Sweet Cute Good Night Messages

Sweet Cute Good Night Messages & Paragraphs for Lovers in 2023

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Sweet Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

“Isn’t it so great to have someone you miss? Isn’t it greater to have someone you love? If you have such, don’t fail to care for him or her: Those who don’t care have known no love!”

When my soul cried out for help
You were there the surest help
When I was lost and helpless
You are mine and mine I must confess.

The thought of your love hits me like fever
So much that I am falling in love forever
Leaving you baby is not an option never
It is you and me, now, forever and ever.
Goodnight my love.

Whatever you want I’ll give you double
I’ll make our love strong and we won’t stumble
Full love so romantic with no trouble
We are going to be the best, indeed we are able.
Goodnight to you my love.

My life is a full expression of your love
The help to carry on when my going gets tough.
All you have given me is sure more than enough
You are indeed a blessing sent from above.
Good night, I love you.

How your love has been this great still amazes me
You are my best and the best one for me
You are too much my love believe me
I won’t live you if you won’t leave me.
Sweet Good night to you my love.

As long as I live I will show you true love and not make believe
No matter how much you give, so much more will I give
I’ll be your Adam and you will be my eve.
Good night my love.

We will wax stronger and never be tired
No water could quench our love’s fire
You are my workplace from which I will not retire
And forever and ever baby you are my only desire.
Good night lovey.

Sweet Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

When decisions shove me, you love was true and dear
When lonely and helpless you were always there
You are nothing but my very best my love
And you are soothing more than rain from above.
Good night, I really love you.

All that matter in my day is you
All that I think before I sleep is you
Waking up tomorrow it will still be you
Your love is more than a magic spell on me
Good night my dearest.

May all the Angels guide you tonight
May all your night be full of rest, even tonight.
May you wake up renewed in love,
Good night my lovely love.

Lay aside all your worries tonight,
For tomorrow promises to be great
It is well with you as you sleep tonight,
Good night my dearest love. I love you.

I always love it when my days go well,
I love it the more when it’s spent with you.
I just pray and hope this feeling lasts forever,
Good night my love. I miss you.

My love, whether I am far or near,
I pray a night full of rest for you my dear
Sweet memories, more than today gave,
I pray tomorrow brings joy, hope and love.
Good night my love. I miss you.

I know how to forgive/forget hurts and pains
I learnt how to live happy enough
But having a night without you
Is sure the hardest nut to crack
Good night my love, I miss you.

Cute Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

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A night full of rest and bliss,
And dreams sweet and so sweet
Is what I wish you my dear
But above all, I wish I am there
Good night my love. I miss you.

Lonely and alone all by myself,
Feeling moody that you not here.
I just want to say I miss you.
Good night my love.

Your everyday care is so much
That it makes me beg for more.
No more no less, you made my day!
Good night my lovely love.

Hear my prayer to God every morning:
Dear lord, do all things to make him remember to call all day,
And in your power, make him say good night at night.
Knowing you want me happy, do this for me and I will be grateful.
For it makes me sad when I miss him. Amen.
Good night my love.

Did you know that a car without fuel can’t move?
And that a tree without root can’t stand?
If you do, then know I can’t stand or move without you.
I miss you, but Goodnight.

I can jump as high as I can,
Run as far as my strength can take me
But I am as lifeless as a dead leaf whenever I miss you
And that is how I feel tonight.
Good night, I miss you.

When a driver misses his way, will he be happy?
When a child loses his gift, will he be glad?
Then why want me to be happy whenever I miss you!
It makes me cry, missing you. Good night.

Cute Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

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My days are useless without you
My nights are like forever without you
And I hate it to see tonight as one of those.
Saying goodnight, wishing you were here.

Now that the day is over
And the night already draws near
I am here thinking of you my dear
Wishing and wishing you were here
Good night my love, my dear

I searched the stars in their numbers
Looking for such as radiant as your love in my heart
But the more I look, the more impossible it became
I gave up knowing your love is more than them all
Good night my joy, my love and my all.

I love it whenever my day ends with you
And today is one of those
Thank you for your love and care
Goodnight my sweet love.

Millions of Stars can’t replace the light your love gives
And the moon is too small to lighten me up through the night
The thought of your love is what I choose
And it is enough to carry me throughout the night

Waiting I can’t wait no more
As the clock ticks, I miss you the more,
Morning noon and night, your love is what I long for
Had for me to say good night my love

A night is either good or bad,
Depending on how the day is spent
And boldly I can say it’s a good night
Because my day was spent with you.
Goodnight and Sweet dreams my love.

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