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Sorry Status for Husband (2023)

Offending your husband can make you feel extremely sad especially when he doesn’t deserve such behaviour from you.

A marriage can only be strong when the wife acknowledges and apologizes for her wrongs towards her husband and vice versa.

Apologies strengthen every marriage and also caution spouses not to do such mistakes again.

Here is some humble sorry status you can use to express your sincerity to your husband.

Heart Touching Sorry Statuses for Your Husband

You want to apologise to your husband for a wrongdoing or because you want peace? These I’m sorry Status for Husband can get the job done. Use them on your WhatsApp Status, Facebook status or send as apology messages.

1. To say I did not regret my action towards you is an understatement. Am sorry for the public embarrassment. It won’t happen again, honey.

2. You do not deserve the best terrible things I said earlier. Please forgive me, my husband.

3. You have always treated me with love and respect but I do not treat you the same way. I can only forgive myself when you wholly forgive me. I’m so sorry sweetheart.

4. I forgot three is a crowd. Forgive me, darling for involving the third party into our disagreements.

5. I’m sorry for disappointing you and for not listening to your advice. Find a place in your heart to forgive me, darling husband.

6. Honey, my sincere apologies for not being truthful and honest with you. Please pardon my mistakes.

7. Now I know my words hurt you and I am genuinely sorry for breaking your heart. Sweetheart, please forgive me.

8. I could never have asked for another husband. I apologize for not appreciating your love and sincerity.

9. I know my response was very rude and insulting. I promise never to use such words ever again. Please forgive me, my heartbeat.

10. If I could turn the hands of time, I would control my words that day. I am still a work in progress. Honey, please forgive me.

11. I allowed anger to get the best part of me. I wish it never happened. I promise to control my anger. Darling, I am truly deeply sorry.

12. You have always been my stronghold darling and I could not be the same when you needed me most. How I hate myself for this. Please forgive me so that I can let go of this guilt.

13. I kept asking myself what I was thinking when I said those words. Sweetheart, you do not deserve them. I genuinely apologize.

14. For hurting your feelings- I am ashamed of myself baby. I seek your pardon.

15. What can I do to make it up to you for my terrible actions? I can grovel all day just for you to see how sorry I am.

16. I hope you see my apologies as a balm to your hurt heart because it is genuinely from my heart. I am sorry my love.

17. I accept all my fault, I may not be the best wife but I can always be a better one. Please forgive me, honey.

18. Sweetheart, I contributed immensely to your broken heart and I deeply apologize. I promise to also contribute greatly to repairing your beautiful heart.

19. I hope it’s not too late to say this honey. I am sorry for hurting your feelings through my words and actions. You don’t deserve it, darling.

20. As I apologized wholeheartedly, I hope it softens your beautiful heart my loving husband.

21. I know you have doubts about my apologies and I don’t blame you for it, but I promise you never to go back to treating you wrong. Please forgive me- your sober wife.

22. I know I have been scornful to you lately. I have allowed the stressed at work to get the best part of me. I apologize for this baby. It won’t repeat itself, I promise.

23. Dear husband, for taking your decisions for granted- I apologise, for not always listening to your advice – I’m sorry, for being rude to you in the presence of the kids, I’m sorry. I see all my mistakes and I plead for forgiveness.

24. No matter what I say, if you don’t forgive me, I understand but I want you to know I’m a changed person and I deeply regret my actions. Sweetheart, forgive me, please. You are my true love.

25. I know I have distrust you long enough because of your coming late from work. Even though you have explained a million times. Now I see how you are feeling and it hurts that I created such bad feelings. Honey, please forgive me.

26. My love, how could I have your love for one second and become selfish and arrogant to you. I am sorry darling. Now I know you are the best for me.

27. My darling husband. Please forgive for my selfishness, please forgive my foolishness, please forgive my dishonesty and above all forgive my not loving the way I ought to. I love you baby

28. I made a vow to apologize whenever I go wrong. Here I am, saying I’m truly sorry for my nonchalant attitude in making the marriage work.

29. Honey, I’m like a prodigal child who has gone astray but back. I hope to find grace to get your forgiveness. I love you.

30. I can see the pains my words and actions have caused you and our family. I am so ashamed of myself. Please forgive me.

31. My dear husband, every day when I remembered how I treated in the presence of God, our friends and family, I beat my soul and which it never happened. I have asked God for forgiveness but I seek yours and I hope you accept my apologies.

32. I enveloped my remorseful heart as a package to you. Hope you receive it with a forgiving heart and see how much I truly love you and miss our chats.

33. I know my apologies may not be enough to repair the damages I have caused our family, but I hope to begin from there and worked hard to make amends. I deeply love you, sweetheart.

35. Honey, I take full responsibility for what transpired between us that almost ruined our marriage. I promise to work on myself and make it up to you.

36. Only babies behaved the way I did lately. I apologise for my baby attitude. You know I am your baby and bound to make mistakes. See this as one of the errors your baby made and forgive me. Love you sweet.

37. I am sorry for behaving badly in front of your staff. I know it’s a slap in the face. Please forgive me, darling.

38. Baby, I wish this apology will soften your kind heart and I promise to right my wrongs and make things right with you.

39. I know you have always forgiven me, please don’t stop and also don’t count the times you have done that because I am here again to say that I am sorry for treating you bad. Please forgive me, love.

40. I promise that this would be the last time I’ll hurt your feelings. Can I get this last shot at forgiveness? I need you back in my life darling.

41. Even in the darkroom
When the light shines from the moon
I still see the pains I caused you
I called me a fool
You don’t deserve things I’ve done
Please forgive I seek your pardon.

42. Oh, what a fool I have been. To be led astray by anger. You have always loved with a pure heart. Please forgive me and pardon my mistakes. I love you, my husband.

43. I can kneel all day for everyone to see how sorry I truly am. The insults and misunderstandings do not befit our family. I am sorry for forgetting that sweetheart.

44. My actions are inconsiderable and terrible. Yelling at you in the presence of our neighbours is unacceptable and I apologize for this. You are a dream come and I ought to treat you with respect. Please forgive me, my darling husband.

45. You are my king and I should give you the required respect which I have failed to do. Please forgive my carelessness. I am sorry, baby.

46. I realize that I have always make decisions for the family which should not be. That’s selfishness on my part and I plead for your forgiveness sweetheart.

47. I realize that I’m becoming a nagging wife which is affecting our love and the growth of the family. I apologize for this and promise to make it right.

48. With tears in my eyes, I apologize for allowing pride to take control of my emotions and pushing me for a separation. I realize that you are the man for me and I can’t do without you. Please take me back and love me more because I love you with everything in me.

49. Honey, I hope this apology heals your broken heart caused by me. I have asked the kids and our friends to beg you for me. You are a true husband and I take the blame for treating you bad.

50. I never knew I could be a demanding wife and not consider how you feel when I place my priorities before yours or the children’s. Please forgive me and give me the chance to make it up to you.

Humble enough for you? Click on your favourites and send them to your husband and be rest assured that your husband will forgive without a second thought.

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