Trending Long Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

2023 Trending Long Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Once in a while, the word “sorry” can be inevitable as offences and grievances are between people who dwell together.

Therefore, we understand the language and effectiveness of an apology and the redemption it can bring to a broken heart or relationship.

So, because you do not have to languish in the pain of separation and guilt, here are 100 Long Sorry Messages for your Boyfriend. At the instance he reads any of these, certainly loves will happen once again between you two.

Heart Touching Long Apology Messages for Him – Your Boyfriend

The best collection of heart touching apology text messages for your boyfriend to make him forgive you quickly, seeing how remorseful you are. Long sorry messages for your boyfriend you hurt.

1. Who offends an angel and go scot-free? I guess not even the one who fell in love with an angel. You deserve better than to be hurt by the one you love. You deserve better than hearing my sorry anthem when I can make “I love you” my song every day. Please, forgive me, my love for I do not want the repercussion of offending an angel of love. I’m deeply sorry, my sweetheart.

2. I’ll do better and act better than ever before. I deserve the resentment from you if I get one. But do not let your anger be rekindled towards me each time the past comes calling, for I am repentant, my love. Regret is the greatest sorrow, so, my heart is in pain. What words are music to your ears from me? Please, whisper it to me and your wish will be my command. I’m sorry, my love!

3. Can you place your five fingers on my heart and see how it burns like a furnace? It is hell inside of me, cause I know my love is mad at me. Your silence is an ambiguity but one thing is sure though, I wronged you. I’m sorry for making you feel this pain. So, please, burn this bridge between us. A thousand words may fail to express my regret but a single repentance will do. Please, accept my repentance as true. I’m sorry, love.

4. I’m so sorry for many things but profoundly sorry for breaking your heart. If you see me looking unkempt, my regret did that to me. If you see me full of anxiety, the unknown is what is killing me. I’m sorry don’t let me go. Don’t put an end to us but put an end to this misery between us. The power to forgive me wholly is within your reach, please, use it judiciously for the sake of what we have. I’m sorry, my love.

5. I have fallen, who can bring me up? I have wronged you, who can forgive me? None other but you for you hold the key to my heart. If I’m sick, I’m sick of regret but my love, do not just stare at me and watch me disappear into thin air. Oh, my love! I could have done far better but forgiveness is there to teach me to do better. I made you too small by my action but you’re far bigger than that. You’ve earned my respect, please, let me earn your forgiveness, for that will be the only thing that will bind us together again. I’m sorry, my darling.

6. It’s all because of you, I do not want to wake up again. You’re the reason I want to behold the moonlight instead of the sunlight. Day has become darkness, light has become tinted. You alone can make things go back to normalcy. Your anger may be stemmed towards me but do not let it last forever. I’m so sorry, my love. I wronged you. I hope you let my apology rescue this sinking ship. The tragedy of Titanic shouldn’t be made to repeat itself. I’m so sorry, my love.

7. Alas! This is where we are. A place of anger and regret. A place bounded by silence and pain of separation. Please, accept my apology and all these walls of retribution will come crashing down swiftly. Neither of us will like to continue like this. I, therefore, take responsibilities for my actions. It was unreasonable and frivolous of me. Is it too late to say I’m sorry?

8. It may have taken me such a long time to come up with this apology, but believe you me it is very sincere. I took my time to blame myself, to flourish in regret when I should have swiftly come to you with a broken and contrite heart. Vengeance belongs to the Lord but my forgiveness comes from you. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me wholly. This girl knows better now. I’m sorry, sweety.

9. Sweet love aroma has been overshadowed by the smoke of anger. You may not have expressed your anger towards me but I can feel it deep down within me that it’s burning so fast. Let forgiveness quench the anger that you feel. I’m deeply sorry for what I did to you. It wasn’t me, it was my foolishness. Please, apply wisdom so that I will have the chance of being in your arms once again. This time, I promise not to let you go. I’m so sorry from the depth of my heart, my darling.

10. This is so askew to me. I do not want to see the end of this relationship. I do not want to be the reason this isn’t working. You’re all I ever needed. You comforted me when others made me sad. So, tell me, who will pacify your feelings when I’m the reason behind the hurt? Oh, I am sorry. Forgive me, please, for I am honestly broken from guilt. I am so sorry and I mean every bit of it, my love.

11. This drift between us has reduced me to a state of nothingness. The offence between us may be esoteric but the anger is felt by all. I’m so sorry for all these. This apology is coming from the nihility that I feel, but I hope it fills you with compassion to bring me back to you. Oh, how sorry I am! I’m sorrier than a mother who lets her child down. I’m more sorry than a child who lets the mother down. Please, find it in your heart and spirit to forgive me earnestly.

12. The only one that can make me feel good is you and forgiveness is the only thing that can make me feel better once again. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through cause of me. Who says we can’t become a better couple than yesterday. I’ve hurt you, dearie. I know it and you know it. Please, extend your forgiveness to me. At the moment, I feel incomplete like a half moon. Make me whole again, honey. I’m more than sorry, my love.

13. I’m sorry for so many things but most of all, I’m sorry for hurting you. It didn’t take me so long to realize I’ve said the wrong things and my deeds are unjustified. Please, find the most lovely place in your heart to forgive me. Find the greatest strength in you to summon the courage to bring me back. I’m lost for words and lost in loneliness. My darling, I’m so taken away in guilt and shattered by your anger towards me. I’m so sorry.

14. You have always been the better one and most of all my better half. I humbly seek for your lasting forgiveness. I’m so sorry. Offending you have left me in the cold hands of danger. I need your forgiveness for divine peace and serenity. I’m sorry! I apologize because I’m wrong and I deem it fit to let you know what you should know. If heaven calls on me I would decline unless your forgiveness meets me in peace. I’m sorry, love of my life.

15. I hope if I say I’m sorry it wouldn’t be too late. I hope when you forgive me it wouldn’t be too late either. Your forgiveness can’t be too early so, kindly forgive me right away. I’m sorry sweetheart, can I get your eternal forgiveness. Please, say no to my hurt and yes to our serene reconciliation. My peace can only be found in your heart and my safety within your securing arms. I’m sorry than my offence. Please, forgive me though I do not deserve it.

16. I’m at war with my conscience. Peace is far from me. Only you can bring an end to this torture. You’re the bridge over many glasses of water, so don’t cut me off, my darling. I know you for peace, forgiveness, mercy and compassion. You’re the only angel that I know. You’re the only human I know with superhuman powers. See the way my heart melts when you adore me. See the way my heart is battered when we’re at war. I’m sorry for causing us this pain. Kindly, forgive me, sweetheart.

17. Please, forgive me, honey. I knew I did you wrong the moment I saw that sad look in your eyes. I don’t want you to live with the hurt. Please, accept my humble apology, it’s coming from the depth of my heart. I say sorry because I’m at fault. In as much as you didn’t deserve it, I wronged you still. Forgive and forget, my love so we can have the courage to move on to a blissful future. I’m so sorry, my baby.

18. I’m here standing in hurt and pain. It’s hard to look you in the eyes cause all I see is the pain I caused you. Please, forgive me for being stupid enough to offend you. I sincerely hope this does not live a crack in the wall nor a hole in the heart. Forgiveness is the key to this. Kindly, forgive me on all levels that I’ve wronged you. Please, forgive me sincerely. I should have been more conscious of my deeds. It was never my intention to hurt you like I did. I’m sorry and I hope you know this, my love.

19. Wherever you are I hope forgiveness is what you’re thinking about to bestow on me. Here in my heart, you’ll always be, whether you’re angry at me or not. I hope our love that can last for a lifetime will heal this hurt you feel. I believe you can forgive me sincerely. I’m so sorry. I hope your heart will be open to forgiving me. I did you wrong but I hope my apology can do the repairs.

20. I crossed my boundary. I said things that I shouldn’t have said. My love, please forgive me, for I am truly sorry. I hope you find it in you to treat me with an undeserving kindness and compassion. I flawed greatly. This I know, so I’m right here begging for your forgiveness. I’m sorry, my love. Do not be mad at me forever but be madly in love with me. I see you in my head every now and then. I want to be with you. I’m sorry.

21. Nights have become so lonely. Days have become too long. It doesn’t use to be so. My heart has wandered away with guilt and regret. Once upon a time, we were always in communication, sadly, we are now incommunicado. Offence has snatched that privilege from us. Please, let love be graceful enough to bring us back together, stronger and better. I do not want us to continue like this. I do not take what I feel for you for granted. My emotions betrayed me. I’m so sorry, my love. I will always love you.

22. I don’t want to wake up one morning and hear that you have a new lover. I would rather crawl at your feet for forgiveness. I would rather plead that you show me some compassion as though my life depended on it. What I feel for you is true love but that does not stop me from erring. I want to show you that I can do better. Truly, I offended you, this much I know, so, I seek your forgiveness. I’m so sorry, my one and only. Do accept my apologies.

23. Even though I wronged you, I’m the one in tears. Do not level any offence against me, kindly, find it in your heart dismiss me of all charges, do forgive me. You may tell me your displeasure, I won’t be haughty to ignore them. I am willing to correct myself, therefore, I start with this apology. I’m very sorry that I brought out the anger in you. As time passes by, the more I languish in regret. Therefore, set me free from these bars of sorrow. I’m sorry, my love.

24. I want to take this time to send you my warm apologies. I know you must be in the cold hands of hurt and pain. Please, forgive me. Everything I do, I do with good intentions. Funny enough, they sometimes backfire. Oh! I’m deeply sorry that I’m here sending an apology message when it could have been a yummy love message. Love is sweet, hurt is bitter. Please, let’s go back to the way we used to be in love. I’m sorry, my true love.

25. Let’s bury the hatches. Let’s live the past in the past and let bygone be bygone. I want you to know that all I feel for you is love and to think about hurting you is what I’m incapable of. Please, don’t let my action linger in your memory and heart, rather let love lead the day in your heart. How great you look when you put on the garment of compassion, you’ve become such a beauty to behold. I want to see you styled in that garment again, this time for my sake. I’m sorry, I need your forgiveness, my love.

26. Oh sweet! It’s me again. As I hurt you, I slipped into your bad record. Please, wipe my name off your black book and put me in the diary of love. Let today birth forgiveness in your heart and let this message birth compassion towards me. See me looking at your hands for a stretch of mercy and your eyes for hope. Please, forgive me than you ever did. I need you more, my love. I’m more than sorry.

27. I can’t face you anymore, at least not yet. Only your forgiveness can make me feel whole again. I want to stay with you forever. I’m hoping for a better tomorrow for you and I. I’m not used to seeing you hurt but rather in love. I want to see the happiness in you again. I want to know what it feels like when you truly forgive. Please, forgive me, so I can have a taste of your compassion. I’m so sorry, my honey.

28. I hope this doesn’t change what we have because to me you’ll always be my love. You were the one who has always been there for me. I fail to imagine you as a victim of my shortcomings. How sad! It’s like hanging onto death when I don’t see you smile at me. Hell is all I see when I feel your anger. I’m so sorry. I promise to do better than I ever did. Please forgive me, as your love. Do not let this tear us apart. We’ve always been indispensable of each other. I’m sorry, darling.

29. I clearly see my wrong and they are unbearable each time I recollect them. Have mercy on me, I’m truly sorry. Hope I can get a second chance from you? Can we start afresh? I hope the memories never return. I ask of you to forgive me, I’m sorry. I deserve all your anger towards me, but I sincerely hope they will only last for the moment and not forever. I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused you. I’m deeply sorry. Please, forgive me, my love.

30. Who can save me from this guilt? Who can help me to bring an end to the journey of regret? Nobody, but you! Save me from thinking the worst of myself. Help me be a better person. Every crime has its punishment and this is mine: sorrow. I only hope not to pay for this forever. Ease my pain, and swiftly forgive me, my darling. I’m so sorry, love.

31. I would relish in you forgiving me. Let this be a stage for our love to blossom. I know I did you wrong from the beginning, only your forgiveness can make things right at the moment. Please, lend me some forgiveness out of your abundance. I need your kind heart to treat me tenderly more than ever. I’m committed to a better tomorrow for the both of us. The journey has never been promised to be made of beautiful roses alone. See this as one of those thorns that become bright stars on our crown tomorrow when we make it to the end. Please, forgive me, my love.

32. I can’t stand by and watch you live me in regret and shame. Please, forgive me. I’m not used to seeing you hurt because of me but I promise to make it up to you by showering you, unmeasurable love. Please, have mercy on me. I hurt you, this I know. I’m willing to make you happier than you ever were. I don’t want to be gone from your arms. I won’t let that happen. I hope this apology means a lot to you as it does to me. Always remember that I love you. I’m sorry, my love.

33. I hope this piece of apology is delivered safely in your heart. So that the pain of yesterday will be gone faster with the speed of light. I can never throw away your love, therefore, do not think about taking it away from me. All I stand to gain from all this is regret. I’m tired of living in pain. Please, forgive me, my love. I’m so sorry I made us this way. I want to become an angel to you once again. Please, don’t see me as a villain. I’m sorry, have mercy on me.

34. My love, I’m sorry I got you into this mess. But you know what? Forgiveness and compassion can get us past this. Have mercy on me. I know you for love, compassion and kindness. Let your love save me from this sadness. I hurt you and hurt myself in the process. Please, forgive me already. I can only hope you don’t despise me at the moment. I may not be proud of what I did but I’m very proud of your noble character, so I hope in it to save me. I’m sorry, dear.

35. I hope you can gift me some forgiveness at this time that I need it the most. Forgive me, sweety. I only hope for our progress and not our stagnancy nor backwardness. You used to be so lovely to watch when you were happy with me. Now all I see is hurt because you’re in pain. Please, forgive me, cause I believe forgiveness is your greatest masterpiece. Kindly, don’t let anger break us into pieces. I’m sorry, my love.

36. Do not let this be the end of us. Hold on, do not give up on us. I’m sorry, my love. Please, let go of the anger in your heart. Do not destroy all that I am to you. This message is a token of my love for you. Do not let anger, hurt and pain blind you, my love. I’m sorry, for this isn’t my plan for us. Love is calling on us to be stronger than ever before. Forgiveness is calling on you to be compassionate towards me. I’m sorry, my love.

37. I’m sorry for all that I have done. Life has been full of dust ever since I knew your anger towards me. Sometimes, what we love brings us pain. I’m sorry I brought this pain upon you. I promise you not to repeat this again. I hope to find peace once more. Kindly, forgive me for it all. My heart beats with pains of regret. Please, forgive me for it all, my love. It didn’t take me a minute to realize the damage that I’ve done, I hope similarly, it won’t take you a minute to forgive me so we can move on already. I’m sorry, sweety.

38. Let’s move from grass to the grace that comes with love, which is forgiveness. I shouldn’t have made a mess of our relationship by my wrongdoing. Please, forgive me, my love. I will shield you from hurt if only you would forgive me. You mean the world to me, everything I do is to make you feel loved. I’m sorry for all I ever did to make you feel less than loved. At the moment, I see you as my redeemer, only your forgiveness can bring salvation to my soul. Please, find it within you to forgive me. I’m sorry!

39. Let’s stay forever young by being more forgiving. I don’t know what came over me, but I know I’ve seen my wrong and all I want to say right now is “please, forgive me”. Kindly, bury my past in the past, do not pass it over to the present. All I want from you is forgiveness if you love me this is how you should let me know: forgive me. It breaks my heart each time I think about my role in this rift between us. The only way forward is by your true forgiveness. I’m sorry, my love.

40. We belong together, this much you know. Do not let my anger destroy this beautiful thing we have. I refuse to say goodbye when I should be holding you tight like we’re one. Let’s cross this bad bridge together, though it is our first time, we can make it the last of its kind. I’m here loving you much more than I ever did, cause this has made me see the kind of guy that you are. What an angel you are. I’m sorry for not showing you that I was wrong but I hope it’s not too late, my love. It hurt I know, cause I can feel it as well. I’m truly sorry, love.

41. There will be mountains we will have to climb and this is one of them. My love, victory is within our reach if only you’re willing to forgive me. I’m sorry, I let you down when I should have been more to you. Love is a beautiful thing, but life isn’t fair. I’m sorry if you’re experiencing some hurt at the moment. I choose to be the reason for your joy and happiness. Please, give me another chance again, not to hurt you, but to love you rightly. I’m deeply sorry, my love.

42. What a beautiful love story we will make when all of this hurt and anger come to an end. I dream of seeing you happy again. I dream of being the reason behind your gorgeous smile and kind heart. Please, forgive me. I’m willing to take all the blame, so we can have some serenity and display of affection between us once more. I tried to keep this apology within myself but I can’t. It hurts to know I’m at fault here, but I’m humble enough to say “I’m sorry”.

43. The power of love brings about forgiveness. I know you love me and I know your kind heart can afford to forgive me, so please, have mercy on me. You’re so compassionate and more harmless than a good angel. Do not let me face the consequences for my action. Oh, my love! See what you’ve done to me, see what I’ve done to you. Do not let this be what is left of us. Kindly, forgive me. I’m sorry, my one and only.

44. We belong together, this I know when I see the look in your eyes each time we look at each other. Please, don’t let this make us mere friends when we can be more. We are at our best when we remain lovebirds till the end. I promise, not to make you experience this sort of hurt again nor any kind of pain at all. I’m sorry for what I said, did and thought. I’m sorry for it all. Kindly, forgive me, my love.

45. My weak point is you, little wonder, I’m so broken at the moment. I refuse to believe that letting go is the answer to this. We can build each other up again. I’m sorry, I made you angry. I need you, baby. We should be happy forever, just you and I. I wish I could hear you whisper to me that I’m forgiven. My world seems so endangered when you’re far away from me. Please, forgive me, my love.

46. I’m here for you and will always be here for you even if you push me away. I’m sorry, I feel all the pain in your heart. For this reason, I know no peace. Don’t let me go, my love. We have a long way for us to go, so do not make this the end of the road for us. I’m sorry, my love. This is a test of our love, I believe in you that we can make it through. I have this faith in what we share, that the best is ahead if only we’re patient to not let anger and hurt destroy this. All I’m saying is this, “I’m sorry, my love”.

47. We can’t afford to look back now. Please, let’s make the future our focus and live the ugly past behind. I’m sorry, my love. I’ve been weak more than a hungry soul. I’ve been down on my knees more than the praying kneels. Please, change my whole life with this forgiveness. It’s time we get back together and be happy as we used to be. I remember being strong in your arms. Now, I feel weak standing alone. It’s unbelievable how your forgiveness will set me free again. I’m sorry, my honey.

48. This isn’t a dream though, I badly wish it was. My heart is falling apart and every minute in this pain makes me feel dizzier the more. I’m feeling every bit of regret within me. I’m sorry. It’s time you come back to me again. You’re my superman, please, forgive me cause I know you’re able. Your kind of heart has no strength for grudges, so, do not find your strength in punishing me with silence. I’m sorry, my love.

49. It’s amazing how you inseparable we used to be. It’s amazing how you also make me feel helpless when we fight each other. I want to know if I’m the only one in this pain so I can heal you of the pain as well. Please, show me some concern. Let me please you better than an angel. Let me meet your every need. Give me a room to be all to you again. I’m sorry, I did this to us. From the bottom of my heart, I’m truly sorry. Dust to dust, let’s bury the past.

50. Please, take a journey through our love and you’ll see that I only made a mistake. I do not want to act like anything is wrong, when in fact we’re been torn apart. Tell me, how I can make this right again. Tell me how I can please you again, for all I want to do is make you experience some true happiness some more to eternity and beyond. I’m sorry, I did this damage to us, but the good news is this, it’s not irreparable. So, give me a second chance, forgive me, my love. I’m so sorry.

Long I Am Sorry Text Messages for Boyfriend

It hurts more when you hurt someone you love so much, the best thing to do in a situation like that is to acknowledge your fault and make corrections. The way to achieve it is by send part of these Apology Sms for Him (Boyfriend).

51. It hurts me more when I hurt you, I’m broken when I break your heart. My words again, I wish can mend your broken heart. Do not let these tears, tear us apart, do not let broken promises lead to our break up. A second without you feels like ages without fresh breath. I am truly sorry, sweetheart. I miss you, my love.

52. When mistakes are made, corrections are to be made too. When a heart is broken, it is to be mended. Give me a second chance, my darling. Help me correct my wrongs, let me mend your broken heart. I’ll protect it like I would my most precious treasure because that is what you are to me. Forgive me, my love. Help me make things right. I can’t wait to have you to myself but this time, more lovingly and with a deep sense of appreciation.

53. You know my love, if I could turn back the hands of time, I’ll go back to not being an offender. You were right, but I was wrong, so, complete me, my love. Forgive me and let me feel your breath again. Draw me near and do not let me love you from afar. I love you, my darling! Come, take me back.

54. You’re my love for ages and for eternity, I hope. When I fall, it is in your hands I hope to fall into, if I rise, I hope it is your hand drawing me up unto you. Dear sweetheart, I made a mistake, one which has set me on the right part. Cause more than ever, I’m more willing to love you without blemish.

55. My apology to you means that I am repentant and still in love with you. Only if I had the powers, I’ll be a saint for you. Only if I had the wisdom, I’ll never make a mistake for you. Only if I could, I’ll wash my sins away. I’m sorry, my love. It hurts to hurt you but I love to love you!

56. To my love; please do not ignore my calls or texts. For every moment that I am denied of your voice, I die inside. I am only resurrected by the hope of hearing you speak to me once again. I wish you’d give me another chance, not just to hear me out but to love you till the end. I hope our love wins! I love you, my darling.

57. I’ve learnt! So, this I know, whatever mistake was made by me, I would not commit twice. I am but a human in need of love and grace. In you, I hope to find not just the love but the grace also. I hope with you I can always love and be loved, forgive and be forgiven. Kindly, look beyond my fault and let me in again into my favourite place, your heart.

58. How many times has my heart stopped beating because of you? How long have my eyes been closed wishing not to see the brightness of the sky? How much more do I have to hope, praying you, hear me? To you, my love, I ask for your forgiveness. Life has lost its essence without you, the colours of my rainbows are grey and not seven. I hope you’ll find me a serene place in your heart to dwell once again and for a lifetime. I love you.

59. With you, I’ve learnt to love completely, through you, I want to learn forgiveness. Have mercy upon my breaking heart, because it is to my own disservice that I have wronged and offended you. But for my redemption, pls, take me back. I need you more than ever, I need you forever, my love.

60. I hope my nightmares do not come true. I pray you, take me back into wonderland. So many mistakes I’ve made in my lifetime, regrettably, this hurts the most. Kindly, take away my burden of guilt and undo the bands of sorrow off my waist. I love you, my darling. Still hoping to kiss you again.

61. I’ve become a watchman hoping your calls will make it into my phone. I am now restless dreaming about your return. I do not need any comfort but a welcome back into your hands. I do not require the forgiveness that’ll let me go away, I seek for your mercy to bring me back into your arms again. My love, with all humility in me, I ask that you forgive me.

62. When I’m with you, I know I’ve got everything, but when you’re gone, I feel so incomplete in my world. Salvation should not be delayed because nobody knows tomorrow, so, I ask for your forgiveness, I hope it gets me back into your heart. I desire for nothing else but your forgiveness and grace. Won’t you give it to me? I’m standing outside, waiting and hoping!

63. There’s a place I know filled with love and tranquillity. That place I know to be the core of your heart. There is a place I am at, feeling the burns of regrets, with smokes arising from sorrow. That place is where I am at. Come, save me, my angel of love. Pls, forgive me, my only one. I’ve pledged my love to you, never at any point do I want to change my dreams because everything I ever dreamt of starts and ends with you. I love you, my darling.

64. Thousands of men may come and go, but it’s you I hope to stay. I’m sorry, my love. How can I live without you? How can I live with the consciousness of my sin starring at me in the eyes? Pls, forgive me, sweetheart. For to err is your girlfriend and to forgive is my angel of love.

65. My tears couldn’t bring you back, so, I cried some more cause it hurts to know. My repentance, I hope can draw you near me once again. If you say “yes” to me, you’ll make me the happiest girl alive. Pls, do not turn me down. Take me back like the prodigal son, make me a feast in your heart as I come back again, sincerely. Forgive me, my love. I don’t want to love from afar.

66. Kisses may be found anywhere, but the one on your lips I hope to find alone and again. Love may find anyone, but I hope it finds your heart and mine together once more and for a lifetime. Pls, forgive me! I miss you more than you know. Kindly take me back, I desire you more than my breath. I believe our love can conquer all. So, I’ll dream again. I love you.

67. Do not listen to the voices of unforgiveness. They may be many but not as strong and united as the one of love and forgiveness. Do not consider me wrong, but take heart in the love and joy that we’ve shared. Do not forget to remember the good times, it is all that we need to scale through. Forgive me, my love, for I am restless and miserable without you. Come, take me back. I love you.

68. I’ll do anything to have you in my arms again. Let’s talk again, listen again, laugh again, love again, forgive again, stare into each other’s eyes again, desire again. For as long as it takes to love till eternity. Have mercy upon me, sweetheart I just want you back, so, peace can return into my heart like the first time I started loving you. I love you, my darling.

69. What would you have me do, so you’d forgive me? What would you have me say, so, you’d come back to me. I’m sorry and I’m repentant, pls, do not judge me for I am not without sin. Let it please you to forgive me because my offencse are many. I love you, my king. Pls, have mercy on me.

70. Not a day again without you. It hurts more than I can describe. Not a moment without your love, it’s unbearable to be away from you. In the darkness, I have prayed, in silence, I have hoped. I hope you forgive me and put an end to this torture. I love you and my heart cannot deny it.

71. Words spoken cannot be taken back, however, apologies may right the wrong and repentance may earn forgiveness. To you, my love, I am deeply sorry and repentant. There is no passing second I am without your thoughts. Because my world revolves around you still. Kindly accept my sincere apology and let us move on to the next phase of our lives in love and togetherness.

72. I’ve found comfort in reminiscing upon the jolly good days we’ve spent together. I’ve found hope still dreaming of you. Our separation has taken away the stars of the night and my mornings are without the bright sun. If you keep me waiting again, I won’t be able to bear it. So, have mercy upon my broken heart. I’ll wait till the morning comes. I love you, sweetheart.

73. Your forgiveness will mend my broken heart and my repentance will merge ours heart together. I ask that we exchange one for the other. I do not know how to convey my deepest apology to you but I hope you see through the eyes of love, as this is sincere. Do not let me go, my darling. Let us find peace in each other’s arm one more time. I love you!

74. If I had known, I would have done better, howbeit, now that I do, I’m willing to do better. So, come with me still and let us enjoy a ride of love, with the dream of getting to our destination by putting on the armour of forgiveness and grace. I am not perfect but for you, I want to be, my love. I’ll dream of us because I know our love is unbreakable, I’ll hope in the sacredness of our love to win us this battle. I love you sincerely, can’t wait to hug you, my dearest.

75. My heart is torn apart in guilt and sorrow. And my head is buried in shame knowing that I hurt the one I love and who loves me unconditionally. Maybe now is the time to love you, like I have never loved before, now is the time to treat you better than the kings of the earth because you remain the one king of my heart. Would you consider me again for this journey with you? Would you believe in me again? I hope that you do because more than ever I’m more committed to loving you till the end of time.

76. There’s no place, I’d rather be but in your heart, there’s no heart, I’d rather love but yours, and there’s no peace in my heart without you. Come back to me, my love. Let me show you how sorry I am. Let me show you that my love is unblemished because I’ve been washed clean by the lessons in the mistakes I made. I want to lay the bed we’ll both lie on, I want to build a home we’ll both share in, my dreams are still the same but I hope you give me your heart to make them come true. I’m sorry, my darling. Kindly forgive me.

77. Our love alone excites me, and your breath alone inspires me. How am I to live happily without you? How am I do not live in misery without your inspiration? You’re my life, angel. It breaks my heart to be far away from you. I hope you realize that we are both hurting and need to be saved by one another. I love you truly and deeply, my king. Let’s make haste to stop the pain cause our love waits on us.

78. I’ve written a thousand letters trying to convey my feelings to you but it seems like the more I write, the more difficult it is describing my pain to you. This, I hope enlightens you on how I feel. My emotions have been on a roller coaster, I am sandwiched between the many tears of hurting you and the great mountains of guilt. I am at a valley where I need to be lifted because it hurts too much to know that we are apart because of my misdeeds. I hope you consider this heart of mine once again cause it hurts to live without you. I love you, my sweetheart.

79. To you alone, I’ll reveal my fears. A life worth living is one in love with you. I simply can’t walk the path of love alone without you because it wouldn’t be the love I used to know. I can’t ask my friends to beg you because in you alone I found a lifetime friend. Now, I am sick knowing that I wronged a friend and hurt the love of my life. Pls, forgive me, my darling. I imagine this to be a stepping stone into the next phase of our love. I love you, sweetheart.

80. I tried to find peace and tranquillity in the most serene environment but it seemed like I hear my heart beating the most because it is troubled knowing that I wronged the one who loves me. You’re my peace, my love. I couldn’t get it anywhere else because you left my side. I hope you come back to me after reading this. Because these tears of mine would make an ocean without you. I love you, my angel of love.

81. I am a prisoner of your love and I am a prisoner of this guilt I bear. I want to get out of this prison of guilt, however, not the one of your heart. Pls, take off these shackles off my feet. So, together we can move on to the destination of our love. Pls, forgive my wrong and help me right my mistakes. I’m more than committed to loving you once more. Do not let me go. I love you sincerely, dear king of my heart.

82. Dear, king of my heart. My life without you is a living hell. I need your oxygen to breathe a new life in me. I am truly sorry for doing this to our love. And I am repentant of my wrongdoing to you. Let it please you to forgive me, for I am hungry and thirsty for you. I want you to satisfy me with your love and end this anguish that I feel. Pls, forgive me, my darling. I love you till the end!

83. Be my man once again and be my lover for life. I want to flourish in your court and in your arms, I want to dwell forever. Take me back into your world, forgive me my wrong. And with your hand, let me find my way into your heart again. I am truly sorry because I know just how much I erred and how much I hurt you. Let me put an end to your suffering as you can mine. I love you, sweetheart. Come, take me back.

84. Days are nights without you. The sun is red without you. The moon is gone with your tears. I hope you bring back the hopes of the rainbows. I hope you colour my world with your forgiveness and let the sunshine once more, and let the moonlight up my night one more night again. I miss you, my darling. Pls, forgive me. To you, I pledge my love and my commitment. Do not doubt it, however, I’ll prove it to you.

85. For as long as it takes, I am willing to earn your forgiveness. No matter what it costs, I’ll pay the price of the wrong I have committed. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I cannot guarantee you of a love void of pain and hurt but I assure you of a love committed to not making the same mistakes. In repentance, I write this to you and in love, I hope you ask for me. I love you, my darling. Do not let the sun go down without your forgiveness. I am waiting on you, my love.

86. Even in my broken heart, you have a refuge. My heart is in pieces because you are far away from me. I want to mend your heart like the potter. I hope you give me the chance to make things right. Do not abandon nor condemn me to my flaws. Let your forgiveness pave a way of salvation for me. I still want you in my world, I hope that you feel the same way until now. Can we have a makeup kiss? Can we stay awake at night talking about how much we miss each other? I long to do these with you and so much more. Do forgive me, sweetheart, because I love you!

87. I am not writing to justify my actions, I am not writing to earn your pity. However, I write to seek your forgiveness and earn the trust that I may have broken. I’ve thought about us and I’ve seen just how much you’ve loved me through it all, so, I hope this does not put an end to the love we’ve fought for all through this time. Times may be hard but with a sincere heart of repentance and a heart of forgiveness, all things will fall into order among us. I humbly ask for your forgiveness, my love. Do not get tired of me because I still love you.

88. If I have to fast and pray for your forgiveness, I’ll do it. Because a life without you hurts more than the fire of hell. Do not overlook my sufferings, kindly take me back in forgiveness. I promise to love you back the way that you deserve and I promise to keep our love till forever. I may have been foolish but your forgiveness makes me wiser. I love you, my darling. I’ll wait until you desire me back.

89. No words can right my wrong. But, I hope my repentance gets me into your heart again. No one can take your place, so, I pray you, desire me once again. If I ever lay my hands on you this time, I’ll be sure to never let you go. You’re worth more than the treasures of an island to me, so, I live as a miserable pauper without you. You mean the world to me, so, how can I live without you? I love you just like yesterday but I miss you more today. Forgive me, my angel.

90. So many times I’ve wished I hadn’t hurt you, but what are my wishes without your forgiveness? What are they without my repentance? You can be sure that I’ve realized my mistakes, so, kindly forgive me and let go. Let go of the past, my darling, but do not let go of me. I’ll keep my eyes open until you answer me, I’ll keep my ears awaken until you call me again. I wait on you, my love. Pls, do not keep me waiting because truly I cannot survive a moment without you, for I am not fit without your love.

91. If you let me look straight into your eyes as I apologise to you, I’ll fall in love once more and deeper this time. If you let my words pierce through the walls of your heart, I’ll make your dream of love come true. Because I have wronged you, I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Pls, consider the love we’ve shared. Do not let this pain pull up apart but draw us closer till the end of time. If an end should come to us, first it must be because an end has come to the time on earth not because it has to us. I await your kind response, my love. Do not keep me waiting for too long.

92. I’ve taken comforts in the kind words you said to me when we were together, I’m comforted by the memory of our love together. But how do I get comforted in the future, if you cease to pour me your love and affection now? What words would comfort me in the time to come, if you do not speak kind words to me now? How about you forgive me, my love? How about you take me back into your arms? I am almost drawn in the oceans of loneliness because I have the weight of guilt around my neck. Pls, come, rescue me, my angel. Your forgiveness is all I seek every day and night. Do not let me brood all day in my guilt.

93. I get mad thinking that you’re mad at me, I’m hurt knowing that I’ve hurt you. Would you be kind enough to bestow upon my grieving soul the luxury of forgiveness? Would you mind taking me back into the island of peace? I do mean each word I say to you. I hope I make it into your world once again. I love you, my darling.

94. I know romance isn’t enough to keep us going and I do believe the weaknesses we carry as humans can trouble our love. So, in that regard, I ask that we add to our love, the ingredients of forgiveness and grace. For only that can set us free at a time like this. I ask that you forgive me, my love. I have no pride to keep mute on this. I ask that you show me the way because it is dark and rocky without you. I love you, sweetheart. I hope you still do me!

95. It’s hard to breathe without you, it’s harder to live without the brightness of your smile. I’ve slumbered into the cold hands of guilt, but I ask that you pick me up with your right hand of forgiveness. It is deep and lonely in the pit of separation. My heart is in need of you, my Romeo. I hope you come on time because I do not want to be drawn in the red sea of misery. I love you, my darling and I wait for you.

96. I found a love for me, but how do I keep it till eternity without the fruits of forgiveness and repentance? I seek forgiveness continuously so I can have you for the rest of my life and I choose repentance daily so I do not make the same mistakes twice. How can I give you up when it’s you I’ve ever wanted? Forgive my offences, my sweet love. Secure me in your arms once more. Bring joy into my world again. I hope you find me worthy of your love. I love you, dear king of my heart.

97. In the moments that we’ve been apart, I’ve loved more, dreamt more and I’ve hoped like never before. I hope you let me bestow upon you a renewed love brighter than any in the history of romance. Forgive me, my love, and make my dreams come true. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Do not dash this hope of reunion in me. I hope it isn’t too late to want you back because it is all that I desire. I love you, my darling.

98. So many things do not feel right at the moment. Our separation and my offence against you. I’ve never wished to be in your arms like I have in these days. It isn’t just a wish but a great desire I am willing to see come true. I’ve never hungered like I have for you these days. I hope you feed me with the golden spoon of forgiveness full of your love. Have mercy upon me, my darling. Make haste to rescue me, my love. I love you!

99. I’ve disappointed you with my mistake but I’m willing to impress you with my love once again. Do you think we can move past this? Because I’ve realized how cold it is without you. I hope you come back to me, my love. I hope to meet you on my way to you, so, we reunite in love. I desire you greatly, my love. This isn’t our destination, forever is and until we get there, I hope nothing tears us apart. I want you back, my angel of love!

100. Again, I’m in need of your forgiveness, my love. Again, I desire to love you forever. Would you be my Romeo forever? Would you let me be your Juliet till the end of time? I am willing to do whatever it takes for I miss you, my darling. I see your bright eyes in my dark nights, I wish I’ll find your hand pulling me into your arms once again and forever this time. Pls, forgive me, angel. I love you, do not doubt it.


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