Best Love Messages for Someone Special

2023 Best Love Messages for Someone Special

The love we share with our lover can be intensified and confirmed by showing and emphasizing how much will love and adore them.

If we can consider how excited and exhilarated they feel, whenever they read love text messages, we will always want to send it to them. love messages are powerful and inspiring messages that tend to throw us into Rhapsody and make us feel loved. They linger in the lover’s heart and bind two lovers together.

Beautiful Love Messages for Him or Her

This is a platform full of beautiful love text messages, you need to send to that your lover, he/she will love it and appreciates it!

1. My love for you can never die because true love never dies.

2. We have two types of love: genuine love and fake love, do you know the one I have for you? The genuine love!

3. Many things mum has taught me to do, but she has not taught me to love you, but you did!

4. I always pray to God to teach me how to love you more. Our love for each other is sweet and I want it to be sweeter, then be the sweetest!

5. If love can be measured, my love for you will break the scale. I love you immeasurably beautiful angel!

6. I don’t know the dual function of a heart until I started loving you!

7. Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder, that means our love cannot be restricted by barriers.

8. Life is never complete without you! My beautiful queen, you have filled my whole life.

9. You are the most beautiful one with a beautiful heart that I ever met. Love you till eternity!

10. Love is the fulfilment of the law. My loving you makes my world a fulfilled one.

11. I get a wound in my heart, I need your love to cure it, baby.

12. The story about love that I can quickly narrate, is the love we share. I love you beauty!

13. I’ve walked the miles of love! I’ve climbed the height of love! I’ve crossed the bridge of love, all in the name of love that I have for you. Can’t stop loving you, dear!

14. All my body part are all created to love you: my hands to hold you, my mouth to kiss you, my eyes to behold your beauty, my leg to walked the aisle with you,….and my heart to always love you!

15. I’ve begged my heart to stop loving but will not hearken, because of you!

16. One day I’m so bored and weak, that I discovered the cause, that I’ve not heard your voice. I miss you my beauty. Love you!

17. Whenever I see you my heartbeat started pounding fast. Can you explain this? Beauty is just the love I have for you.

18. My beautiful angel! I pray you to have a long memory to always remember the love I have for you.

19. The journey I ever love to go is the; ‘journey of love’ because I know we are going together. Love you!

20. My love for you is akin to a wide and deep ocean that cannot be drained, my love for you is everlasting!

21. I don’t mind walking many miles with you. It will just be fun and enjoyment all along. Love you!

23. I get a coarse voice initially but trained it to sing a melody for you my beauty.

24. Everything about love is deeper; love’s story, love’s song, love’s journey. My love for you is not surficial but deep. I love you forever.

25. All my night has always been a sleepless night. I can’t just stop thinking about you.

26. I hear sounds, I hear music, every note, and rythm spell and ring out your name in my ear; You are my song. Love you beauty!

27. The fever chilling I have this days are unfathomable, I later got to know that your love caused it.

28. Can you please L.O.V.E ( Leave. our Vibes. Evergreen), Sweetheart.

29. Ever wondered Why U is found in You because you are forever unique my angel!

30. Rainfall so as to water the ground…dear I was purposely made to love and grow old with you.

31. Boys will say I like you but a real man like me says love you till the world ends…..supergirl.

32. I just discover that you are my long lost treasure. Thanks for letting me find you….my heartbeat.

33. It takes an eye to see but it takes a heart to fall… And falling is my heart for you bae…

34. If I had a wish for a minute to live through my life all I wish is you.

35. All I want to do all the rest of my life is to love and appreciate you.

36. I have found the love for me, you are the love! My beautiful angel, I will love you forever.

37. Every moment with you is never wasted, you are the sweetest and the most beautiful on earth. Always love you!

38. Since have met you my life has changed from a boring life to an interesting life, your love has made the difference in me. What a beautiful girl has got!

39. My beautiful queen! You are a great and special gift from God to me. I love you so much. I will take care of you.

40. My everyday heart desire is to love you always dear, you have caught my heart and my attention.

41. My life is incomplete without your love. You Are half of me. Love you!

42. With you have found this life awesome because you are always there for me. Love you, beautiful sweetheart!

43. I have been a wanderer and a loner until I met you. My heartbeat and my soul mate. Always love you!

44. I have been to the furthest part of the world but never come across true love like yours, you are true and not fake. Beautiful queen, I adore you!

45. My greatest joy is when I see your cute smile, it is always enough to drive my tears away. Forever love you, dear!

46. I will never forget the day I met you. It has been recorded in my book and in my heart. Beauty, I love you.

47. Beautiful lad, take my palm and read what is on it; It is your love you will see, look into my eye it is your love you will see… body is all full of your love.

48. The redness of my eye is burning of your love; the flame of it is coming from my nose, and my mouth is screaming of your love.

49. I have learnt how to stop things that I get addicted to, but I can’t stop loving you. My addiction to your love has become incurable.

50. I don’t know how I become so jealous, what I don’t know how to do before, your love has transformed me into this.

51. Love is a tree that bears a fruit of endurance, my love for you will endure till the very end.

52. Beautiful queen, I want you to look through my eyes, then you will realize how special you are to me. I do love you!

53. If you were to be a seasoned film, I would watch you from season one to the end.

54. You and I meet together to form a true love and affection. We are just met to be together.

55. Anytime I’m in pain and I think about you, I get a relieved immediately. Thanks for coming into my life beauty. I love you honey bunny quote.

56. You will not know what you have done in sharing your love with me until you pretend to disappear, then you come back to see me dying. I can’t live without you.

57. Some people love only by sight but I’m not the type. I love you in your presence and also in your absence. Beauty, I love you all the time!

58. As the stars of heaven cannot be numbered, and the sand in the seashores cannot be counted, my love for you cannot be measured. I love you forever.

59. Anyplace without is boredom, anytime without you is waste, and any moment without you is worthless. Come quickly because I miss your love.

60. If you were not born, I don’t even think I can last on this earth. Thank God you were born, I’m honoured.

61. I don’t think of anything again than you, I don’t see anything again that interest me except you. You have indeed captured me.

62. If loving you was a course, I would read it from cover to cover, I will have to score everything. I love the beautiful sweetheart!

63. Your cute smile is the best smile I have ever seen or imagined in my life. Sure you are the best!

64. The simple and shortest word I can describe you with is “indescribably beautiful”. Love you angel!

65. It is true that the dove is the best among birds, you are the best among your friends. Indeed you are beautiful!

66. There has been a void in my heart since have met you the void has been filled by you. I love you!

67. You do a great thing by coming into my life. You are just too wonderful and beautiful! Love you queen!

68. The most lovely time I have in life is the time I spent with you. You are just amazing, beauty!

69. I love you more when you smile at me, it makes me feel happier and healthier. Love you great!

70. Your voice I desire to hear, you face I want to behold, and your skin I love touching. Love you, dear!

71. Every time we are together, I’m always happy, I don’t know why, but I just am the power of our love for each other.

72. I always waiting anxiously to see my phone ringing for your call. I just want to hear your voice. Sweetheart I love you!

73. I don’t use to doing vigil but because of you, I have learnt to because I love to hear your voice even at night. You are such a darling!

74. You cant be replaced by anyone in my heart, we are used to each other; the way you talk, play, smile, laugh, argue, cannot be replaced. I love you forever, beauty!

75. I’m highly honoured for sharing your love with me. You are a special gift and I will always love you, beautiful angel.

76. You make me forget that heart is also used for breathing, I have thought is for loving you.

77. All I need every moment is you being by my side.

78. My love for you will always be greater; yesterday’s love will be greater than today and tomorrow’s love will be greater than today.

79. My smile started whenever I check my phone to read your text. I’m addicted to your love!

80. I can’t explain how I do feel whenever I see you and hear your voice, I just know I love you.

81. As the Lilly among the thorns, so is my love for you among others. Love you undisputedly, my beautiful angel!

82. O my beautiful darling, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for your voice, and the countenance is comely.

83. By night on my bed, I always think of you that my soul love. I want you always to be by my side.

84. I have found her who my soul love: I will hold you and will not let you go until I had brought you into my mother’s house. Love you sweetheart!

85. I don’t need money! I don’t need care! All this I have since I have you, my beautiful queen. Love you!

86. Behold my love, you are fair; you have dove’s eyes within your locks: your hair is as a flock of goats. Beautiful love, I have gotten!

87. Anywhere you go, my love will always go there with you. Your love will always be in my heart. I love you my beauty!

88. The most beautiful picture, I have on my phone is the picture I took with you. You are like an emerald!

89. We have three basic needs of life but I have four that is food, shelter, clothing and you. I love you!

90. I don’t know the meaning of love until I met you. You don’t make me to know the meaning but to taste its sweetness.

91. The time I started seeing the meaning of life was the time I started loving you, life is meaningless without you. Love you!

92. I don’t mind loving you a hundred billion times.

93. My lady kiss me and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine.

94. Loving you is more wonderful and beautiful than any good things in life.

95. I’m ready to run away with you to a place where the only thing we share is love my beautiful angel.

96. I will forever love you even when your skin grows wrinkle and your hair grey when your beauty fades away.

97. Where you will go I will go, where you will stay I will stay, who you love I will love, who you hate I will hate because am posses

98. Every day I’m going crazy, I’ve been misbehaving all around, people have been asking what’s the matter with me, I told them I’m possessed by your love. Love you angel!

99. I’ve now seen the reason why Valentine has to die because of love! Love is too strong especially when I found mine in you.

100. The fragrance in your body ignites who I am, I will love you forever!

101. My lover, my gem, you always set me on fire whenever I set my eyes on you, you are my world!

102. You make me jealous when I don’t hear your voice, you make me cry when I don’t see you, I want to make the world know you are mine and I love you to the moon.

103. Have I ever told you how you make me, build me, love me, you are all I need to build a home? My beautiful darling!

104. Will, you be my one and only, will you be the one to hold me close at morning, noon and night, in the sun when things are wrong and right because I love you.

105. Can you let me see beneath? I want to see inside of you and cherish you once more.

106. Your love is strengthened and refreshes me, please don’t stop loving me.

107. My love is awakened for you, you are my lost rib, thank my stars that I find you.

108. My heart race every time, just to see you, dear, I love you beauty!

109. I want to hold you tightly and I don’t want to lose you, your kind is rare dear, you are everything.

110. Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for your love is strong as death; the coal of
your love, therefore, is like coals of fire, which has a most vehement flame. Love you!

111. Many waters cannot quench my love for you, neither can the flood drown it: and I can give all that I have for our love.

112. You look at the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun. You are such a wonderful and beautiful to behold. Love you darling!

113. You are as beautiful as the lily of the valley, as a rose among flowers. What a royal diadem you are!

114. My love, my undefiled is but one, she is the choice one of her that bare her. The daughters saw her and blessed her, and the queens and concubines praised her.

115. My beautiful queen, you are white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand. I love so much.

116. Awake, O north wind; and come south, blow upon my garden, that the spices may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat the pleasant fruits.

117. How fair is your love unto me, my spouse! How much better is your love than wine! And the smell of your ointments than all spices.

118. You are such a virtuous lady, that have your price far above rubies!

119. My nose is sniffing around wanting to sniff the fragrance of your body, when will you come? I really want you, love.

120. As the sky was created for the stars, the ground created to be filled with sands, my heart was created to love you. Forever love you!

121. My eyes cannot sleep until it sees you, my brain cannot relax until it thinks you, all my body has been used to you. Let us be together!

122. You are the light that shines into my dark path, my soulmate, my one and only sweetheart, I can’t stop loving you, the day I stop loving you, is the day my heart stops breathing.

123. Whenever I see you, my heart always leap for joy. I didn’t understand this, until when you left me long, and my heart became faint and weary, then I now concluded that you are my heart.

124. It takes exam to test student’s ability, it takes battle to know who is strong and it takes suffering to test perseverance. It takes time to test true love. I love you all the time.

125. Love never fades, but it is increased by trust. I trust and love you, my beautiful baby.

126. Till the world comes to the end, my love will not come to an end.

127. I know that love beareth all thing and believe all things, I promise to believe and endure with you till the end.

128. Sweetheart, have you notice that all the part of our body except heart is created in pairs, it means the heart is meant to only one person, please don’t share my heart with another person. Love you, dear!

129. You may forget anything, but don’t forget that I love you.

130. She is fair and ruddy with a black hair as ebony, her smile always heals my pain. You are cool and comely as dove and beautiful as peacock. I love you so much!

131. Whenever you miss me, touch your heart and speak, I will hear and feel it wherever I am because I believe that our heart is always connected. Love you!

132. Though it is not easy to get the right person but thank God, I got you the right person for my life.

133. There’s sometimes in life that I share my view with my mother but since I met you, I started sharing my view with you, because I have found the person that share my heart.

134. True love begins when nothing is looked for in return. This is true, but I want your love in return.

135. They may say loving you gives pains and full of sacrifices, but I will take the pains and lots of sacrifices than not to love you.

136. I know understand this literary word that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love. Love you so much!

137. Is it true? Can it be? Are you the only one for me? I want yes sweetheart because I love you!

138. Love they say does not make the world go round but makes the ride worthwhile, your love makes my ride in life smooth. Love you!

139. Friends do keep someone sane, love do fill someone heart, a lover do warm someone bed. You are actually meant to fill my heart. Thanks for loving me.

140. If I was asked to choose between loving you and breathing. You know what, I will use my last breath to say I love you.

141. Mother Theresa said: “in this life, we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love”. With the love I have for you, I believe in doing great things. Love you!

142. The spaces in our finger were created so that something could fill them, your heart was created so that I can fill it. Love you sweetheart!

143. During sometime in my life I moved with some friends, but since I’ve met you I started to move with you. You have been my own. Love you!

144. Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence. My love for you cannot change.

145. Another day without your smile, another day just passes by, now I know how much it means for you to stay right here with me. Love you!

146. I don’t care what people may say about the love I have for you, all I know is that my heart cannot stop loving you.

147. My love for you shall never die but live forever. You are forever mine and I’m forever yours. Love you sweetheart.

148. Nothing can change my love for you, no matter what, I love you!

149. I want to grow old with you, I want to die lying in your hands, sharing in everything you do.

150. You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at nightfall, you are the joy that came without warning. I need you and I want you to know.

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