighter than the day.

105. Loneliness is far away from my abode at night, cause the mere thought of you keeps me alive and make me whole again.

106. I’ll love you at night so that when the morning arrives, I’m left dazzling as the most enchanting lovebird.

107. The beautiful sound I hear from your direction at night makes me think I have an angel of love watching over me at night.

108. Sleep well tonight so you wake up eager to brandish your love for me before the whole world.

109. I will moor you in my heart so I can keep you forever; be it at night or in the day.

110. What a night to adore if you were by my side. Be it as it may, when the night is over I will see your face.

111. Every step I take in the day is to arrive by your side and every sleep I enjoy at night is to dream of you. Sleep tight, hun.

112. My erstwhile nights have never been spent in love and peace as much as the ones I’ve spent beside you.

113. I do not only miss you at night but I also long for you. Good night my earnest desire.

114. I know no better way of loving you than the night time when everywhere is silent and you can hear my heart race for you.

115. I find my lips longing to say a good night to you, but I find my heart wishing to see you in my dream.

116. When I place my hands on my heart at night, I feel you telling me of the most beautiful things in the world.

117. If my heart doesn’t beat for you, it must have taken it last breath. Tonight, I’ll be taking in your breath as you exhale, so I can live again.

118. When the night is disquiet, the thought of you brings tranquillity to my body and soul.

119. I laugh with a chortle at night when I’m reminded of the naughty things we do during the day.

120. Sorrow no longer last for a night, because you bring timeless mirth to my heart.

121. My heart blows up like a dynamite when I think of the sweet things you do to me at night. I miss you tonight.

122. When the night comes, I need a guy like you to make my world go round. Good night, hun.

123. I want to spend my night thinking of all the things we can do together when the sun breaks.

124. I love this night. For even without the stars it remains beautiful, cause you’re the beauty of it.

125. Whether it rains tonight or not, I’ll enjoy the shower of love from you just by imagining you in my dream tonight.

126. Let me be your heroine tonight, baby. Bring me near to you as the beautiful water draws near the hyacinth to its body.

127. I won’t forget tonight in a trice, cause I see you coming into my dreams to keep me warm.

128. When I see you smile, I have an assurance in my heart that the night will standout.

129. Don’t take my word for it, come feel for yourself how relishing it will be if you lay by my side tonight.

130. Tonight, I’ll address your fears by coming into your dreams to make beautiful love castles.

131. I do not want to sleep alone tonight. I want to be ensnared in your arms, so I can feel safe.

132. My night is no different from the day because you’ve lightened up my world. Hence, I feel no darkness even at night.

133. Do not feel threatened by the darkness of the night, cause I’ll always be right there by your side, baby. Good night, hun.

134. I’ll be right there with you at night when life seems dangerous and too silent. Sweet dreams, love.

135. I’ll guide your heart from the worries and troubles of the night. I’ll make you experience a silent and a beautiful night, my love.

136. I do not need anyone aside you to have a memorable night. All I need to feel great tonight is your promise of a wonderful evening with me.

137. I’ll like to feel the beat of your heart. Hence, I’ll rock your heart tonight like we were in the club.

138. As long as you keep me in your heart, I’ll find peace within mine tonight.

139. Follow my lead tonight, cause I’m about to take you to an unseen dreamland. Goodnight, love.

140. My most expensive possession is the heart you’ve given me. Dream of me tonight in the sweetest manner you’ve never done before.

141. I hope we share more than a bed sometimes in the future. Tonight, I see my future in your eyes.

142. You look ravishing every night you spend time with me. Let me gaze at you tonight, cause you look unblemished.

143. I feel saddened in my heart when I see the day running. But at night, you make me happy than I could have ever imagined.

144. I love the way you make me feel safe at night. With that, I’m assured of my life with you.

145. I can feel the hands of your love all over my body tonight. Never let me be far away from you. Good night, sweety.

146. When the moon comes out tonight, I’ll immortalize your name in my heart. Goodnight, sweetness.

147. Take my all tonight in exchange for your love and care. That’s all I’ll be needing for a great night.

148. There’s something about tonight and it’s the way you walk into my dream like the hero that you are.

149. I need a guy like you as long as I live. Come spend a little time with me tonight.

150. There’s so much mesmerizing about you that I’ll like to unravel tonight. You’ve won my heart over, no doubt about it. Sweet dream, hun.

Now see him in your dreams!

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