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2023 Love Reconciliation Messages

“Love always cures people – both the one who gives it and the one who receives it. You finally found, “The one”, but you lost him/her due to some misunderstanding between you two. It’ll be difficult to forgive yourself when you fail to do the right thing and let your loved one go.

We value them because of what we both share so giving up on them is a NO-NO; we need to seek their forgiveness.
The best way we can get forgiveness is not walking away from it, it’s by facing it and asking from the affected person.

It’s obvious you love your partner, these mistakes and misunderstandings are bound to come in our relationship, but they are not to break us, but to make us stronger and better.

We can’t let go of “The One” even after we allowed the mistakes and misunderstandings to break us up. We value them and still want them back into our lives.

In a situation like this, the best we can do is acknowledge our mistakes and try to amend them. You don’t need to rack your brain for the right words to use. Here is the best collection of heart touching, sweet and romantic messages you can send to, “The One”, to make them know you are sorry for allowing the mistakes.

Sweet Words to Reconcile a Relationship

You want some sweet words to reconcile a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife? Use these love reconciliation messages for him or her.

1. I accept I’m at fault sweetheart, I know I was being irrational to you, I know I misunderstood the situation and busted out, please forgive me Agapi mou and take me back into your warm arms. I love you, dear.

2. Friendship is all about accepting our differences, shortcomings and bad habits. We’re still getting to know each other well and we’re bound to make mistakes. This was my mistake, my love; please forgive my ignorance and find a place in your heart to forgive and forget. I can’t afford to lose you now my love. Please reply ASAP. I Love you.

3. I’ve been thinking about you since our last conversation which led to our break up, you mean so much to me much than you think my love. I wish you can open my heart and see it beating for you. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings, please forgive me and take me back.

4. You’re my strength, you’re my world and my peace, losing you means losing myself. Please let’s put behind our past argument and misunderstanding so we can both fight for our love. You mean so much to me baby and I still love you so much.

5. Life is beautiful with you dear, I’m sorry for messing up and I wish you could understand that I meant the best for us. I never knew it will lead to our break up. Please forgive me my love and take me back. It’s in your heart I belong and not your blacklist.

6. Please give me the chance to make things right, my love; allow me to amend my mistakes so we can be together again not to fight more but to learn to love ourselves better. I love you boo.

7. I know this is not the first time we’ll break up, but I’m assuring you it’s going to be the last time we’ll be breaking up. In this short while, I’ve learnt that I’ve not been patient with you. I’m really sorry, please forgive me, my love.

8. I didn’t realize how jealous I can be until now, I’m sorry for not trusting you well enough to even take stand for you in situations like this. I promise not to ever doubt your faithfulness again, I promise to trust the words of your mouth dear. Please forgive me and save our love.

9. Losing you because of my mistake is an unforgivable sin I won’t be able to get away from for the rest of my life. I don’t mind saying I’m sorry one million times my love as long as you’ll forgive me and take me back. Please forgive me!

10. I miss your smile and I miss the way you assure me it’s all going to work out fine. I’m sorry for really messing with your emotions and feelings for me. Please forgive me, my Love. I love you so much, dear.

11. My love for you has been increasing ever since we fought, it made me see how much irrational I can be and how unloving I’ve been in this relationship. I’ve resolved in my heart to change my ways and to love you better by the day. I’m sorry my love.

12. You’re the best person that can teach me how to Love well, I accept that I’m still learning how to love you with my emotions, so I’ve erred you most times in this relationship. Please forgive me and take me back so you can teach me how to love you better. I’m sorry my Love.

13. We fight to know ourselves better but I accept that this is far too much for a misunderstanding, I take all the blame, please find time so we can talk it out and settle things the way it should be. I love you.

14. I’ll love to see you so I can go on my knees to ask for your forgiveness my love, I’ve realised my mistake the hard way when I lost you. I’m sorry dear, please accept my apologies.

15. I know it’s hard and difficult, I understand how you felt that night, I understand the sadness you felt in your heart. I’m sorry dear and I’m here now to hold you tight and tell you I’ll never leave you again. Please forgive and forget.

16. No amount of sorry would change or erase everything that happened that day, but it can go a long way in easing the pain in your heart, here is a million ‘Im sorry’ for you my love to forgive me and to reduce the pain I’ve caused you.

17. Even though what happened could have been avoided, I see it as God allowing it to happen so I can know how to control my anger next time. I’m sorry for breaking your heart dear. Please forgive me and let’s fight for our love.

18. Maybe I was too proud, maybe I was angry, maybe I had a bad day, maybe I was sad.. I know there are a lot of maybe’s in your heart right now to justify my actions that evening but they’re not just enough to make me right dear. I’m sorry boo for causing you so much pain. Please forgive and forget.

19. I wouldn’t assure you that we’ll never fight again, but I’m assuring you that this is the last time we’ll ever break up again. I’m sorry for breaking your heart dear. Please forgive me, I still love and adore you as I’ve always done.

20. I’m not pleading for an opportunity to start all over again, I’m pleading for an opportunity to continue from where our love stops so I can continue to make it better by the day. I’m sorry my pretty angel, please forgive me.

21. Your tears, sadness and pain break my heart, I can’t bear it anymore, I’m sorry for causing you so much pain and making you shed tears, Please forgive me, my angel. I sincerely love you from the depths of my heart.

22. I promise to love you better, adore you more, obey you more, honour you more and listen to you more, my king. Your Queen is so sorry for causing you so much pain, please forgive her, she’s pleading.

22. It’s no longer news to you that I’m really sorry about what caused our break up. How I wish you can see my heart right now so you can know how sorry I am. Please forgive me, my handsome.

23. My heart pounds for you, beats for you, and yearn for your hug. I miss you so much, dear. I’m sorry for being a pain in your neck please forgive me, my baby. I still really love you so much.

24. I know I don’t measure up to your love dear, I’m hoping one day you’ll come to understand that love is about two imperfect persons. Please don’t give up on me yet, I hope you forgive me and help me love you more.

25. My success and achievements are by your help my love and I can’t enjoy them without the thoughts of you. I’m sorry for hurting your emotions and toiling with your heart. Please come back to me, dear. I love you so much, baby.

26. Life without you is like a punishment for my sin, please have mercy for Love sake baby, I’m really sorry and unhappy, I just can’t help the thoughts of totally losing you, dear.

27. The look on your face last night pierced into my heart and made me shed tears much more than the words I said. I know I said some horrible things last night, here I am wishing I can take back the hands of time to undo what happened. I’m sorry my pretty damsel, I’m truly sorry from the depths of my heart. Please forgive me and pick my calls.

28. Nothing would make me glad Right now other than your sweet words of forgiveness after our fight, I ask for forgiveness, my love. Please let go of the hurts I caused you. I’m truly sorry.

29. I promise to listen to you more, I promise to work on my anger issues, I promise not to be rude to you again. All I just want right now is to have you back as my best friend and my love. Please forgive and forget and let’s move our love to another stage.

30. To who it may concern: I hope you know that I’m not letting you go no matter how much we fight and quarrel, you’ll forever be my ride and die boo. I’m sorry boo. Please forgive my immature behaviour.

31. I ask for a second chance baby, I ask that you please help us to work things out on our own, I’m sorry for hurting you, please respond to my calls and text. I love you, baby.

32. I don’t care what people think about our love, it’s you I love, it’s you I want, it’s you I adore and cherish. Please do not let the crowd break us up. I’m truly sorry my captain. Please forgive me.

33. I didn’t know what I was doing was hurting you, I did it all cause of the love I have for you. I’m sorry it turned out the way it is now. I’m sorry my love, please give me the chance to make things right this last time. I love you, babe.

34. You’re a part of me that Joy, work, stress, success or pain can replace, I mean nothing can replace you, my love. You make me perfect and complete even with my imperfections. I’m sorry my love please forgive me and let’s resolve our misunderstanding.

35. I know my love brought you pains for the past few weeks and I know my words broke your heart. I’m sorry my love, I promise to make it up to you my dear, please forgive and forget. I love you!

36. Your love is a refuge and it’s the peace I live in, losing you means losing shelter and my peace. I’m really sorry my love. Please forgive me.

37. It’s with pride I pushed you away, I’m pleading for you to please give me the chance to pull you closer with more love and affection. I’m sorry boo, please forgive me, I promise to make it up to you.

38. I won’t walk away, I won’t renounce you, I know our love is enough to heal the wound I caused your heart. You know I’m sorry you just refused to attend to my pleas. So you’ll know, I’m still sorry and waiting for you to forgive me. I love you, dear.

39. I won’t relent on my apologies, I ask for your Mercy, you call me ‘mine’ and I know you won’t give up on your mine. I’m truly sorry my dear.

40. In awe again, I was reminiscing on how you’ve been the best half God has ever given me. I’m sorry for taking your love for granted. Please forgive me and reconcile our love.

41. A love that is so true, a heart that is so pure, a heart that is so forgiving, all these you’ve given me my angel and I’m not proud to say I took it all for granted. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize my blindness. I’m so for hurting you. Please forgive me.

42. As the days go by, I see you in it, you’re a piece to my incomplete puzzle, you’ve been my hope in the hopeless days. I’m sorry for causing you so much pain. Please forgive me, my love!

43. I’m not trying to change your decision about this relationship, but I request for the last opportunity to work our things between us and repair the damages I’ve caused you.

44. It’s normal to fight but abnormal for us to break up, we’ve gone through hurdles greater than this without breaking up, I’m sorry for making you shed tears and causing you pain. Please forgive me and let’s reconcile.

45. Though it’ll take time to heal, but I beg you to allow me help you heal fast. Love is the best balm for our wounds. I’m truly sorry my love. Please forgive me.

46. My Forever together is with you dear, though I messed up this time, and I’ll keep messing up cos I’m not perfect. I Will Never, I mean never let you go! I’m sorry, my love. Please forgive me. Kisses!

47. Since after our break up, I came to understand how beautiful your smile can be, how encouraging your hugs are for me and how soothing your words can be to my soul. My soulmate, I regret my actions that evening. I’m deeply sorry for losing a precious Jewel like you. Please forgive me.

48. There’s a saying: ‘you don’t know the worth of a diamond until you lose it’ It is sad I didn’t know your worth when you were still mine. Now I’m pleading for you to give me one last chance so I’ll forever keep you, my diamond. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. Please forgive me.

49. I just realized my mistakes and I really hope you’ll find the strength to let go of my mistakes and take me back. I seek nothing than your forgiveness. Please forgive me, my love.

50. I may not understand how it feels to be hurt by my words, but I’m sure you have a loving heart to forgive and reconcile with me. I’m deeply sorry Mi Amour. Please forgive me and let’s reignite our love again. I love you deeply.

Now, you’ve gotten a message to send to “The One” please do send it ASAP but don’t hesitate to send as many as possible to them to make them know how sorry and sad we are. We need them back in our lives because we still love and adore them. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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