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I am Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti. I am a die-hard fan of lovely relationships: I love to see relationships thrive in bliss; I love seeing love being expressed limitlessly; I love to hear news of “From Friendship to Marriage”.. In short, I love it when there are committed lovers in a relationship.

I am a creative Writer, a Web Developer, An Inspirational Speaker, a song Writer, an Actor and a Counsellor by grace.

And in the bid to help relationships around and lives in general, I created this website alongside others; Cool Love Messages, Motivation and Love and Loversify.com

Suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for taking your time to read my sweet love messages.

To write to me personally, use this email, motivatedolalekan@gmail.com. Thanks.

Add me up on Whatsapp (+2348032503305), be free.

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