Happy 1st Monthsary

2021 Happy 1st Monthsary Messages for My Love

The fact that you have been with him or her for only one month should not mean that they are not worthy of celebration.

Any kind of love is worth celebrating, grandly so! In 2021, you started a relationship and it’s already a month or heading towards?

Pick some of these monthversary messages and make good use of them as you prepare to celebrate every other month.

Happy 1st Month Anniversary Messages for Him or Her

Sweet Happy 1st Month Anniversary Text Messages for My Lover.

1. I’ve only loved you continuously for a month and I feel revitalized already. Happy 1st month anniversary to us.

2. These past few weeks have been spent lusting after you and loving you for real.

3. I will not trade you or the past few months for gold. Happy 1st month. anniversary

4. I would never have thought that a day would come when I would be celebrating one month anniversary of a great relationship with you.

5. It is still tomorrow! But, I really can’t keep calm. Happy 1st month anniversary

6. I really need to get this off my chest. You are appreciated! Happy anniversary.

7. It’s been one month of beautiful sunrise and amazing sunsets. Happy anniversary.

8. You are genuinely cared for and daily longed for. Happy anniversary.

9. I know now that I did last month that you’re such an awesome person. Happy anniversary to us.

10. I have only had the luxury of one month with you. I hope it continues in the next few months with the same intensity.

11. The last one month has opened my eyes and heart to the fact that you are all I have ever needed. Happy anniversary to us.

13. I have never felt this energy around anyone and I have definitely never been this passionate about any body. Happy first month anniversary to us.

14. It is not really the anniversary I care about, it is the days in the one month that have passed. Days worth thanking God for. Happy anniversary.

15. In just a month, anything and everything is possible. The way my love for you has grown, it is enough proof.

16. We’ve been only able to ward off unnecessary distractions by giving each other all the attention we know we deserve. Happy first month anniversary.

17. You have been such a sweet soul. I am already in love with you, yes! I said it.

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18. All that is left unsaid between us can be communicated through a glance. That’s how connected we are. Happy first month anniversary to us.

19. I have found your company to be worthy of been graced always and forever. Happy first month anniversary to us.

20. I love how we have been able to lift each other through so much in just the space of one month. Happy anniversary.

21. Of course, it is to be expected that you still make my heart jump whenever you appear. I am glad you still do. Happy first month anniversary to us.

22. I have never created as much as I have done in the past one month. I’m sure you have a lot to do with this. Happy first month anniversary to us.

23. I am forever indebted to the really big steps you took to make this relationship happen even while I was acting cowardly. Happy first month anniversary to us

24. I am so glad to be celebrating a month’s anniversary to one of my source of joy!

25. I will fall helplessly for you if you continue showing me this much care. Happy first month anniversary to us

26. I love you at a month, and I am sure I will be doing this until eon. Happy anniversary to us

27. You have not broken your vows yet and it’s a month already! Happy first month anniversary to us

28. You love me. You just don’t have the courage to admit it to me yet. Happy first month anniversary to us

29. I am glad you have shown me in more than one way just how much I mean to you in just a month. Happy first month anniversary to us.

30. I hope to always see you shine as bright as you have shone in the past one month. Happy anniversary to us.

31. May we be having constant reasons to smile and celebrate all the days of our lives. Happy first month anniversary to us.

32. I believe that we were meant to be and made perfectly for each other. Happy first month anniversary

33. I hope that you’re s buffed about this journey as I am. Happy first month anniversary to us.

34. I am here thinking about the last one month and I can’t help but smile and wish more days and months alike. Happy anniversary to us

35. I will never forget how it all started. Most importantly, I won’t forget my promise of making us a great couple.

36. You are in my heart. The most sacred of all my body parts. Happy first month anniversary

37. I am of all men the most blessed to be in a relationship with you. Happy anniversary to us

38. May the rest of our lives be spent in joy and in unbroken vows. Happy first month anniversary to us.

39. I feel like we just begun a phase even with one month gone. Happy anniversary to us.

40. Life is indeed fleeting. I hope our love isn’t. Happy first month anniversary to us.

41. You’ve taught me love and patience in the most beautiful short period. Happy one month anniversary.

42. We have done so many great things already in a month. That’s enough sign that we’ll do even greater things in years to come. I love you, lover.

43. I’m chuffed. I don’t know how else to say it but, it has a lot to do with how smitten we have been for the past one month.

44. You stand tall and firm about how you want us to be together has helped us have a wonderful one month. Happy anniversary.

45. I look forward to spending the rest of my life that looks exactly like the last one month with you. Happy anniversary

46. You are a whole queen of love. You share it in dose daily and never tire. Happy one month anniversary to us.

47. On cold nights, you have been my warmth. On warm days, your eyes have calmed me. Happy one month anniversary to us.

48. If I were a spectator and our relationship was my target, nothing would make me believe we’ve only been together for one month. Happy anniversary to us.

49. I love you and wish that our next moments after this one month’s anniversary helps me to prove it.

50. I hope we both grow in courage and zest to make ours an epic love story. Happy one month anniversary

51. One month has been quite seamless. It’s made it easy to look forward to more with you. Happy anniversary.

52. You have helped me swallow a seemingly daunting pain in the space of one month. Happy one month anniversary to us

53. You’re a goddess of beauty and a custodian of love. Happy one month anniversary to us

54. You have given me so much to be thankful for in just one month. You’re worth celebrating.

55. I read all the words you’ve written to me and smile wide. Happy one month anniversary to us

56. Only you have made my heart beat like it has a purpose. Only you is worth celebrating after one month.

57. I think about you a lot. On a day like this, I will be thinking more about our future together. Happy one month anniversary to us

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58. Everything has been quite easy because of your grace and stance on things. I’m glad and I celebrate our first month anniversary with joy in my heart.

59. You have touched my soul times without number with a simple act of service. I’m determined to take this to the next level. Happy anniversary to us

60. With you, I squeak often. Not from fear of tomorrow but from the freedom that’s sheer. Happy one month anniversary to us.

61. You’re gradually becoming a habit I do not want to break. Happy one month anniversary to us.

62. Hey babe! It’s our one month anniversary. I really do love you and look forward to forever with you.

63. You remember all the things I said, I am Still standing by them. Happy one month anniversary to us.

64. Put all my words in the safest place of your heart and know that I’ll spend the rest of my life proving them right. Happy one month anniversary to us.

65. The rest of our lives is being shaped right now and I am happy that you’re one solid foundation. Happy one month anniversary to us.

66. I got all and won big when I found you staring at me with a longing that first time. Happy one month anniversary to us.

67. I haven’t come across anyone that’s as gracious as you are. You’re so full of it, it’s rubbed off on me in just one month Happy anniversary.

68. Whatever good thing I did in the past to deserve you is the most beautiful thing ever. Happy one month anniversary to us.

69. I am thrilled daily by the fact that you are mine and mine alone. Happy anniversary to us.

70. Believe me when I say one month isn’t too short to celebrate a love so true.

71. My heart is swollen from drowning in this deep well of love that you have dug. Happy one month anniversary to us.

72. Just one month has been able to prove that you are indeed made of gold and made for me. Happy anniversary to us.

73. There’s has been few events here and there. But, all enough to point you as my soul mate. Happy one month anniversary.

74. I feel like this is the beginning of something really great for us. Happy one month anniversary to us.

75. You said I had a lot of potentials to be happy genuinely. You said this right before our relationship and now I know what it feels to live up to one’ potential. Happy one month anniversary to us.

76. I lean on you for strength and hope with you that tomorrow brings a favorable dividend.

77. I wasn’t sure of this journey a month ago. One month into the journey and I am cocksure.

78. I feel bad sometimes. I feel this for the rest of the people who don’t get to experience this.

79. Let me touch your days with the words from my soul and your heart with the intents of my being. Let me, you’re loved always.

80. Great things happen to those who believe and go right after their belief relentlessly. Happy one month anniversary to us.

81. I am having the beat of my life with you and yours. Happy one month anniversary to us.

82. I hope you let people know since you’re inconsistent that you’re in love. Very much, so. Happy one month anniversary to is.

83. I love how we have been able to shun stereotypes. What a liberal mind to work with. Happy one month anniversary.

84. If you must know, I am already so into you that I can’t picture a life without you. Happy one month anniversary to us

85. I can’t remember the last time I was this smitten. Happy one month anniversary

86. We are celebrating a significant one month. It’s been a month of love and clarity.

87. For me, love is defined in the way you look at me and you make love so sexy. Happy one month anniversary to us.

88. If you keep this attitude up, I would soon be declaring you the love of my life. Happy one month anniversary to us.

89. It looks like we have a lot in common and this relationship happens to be the ground on which we can express ourselves. Happy one month anniversary!

90. I am so not turning back on my decision to be with you. I’m just going to work on them forever. Happy one month anniversary to us.

92. You are a rare breed. I love you too much already in one month.

93. This is just a reminder that I am here to stay. Happy one month anniversary to us.

94. Nothing has changed after one month. You still make me feel like the world is mine to rule with you by my side. Happy one month anniversary to us.

95. Though I can’t talk forever right now. But, I feel like I won’t be judged if I said I’m always going to be there for you. Happy one month anniversary to us.

96. You are the love I have been waiting for. It has taken just one month for me to realize that.

97. Maybe one month is enough for us to decide if we want to be together for life. Maybe it isn’t. But, I’m sure you’re where I want to be right now. Happy one month anniversary to us

98. You’re a mile away and I am a month gone into falling helplessly in love with you. Happy anniversary

99. Even in a short period, true love can be easily detected and you are one. Happy one month anniversary.

100. I am going to celebrate you every little chance I get. That was my promise and I’m starting with this first month anniversary.

A month’s anniversary is as important as a year’s. If you’re convinced of this fact, you would have no problem embracing these messages.

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