Missing You Badly Quotes

100 Missing You Badly Quotes for 2023

When you miss someone you love and care about, all sort of feelings rolls inside you. Sometimes it brings loneliness, thoughts of sweet memories shared together and so on.

It is difficult to stop thinking of that special someone you long to see, to hold and be with. For various reasons, people miss that special person in their life. It might be a distance relationship, a month or two months trip etc. Whatever reason you have, missing someone is a natural feeling.

Perhaps you’re thinking of how you can express that feeling inside or you’re thinking of the right words to use. Below are 100 Missing You Badly Quotes that would help you pour out your heart feelings and show to your lover how much you value and miss their presence. You’ll surely find the right words here.

Romantic Missing You Badly Quotes for Lovers

Surprise you lovers with the following Heart Touching Missing You Uncontrollably Quotes for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

1. Baby! Perhaps you don’t know how empty my heart feels without you by my side. I miss you so much.

2. I felt I could be strong enough to hold myself but I still miss you every second and every passing day. Missing you so bad honey.

3. Every day and every moment that passes makes me feel so incomplete. Miss, you dear.

4. Everything around me looks for you. Everywhere I go I want to see you. I just miss all of you.

5. Going to bed at night, I feel the breeze sweeps me to your arms. Waking up to a new dawn, I wish to fly to your bossom. I miss you dearly.

6. I miss you so much that I see everyone around me as you.

7. The more I miss you, the more I love you. The more I love you, the more I want you. Miss you sweetheart.

8. All my thoughts are just filled with thoughts of you. I miss you so much.

9. Sometimes I wonder why staying away from you seems difficult until I realized you are my everything. I miss you.

10. Sometimes my heart can’t help but to long for your return. I want to be in your arms for I miss u greatly.

11. I miss you a million trillion times. Everything nasty, funny and cool you do, I miss them all.

12. Pictures and good memories are just for a moment but your presence is all I need baby. I miss you.

13. You’ve become so part of me that I without you is equal to nothing. Missing you sweetie.

14. Everything I touch reminds me of you. Every song I hear, I wish you sing them to me. Everywhere I go, I wish you go with me. I miss you.

15. When I tell you “I’m doing great” without your presence, I’m just lying because I really need you and I miss you.

16. I feel when I watch a movie and laugh, it would keep me company but the more I watch, the more I feel you stay beside me and watch. Missing you here.

17. Sometimes I feel like being in your arms all day, looking at you but right now it’s impossible. Come, quick baby, I miss you.

18. It still strikes my imagination that I still miss you so badly knowing that you’ll soon be back home.

19. I just want to play with you, cry on your shoulders, laugh so hard and do nasty things with you. I miss you.

20. Everywhere looks so dull and boring when your presence is absent. I miss you.

21. If I tell you I miss you a hundred times, I’m deceiving myself because I can’t count how much my heart wants you badly.

22. At times I wake up and then next to me is empty, it saddens my heart. Miss you honey.

23. Nobody treats me like you do. Nobody holds me like you do. Nobody understands me like you do. You’re just the perfect to my imperfections. I miss you dearly.

24. Sometimes I wish you never go on trips and I wish you take me on all your journey just to be close to you for I miss you always.

25. When you’re close by, when you’re distant, when you’re just next door, I still miss you.

26. Even when I try to pretend, it never covers how much I miss you.

27. I’ve never missed anything so dearly than your absence. I miss you.

28. Even when I know I have a very good day when I recall you’re far away, the day turns soar to me. I miss you dearly.

29. At work, at school, at play I miss you. At night, in the day, at noon, I still miss you.

30. I wish that I be in your bossom, fall asleep on your chest and hear your sweet voice. I just miss you.

31. I know that I miss you dearly. In as much as I know you’re far away, you’re engraved in my heart.

32. Until I find myself wrapped warmly in your arms, I’ll never stop missing you.

33. I’ve missed you to the point that every song I hear, I hear your voice.

34. You’re just away to work and I miss you badly. You’re just next door and I’m missing you already. I miss you every few seconds you’re away.

35. At the dawn of a new day, the first thing in my head is you. You got the whole of me, baby. I miss you.

36. Missing you has made me sick. Seeing you would give me strength. I miss you, honey.

37. Words can’t describe how much I miss you. I just miss you and I need you.

38. I would never let you out of my sight for a second because I don’t want to be homesick missing you.

39. There’s an emptiness within me nothing can occupy except you. Missing you here.

40. Sometimes tears roll down my cheek not because I’m sad but because I miss you dearly.

41. When I eat alone, when I sleep alone, when I work alone, when I walk alone, I still need you with me alone. I miss you.

42. Your absence I know is temporary but I just count days and weeks for me to set my eyes on you. Missing you, come back home.

43. I miss us, I miss us together, I miss us playing, I miss us talking, I miss us nagging and I miss you, honey.

44. Baby! Do you really miss me the way I miss you badly? I doubt it because every little second I miss you greatly.

45. You mean the world to me my love and I’m missing you here.

46. I tried to find someone who would put those jokes exactly like you and make me happy but I couldn’t find. You’re just you and you’re the best. I miss you.

47. I know we might be distant but my heart still holds you dear and I cherish you always. Miss you.

48. When I pick up my phone, my heart wants to say it all but I just realized I could say nothing else but I’m missing you.

49. The only voice I want to hear, the only hand I want to hold, the only arms I want to hug is You. Missing you so much honey.

50. When I realized how much I missed you then I know missing you was my disease. Until I see you, I’ll still be homesick. I miss you so bad babe.

51. No one can do the things you do. No one can fill the vacant space you left. No one can say how much I miss you. You’re just unique. I’m so missing you here.

52. I don’t mind travelling a thousand miles just to see you and tell you I miss you.

53. Pictures aren’t enough. Calls aren’t enough. Texts aren’t enough. All I need is just you, your presence and your love. I miss you.

54. My heart yearns for you. My body pleads with you and my eyes long for you. I wish you’re here honey. I miss you.

55. Sometimes I feel within me an inner weakness and everything around me tastes bad. Then I remember that I’m missing a part of me.

56. In as much as I don’t want to admit I’m missing you, I know I’m missing you and I can’t help it.

57. I bless God for giving me someone so charming, caring and favourable. I miss you.

58. I just want to kiss you, tell you how much I love you and lean on your chest all night. I miss you dearly.

59. I know right there on your trip, your heart is here with me. I’m here feeling so lonely without you. Miss you and miss you, honey.

60. I love you so much that I’m left with no option than to stay lonely missing you till your arrival.

61. I miss you and it hurts me, baby. Never go far away from me.

62. With you I’m confident. With you, I can walk a million miles. You mean so much to me. I miss you.

63. My spirit, soul and body know when you’re not around. Miss you dear.

64. I have no fear whatsoever once you’re out of my sight because I trust you too much to fail. I miss you, darling.

65. Every hour, every day, I pray God sends his protection, provision and care on you. You are so special to me and I miss your presence.

66. I pray you find favour. I pray you are celebrated everywhere you go and may your Joy never cease dearie. Missing you.

67. Though it’s not easy to stay a minute without you but hearing your sweet voice calms my fears. I miss you.

68. The more I get busy, the more I get distracted just because my existence misses you.

69. You’re the sun that brightens my world. The letter ‘D’ that completes my world. I’m nothing without you. I miss you so much.

70. Just to let you know. I need you here with me, I’m tired of being alone. Missing you so bad.

71. I sit all day not able to do anything and when I ask myself why? It’s because I miss your presence.

73. You keep my heart waiting long. Please come quickly dear I already miss you too much.

74. When I get tired of waiting, I just whisper in the breeze to give you a message saying I miss you.

75. You do not know how much your presence brings me joy, how your smiles give me hope. Right now I need you more than ever. I miss you.

76. Being with you has been the most amazing thing in my life. I never want to leave your sight and now I’m missing you.

77. If there’s another word to replace the word “miss” I would use it because I’m beyond missing you. Just get back and hold me close.

78. If the trip wasn’t important, I wouldn’t have embarked on it because now I need your company. Missing you so much my darling.

79. Sometimes I wish the day run so fast so full return. Miss you honey.

80. When you’re absent, I feel my world has lost its taste of joy. You really mean so much to me. I miss you.

81. I don’t like it when I miss you because I’m not used to it. Don’t ever make me miss you dearly.

82. I just need your presence. I just need your encouragement. I just need your smile. You keep me active and strong. I miss you dearly.

83. I don’t like trips. I don’t like next doors. I don’t like miles away because they keep my soul longing for you and making me miss you badly.

84. When I see I have missed you so much, I just reflect on our happy moments and smile but within me I know I’m missing you so much.

85. I miss you so much the same way I want you so much.

86. I love you dearly and it’s so easy for me but when I miss you, I find it so difficult because it’s also saying I miss me. Miss you honey.

87. I wish talking to you on phone could be for everlasting, I’ll talk and never get tired. I miss you.

88. When I tell myself how much I miss the love of my life, I’m satisfied. I miss you.

89. Just as water is a necessity, you are the water I need in my body always. Never dry up sweetie. I miss you.

90. When you sleep next to me, I still miss you. Much love dear.

91. Anytime I find myself missing you so strong, then I’m reminded of how much you worth and how much you mean to me.

92. The day I’ll cease missing and longing for you would be the day I die. I love you and I miss you.

93. Getting you out of my mind is not an option because if I do I’ll still find out I miss you the more.

94. You’re just away for a few days and it’s as if you’re away for eternity. I miss you, honey.

95. Is it impossible to stay a day without missing you? Because sitting right here and you’re silent, I miss you.

96. How can I tell you in a unique way that I miss you that would spin your thoughts to a sweet haven and make you feel the way I do. I miss you dearly.

97. I yearn for that day I do not have to get a headache just because I’m missing you.

98. Any good news I hear, I want to share with you but knowing you’re not close by, I miss sharing great things with you.

99. I want to stop imagining being with you because I want to be with you for real and feel your touch. Miss you sweetheart.

100. Countless times, all I just want to say to you is that I miss you and I miss you for real honey.

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