Miss You Messages for Husband

2023 Romantic I Miss You Messages for Husband

The world can be so funny that it can part a union of two lovebirds temporarily with the hope of coming back together later. This could be as a result of work commitments and transfer, training, business, religious purposes, ambitions, career and other responsibilities that are capable of making one’s spouse to leave his place of residence for a while.

While your husband is away, there is a high need to keep in touch in order to maintain the bond you have always enjoyed when you are together and that is where the importance of ‘miss you’ messages cannot be underestimated. These are the messages that make your husband smile as soon as he reads it on his phone. Thank me later. Winks.

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Sweet I Miss You Quotes for Husband

Romantic words to say I Miss You to your husband. Sweet I Miss You Quotes to express how you feel to your Husband.

1. Dear hubby, the confidence I feel when you hold me in your hands cannot be compared to anything in this world, and now that you are far away, I feel the world is just an empty space. Just as the time ticks away, my heart misses you all the way.

2. You are always loved and cherished wherever you go, I will hold you dear to my heart because that is where you always belong. Miss you from the depth of my heart my king.

3. I miss the very smell of your presence; it is much better than the smell of the most sweet-smelling food in my kitchen, please hurry back because I need your perfumed nature to fill my arms again darling.

4. You are the comfort I feel in dark and gloomy days, now that you are gone; I hope you come back before I feel gloomy again. Miss you so much my crown.

5. My heart tells me each time you are far away that you are doing well but I wish I could see your smile, which confirms it to me, hurry back, cannot wait to see that beautiful smile of yours my cute husband.

6. When I think of love, I think of you. When I think of hope, I think of our togetherness. When I think of forever, I want to hold you tight until the world ends, but now that you are not here, I just have to hold onto love and hope until you come.

7. Freedom gives you the ability to learn, self-control gives you the ability to plan, while the absence of someone gives you the ability to value someone’s presence. I wish to let you know that I value you more, now that you are absent.

8. The more I miss you, the more my heart longs for you. Hurry back my love before I get super lonely. With you, my heart skips for joy.

9. Missing my rib, you are the rib that complements mine, missing my piece, you are the piece that completes me; I miss you so much my rib and piece.

10. My one and only, the one that makes me swirl in the right direction. I wish you were here, but since I cannot do that right now, I will just blow you a swirling kiss to hit you wherever you are. Miss you so much dear.

Sweet I Miss You Messages for Husband

Romantic and Sweet I Miss You Messages for Husband.

11. Today passes with the ticking of the time, tomorrow will come again but I cannot spend an extra tomorrow without you. Let the ticking time pass quickly so that I have you back in a jiffy. Miss you today, tomorrow and always.

12. Dry and rainy season, winter and summer, spring and fall, seasons come and go but I wish you could just stay here forever with me without making me remember there is a season for your absence. Miss you, my beloved.

13. I miss you more than words can say, more than I can express and more than thoughts can convey my sweet love.

14. You are the reason I have made it this far, your encouragements are divine, you have been there for me when I needed a push and now that you are not around, I wish I could just keep you just to myself. I really miss you, my love.

15. Sweet hubby, I need to let you know I am cold without your warmth. The cold season will soon multiply my loneliness. Hurry; I can’t wait to see you. Miss you dear.

16. Come walk with me on this path because we started out together, I know you are temporarily out of the way but please do not stay long because I need your companion on this pathway. I truly miss you every step of the way.

I Miss You Messages for Husband

17. I miss you in the morning, noon and night. I miss you winter, fall and spring. I miss you every passing second of the day.

18. Do you know what I am doing right now? Common take a guess. I am actually thing about a beautiful soul and that’s you. I truly miss you, my husband.

19. Yes, we have spent every seconds and minute together but I still miss you every day. I wish to have you forever my love.

20. There is hardly any time of the day I don’t take a pause to actually think about you. You are always in my heart. Miss you, my darling king.

Miss You Messages for Husband

Heart touching Miss You Messages for Husband.

21. Missing you starts from when I shut my eyes and I just long to see you when I open it. Please make the latter a reality my loving husband.

22. If I don’t talk to you in a day, I could collapse from loneliness, my love. I want to hear your voice as many times as possible because I miss you crazily.

23. Would it be okay if I write how much I miss you on a stone and throw it at you to make a scar? So that you can know, I miss you as often as you see the scar.

24. I really miss everything about you, my love, from your smile, to your laughter, to your jokes and your hugs. Miss them all, can’t wait to have the full package back dear.

25. When you see my text, just know I am missing you. When you see my call, I am already craving for you badly. I miss you so much, my husband.

26. Wish I were holding you tight instead of missing you all the time. Hold me, my love, because my hands long for yours. Miss you always.

27. When I miss you deeply, it makes me lose concentration, I can hardly put things together and have a unified thought, you are driving me nuts, please come back soon as I am seriously missing you, my love.

28. Now that you are not around, I love and miss you more. I Wish I could turn back the hands of time to enjoy more of you but since I can’t, I have to just miss and miss you more.

29. That moment I said goodbye, my heartbeat increased its pace because I know I am going to miss you badly. I so much miss you now.

30. Life is incredibly short and I value every moment we spend together. You and I are meant to be together forever that’s why I really miss you, my husband.

I Miss You Messages for Husband

Express your feelings with these I Miss You Messages for Husband.

31. Initially, I thought I would just miss your voice but now, as time tarries, I miss your entire being more than I thought.

32. I really wish to be there with you right now, and I mean right now. I just wish it is as easy as I say it. Miss you, my sweet husband.

33. My hubby, I really need your hug right now, I hope I am not asking for too much. I need it now, please hurry and come back soon. Miss you, my love.

34. When I miss you, I feel like my heart has stopped but when I see you, I feel like a butterfly willing to fly anywhere around the world. Missing you makes me feel dead, please make me alive again. I miss you, dear.

35. Right now, I don’t have much to say. I just want to let you know my heart misses you so much.

36. I could not do anything today but miss you, you have intoxicated my mind with your thoughts and I can’t do without missing you each passing day. Missing you always.

37. I really miss seeing your face before I close my eyes to sleep and waking up to see your face again. Sleeping and waking up without you is one of the moments I dread most. Missing you, my cute hubby.

38. ‘More, always, often, great, over and over again, seriously, a lot, regularly’… are not enough adverb to quantify how much I miss you. I am yet to see the word to qualify how much I miss you.

39. I wish to let you know how much I miss you but I can’t. Do you know why? It is because missing you has taken away all my strength.

40. I feel empty every day I see a lot of people but I don’t see you especially when I know seeing you can be so hard. I hope I get to see you soon. Missing you so much my husband.

41. When you are around, my heart flips and dances but now that you are not here, I miss every moment of that joy my heart feels. Miss you dear.

42. I cannot get you out of my head, I cannot quit thinking about you, and I cannot get you out of my mind. Do you know why? It is because I miss you so much, my sweet husband.

43. The unknown mystery behind missing you is yet to be discovered, I wish you would come now so that we can unravel the little secret together and missing you will be a past.

44. Hey hubby, I want to tell you a little secret. The secret is so personal and I don’t want it to be said to anyone. This is the secret – I miss you like crazy.

45. In the coolness of the day, my eyes search for you, and in the quietness of the night, my heart longs for you. I truly miss you.

46. Your clothes always remind me of your figure, your shoes remind me of your sweet feet, and our bed reminds me of your absence. Miss you, my beloved.

Miss You Messages for My Husband

47. Far or further away, a mile or a thousand miles, I will always miss you until you come back to give me that special hug. Miss you so much.

48. I try hard to keep my focus, I try hard not to feel weak, I try hard not to feel lonely but as long as you are out there, I fear I might have to miss you too much to feel lonely and weak. Hurry back, I Miss you, sweetheart.

49. Lately, somebody asked me if I missed you at all, I smiled and said …terribly…

50. Wherever I go without you, I feel lonely and too quiet because the world is motionless and soundless without you.

51. Almost every time, I imagine you standing beside me but when I look and I don’t see you there, my heart sinks. Miss you so much my love

52. Wish you were here with me, holding hands and looking at the stars because even each star has another star closely beside it. You are my own star but I miss you a lot.

53. When I miss you so much, I read your previous text messages and emails to keep me company but then I end up missing you more.

54. My heart, my mind and my head are full of you. Little wonder my body needs a hug from you. Gosh! Cannot stop thinking about you. I miss you hubby.

55. I just want to demand three things – to hold you tight, give you a warm hug and kiss you deeply. Miss you, my love.

56. I hope the seconds, minutes and days multiply quickly so that I can quickly count the days you will be here again. Miss you so much dear.

57. Missing you is like dying daily, I cannot hold it anymore. I miss you sooooooo much, my husband.

58. Looking out of the window, seeing couples and families moving together, I feel a mixture of jealousy and fury, wish that could be us. I sure miss you a lot.

59. My dear, I am missing so much from you, not just your comforting words but every expression you make and every

60. I just want to lay close to your heart, hear the beat, feel your warmth and smell your fragrance. I miss you so much.

Miss You Messages for My Husband

Trending Miss You Messages for My Husband.

61. I just want to close where you can stay forever, wish I could design the future, would pause the entire time as soon as we are together. Miss you so much.

62. I wish you were here, talking together, chatting like forever, taking selfies, and running around like we are kids. I miss every fun activities spent with you.

63. You know what; Life can be meaningless and empty without you. Please hurry back to give it a sweet meaning, I really miss you, companion.

64. You may not know how much I miss you and you may not be able to imagine the weight and gravity of how I feel about you. Just know this; I miss you more than you know.

65. It is so hard to say goodbye to you, especially when I know it is really going to be a long while to see your face again. Really wish I could spend every minute with you. Miss you so much.

66. Till death do us part, I will always love you. Till we get together again, I will always miss each passing day.

I Miss You Messages for My Husband

67. When I wake up, your thoughts come first, before I sleep at night, your thoughts comes last. I miss you my great significant other.

68. If I was told to tell the simplest truth right now, the truth would be that I miss you deeply.

69. I wish I could just fly down to your door, knock and surprise you with a big smile and then spend the night with you. That is how much I miss you, darling.

70. I miss your every touch and cuddle, miss your kisses and warmth, my husband. Can’t wait for you to be back. Miss you so much

71. The feeling I have as a result of the distance presently between us is enough evidence that we are meant to be together forever. Miss you, my love.

72. You always say you love me but you never told me this is how much I will miss you when you go. I miss you so much, darling.

73. I miss you so much that it hurts that I cannot see you now, hurting can lead to death if you don’t come soon, please hurry, I can’t wait to hug you tight.

74. Nobody looks into my eyes the way you do, nobody holds me firm the way you do and that is why I miss you so much.

75. I am tempted to blame you for being busy but I won’t because I know it is for the best, I just want you to know I miss you so much.

76. I feel like I could kill if I don’t see you in the next minute, this loneliness is driving me crazy; I need you my love, more than ever before. Miss you so much.

77. I have never experienced loneliness as much as this until you left, can’t wait to see you again. I miss you so much, love!

78. Even if I spend the whole winter and summer with you, I will definitely still miss you the moment you leave because you are the love of my life.

79. Is it okay if I tell you, I miss you more than my deceased parents? But that’s the truth, I miss you more.

80. If you ask me right now if I am okay, my response will be no I am not because I miss you so much.

I Miss You Messages for My Husband

Sweet Messages to express how much you miss your husband.

81. Yes! I miss you! Anything short of that is an understatement.

82. When I think of you, it seems like it is raining heavily, but when I miss you, I am drowning already in the flood of your love my sweet husband.

83. The truth is there is nobody in this world that misses you more than I do, I truly miss you so much, my love.

84. Painfully, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months have gone by and I just have no choice than to miss you badly.

85. Missed telling you my mind, missed the days we chatted away the time joyfully, missed the way we laughed so loudly, missed the games we played together. I really miss you.

86. Today, I am just gonna hug my pillow so tight and imagine it is you I am hugging. Miss you, my darling husband.

Miss You SMS for Husband

87. Missing you has become a beautiful song I sing every day, only that the lyrics and melody are so far away because you are far away. Miss you, my cute husband.

88. When you ask me, what has become part of me, it is missing you but I need you now and I mean now! Miss you so much dear husband.

89. Missing you is like dying over and over again, I don’t wanna live one more day without you. Miss you so much my love.

90. Though you are far away, I feel you so warm in my heart, but now I wanna feel your warmth in my arms, miss you a lot!

91. Though the distance separates us, but our hearts will always be together till we meet again. Miss you hubby.

92. Today, I just smiled to myself, I kept smiling throughout the day, do you know why? It is because I miss you, and I smile each time.

93. I really want to spend every minute with you, I want to stay close to you till forever comes, miss you hubby.

94. Do you know what? You are perfection in every sense of the word that is why I crave for you every moment of the day. Miss you, my perfect husband.

95. Dear darling husband, I will give up everything just to have you back right now, and that includes my favourite shoes, winks.

96. I feel empty and empty each time I miss you. The emptiness is getting deeper by the day, please hurry home my love.

97. Looking inside my heart, I see you. All I have to do is reach out to my heart and I will feel calm though having you is the greatness calmness I desire. Miss you.

98. Your thoughts linger in my memory everytime I am alone, can you hurry back to kill this loneliness. I miss you dearly my husband.

99. I try as much as possible to keep my hands busy, but each time I take a little break, my heart is overwhelmed with you and I can’t just control it. I really miss you.

100. Do you know the day I will stop missing you? The day is that day I will be with you and I really can’t wait for the day to come. Miss you so much.

I Miss You SMS for Husband

Romantic I Miss You SMS for Husband.

101. It’s really hard to see you go and walk away, but I will console myself with the fact that I will see you soon. Miss you dear

102. When I remember how we met, and how this journey began, I am always full of smiles and end up missing you badly. I really do

103. Saying goodbye to you is a temporal way of saying, I will miss you so much. Goodbye for now. I will miss you, my sweet hubby.

104. I feel like a fool each time I miss you because I don’t get to think straight. I am intoxicated by your love and that is why missing you badly is so easy.

105. After all these while we have been together, I must confess I will still miss you the moment you go. Missing you already dear.

106. I will always miss you every second, minute, hour, day, week, and month. I miss you all the time my handsome king.

107. When we are together, the time seems so short, but now that you are away, the time is so sluggish, wish it could be so fast so that I can see you again. Miss you, my love.

108. You have given me so many reasons to smile and now that you are away, I wanna cry because I sincerely miss you.

109. I am drowning in the ocean of your love and affection, which is why I miss you so much than you could ever know.

110. My thoughts are always towards you during the day and night, I don’t think I can spend an extra day without you, miss you, my husband.

111. I remember all the words you spoke to me, they keep ringing in my ears and that makes me miss you so dearly, my love.

112. Missing you is a huge part of loving you. If I were never far away from you, I would never have known how strong my love for you is. Miss you hubby.

113. If I could plant a rose flower each time I miss you, I would have had a large garden full of roses by now and walking through it would be fun. Miss you love.

114. Missing you is not about how long I have seen you or the last time I heard from you. It is about that very crucial moment I am doing something important and wishing you were here with me.

115. I hide my tears whenever I pronounce your name but the pain I feel in my heart still remains the same. Nobody misses you more than me.

116. Whenever I miss you, time seems to move slower but because I am in love with you, time seems to be moving faster and now I can’t wait to see you again.

117. Dear sweet husband of mine, whenever I miss you, I look deep into my heart, and then I find you because that is the only place I can always feel you.

118. Caring for you is core profession, making you happy solely rests on me, and loving you is my life but then, missing you is the hardest thing to do.

119. Though, it feels like I am whole but the truth is, a part of me will always be waiting for you to come back. I miss you dearly.

120. You simply have no knowledge of the quantity of happiness and joy you have brought into my life and for all these, I miss you a lot.

Miss You SMS for Husband

Touching Miss You SMS for Husband when he is away.

121. My remembrance loves you so much that is why it is always asking about you all the time and it won’t stop asking until you come back, my cute king.

122. Within you, I lose myself in the freedom of love and sweetness. Without you, I find myself wanting to be lost in your love again. Miss you.

123. The truth is my mind still finds it hard accepting that you are gone for a while, please awaken it to accept fate and expect you near arrival.

124. Even if I spend the whole day with you missing you thereafter will still not be an impossible mission

125. Hey, dear, I don’t want to know if it’s 10 minutes, 1 hour or a whole night that you will spend, all I know is that I just want to see you now.

126. My first thought in the morning is always you; my last thought before I sleep is always you. Even when I dream, I will always dream of you because I miss you so much.

I Miss You SMS for Husband

127. My heart has always known loneliness since the moment you left and now I terribly miss you.

128. I have always known that reflecting on the joyful tears would always make me laugh but I never thought that looking back on the laughs would bring uncontrollable tears. I miss you, my love.

129. Pain is loving you in my sleep and waking up alone to daydream your presence with me. Love you indeed.

130. Some days, when I see our pictures and how much we laughed together, those memories knocks the wind out of me and I stare into space, hoping the next flight drops you by.

131. I miss you like the sun misses grasses on the field, I miss you like the birds miss the beautiful flowers in the garden and now my heart freezes each time I feel your absence.

132. A thousand words spoken from now until dawn would not bring you back now, all I have to do is take consolation in the fact that you will be here soon. Love and miss you, dear.

133. I know if I shed a thousand tears and cried profusely a million times, it wouldn’t stop you from going but I will stick to the happy memories and hold it tight till you come again. Miss you, my husband.

134. I only want just you, not the pictures, not the texts, not the calls and not the fragrance of your shirt. I really want you and you alone. Miss you, my dearest.

135. Guess what? I can’t sleep; I have tried everything from taking warm milk to having a warm shower, from getting a good message to eating light, but still can’t sleep, you know why, it’s because I miss you dearly.

136. Everything I ever knew is a lie without you because you taught me what absolute truth is. Now that you are away, I hope my fears do not fall over me. Miss you, my companion.

137. My heart is broken into two and I can’t breathe without its union, especially when there’s no beat in that part of my heart you are positioned. Please hurry so that my heart can beat for you again.

138. You are finally gone but not eternally gone so I have the hope of meeting you again in the nearest future.

139. Missing you isn’t the hardest part of your absence. Knowing that I once had you is so hurting and I hope you will not stay long. I so much cherish your being with me.

140. I dropped a tear in the big ocean and the day you find my tears in that ocean is the very day I will stop missing you.

141. You are the sugar in my tea and the moment you can produce back the white sugar from the brown tea is the moment I will stop missing you dearly.

142. You truly understand how much you truly miss someone when something happens, whether for good or for bad, and the only person you want to tell is that one person who is not around.

143. Can I slap you right now, would you feel the pain? That’s the same way I feel when I miss you so much.

144. You know what my love, I miss you more than your wrist misses your watch and more than your shaving stick misses your beards.

145. Each night, I put my head on my pillow and lay on the bed, I try to convince myself that I am tough because I’ve gone one more day wanting your presence.

146. I wish I could control the way I feel about you but the truth is, I can’t. I miss you all the way

147. A part of me will always be waiting for you here inside my heart because I am the one who misses you more than anyone else in this world.

148. As long as I eat, as long as I breathe, as long as I sigh, I will always miss your very words and being.

149. You seem not to have an idea of the amount of happiness you brought into my life in this short time, can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

150. I miss your lips, your hands, your looks, your hugs, your conversations with me and your company at all times. Miss you so much my spouse.

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