Heart Touching Love I Am Sorry Quotes and Messages

2023 Heart Touching Love I Am Sorry Quotes and Messages

In the race of love, the place of forgiveness can never be sidelined. Cause even as lovers, we’re not that infallible.

Forgiveness needs to happen, cause time and time again, we either ask for it or give it to the one we love.

You need to say, sorry after a display of jealousy, disrespect or an act of misunderstanding? Do you need to win back your lover’s affection and trust? Then, you need the right words; forceful enough for conviction and romantic enough to soften a stony heart.

Pick any of these 2023 Heart Touching, Love I Am Sorry Quotes and Messages. And go win back the love of your life.

I’m Sorry Messages for Him or Her

Romantic Sorry Text Messages for Lovers (Him or Her).

1. The tick of clock reminds me of my mistake. Love, I am sorry. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

2. Mistakes are bound to happen. Mine I regret with my whole being. Love, I am sorry.

3. I tender my apology before you. Cause my heart knows that I was wrong. Forgive me, my darling.

4. I’m not just sorry, but also full of repentance. Your forgiveness, I ask, my love.

5. Let your forgiving arms be wrapped around me. Let your loving eyes look at me once again. Love, I am sorry.

6. Like a cool breeze in the desert, I want to feel your forgiveness all over me. For I am truly sorry.

7. My conscience judges me. For it knows I wronged an angel. Love, I am sorry.

8. Do not turn your loving eyes away from me. But accept me one more time, my darling.

9. Without your forgiveness, there’s no way love could go on. Pls, forgive me, my love.

10. The garment of regrets rest around my neck and it weighs down to my feet, for I have wronged my darling. Love, I am sorry.

11. My heart aches because it is broken from the guilt of shame. Forgive me, my love.

12. I long to hear those words from your mouth. Please, forgive me, my darling.

13. Love is a gift as much as forgiveness is. But I need the latter right now. I’m sorry, my love.

14. If you forgive me, I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. For I am genuinely sorry, my love.

15. Receive my kisses once again, for they remain pure and genuine. I’m sorry, love.

16. Take away my guilt with your kisses. Take away my sin with your forgiveness, I plea.

17. Even if it takes you a while, I ask that you do forgive me, my darling.

18. Sin is not my habit. I love you truly, my darling. Please, forgive me. I am sorry, my love.

19. The days don’t shine anymore cause you left with the brilliance of sunshine. I am truly sorry, love.

20. I can’t find peace at night cause the stars know who I wronged. Love, I am sorry.

21. It bothers my heart that you’re far away. It torments my soul that I pushed you away. Love, I am sorry.

22. Let’s make up for the lost times. Let’s make up of the sad nights. Forgive me, my darling.

23. A little fight now and then. But enormous love I got for you all the while. Love, I am sorry.

24. I know it’s painful but, your forgiveness I plea still. I’m sorry, love.

25. Truly, the weight of hurting you is unbearable. I hope I find forgiveness in your eyes, my darling.

26. Your kisses are the best, your love is the warmest. Forgive my stupidity, my darling.

27. If you’re gone then, there’s no hope for a lovely tomorrow. I’m sorry, my love.

28. I promise to right my wrong, if you let out a smile of forgiveness, my darling.

29. Your love is appreciated and so is every juicy kiss from your lips. I’m sorry, love.

30. No regret is greater than hurting you. Nothing hurts more than being the reason for your pain. I’m so sorry, my love.

31. I’ll wait for your forgiveness. I’ll work for it all day and pray for it all night.

32. My intention was never to hurt you. Not even the slightest thought to harm you. I’m so sorry, my love.

33. Believe me when I say that, I’m ashamed of my grievous mistake. Forgive me cause I am repentant.

34. You’ll always have my heart. I hope you can say that to me right now. I’m sorry, my love.

35. When the morning comes, I hope it does with your forgiveness. I love you!

36. Do not hold back your pardon from me. Do not refrain your love from me. Love, I am sorry.

37. Never in a hurry to let you go. I’ll hold on to you till your forgiveness comes to welcome my repentant soul. I’m sorry, my darling.

38. You’re my genre of love. I hope you never stop the melody due to my wrong. Deem me fit for your forgiveness, my darling. For I am genuinely sorry.

39. I do not want to take a break from love. Neither do I want to love from far away. Draw me near with forgiveness, my darling.

40. If I got everything wrong, my heart knows you to be right in my heart. I am sorry, love.

41. Do not let your heart be cold. Come into my arms for warmth. Love, I am sorry.

42. Let the energy in you breathe love to me. Let your strength find a way of accepting me into your heart again. Forgive me please, my love.

43. I’ll swim the oceans if I have to. I’ll break the mountains if you want me. For I’ll do anything to prove my remorse to you, my darling.

44. The grasses are no longer green. And the rainbows are gone with your love. I need you back, my darling. Please let me in again.

45. This day reminds me of our love. Like everything reminds me of you. I am sorry, my love.

46. I am sorry that you feel this way because of me. Please forgive me and right my wrong with a kiss from your tender lips.

47. How can my heart beat when you’re away? My eyes are dim because you took the light away. I know that to be my fault. So, forgive me, my darling.

48. My heart sings a song, not of love but of sorrow. For my mistake has cost me your warmth. I’m sorry, my love.

49. Let it fade away with the night. Let the pain go away with the moon. Forgive me, my love.

50. Everything is going to be alright if only you accept me into your abode, my darling. I am sorry, my love.

51. Cover my shame with the garment of forgiveness. It’s all I ask whilst standing under the showers of guilt, my darling.

52. This will not happen again. I hope you listen to the echoes from my heart; love, I am sorry.

53. Melodies are gone because my love is unhappy with me. Love, I am so sorry for my wrongs.

54. It feels so good to be near you. It hurts that much to be away. Love, I am sorry.

55. I hope the sun inspires forgiveness in you. And the moon breathes love into your heart. For I’m repentant, my darling.

56. I’ll do everything to earn your forgiveness, even though I do not deserve it. Love, I am sorry.

57. I wish reality was wrong and I never made such a mistake. I hope you forgive me with all your heart just as you’ve loved me.

58. I feel your hurt. Permit me to take the pain away with my kisses. Love, I am sorry.

59. All my love was made for you. Little wonder my heart is cold without you. Love, I am sorry.

60. I wish the angel of love begs on my behalf. I hope they strengthen you to forgive me, my darling.

61. My heart will remain broken and sore unless you forgive me wholly. I’m sorry, my love.

62. A man in love errs his partner with jealousy. I’m so sorry, my love.

63. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I would have been a better person. So sorry, sweety.

64. Darkness has taken over my light, cause your anger covers me like a tattered cloth. Please, forgive me.

65. Kindly, reach out to me with the hands of love and forgiveness – I’m sorry, my love.

66. It’s all a misunderstanding. Nevertheless, I’ll gladly take the fall so you don’t stay mad at me more than you already did.

67. Love, I am sorry. I could have spoken with a soft voice sounding calmer with love. I shouted at you and then you turned your back at me. But not anymore, please forgive me.

68. I just want to look into your eyes and confirm that you still feel something beautiful for me. Love, I’m truly sorry.

69. It wouldn’t happen again, cause I don’t want to lose you to a fit of seething anger.

70. You’ve loved me in times both convenient and inconvenient for you. I ask that you love me one more time again, for I am so sorry, my love.

71. I can feel the anger you feel in your heart towards me – it breaks through the hell’s gate and runs deep into an abysmal of destruction. Please, forgive me, I’m sorry, my love.

72. I want to make things better between us; so, I’ll start with an apology. I’m sorry, my love.

73. Heaven suffers sadness and is benighted with gloominess cause a man in love is angry with his woman. Love, I’m sorry. Don’t stay angry with me.

74. I was foolish to have wronged you. But, I choose to be wise now. So I ask that you forgive me, my love.

75. A warm kiss would betray your anger and give you great peace in your heart. Forgive me, love.

76. Don’t love me alone, but forgive me as well. I’m so sorry, love.

77. Clothe me with the regalia of forgiveness and make me look honourable again. I’m sorry, my love.

78. I desire nothing more in life than your soothing forgiveness. I know you have it in abundance. Forgive me, I’m sorry, love.

79. A second chance would be so gracious from you to me. See through your teary eyes and behold my regretful eyes. Love, I’m sorry.

80. The sun is gone down, the moon is fallen and the stars are without light – they all mourn your anger towards me. How sorry I am.

81. Earth and beyond will not look the same again, cause your heart is troubled and unrest because of me. I’m sorry, my love.

82. I will remain in this lonely state and confined within this dark room unless your forgiveness shines on me.

83. Love, I’m sorry. Let me express my regret and atone for my sin by loving you one more time.

84. See me looking helpless, because I know not how to win your love over again. Kindly, let go off of the anger and forgive me, please. Love, I’m sorry.

85. Let no other take my space in your heart. Let forgiveness cover the anger you feel towards me. I’m sorry.

86. I feel surrounded by the stagnant stream of regret and sorrow. If you whisper from a distance into my ears to come back to you, my heart will hear you loud and clear. I’m sorry, love.

87. I lack peace and at the same time, love. Only you can give me these two things.

88. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been pleading with your soul to forgive me ever since we had our misunderstanding. Love, I am sorry.

89. This miserable time spent within the confinement of loneliness and pain is enough to pay for my sin. Please, release me from this burden. I’m sorry.

90. I seek to bring joy and mirth upon you. Forgive me and I’ll bring you the happiness you seek.

91. Being sorry is not enough, I know. That’s why I’m repenting from my sin. Love, I’m sorry.

92. Let your forgiveness come upon me like the dawn of the day – this is my earnest prayer. I’m sorry, my love.

93. It’s because of me you’re moody and do not want to see the day break. Forgive me, my love. I want you to shine like the stars again.

94. I want to see you laughing wholeheartedly. I want to smell your ever enticing fragrance. Love, I’m sorry.

95. I was called to love you, but I’m human, so I err you at times. I’m sorry for my wrongdoing towards you.

96. What must I do to win your affection back? I’m sorry I lost it in the first place.

97. My pillows are soaked with tears of regret. My eyes only see your disappointment and it kills me more as I look at it. Love, I’m sorry.

98. If you remain angry at me, the devil will push me into its lair. Please, forgive, so I can make it to heaven at last.

99. Your smile heals my wound. I hope my apology heals yours this time. Love, I am truly sorry.

100. I don’t want our love to be history. Welcome me back into your arms so we may continue from where we stopped.

101. I have no other one to love except you and I need no one else to love me beside you. Love, I’m sorry.

102. When the sun is sorry, it’s gloomy. When the moon is remorseful, it decreases in size and when I am sorry, I remain humble. My love, I am sorry.

103. Instead of telling you that I love you, I’ll rather say, that I am sorry, love.

104. Please, forgive me if you love me. I am sorry.

105. My heart is broken because I offended the one who loves me. Please, forgive me for I am sorry, love.

106. Let the rain wash away your anger. Let the sun outshine your pain and let the stars beautify your heart. Love, I am sorry.

107. I’ll keep loosing my breath for as long as you stay mad at me. Love, I am sorry.

108. I’ll run to you like the cross of Calvary so you can wash my sin away. Love, I’m sorry.

109. If you stay mad at me, I’ll lose my sanity. Please, turn back to me.

110. Because you love me, do not deny me of your tender forgiveness. I’m sorry, love.

111. Heaven knows how sorry I am, but I wish it were you instead. Love, I am sorry.

112. I feel so worthless because I lost my value in the face of anger. Forgive me as only you can. I’m sorry.

113. My love, come back to me for without you, I’ll have no peace on earth and beyond. I am sorry.

114. I dream of you fighting me. It’s all because you’re still mad at me. I am sorry.

115. I feel lost in this world because you’re no longer by my side to make me feel whole. Love, I am sorry.

116. Nothing else will make me happy than your undeserved forgiveness. Love, I am sorry.

117. I feel worthy of sadness because I wronged you. Love, I am sorry.

118. See how gloomy the night stars are. They lost the joy of looking at us. Love, I am sorry.

119. Just look at me and you’ll see my life fading away because you’re far away from me. I’m sorry, love.

120. I wish you could learn to forget the past. So we can live this beautiful future together. Love, I am sorry.

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