Heart Touching Sorry Lines (2023)

The ship in any relationship begins to capsize when trust is broken. Trust is the major anchor of any sweet relationship, and this trust can be tampered with when there are lots of hurts.

Hurting your loved one is not the major issue, but leaving them to sink in their pains is. The best way to amend issues in relationships is to quickly heal hurts. Love and hatred are not far from each other. When love is hurt and not quickly healed, it’s likely to turn into hatred.

Have you hurt that person you love so much? Do you want to reach their heart with your apology? You desperately want to mend things and have them back because you don’t want to lose them? Then, you are not far from what you need. This collection of heart touching sorry lines has been beautifully put together for you to freely send to them.

Just carefully go through and pick anyone that suits your need.

Most Touching Apology Love Lines

Want some heart touching sorry lines and messages to send to your lover? Quickly choose one of these most touching apology love lines and quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. I tried to sleep but couldn’t, decided to read but failed to assimilate, helplessly went swimming but the pool seemed as thorns, tried listening to music but every cool song sounded like noise. “This is not me”, I said to myself. I then resolved to go catch fun with friends but even amid fun, I felt so lonely. Ever since you left me, everything has stopped working. I know I have wronged someone who owns a special part of my heart. I took a step I shouldn’t have taken, and life has become so meaningless. I don’t know how well to express how bad I feel right now. I am deeply sorry for hurting you, my sweetheart. Please, forgive me.

2. One argument led to the other, and here I am in the ocean of regrets. I can’t blame myself enough for using those harsh words on you. Now I understand what it means when people say the tongue is small but has the ability to kill. I was so careless to allow anger control my attitude. I have taken you for granted, and I am so sorry for that. You are a friend equivalent to a brother, I shouldn’t have allowed a temporal turbulence ruin what we have gathered for years. I heartily put it to you that I value every moment we share, and I want it to continue. Find a place in your heart to forgive me, dear friend. I am sorry.

3. Some persons are so precious that when you hurt them, something gets missing in your heart instantaneously. I had a first hand of this experience when I pissed you off. Something happened to me which has left a craving in my heart. My treasure, I miss you so much that I want to just hug you tight and assure you that I would never hurt you again. I need you, I love you, I cherish you, I am sorry, yes, I am deeply sorry. I feel so inhumane to have hurt you. You don’t deserve the pain I caused you. I am sorry, babe.

4. A friend who is not trustworthy is likened to a chameleon. That is exactly what am. I have betrayed your trust, and that doesn’t make me any different from an enemy. I deserve to be pushed into the middle of a railway and left to be mercilessly crushed by a train. I have made myself an epitome of the man whose heart is said to be desperately wicked. I am just anything bad you can think of, but there is one thing I also want you to know; I have decided to change. Forgive me, dear friend, and give me a space to put together all I have scattered. I am so sorry for not being reliable. I am sorry.

5. You have known pains, you have cried, you have been let down, you have been taken for granted, your efforts have not been appreciated; those are what you think you have been reduced to. Sure! Those are truly what I have caused you, and I am so ashamed to say this. I am ashamed because I couldn’t keep the heart of a gem I truly love. I couldn’t keep my promises, I cheated on the one who doesn’t deserve it. If it will take you to do anything to me for you to forgive me, please do because I don’t deserve anything less. I have failed as a lover, but I want you to know that I am sorry, truly sorry. I promise never to let this repeat itself. You are all my heart desires, my love. I am sorry, babe.

6. Friends for life don’t hate, they don’t lie, they don’t fight, they are not jealous, they don’t betray, they don’t covet, they are not selfish, they are kind, they are protective, they assist. All these rules, I have broken. I became a direct opposite of friend the day I hurt you. I couldn’t stand for you neither could I protect you. I messed up, big time. I should have known it is one of my duties to protect your integrity, but I flopped. Do you know how I feel right now? I feel the ground could open and swallow me and my shame, but before that, I want you to forgive me. Everything in me is sorry. Please, forgive, my good friend.

7. My sweetheart! Of course, I don’t deserve to call you that, but I have to. The misunderstanding between us doesn’t change the fact that I am deeply in love with you. My love for you was tested and I messed up, I failed woefully. How I wish I had known earlier that honesty is a virtue I should jealously keep. I am terribly sorry for being dishonest to you. I want to make things right. Just tell me what to do to bring a smile to your face again. Please, make it something tasky because I am ready to go through hell if it will make you happy. Accept my apology, dear lover.

8. Hey, bestie! I have not come to push blames on you. I have come to sincerely apologize for everything that happened. I take the blame on myself and say to you that I am deeply sorry. I took time to ruminate over everything and discovered I shouldn’t have behaved so childishly and selfishly. I know I have so wronged you that it would be difficult for you to forgive. I want you to do something for me; find a place in your heart to forgive me. It is in every human to err, but we also have the strength to forgive. The strength is deep inside of you. Please, I am sorry, forgive my attitude.

9. Sweetheart, now I know how it hurts when one needs attention from a loved one and can’t get it. I am terribly sorry for not showing you how much I love and care for you. I thought I was doing it the right way, but I now realize I have been wrong all the way. I love and cherish you, my heart desire. I am sorry for not being there when you needed warmth from me. I apologize for being nonchalant when you needed every of my attention. I promise to give attention to every word that comes from you, and every movement you make. I am ready to change; please forgive me, my love.

10. Babe, this misunderstanding has brought me the assurance that you are the one my heart truly desires. If you are patient enough, you would hear my heart sing: I am sorry; I love you; I can’t do without you; I am deeply sorry. Now you see why I am nothing without you. Please stay with me and I will make it up to you. I will let go of every of my attitude that hurts you, just as I also want you to let go of everything I have done to you. I want to assure you that this is the last time I will hurt you. Hurting you is like doing great damage to my heart. Please, dearie, forgive me and give me another chance.

Reach the depth of your friends or lover’s heart with these heart touching sorry lines.

11. My dear, do you know there is something I don’t want to do to you? Yes, I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t know why I permitted pride to take me over, but I promise it will never ruin our friendship. I am seriously sorry for being full of myself.

12. It is true that two persons can not walk together except they agree. I was so unreasonable to be dishonest with you and still expect us to agree. How can we have a smooth relationship when we don’t agree? Dishonesty is an attitude I regret exhibiting. I heartily apologize; I’m so sorry, sweetheart.

13. The little period we stopped communicating seemed like a decade. Without you, my world became still. I can’t let you go for any reason. I am deeply sorry for making you feel sad.

14. You have every right to throw stones at me, dear. I shouldn’t have taken our friendship for granted. Please, accept my apology for snubbing you. I am sorry.

15. The best way to have a sweet relationship is to make the happiness of one’s partner as one’s priority. I failed to realise that. I am so sorry for placing my needs first before yours. I beg you to give me the chance to show how much I care.

16. No one is called a husband without a wife. You made me a husband and a father, but my ungratefulness has blinded me for seeing your worth. I am more than sorry for not appreciating your efforts. I am sorry, sweet wife. I love you.

17. I would be so inhumane to start counting excuses for what I did to you. You don’t deserve to be hurt for any reason. You deserve much love, and I am sorry for not being able to show you, love.

18. I love you so much, but I also should have trusted you more. I am soberly sorry for allowing jealousy to ride my emotions. Please, forgive me.

19. Bestie, You need to know how sorry I am to jump into conclusion without giving you to chance to speak your truth. I took in the rumour without verifying from you, that was a big mistake I made. I am so sorry.

20. How could I have thought so shallow to believe you would cheat on me. I am sorry for doubting your fidelity. It won’t happen again, babes.

These are heart touching sorry lines to make that special person in your life know how sorry you are for hurting him/her.

21. I am sorry to have broken your heart. I may not have the power to put the pieces of your heart together, but there is one thing I can do, it’s to heal your heart with matchless love. Give me a chance to do this, my treasure.

22. I never meant to make you feel this bad. Please, dear friend, forgive me for I am terribly sorry.

23. You deserve much more than having me as a lover because I don’t worth it. I have messed up many times, but I am sorry once again. I will definitely make things right because I truly love you.

24. I am desperately sorry for everything. You can allow me cry for hurting you, but don’t allow me to be cried for because if you leave me, I will leave earth.

25. I am not worthy to be called a friend. I have done much damage than good. I am sorry for everything. Even if you are going to kick me out, just remember that I am deeply sorry.

26. I should have known that good things don’t come easily. Instead of me to strive towards making our relationship sweet, I was busy comparing you with others. I am sorry for being unreasonable, please, forgive me.

27. It wasn’t my intention to break your heart, but I have decided to guide it with all jealousy if you give me another opportunity. I am sorry to have tampered it in the first place.

28. If I am to sing for you now, every of my lyrics would be, “I am sorry”. That is to show you how much I regret hurting you.

29. Dear, I wish I could be taken back to yesterday to correct all the errors I made, but I am ready to do whatever you want to make you know how sorry I am. I cherish our friendship.

30. There is no amount of apology that would fix all the damage I have caused you, but love is able to heal all hurts. Please, give me another chance to love you.

Make your loved one forgive you in a twinkle of an eye with these trending heart touching sorry lines for loved ones.

31. My middle name should be, “remorse” because that is what I feel right now. I can’t watch you get angry at me forever. I will climb the highest mountains with no water if that would make me earn your forgiveness.

32. I don’t deserve to go scot free for hurting you, but you deserve to be free from grudges. You deserve peace more than I do. I am sorry for everything.

33. You are more than enough for me. I failed to let you know that. I am sorry for always complaining about almost everything about you. Please, forgive me, and I will cherish you more than everything.

34. I am sorry to have hurt your heart countless times. I want you to know that the number of times I have hurt you multiplied by hundred is the rate at which I will love you. Please, give me a second chance.

35. I am so sad right now, and this is because I have hurt the source of my joy. I am sorry for making you feel this way. Please, let’s start all over.

36. I am sorry for having an eye on your friend. I don’t know what came over me. You are the one I deeply love. I have sinned against you, and I know it’s hard to forgive this. All I want is for you to let go of the past and give me another chance to make it up to you. I love you.

37. I am tired of pretending I am fine when I am not. I miss everything we did together. I am so sorry for neglecting you when our new neighbour came. Now I realise that you are a true friend. Please, forgive my greediness. I miss you much.

38. If it will take me years to receive your forgiveness, I don’t mind waiting, but the faster, the better for me because I am losing it without you around.

39. My mistakes have taught me that our friendship is more important than my ego. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to feel too high to relate with you. I am sorry, dear friend.

40. Seeing you beside me every morning is much more to me than breakfast. Come back home, love. I promise never to lay my hands on you again which I was so foolish to do in the first place. I am deeply sorry. I miss you badly.

These heart touching sorry lines are specially written to melt the heart of your loved one you have offended and make him/her forgive you easily.

41. I really regret making you go through all of those challenges alone. I failed to play the role of a father to our kids. I messed up, big time. I am sorry, my love. I will make sure this is the last time you and our kids will suffer. This is the cry of my heart pleading your forgiveness.

42. When you angrily left, you didn’t know my heart left with you. Ever since, I have been broken. I am sorry to have made you angry.

43. Since you left me, everything about me has been fake. When I smile, I feel this indescribable sadness inside my heart. Please come back to me for I am sorry.

44. It’s all my fault that you had to go away. I couldn’t cherish what we had together because I never knew the essence of friendship. I am sorry for all I did. Let’s make things right.

45. Without you, nothing makes sense. I anticipate for nothing. Everything seems dry. I feel like I am the only one left on earth. Boredom has chosen to be my companion. All I have left in me is the desire to want to see you again. I am sorry for being a jerk.

46. I see you in all I do, babe. I sit close to the window with the hope to sight you coming back. Every single sound I hear seem as your footsteps. How I long to be with you again. I am sorry for creating this gap. Please, come back.

47. When I look down my heart, I still see a strong love but put into the bondage of pride and selfishness. This is what I have ignorantly done. I am ready to make a change and let lose the strong love I have for you. I am sorry.

48. I am sorry for giving you a reason to consider putting an end to our cord. I know you truly love me, and I love you too. Let’s make things right. I don’t want to lose you.

49. With you, every day is like my birthday. Without you, every day is like a visit to hell. I love you so much. I am sorry for raising my voice on you. You are my woman, my everything.

50. Tell me the most expensive thing in the world, I wouldn’t mind spending my all to get it for you. I love you more than what you can imagine. I hurt you, I know that. I am terribly sorry. Nothing in this world would ever make me forget your birthday again. Please, my treasure, forgive me.

With these heart touching sorry lines, I am so sure your loved ones will find a place in their heart to forgive you. Thanks for reading through.

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