Texts to Make Him Miss You Badly

100 Texts to Make Him Miss You Badly in 2023

Distance always causes a temporary cut or break in a relationship. Constant contact with someone lovers is necessary during this period, for it brings back the love afresh and binds the love together between the two lovers

Your man which far away needs your attention and contact to remember him of the love you both shares.

Calling him only cannot do, because sometimes he may be too busy to answer some of your calls. Love and romantic text messages are the best keys to keep your man in love with you always.

It has been discovered that reading of love text messages inspired the heart and mind and rekindled the love and affection the lover has for each other.

Send these love and romantic love text messages below, for him to read during any free time, which will arouse is romantic morale, that will make him want your presence and keep him smiling all the day.

Romantic Texts to Make Him Miss You So Much

Below are romantic text messages you can send to your lover to make him miss you badly.

1. I’m drowning in the sea of your love, what an uncontrollable love I have for you!

2. My eye has already captured your image, and you are the perfect image my eye has gotten. I can’t stop thinking about you.

3. Can I even do without you, I don’t think is ever possible! All my attention you have gained.

4. Since I met you, have learned two things I can not forget: loving you and thinking about you. Can’t wait to see your face again!

5. Your presence is scarce, your kind is rare, that is the reason I always want you to be here with me. Love you plenty!

6. Some people believe that money can buy love, but the love I have for you cannot be purchased by anything.

7. Every passing day without you by my side is like a prison yard, I don’t like missing a day without seeing you.

8. How can I live without you? where can I go without you? what can I think without you? You are my life, world and thought.

9. Anytime we are drawing nearer to dawn, my joy always increases because I know that I will see your face again.

10. I have seen the half of me, the second person, the person after my own heart; you are the one darling, I love you too much.

11. Everything happens for a purpose, and there’s a reason for you coming into my life. What a wonderful guy that you are!

12. We all know that clock never ticks backwards, my love for you will always go forwards and upwards!

13. I have an undisputable, undivided, and undiluted love for you!

14. I am going on a journey to the land of ‘love’. I don’t need to worry in as much I have you. I’m set to go.

15. Whenever I get a heartache, I already know what that means you are far away from me. I miss you love!

16. Have got only one heart which is for you.

17. As the apple tree among the tree of wood, so is my beloved guy. I sat down under his shadow with awesome delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. Can’t stop loving you!

18. Darling, draw me closer to your side, for your banner over me is love.

19. So far anything cannot replace love, you cannot be replaced by anyone in my heart. Love you, darling.

20. Whenever I hear your voice coming nearer to me, my heart do skip and leap for great joy. You are my everything dear!

21. I don’t know how to love, you teach me how to love. I will forever love you.

22. Love mixed with affection and care, that is who you are! I love you so much.

23. Honey, through you I believe true love exists.

24. I sleep my heart wakes: it is the voice of my beloved that knocks, telling me to open my heart is always open for you. Love you, dear.

25. No matter how far you are from me, it makes no difference who you are, your love is still burning in my heart. Love you so much!

26. You are beautiful my love, comely as a peacock, and strong as an army with banners. Love you plenty, sweetheart!

27. The best way to see myself is when I look through your eye, I have my image there. Love you!

28. You are the first guy I met, that have the key to my heart, thanks for loving and caring for me.

29. You made the luckiest lady on earth for having a guy like you. You are special! Love you.

30. Everything I desire in a guy, I’ve found in you. We are indeed a perfect match. I Will never leave you.

31. If you leave me, I bet with you, I can’t survive it, because I don’t think I can ever get anyone that can understand me as you do!

32. I have never loved the way I love you neither can I ever love anyone as I love you.

33. The true description of my beloved is Romance+care+affection+support. You cannot be compared with another guy.

34. I will always be by your side and I will follow you everywhere you take me. You are my only love.

35. Even if you aren’t by my side, I use to imagine your present, cuddling me and holding me tight to yourself, you mean everything to me.

36. I love to see your smile, your cute smile and gentle voice drive me crazy and making me think of you every second.

37. Our love shall grow and not die, even if we die we pass it upon our offspring.

38. If someone wants to know more about me, indirectly should see you. Your attitude has been rubbed off me.

39. I know I have done the right thing by loving you, who my heart wants, not what my eyes want.

40. Since the day you met me, I have made up my mind not to think about what people say because this love is mine, and not theirs.

41. I have met two kinds of love during the course of my journey on this earth; face love and heart love. I’ve discovered you have a heart love for me. Thanks love!

42. Whenever I miss you, I won’t look for you in my dreams, neither will I try to hear voice, I will just put my right hand on my chest, feeling my heartbeat. Love you.

43. Little did I wondered when people started telling me about my little madness because I already know the cause of it, which is you.

44. I’m like a baby in your hands, please always treat me as such and don’t ever be harsh on me. Always remember that I love you.

45. A typical and good example of true love has been found in you. You love has driven off all false love in my life. Love you, darling.

46. You are like the coolness of river by night, the sunshine from the sun at noon. You are the best guy with a perfect heart. Love you more.

47. I wondered how quickly you get used to me, that means you are mine and I’m yours. Forever love you!

48. Nothing strengthens like love, nothing sweetened as love, but when it is being confused with lust, it weakens and embitters the heart. Love me without lust, honey.

49. My own definition is coined from you. Anybody who cares to know should seek you. Love you, dear.

50. The written of your name also causes a stream of joy to flows through my heart. I just love everything about you.

51. You are the only for me, a minute without you is like living without my heart in me. Can’t wait to see you again my heartbeat.

52. I really enjoyed and appreciates you for always being there for me. I really feel your absence. Love you great.

53. I can’t just stop thinking about the day we met. What a lovely day it was!

54. You are the reason behinds my glowing skin and my happiness.

55. All my whole body is waiting anxiously to see, feel and touch you.

56. You made me feel bold and courageous about myself.

57. What a beautiful smile you got! Do you know you have the most beautiful smile?

58. Every night seems still and empties without you by my side.

59. I am missing a lot about you; the fragrance of your body, your kisses, your hug and your smile that drives me crazy.

60. You are one in a million guy! Love you so much.

61. Darling, I want you to know this, that our love for each other shall live on forever.

62. I love you now, I will love you tomorrow and will love you forever.

63. I’ve found a love for me! Oh! I’m so lucky to have you.

64. My love for you shall grow not die, shall glow not fade. I love more than you can imagine!

65. As the sun ceases not to shine and the moon does not cease to bright, I will never cease to love you. Love you more.

66. Distance must not be a barrier to our love, you are always in my heart, every passing hour. I miss you, honey!

67. I always remember every moment we have spent together, it brings a smile to my face. I love you, sweetheart.

68. My indelible companion, you are the sunshine that lights my dark path. I love you forever!

69. Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you. When will I see you face to face, I miss you.

70. Though you are not here with me, you’re in my heart. Love you!

71. Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on.

72. We’ll stay forever and you’re always safe in my heart.

73. Take my hand, touch my heart, hold me close to you because I will always be there for you.

74. By my side, night and day, I always wish you are here with me.

75. I am so glad I’m blessed by the power of love. When you smile, I can hardly believe that you are mine.

76. I feel my heart just can’t deny each time you whisper my name. I’m already intoxicated with your love.

77. I don’t know why I always miss you, maybe the way you touch me, with the warmth of the sun or the way you smile. You have taken all my whole heart.

78. Darling, I always get chilled whenever you are with me but now no more chill. I miss you and the chill.

79. What good is a memory without you there with me? I can’t make a good day without you, honey.

80. The sun isn’t the same without you, you are the summer breeze, and the wind blowing through the trees.

81. When you’re not around I’m feeling like a piece of me is missing. I just can’t cope without you.

82. I can’t face this world alone, without you by my side, because you’re the one that makes it feel like home.

83. Your love keeps bringing me closer to the truth, thanks for loving me!

84. Of what use is the photograph, if I do not feel your supple and smooth hand rubbing through my body. Love you always dear.

85. Lost in love is just what I can feel when I’m with you. I can’t fathom this love I have for you.

86. No matter how far you are, I’m near, it makes no difference who you are, I’m still your angel.

87. I will be your cloud in the sky, I will be there to wipe your tears away, I will always answer you when you call me your angel.

88. There’s one true emotion that reminds me we’re the same no matter how far we are from each other.

89. Let’s talk about love, it’s all we need, let’s talk about us, it’s the air we are breathing.

90. You make me funny, when you come around, you remain the sweetest personality I have known.

91. Even though I leave you behind, I’m always happy because your smile and love still linger in my heart.

92. If only I can do this one thing, to instigate your transfer to my place, so that we can be together. I really miss your presence.

93. I wish you are present to hold me by my arm and carry me. I miss your play and the laughter it produces.

94. You make my day by staying near me and the night by always appearing in my dreams.

95. It had been long that I heard your voice and hugged you. I wish you could be here now!

96. Come rain! Come sunshine! You will always be mine and I will always be yours.

97. I will do everything to be your wife! Just love you immeasurably.

98. I’ve been trying to fast forward the time in order to see you, honey I’ve really missed you.

99. I had sleepless night again today, is not insomnia but your absence cause it. Miss you.

100. You are far away, but also close to me by the beat of my heart I listen to, don’t forget we share the same heart. Love you all the time.

Written By Ojo Folashade.

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