I Miss You Messages for Him

2023 Best I Miss You Messages for Him – Your Boyfriend

What is better way,there to sustain a relationship than letting your partner know how much you miss them when they are away? Let him know how much you want his presence around? How much you want to be by him?

Whether his absence is caused by his career or academic or religious paths, keeping the bond strong is as important as anything else. Tell and remind him of how much his presence means to you and how much you miss him and want him around.

The 200 messages provided here are for you to use whenever you like. Take any and put a smile on a lover’s face.

I Miss You Messages for Him

Is he away and you wish you could bring him back? You really miss him! Let him know how much you miss him with these I Miss You Messages for Him that have been made available for you here.

1. The most pleasant thing is to know that when I call you, you’ll be there, but your absence is denying me of this pleasure. Hope you come back soon. I miss you.

2. There seems to be less loveliness and liveliness around me since I first felt your absence. I can’t wait for you to come back and revive them. I miss you.

3. If there is any time I want to travel to, it’s to when there’ll be no separation of you and me for any reason, so when I’ll be sure to always have you around and by me. I miss you.

4. How long before I get to have your arms around me, your body next to mine, your presence in my room? I really can’t wait for you to be around again. I miss you.

5. All the little lights that fill me with brightness, excitement and joy are turned on when you’re by my side. Right now, I feel so dark. I miss you, my love.

6. I miss all the lies I tell, the risks I take, the walls I break, just to be by your side. I miss every adventure I have to take to see your face and be held by you. I miss you.

7. Every time we meet is more beautiful and exciting than the previous and I look forward to the next time with high expectations and excitement. I miss you.

8. You always provide readymade comfort and fun for me. You are one person that makes my life interesting. Your absence is not doing me much good. I miss you.

9. With your absence, I have none to lean on, none to share my good and bad times with and none to have and hold. I need your presence urgently. I miss you.

10. You are the one who provides the best partner and moments for me and I’m specific about this. I wish I can be with you wherever you are. I miss you.

Missing You Quotes for Him

Best Missing You Quotes for Him you can send to him.

11. The biggest gift anyone can give me now is to bring us together. I’ll be forever grateful to anyone who does this. I miss you, darling.

12. It was meant to be me and you against the world, so now I feel like I’m fighting without the right partner. I feel like a loser. I miss you, love.

13. I’d prefer it if you were far from where you are now if you were with me. The surest assurance I have is when you’re by me. I miss you.

14. I don’t have to struggle to get you back by my side, because I know you have me on your mind and is coming back to me. I’m just impatient. I miss you.

15. I’m hating every moment spent apart from you and wishing they never had to be or existed. I’m consoled that you won’t be away forever. I miss you.

16. I’ll just hold on a little longer, through the loneliness and heartaches, knowing I’ll see you again, hopefully soon enough. I miss you, my dear.

17. I’ve tried all I can to feel alright since you left, but all my efforts seemed to be directed at a concrete wall. They all failed and some bounced back to me. I miss you.

18. Days without you are the worst. Weeks without you are the most messed up. And a month without you? That must be another word for death. I miss you.

19. I’d give up medals and honours and awards just to have you by my side because I value your presence above them all. I miss you.

20. I long so much to see you again that sometimes I feel like I’m being too strange, but being without you is more strange because we are part of ourselves. I miss you.

Missing Boyfriend Quotes

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21. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring our way, but my prayer is that fate, chance and time finds a way to bring you into my embrace once again. I miss you.

22. There’s a lot to do and talk about right now, but my interest is only in you and the solace I find in your presence. I miss you, dearie.

23. I’ll drop everything I’m doing right now to grab an opportunity to be by your side. I think saying I Miss You is an understatement.

24. I know it’s not easy to abandon all we do to be together, but we live in a world where we have little or no choices. I miss you, my Darling.

25. Every singles moment we spend apart only gives me a new reason to desire your presence more. I doubt I can ever let you go. I miss you.

26. Everything feels so out of place without you around, even to eat and sleep is a big problem. When will you be back? I miss you.

27. Maybe I’ll feel better if you’re by me now, but one thing I know I can’t do is stay without you for a long time. I love you and I miss you.

28. You took a lot of time to be my comfort and I got so used to it that staying without you is a big issue. I miss you, my love.

29. I may claim to be special, unique, independent, a lone ranger, and more, but you’re still someone I’ll find it hard to do without. I miss you.

30. I can’t fit into anyone’s life as awesomely as I fit into yours and none can fit into mine as excellently as you do. I miss you.

Texts to Make Him Miss You

You can also use these Texts to Make Him Miss You.

31. One more time, I want to see you and be by your side, and more than once I wanna have you around. I love you so much that I miss you greatly.

32. I feel colour and life draining from me in your absence. Your presence is one thing that I greatly love and can’t do without. I miss you.

33. I feel so wretched after longing for you and not having you. I feel so down and worn after wishing for your presence and getting it. I miss you.

34. You fill my life with so much love, colour and brightness. Right now, I need all of these and you are far away from me. I miss you.

35. I can stay without money, food, sex and a lot, buy staying without you is an impossibility. I thought you should know. I miss you.

36. Take a look at me and you’ll see a woman who’s stricken with sadness. Until your return, I can only hope to be fine. I miss you.

37. Freely, you have showered me with immeasurable quantities of love and I want to do same to you when I see you again. I miss you.

38. Great is the feeling I have when you’re around. Special is how I feel when you say you love me. I can’t live without you. I miss you.

39. I’ll love you across distance and time. No matter where you go, my love follows you while my body waits for you to come back again. I miss you.

40. The same great way I loved you from the beginning that I could not stay a day without you, I still love you that much. Come home, baby. I miss you.

I Miss You Quotes for Him Long Distance

I Miss You Quotes for Him Long Distance you can send to your Lover who is far away.

41. The first day, I thought it would be alright. Second day, I began to feel like I’m lost. Since day three, I’ve totally lost it. Come home soon. I miss you.

42. I’ll protest against any system that keeps separating you from me. I’ll fight against anything that makes me not see you in a long while. I miss you.

43. This feeling of sadness and depression began when you left and shows no sign of passing any time soon. I miss you.

44. The true good life is felt fully when you’re present but it feels like all is lost when you’re away. I want you by my side now and always. I miss you.

45. Every time I think of you, I get closer to where you are and farther away at the same time. I feel connected and separated. I miss you.

46. I may have everything a woman should have, but I still need you to feel my uniqueness, to feel alive and to feel loved. I miss you.

47. I wonder how your family copes now that you’re no longer with them. On my own side, I won’t even say I’m coping at all. I miss you.

48. I just found out that life without your presence is scary, and should be feared. How will the world be without awesome people like you? I miss you.

49. Throughout the day, tears can be seen falling from my eyes. Throughout the night, prayers can be heard pouring from my lips for you. I miss you.

50. There’s really no satisfaction in having you stay away from me, even for a few minutes. I crave you every second, trust me. I miss you.

Missing My Boyfriend

Let him know how you feel with these Missing My Boyfriend messages.

51. Follow the roads that lead home and I’ll be here, arms outstretched, waiting to welcome you back to our life of bliss and love. I miss you.

52. If there’s any road I want to have you on right now, it is those that lead straight home. If there’s any place I’ll have you be, it’s wherever I am. I miss you.

53. I am most free when I’m with you. Now that you are away, I feel like I’m on a sort of jail term. Can’t wait to see you again. I miss you.

54. If you’re being absent is a dream, then it must be a very bad one. Can’t wait for it to end. I love you and I miss you very much.

55. I miss the times I feel like I’m flying simply because you’re around and everything that happens when we are together. I miss you.

56. I love every inch of your body and every breath you take, that’s why I can’t stay a few days without you being around me. I miss you.

57. As far as you are I know our hearts are still tied together in love and I know I’m still your priority. I want your arms around me once again. I miss you.

58. I remember every single moment we’ve ever spent together and I see nothing faulty in them. I want another moment. I miss you.

59. Being together must be something you and I were built to do because I’m yet to have moments as great as those we share. I miss you.

60. Every cell in my body has raised their own version of hell when they noticed you were not around. Come back soon, Darling. I miss you.

When You Miss Him

Choose from these messages to send to him when you miss him.

61. I forgive everything that contributed to this our temporary separation of bodies. Now, it’s time we talk about being together again. I miss you.

62. Every sound I hear now seems empty of music and every word I read feels void of poetry. This began when you travelled. I miss you.

63. If I did not have you as a lover, I don’t see the possibility of having another. You’re the best and only one for me. I miss you.

64. I always thoght my company was the best for me until you came into my life and showed me that it was only enough to keep me till I meet you. I miss you.

65. I won’t stay here another night if you delay your return, even though I don’t know where I’ll go. Or maybe missing you is making me confused.

66. My vision is clearer now that you are away; I now know how much I need you around and can’t live without you. I love you and I miss you.

67. I’m unashamed to tell everyone how much you mean to me and how I always want you by my side. I’m waiting for you, baby. I miss you.

68. Wherever you are, take your time because when we meet, I’ll make sure you never leave my side again — forever. I miss you.

69. We are not just on the same team, we are the only members of our team, and I can’t live without my only teammate. I miss you.

70. I wish I never let you leave my side for a minute. Maybe you’ll be here right now, giving me the pleasure of your presence. I miss you.

I Miss My Boyfriend

I Miss My Boyfriend messages you can use.

71. Dearie, this is to tell you that my life without you is boring and terrible. I’m waiting impatiently for you — to have you around. I miss you.

72. If I had everything I need, I’ll text you every second in the day, call you every minute, chat you up every hour. Come home, love. I miss you.

73. I never wanted to let you go out of my sight, and just as soon as I let you my heart ashes heavily and yearns for you. I miss you, my Darling.

74. You change my little world for the better every second we spend together and I miss that kind gesture of yours. I love you. I miss you.

75. All the dances we had, moments we shared, pleasures we derived from each other are still fresh in my head. Maybe that’s why I miss you this much. I miss you, my love.

76. I wonder how you feel wherever you are because I know you had it in mind to give me all your hours. I feel sad on my own end. I miss you.

77. Staying away, I thought to see if there’s anything about you that I can’t live with and I found none. I miss every single part of, and thing about you. I love you.

78. If you’re the only one that will occupy my time, my space and my all, then we don’t have a problem here because I like it that way. I miss you.

79. Grab a drink or a plate? Go to parks and recreation sports? None of these matter for me now. All I need is to be with you. I miss you.

80. Your absence makes it feel like I’ve lost my paradise. What can I do and be satisfied when you are not by me! I miss you greatly, baby.

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81. I’d have nothing else than your presence at times like this. Any other thing can at best just hold me out longer till you’re back. I miss you.

82. It feels like you’re invisible and I just can’t see you for now because everything about you is still fresh in my head. I miss you.

83. I’ll never say goodbye. I’ll wait till the day I have you back here with me. But this does not mean that I miss you any less. I love you much.

84. I cried as I typed every word in the text. It’s painful living without you, not having one to hold onto at will. I miss you and I love you.

85. I doubt how possible it will be for me to breathe freely if I don’t have you by my side soon enough. I truly need you right here with me. I miss you.

86. I feel hopeless, helpless and disturbed with your absence. Come home to me so I can feel peace. I love you and miss you greatly.

87. You got all it takes to keep me alright. Truth be told, I need only you and nothing else. That’s why I miss you very much right now. I love you.

88. For the perfect day, necessary ingredients are all you have to offer. You’re more than sweet. You’re awesome. I love you. I miss you.

89. You are adequate to make me feel best on the worst day. I think you’re all o need to know. I should have you every day. I miss you.

90. I’m begging to see your face, to feel your body, to experience you once again. I’m begging to have your presence and bask in it. I miss you.

Quotes About Missing Your Boyfriend

Quotes About Missing Your Boyfriend you can also use.

91. I have had a lot of you, but it feels like a tiny fraction of what lays ahead. I can’t wait to spend more time with you. I love you and I miss you.

92. Your presence is a great treasure to me, a source of a comforting peace. I can’t wait to have more and all of it. I miss you.

93. No matter how much of you I have or get, I’ll still want more and crave for it. I’ll still need you. I don’t even understand it. I miss you.

94. A taste of your awesomeness is what I want to have again. A feel of your beauty and a sight of your loveliness. I miss you.

95. I’m hungry and thirsty to have you by and with me. My appetite towards you is great and uncontrollable. Come home soon, love. I miss you.

96. You got all I need right now and I need it as soon as I can. I love this particular fact, even though it’s tiring when you’re away. I miss you.

97. I can’t be kept away from your love because it never ceases and that’s just what I want to feel right now. I love you and I miss you.

98. I need you and everything you come with — the full package. I am so attached to you that I can’t stop needing you. I miss you.

99. If there’s a course to learn how to be with you all the time, I guess I’ll be a student of it forever. I need you, honey. I love you and I miss you.

100. If I can’t have you when I need you, it feels like I’m being taken to a grave. It only feels right that we be together all the time. I miss you.

I Miss My Boyfriend Quotes

Best I Miss My Boyfriend Quotes you can send to him.

101. I know I’m worth a lot, but I tend to only feel that way when you’re with me. Maybe it’s because you have a special way of reminding me of it. I miss you.

102. Everything we’ve ever shared, I need more of them and as soon as possible. Can’t imagine how I’ll cope if you delay your return. I miss you.

103. I’m never satisfied no matter how much of you and your presence I have, but nothing can satisfy me as much as you do. I miss you.

104. Being with you have been, is and will be my best and favourite experience ever. I’ll give up a lot to be with you. I miss you.

105. I need you by my heart, around my soul, in my spirit, now and always. I want to see you and hold you. I love you madly and miss you crazily.

106. I’m itching terribly to have you around and aching gravely because of your absence. Can’t wait to have you around again. I miss you.

107. I thought I could be a free spirit, living anyhow with anyone till I met you. You changed the game for me with your awesomeness. I miss you.

108. A lot of times, I can’t properly define or place what I need. But my need for you right now, there’s no doubt about it. I miss you.

109. I don’t want to only be seen around you in public, but even in private and more intimate there. I want you for myself. I miss you.

110. If I can’t have you every day, then that must be the worst phase of my life. Come home as soon as you can, love. I miss you.

Miss You Messages for Boyfriend

Also check these Miss You Messages for Boyfriend.

111. For my sake, I want you home right now, so I can be alright. For my sake, I need you by me right now, so I can live. I miss you.

112. Give me all of you till I can no more receive because I’m filled. Give me your presence and time till I die of it. I love you. I miss you.

113. Like a supreme ruler, you’ve occupied every space in my heart including the throne and you determine what happens in it. I miss you.

114. Your presence has a way of building my pride, satisfying my lust and doing a whole lot of things at the same time. I miss you.

115. No matter how hard I fight to stay cool in your absence, the urge to have you by my side always overcomes. I’m helpless. I miss you.

116. As the king of my heart, I want you and your kingdom here with me, guarding and serving, like you do, in the most beautiful way I have ever imagined. I miss you.

117. I feel no trace of dirt, foulness, death, nastiness or foulness in me right now and that’s because you made me know who I am. I miss you.

118. Even if I’m blind or deaf, I’ll still be able to experience that awesomeness of your love and the wholeness of your devotion. I miss you.

119. My spirit is connected to yours tightly and the only place it directs me to right now is where you are. I love you. I miss you.

120. The deep thing I hardly ever saw was my need for you. After careful perception, I now know how much everything about me needs you. I miss you.

Cute Missing Him Quotes

Cute Missing Him Quotes you can also use.

121. Unconditional love, unforgettable peace and indescribable joy are steady features of your presence to me. It is a great treasure. I miss you.

122. The day my love for you ceases is definitely the day everything that exists ceases to be. Matter of fact, my love for you will be the last to cease. I miss you.

123. I think your presence is basically what keeps me — the most if there’s something I can’t remember. I love you and I need you. I miss you.

124. Your presence gives me a kind of protection I love. Your presence makes me feel a kind of peace I love. I love you. I miss you too.

125. I’m dying just to spend time with you, get to know you more than right now and enjoy how you stare at me. I miss you.

126. I need your presence so much. I want to have so much of it to take in until I can bleed YOU if I’m cut. I love you. I need you. I miss you.

127. Even a double vision of life without you still feel unappealing. A triple portion of another company is nothing to me. I miss you.

128. No one can tell me I’m undeserving of you because we were made for each other. Being made this way, we can’t stay without ourselves. I miss you.

129. I don’t want to lose sight of you. Not as if your staying away for long will make me forget about you, but I just want to have you in sight. I miss you.

130. Apart from you, I feel weird — feels like this is not how it was meant to be — that’s why I always want to have you around or be by you. I miss you.

Missing You Message for Him

Best Missing You Message for Lover.

131. I don’t want to pretend not to miss you to prove anything, because anyhow it goes, I will only end up getting hurt. I miss you.

132. Nowadays, I understand that no one is an island. And above that, I understand that we need others that are good for us to hold on to. You are the one I want to be with. I miss you.

133. I’m trying to acquaint myself with everything about you, but it looks like this adventure will never end. Can’t wait for you to get home. I miss you.

134. I’m humbled since I realised that a heavy share of my world is in your hands. If not, then how come I miss you so terribly? I love you.

135. The only way an angel can be proven to be true right now is if it can lead me straight to where you are. I love you dearly. I miss you.

136. An application of your presence to my time produces the loveliest of results all the time. I want to try this one more time — now. I miss you.

137. I try to believe that I will find a way to be without you being present, but have failed over and over, I have given up. I miss you.

138. I’ll gladly follow you wherever you go, not because I’m trying to prove a single thing, but because I know that where you are is where is best for me. I miss you.

139. I think I should learn from you, how to be so awesome that when I’m away, someone will miss me as much as I miss you right now. I miss you.

140. My greatest need right now is the beauty and the fun that comes from our being together. And the assurance that you’ll always be here with me. I miss you.

Missing You Text for Him

Express your feelings by sending these Missing You Text to him.

141. Trust me when I say the best place for you to be right now is by my side. You’ll be saving a life and satisfying a need. I miss you.

142. Your name is written on my heart that’s why my eyes always want to behold you so your picture can always be provided when called. I miss you.

143. You gave me a tip of your awesomeness and now I don’t have you here to get the remaining. I love you and I miss you.

144. No matter how much I want to feel unworthy of your presence, I remember my need for it and your unconditional love. I miss you.

145. More of you is what I need to feel my never-satisfied self. More of you what I’ll crave for no matter how much of you I’ve had. I miss you.

146. From your large heart to your deep eyes and from your beautiful face to your free spirit and from your hot build to your faithfulness, I miss all of you.

147. All I need to know right now is that you’ll soon be by my side. Any other things are not necessary at the moment and should try again later. I miss you.

148. If you will never come back, then I rather be in the grave than wait for you for nothing. Without you, I’m not me at all. I miss you.

149. You help me a lot and support me just when, where and how I need it. So leaning on you is something I can’t stay away from. I miss you.

150. I’m convicted fully that you are all it takes to transform my worst nightmare into a moment of bliss. I love you more than I can say. I miss you.

Miss You Text to Boyfriend

Miss You Text to Boyfriend you can also use.

151. Nothing exceeds the bond we have. Nothing is greater than the love we share. And nothing is more pleasant than you being around. I miss you.

152. You’ll never be too much or too small for me. The way you are is the way I need you right now. Can’t wait to get hold of you. I miss you, though I love you honey forever and ever.

153. If I wanna see anything now, it is your face, your body, your physical features. And only then will I feel at rest and at home. I miss you.

154. I’ll ignore whatever anyone else has to offer till it fades away because it’s you I want and nothing else. I love you so much and I miss you as much.

155. I’m grateful for all the sacrifices you’ve made to be by me and all the time you’ve spent with me. It’s only because I can’t have enough of you that I miss you.

156. I’ve prepared all that should be for your return. All that’s left is for you to come back into my waiting arms and let us enjoy moments together. I miss you.

157. I wish every day were public holidays so you’ll be at home with me. I wish there was always a curfew so you don’t leave my side. I miss you.

158. I’ll violate any law that prohibits me from being with you. I’ll rather be a law-breaker than be without you. I love you. I miss you.

159. Even when I’m in my most hateful mood, there’s always a love burning for you in my heart. I can’t qualify my feelings for you. I love you. I miss you.

160. The weather is awesome and the day is bright. What’s interesting is that I’m the exact opposite of both — because you’re not here with me. I miss you.

I Miss You Paragraphs for Him

Touching I Miss You Paragraphs for Him.

161. Some want to be together because others expect it from them, but I want to be with you because that is how it should be — that’s what best for us. I miss you.

162. I pray for patience because without it, I’ll die and you’ll come back to meet a lifeless body. Why can’t I stay without you? I miss you.

163. Once I had you all to myself, everywhere, every time. I want to enjoy this experience again. Can’t wait to have you back home again. I miss you.

164. I’m not ignorant of my plight when I’m without you. I’m not in the dark of how bad things can get — and will get. I miss you, Darling.

165. I can’t just sit down, bearing the thoughts of your absence, but nothing I stand up to do will make up for your presence. I miss you.

166. We may have to be moderate about a lot of things but not our being together; it can never be too much. Matter of fact, it can only be too small. I miss you.

167. The way my spirit is built, the way I was raised and the swagger that I have are all in line with my having your presence. I miss you.

168. If I’m to say what I’m allergic to the most, I’m sure I’ll say it is your absence. Save a soul — my soul — by coming home soon. I miss you.

169. There’s me and then there’s the world — your business, academics, etc. Spending time with the world is impartial to me. I miss you.

170. Maybe I’ll be more effective at what I do when you’re here. Maybe that’s when my head will truly be clear. I want you by my side. I miss you.

I Miss Him So Much Quotes

I Miss Him So Much Quotes you can also use.

171. The only problem I have right now is that it’s unbearable — or should I say totally impossible — to live without you. Funny enough, there’s no solution to it. I miss you.

172. The only advice I can give myself right now is to find any means possible to be by your side. I don’t know how that will go through. I miss you.

173. If seeing you today then not seeing you tomorrow is a game, I have no iota of love for it; in fact, I give up. I love you and I miss you.

174. Someone asking me to do without you must either be a comedian or one soaked in ignorance. I love you and I miss you too.

175. After all the talk and speeches and promises, one thing still matters to me greatly and that is your presence. I miss you.

176. It doesn’t matter where we are, what time it is or how we fare, the best way we can be is together. I love you and I miss you.

177. I feel like there’s a disarray in my values, systems and activities that are caused by your absence. Only the reverse can cure it. I miss you.

178. You may not see this coming, but even if I’m to horribly prioritise, you’ll still be at the top of my list, because I’ll never forget you. I miss you.

179. Ignore every advice that won’t give us enough time to share. Ignore any system that separates us in any way. I miss you.

180. I can never be ashamed of how much I miss you, how much I can’t do without you. In fact, I’m so full of myself right now as I say: I miss you.

I Miss You Text for Him

Check out these I Miss You Text for Him.

181. If love was a country, then we will come from the same city. That’s why our bond is so strong, even bombs can’t break them. I miss you.

182. All my friends put together can’t give me the fun and love that’s found only in your company. You see why I need you? I miss you.

183. All the money, cars, fame, houses and stuff won’t give me the satisfaction I get from being with you. I love you and I miss you.

184. I’m like a blessed girl that’s lucky to be at the top of her love game. I’m like a woman who’s blessed with all she needs in one pack. I miss you.

185. I’m busy getting everything ready and in place for your return. I’m trying to set the perfect moment. I love you. I miss you.

186. If you could see me, you’ll catch me every night rolling from here to there and back. I’m so uncomfortable with your absence. I miss you.

187. People may not want to see us together, but knowing what’s good for us, I’ll fight to see that we are together. I miss you.

188. I can say a lot of things for the fun of talking, but your presence is the place for me and this is not a joke. I miss you.

189. If only I can see you again, then I don’t mind having my last night after that. That’s how much I value your presence. I miss you.

190. Let my whole life go up in flames just for me to be with you and I’ll not complain. You are the best thing that happened to me. I miss you.

I Really Miss Him Quotes

Most touching I Really Miss Him Quotes.

191. Even I know that I must be high on weird drugs if I ever think I don’t need you. Yes o, it’s serious like that. I have mad love for you. I miss you.

192. If it’s humans that are the cause of your absence, I don’t mind being a murderer just to end this nonsense. I miss you.

193. Living without you is the only time I imagine the world to be mad. When you’re here, I’m blinded from the ills and evils. I miss you.

194. All I ever wanted to do was be with you. Now it is so much that I can’t do without you. I like it just the way it is. I miss you.

195. No matter what I stand to gain if you delay from returning, I don’t mind. I want you; damn the losses. I love you. I need you. I miss you.

196. I’ve been a rebel since day one, always keeping to myself and loving my company. Now you’re all that feels my mind and all I need. I miss you.

197. If possible, I’d readily and gladly follow you wherever you go. If possible I’ll always be wherever you are. I love you. I miss you.

198. If there’s one thing I’ll ever do that will make me lose your presence, trust me on this one, I won’t do it. I need you to love. I miss you.

199. I could do a lot and still feel like a stallion, but just a little time without you and I’m out — completely knocked out. I miss you.

200. I may miss what you have or what you do. I may miss our outings, games and fun time. But what I miss most is you. I love you.

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