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I am Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti. I am a die-hard fan of lovely relationships: I love to see relationships thrive in bliss; I love seeing love being expressed limitlessly; I love to hear news of “From Friendship to Marriage”.. In short, I love it when there are committed lovers in a relationship.

I am a creative Writer, a Web Developer, An Inspirational Speaker, a song Writer, an Actor and a Counsellor by grace.

And in the bid to help relationships around and lives in general, I created this website alongside others; GetMeri, Motivation and Love and Loversify.com

Suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for taking your time to read my sweet love messages.

To write to me personally, use this email, motivatedolalekan@gmail.com. Thanks.

Add me up on Whatsapp (+2348032503305), be free.

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