Top Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text

2023 Top Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text

Expressing best wishes for birthday, we have prepared these lovely messages for you to show affection and love towards family and friends!!! Pick out of these hundreds for the sake of love.

Simple Happy Birthday Wishes

Do you need short and simple texts to celebrate your loved ones on their birthdays? Then, these Top Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text are for you. Explore!

1. Happy birthday sir, may you grow in grace in this new year.

2. You mean so much to me. Happy birthday

3. My wish for you is that your birthday will be filled with lots of love.

4. Happy birthday to you and I wish you long life and prosperity.

5. Happy birthday, enjoy life to the fullest.

6. I hope that grace will abound in this new year. Happy birthday.

7. I wish you a magical day dear, happy honourable birthday to you.

8. Congratulations on your date of birth, have a wonderful day dear.

9. I hope that your day will be filled with all goodies and love.

10. Happy Thanksgiving day dear, indeed the world is blessed.

11. May your wishes come true today as you celebrate another year.

12. I pray that you have a great year ahead as you become a year older today.

13. Happy birthday, I wish you goodness and luck this year.

14. Enjoy your year to the fullest cos this year must obey.

15. Happy birthday, dear, my wish is that your wishes come true and through.

16. Merry and be glad, cos this year will grant you all you want.

17. Eat all the cake and the smoothie, enjoy your year cos it’s basically for a special person.

18. You are a year older babe, you are getting wiser.

19. On this birth anniversary, grace abounds for you.

20. In a few years, you might eventually get grey hair all over your head but don’t worry you are still young to us.

21. Happy birthday!!!!!! I wish you long life and prosperity.

22. I wish that above all things have all peace and surprises.

23. This text might not say much, but remember that I’m saying happy birthday with love.

24. Happy birthday, I’m sure this is the oldest you have ever been to.

25. Hurray, it’s your day. Grow gracefully, mama.

26. I wish you a happy day, happy feelings, happy thoughts, happy love, Happy birthday.

27. Happy birthday, lots of goodies for you today as it’s your birthday.

28. I will celebrate you one million times cos you are special. Happy birthday.

29. My wish for you is that the days of this year will give you rest. Happy birthday, dearie.

30. Coolest wishes to the coolest person on heart.

31. Much love I’ve got for you, happy wonderful birthday to you.

32. You’ve brought so much joy to me, and I will give you so much love this year.

33. I wish you the cutest wishes today, have a fabulous birthday dear.

34. Happy birthday, sweetie, may the year bring you happiness, Joy, and love.

35. A person like you deserves a fabulous birthday, have a blast.

36. You are already pretty but this year I wish you a great year ahead.

37. I wish that all over you, be filled with love. Happy birthday.

38. Unto the next year, LOL!!! Great year for you.

39. Happy birthday, may God give you good health and lots of luck.

40. As you celebrate a new year, whatever you want, may you have it and whatever you wish, may it be fulfilled.

41. The best thing will come to you this year, happy birthday.

42. Be happy because I’m happy it’s your born day. Enjoy!

43. Happy birthday to one of the important people that I know.

44. You get older today, act older, please. Mature birthday to you.

45. You are a year older today, have fun around the world.

46. I’m sending you smiles and love for every moment and second of your day. Happy birthday.

47. I hope that your heart desires are fulfilled in this new year.

48. I’m sending you a bouquet of flowers filled with love from me. Rejoice cos it’s your day.

49. Run, shout, clap, dance, sing. All is allowed cos it’s your day dear.

50. Many years ago, you came to us on this day!!! I celebrate your existence.

51. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend, full of sweetness and I pray that your sweetness will not be sour.

52. Have a fantastic birthday, we celebrate the happiness with you on this day of your life. Happy Birthday!!

53. You are very special and that made your birthday special, and full of treats. Happy birthday.

54. Today is your special DSG because It’s your birthday and you need to flow with lots of smiles on your lovely face.

55. Special day commemorate a special person and a special person is loved by everyone. HBD honey!!

56. May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. Happy birthday.

57. You are my good friend. You were always there with me, whether in pain or sickness, I wish you the very best in this year. Love you!!!

58. You supported me, laughed and cried with me, happy birthday to this special friend.

59. You raised me up when I was down and made me laugh. Thanks for being such a friend of mine. Happy jubilating birthday.

60. Light up your birthday candles with so much pride cos it’s yours. Happy birthday, dear.

61. Have a gorgeous birthday,
It’s your birthday. Now you’ve more grow

62. As you grow older today, I pray that you’re becoming more perfect.

63. Wishing my best friend a very happy birthday today.

64. There are so many important things that will be left unspoken cos it’s just too much. Happy birthday, friend.

65. I’ve learnt a lot from you and you’ve made me better. Happy Birthday and I hope you will make much more influence.

66. The times we shared together are like treasures to me which I can’t sell. Happy born day girlie.

67. I can remember our every moment of laughter, of sadness; Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

68. But I find no change nor difference in you. You look perfect like before and happy birthday to the perfect human I know. Happy birthday.

69. Happy birthday to you, May all the best things of the world happen in your life because you are definitely one of the best people too

70. It’s a great honour for me to have that the best man in this world as my brother. Happy birthday.

71. It’s an honour for me to have such a wonderful lady as my sister. Happy birthday, sis.

72. You’ve always been such a good friend and mentor to me and I hope that our friendship will remain forever. Happy birthday.

73. I wish you a very happy birthday for the last born of my parents.

74. Mom, there is no one who can come even closer to your winning ways. Happy Birthday to my great mom.

75. Dad, no other one like you, no one can take your place in my heart. Happy birthday!.

76. I’m so lucky that I’ve got the best mother in this world. Happy birthday, mom.

77. Sis, you are my guardian angel. My heartfelt greetings to you on this your special day. Happy birthday baby girl.

78. Mama, all I wanted is that you will grow older in wisdom, happy birthday mom.

79. I want to grow up to be like you in the coming years. I wish you a happy birthday!!!

80. It’s all your guidance for which I have become the person that I am today. Happy birthday, mom.

81. Bro, I love you so much. May all the best blessings fall upon you always. Happy birthday, brother.

82. I placed you in my heart since you were born. What a great lady you’ve become, happy birthday dear.

83. You are the best gift ever that I got from our parents. I’m so lucky to have you as my brother. Happy birthday, baboon.

84. Nigga, though the number of fights we’ve had is too long, still I wish you a wonderful birthday.

85. You’ve always done everything right in your life, so you deserve all the best things in the world. Have a fabulous birthday dad.

86. Have a gorgeous celebration on your special day. Happy birthday, pop!!!

87. You are a role model, a mentor to me. Happy birthday honey pie.

88. Your simple words could bring a big smile to my face, happy birthday to the simple but elegant lady.

89. Your birthday is more special to me than you because on this day, I found the most precious friend in my entire life. Happy Birthday.

90. My warmest wishes to the most wonderful baby girl I know, happy birthday on your special day.

91. Happy Birthday ma, happy moments to you, do well in life.

92. Your love and care is the most precious thing to me and your words are my guiding lamp. Happy birthday, big sis.

93. Big sister, you were always my partner in all the crazy and amazing works. Happy Birthday, popcorn!!!

94. I’m going to miss all our moments and incidents we had when we were little. Happy wonderful birthday baby girl.

95. You are growing older every year, but to me, you’ll always remain my troublesome, older brother. Have a Happy Birthday.

96. Thanks, for being the perfect partner of my simple life, that finally made it bubble. Have a great birthday.

97. Sisters have a great bond, and I appreciate that. Have a lovely birthday!!!

98. Babes, you’ve brought a lot of happiness to me. Happy birthday to you ma’am.

99. Today I want to show you the affection I’ve piled up before this time, happy birthday dear.

100. You are the most amazing and innocent person, I know. Much love I’ve got for you, happy birthday baby.

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