2019 Endless Love Text Messages

2023 Endless Love Text Messages

Love is a tenderhearted feeling you have towards someone or something.

The word LOVE is relative and means different things to different individuals. Love to Jessica maybe happiness, joy, laughter, fun while to George it may be giving, receiving and compassion. Irrespective of what love means to you; having the right message to express your feeling to your partner is very important.

To love and be loved back is hard to come by these days. Finding an endless and everlasting love is as difficult as a camel walking through the eyes of a needle. In fact, many believe that there is no unending love.

Just because we understand the effort and work it must have taken you to achieve that, for you and your lover we have written these endless love messages.

These messages are so romantic and will help you express your feelings in the best way possible. Ready? Copy anyone that catches your fancy and share right away with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I bet your friends and family need to see these! Do them a simple favour by sharing these with them. Thanks in advance.

Forever Love Messages for Him or Her

Your love has proven to stay forever? Then use these endless love text messages for that special someone. The best of unconditional love messages for boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. You can even send to your crush.

1. My affection for you gets stronger day by day. Every single day teaches me ways to love you the more. I will love you forever!

2. A decade, two, three or four is not enough to spend with you. I want you here with me for a lifetime. My love for you is endless.

3. I love you so much that I didn’t want to lose you to someone else so I decided to walk down the aisle with you, little did I know that marriage wasn’t even enough time to spend with you. I want you beyond this marriage, I want you for eternity.

4. On this day, I promise to love you every second, minute, hour and every passing day of the year. My love for you is everlasting!

5. Death may conspire to separate us but heaven who choose to bless me with you on earth have decided that we get to share this love with each other forever even till eternity. I love you ceaselessly.

6. When I didn’t believe in love; you showed me that love existed by being my love. Now I so much believe in love that I can’t help but love you forever.

7. If I was to do love again I will do it countless times with just you. My affection for you is untainted.

8. If I was told to describe love, I will simply describe you. You are my definition of love my queen! You are my unending love.

9. I have long time given you my heart my darling; to engrave it with yours so that they can be together and beat as one. You are my one and only love, I promise to love you forever.

10. What a conspiracy! Death and life came together thinking they could separate us. They told me they will take you away from me but they didn’t know we had both vowed to love each other even beyond death. Baby girl! My love for you is endless.

11. I have a million and one words to say to you but these million and one words won’t even do justice in describing how much I love you. So I will keep it this simple, I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

12. One thing I am most certain of is my love for you. I am assured every day that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Baby my love for you is unconditional.

13. Deeper than the ocean, brighter than the sky, hotter than the sun; my darling, my love for you is deeper, brighter and hotter every seconds. I promise to always love you.

14. I rejoice every day because I have you in my life. This joy you put in my heart is too much to quantify. I will forever adore you.

15. Every other girlfriend is in pale comparison to mine. You are not just beautiful, you are smart, patient and most of all understanding. I love you endlessly.

16. Even when you get me upset and I want to be mad at you I can’t because staying mad at you will only hurt me the more. This then is my resolute to keep loving you despite all odds.

17. I can’t stay apart from you, a day without you in it is not a ‘day’. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you unconditionally.

18. There is no condition when it comes to loving you. Even when you stop loving me I will never stop loving you. My love for you is unconditional.

19. Each day I am thankful for saying yes to being your girlfriend. You are one of the few things I have gotten right, you are my best decision till date. My love for you will know no end.

20. Our relationship is nothing close to perfection but I am certain we are perfect for each other. I will rather remain in love with you than have to start with someone else. Our love will never end.

21. I’m the happiest and wealthiest girlfriend alive because I have as my boyfriend a king whose value cannot be qualified. You are my precious jewel. I love you ceaselessly.

22. The growth you’ve brought into my life is numerous. I’m without doubt that you are God sent. I can’t wait to make you my wife. I love you ceaselessly.

23. Sadly, I have been into different relationships before ours but I can boldly say I haven’t cherished any as I cherish ours. You make the difference baby! I will love you forever.

24. I started believing in the existence of God the very moment he caused our path to cross. You have not just drawn me closer to God but you have also added happiness to it. How can I ever stop loving you?!

25. Several heartbreaks in the past made me vow not to get into another relationship but meeting you changed all of that. You made me have a change of mind. I am assured this will be my last because I intend loving you till the end of our lives.

26. You make those heartbreaks worth it. I am excited that it never worked out with anyone else but you. I love you today, tomorrow and forever!

27. The beauty of a relationship is having someone like you in it. Without you, there can’t be this relationship, your sacrifices and unending love is very much appreciated. I love you unconditionally.

28. You are my girlfriend only for a few days but you will be my wife soon and forever. I choose to do marriage with just you. I love you ceaselessly.

29. No single day goes by without asking myself how I became lucky having you in my life. I doubt I can even love myself the way you love me. My love for you is endless.

30. Baby, you explained love to me in ways I never thought exist. Your existence in my life is what makes a huge difference. I choose to adore you forever.

31. It’s no denial that the moment you stepped in my life it became beautiful. You brought joy, happiness and most of all love. I promise to love for as long as I breathe.

32. Knowing you have brought so many blessings to me. Having you as my boyfriend as even made it better. I love you unconditionally.

33. When we sit to watch the stars shine at night. I feel sad for those stars up there because I have the best of them here with me. You are my one and only star. I cherish you every day.

34. In our next world, you will remain mine and I will be yours. This world is not even enough for us to love each other. We will definitely be needing a next.

35. I never bargained having a boyfriend like you, when we first started this relationship I felt you were just like my previous boyfriends’ but indeed you stand out. I will always love you.

36. Your touch, your skin, your smile, your diligently crafted body will I make mine for the rest of our lives. I long for just you always. I love you unconditionally.

37. I’m addicted to your being; your hips, thighs and every inch of your delicate beautiful body have I memorized. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

38. Everyone thinks you are just my girlfriend they don’t know you are more than that to me. You are my life, my air and my heart. Baby, without you I am nothing. My love for you will never end.

39. The beauty of knowing you is that you influence every aspect of my life. Not just our relationship have you influenced you have equally influenced my finances, career, business and even my walk with God. You are my unending love.

40. My goal-getter, goal digger and goal motivator. You make me want to be a better man. With you by my side, I know I can get to the skies. My cheerleader, I love you endlessly.

41. You are my push, the core of my existence, my motivator. If I were to give you anything to measure up to your worth in my life, gold, diamonds and pearls wouldn’t be enough. My love for you is precious and I will always love you.

42. Just like a bird is in its nest so is my love forever in your nest. You have won my heart and also my love. You’re forever mine and I am forever yours.

43. No one cheers me on as you do. I am the best version of my self when I with you. I want to give you the skies just to say thank you but the skies can’t qualify how grateful I am to have you in my life. I love you ceaselessly.

44. Like the rainbow in the sky, you are my rainbow here on earth. The mixture of your beautiful colours makes you stand out among queens. You are my queen and I will forever love you.

45. My best days are ahead of me, my tomorrow will transcend all yesterdays I have experienced solely because I have you here with me. My inestimable jewel I adore you ceaselessly.

46. From the very day, my eyes beheld yours I knew beyond every doubt that you were meant to be an essential part and the significant other in my life. Angel! My love for you knows no bound.

47. The ribs from my ribs, the bone of my bone. The one who was created from me and for me. I bless the very day I met you because you have brought nothing but comfort to my longing soul. I choose you today and always. I love you dearly.

48. Sincerely I have tried living without you but I have always failed. This time around, I have given up on trying to live without you because I just can’t. I am privileged each day to be loved by you. I pray our love never ends.

49. My soul mate, my love mate. You are the only one for me. I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with you and to keep loving you each day. I will love you today not just today but I will love you forever.

50. My best days are the ones spent with you. I am excited that I asked you to be my girlfriend and you said yes. I wouldn’t have coped with anyone else but you. I love you endlessly.

51. With you my angel I can surmount any mountain. With you my love I can reach for the skies. With you my queen I can be the best there can ever be. With you by side holding my hands I am unstoppable. My love for you will never cease.

52. My sunshine, the only one that brightens up my life. You are the only one that makes my heart skip a thousand beat. My irreplaceable love. I promise to cherish you for the rest of our lives.

53. I look back to the very day I met you sitting by the seaside enjoying the serene view of the sea. I had stolen a few glances of you till you caught me staring, yet I couldn’t even look away for a second. Then and there did I know you were meant for me. Having you here with me right now is a confirmation that I got really lucky with love. I love you ceaselessly.

54. I never realized love could be this beautiful. I didn’t know in love you could find indescribable joy, unending peace and complete happiness. With you, I got to realize that I could have those and even more. I adore you endlessly.

55. I love it when you sleep because then I get to stare at all of you. God really took his time in creating you girl! I wouldn’t have changed anything about you because you are perfect just for me. My love for you is unending.

56. I stand in awe of God’s creation because of you. You have the perfect combination of eyes, nose, lips that makes up your beautiful face, your hips and legs are equally out of this world. Indeed you are a masterpiece, God’s masterpiece. I love you deeply and I am glad you are mine.

57. I promise to love you for as long as you exist. I promise to hold you and be down for you when no one else is here. It’s a deliberate choice that I am assured I won’t regret. It’s either you or no one else. I adore you wholeheartedly.

58. You are the spice to my sauce. You spice up my life in ways I can’t explain. Since the day I encountered you I have known no regret. I am glad I have you here with me. I love you forever.

59. Baby! If I were told to give you up in exchange for money, gold or diamonds I wouldn’t even because you are worth more than money could buy or the combination of both diamonds and gold. I love you with all my being.

60. I can now boldly say I didn’t know what love was before now, I didn’t know what love was before I met you. Meeting you gave me a new definition of love. I hope I get to love and keep you forever.

61. Every passing day I bless the heavens, earth, sun, moon and stars for bringing you my way. I can vividly remember the very first day I set my eyes on you. Fortunately for me, you were heading my direction, till today I still hold dearly the conversation we had because that was what gave me a chance with you. I cherish and adore you ceaselessly.

62. One of the most beautiful creatures I have seen yet still the most humble, jovial and understanding girlfriend ever. Thank you for being my girlfriend because truly I know I do not deserve you. I love you endlessly.

63. Oh! how did I get this lucky? I still ask myself till date what you saw in me that made you ask me to be yours. Although I wanted you the same way you wanted me but I still don’t believe we are together. I wish we would stay together forever because I love you deeply.

64. Joy, laughter, peace, happiness, growth is what comes with the package of you not to mention how handsome and understanding you are. You are my complete package. You are everything and more a girlfriend could as for in a boyfriend. I adore you, my inestimable king.

65. My prince charming, the only one that has charmed my heart. You own my heart baby boy! My best boyfriend ever. I sincerely cannot wait to be your wife so we can spend the rest of our lives together. You rock my world!

66. Heaven saw my pains and heard my prayers and brought you to me. You are my answer to every single prayer I have prayed. I’m excited about having you here with me. I love you always.

67. My royalty, my virtuous queen. The one whose beauty, brains and charm exceed that of other queens. My irreplaceable and incomparable love. My love for you will never dye but will keep waxing strong for as long as we live.

68. Baby your kisses are the flower of affection. Like a flower, you blossom and grow beautifully each day. Likewise, my affection for you grows and get stronger each day. It’s no longer news that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I cherish you endlessly.

69. On that fortunate day, I met you, the stars were sparkling diamonds. The sight of you hit me like the rays of the sun. Ever since then you have shone brighter than the sun in my life. You are more than my sunshine. I love you endlessly.

70. My honey bunny! you are the source of my sweetness just like the bee is the source of the honey. You have made my life beautiful in the best way possible. I cannot fathom my life without you dear. My love for you will never end.

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