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2023 Sweet I’m Sorry Messages and Quotes for Your Lover

Is this Talking to You?

Worst moments in a relationship can bring about problems and troubles that the best of doctors can’t find out. And this can set such relationship on its way to perpetual doom. But this can be avoided. Yes, you can be free from hurts that can’t be mended. Your relationship can bask in bliss and continue in love that is beyond description if you would work at it.

This Success comes when you take desirable steps to make sure your lover is continually in tune with you in love. And this is when the secrets of success in your relationship appears to be at your fingertips. If you want to have an unfailing love, then learn how to give more to your love.

Chances are that you have goofed it one or two times. Yes, everyone has! And the good news is that, it is still not beyond the radar of love to plead for forgiveness when you hurt your lover.

Funny enough, I see people who see love as unfair. You have given all you have into your relationship, only that you undo them with wrong deeds. And yet you expect the relationship to be the best on this universe. Is that how love has been unfair? Give that thought up, friend!
Repair the broken links and you will be great in love again.

These sorry messages are to be used wisely. Get the best moment to send it to your lover and follow it up with a call when you know he or she must have read it. Find the best way of saying you are sorry, and you must mean it, then watch your relationship swim in the love you ever longed for.

Whether to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or friends, these is a great collection to help you out of your wrongs and straightens things up with them.

Cute I’m Apology Messages and Quotes for Him or Her

“No matter what it takes, If you really love him or her, You must find a way to end any disagreement. We all quarrel and we all must settle it.” “Say sorry, and you will be forgiven. If you don’t, expect the love in your relationship to diminish.

1. I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me

I am sorry could be powerless,
That it can’t mend a broken heart,
But that is all that is left for me to give.
I feel so remorseful, please forgive me.

2. This Makes Me Weak

I used to think I was strong
It’s a lie I have told myself all these while.
I am as weak now as a weakling.
Please forgive me or my life will break!

3. I Am Sorry for It All

Saying I am sorry might not heal the pains,
Pleading for forgiveness, might make you angrier,
But I would not say them, if I don’t love you.
I am so sorry for all I have done wrong.

4. So Sorry I Broke Your Heart

You gave your heart to me but I broke it,
You gave your love to me but I misused it.
I cry so much within to have been the bad guy!
Please forgive me and I will make it right.

5. I Am a Messed Within

I wish you understand how broken I am inside,
I wish you know how lonely I feel each moment,
My heart broke when I wronged you,
And your forgiveness can only fix it back.
Please forgive me.

6. Another Chance, Please

The future is still bright if you forgive my wrongs,
We will still be best lovers, please the second chance.
I am so sorry I had to do those wrongs,
Please forgive me and let bygone be bygone.

7. The Blames on Me

How sad to know this is happening between us.
Promises have been broken, words have not been kept,
Things are going out of kilter and we watch, unmoved.
I am so sorry, please, I take the blame.

8. It Can Be Awesome Again

Millions of I am sorry might not mend a broken heart,
But if it’s taken with love, it could heal it in no time.
I am so sorry my dear, please forgive me.
And I promise I will fix all that have gone bad.

9. I Take the Whole Blame

I saw it coming but I didn’t stop it.
This is one reason I should be blamed for this.
I am so sorry for the misunderstanding,
Please forgive me, I take the blame.

10. I Didn’t Renege on the Promise

When I told you I wouldn’t make you cry,
It wasn’t a ploy to just buy you in.
I really meant it, and now sad I didn’t fulfill it!
I am so sorry for this, please forgive me.

11. Don’t Make This Get Worse

Deep down my heart,
I feel so much hurts and pain.
This is but the result of our quarrel,
Please forgive me or it gets worse.

12. Permit Me to Make Things Right

I don’t want to be a heartbreaker,
Forgive me please baby I plead.
I always want to be your love forever,
Allow me and I will make things right.
I am so sorry, please forgive me.

13. No Matter How Long It Takes

It might take you a lifetime to forgive me,
But I really am sorry, if only you can see it.
I might not understand how hurting it is,
But please forgive me for love’s sake.

14. Can We Let This End?

No matter how long we are apart,
We will come back stronger again.
Please let us forgive the past, reach for the future.
I love you and I am sorry for all I’ve done.

15. This Could Go Worse

A shameful face on me,
A mourning heart in me,
A boring mood, that also for me…..
And much more is what I have in times like this.
Please don’t make things to worse for me…
I beg you, please forgive me.

16. Accept My Apologies

All we have achieved so far,
I do not want it to go down the drain.
I wanted a love that would stand the test of time,
And it is still possible if only you will forgive me.
I am so sorry, like never before.

17. I Have Really Goofed It

I must have disappointed you.
I must have really let you down.
I must have given less when you expected more.
I must have broken the heart I promised to keep.
I must have been away when you wanted me near.
I might even have been the opposite of what I was in the beginning…
I must have ignored you when you wanted me to see some things out with you.
No matter how you feel about this, I just want to say I am really sorry.
And I would like you to forgive me, please.
For all my wrongs, I plead for forgiveness…

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