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2023 Happy 30th Birthday Cousin Wishes for Female or Male

Finding it difficult to do the needful for a great cousin on their 30th birthday? We’ve got a beautiful collection of messages for you.

Be one of the awesome people who are willing to make your 30-year-old cousin’s birthday worth it by sending these happy 30th birthday cousin messages, wishes and quotes for him or her. Sweet 30th birthday wishes for cousin male or female.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your 30-Year-Old Cousin

1. Dear cousin, you are the best. I wish with all my heart that life would be as wonderful for you as you have always been for me. Now that we’ve grown up, I know that your success will not only be measured by your achievements in work but also in your happiness and well-being. Happy birthday!

2. Every time I see you, I am so proud that I am part of our family. You really are a wonderful person and you definitely deserve the best. May you continue to bring light into our lives. Happy 30th birthday!

3. Happy 30th birthday, dear cousin. Stay amazing!

4. There is something so great about being cousins. We are deeply connected that no other person can come between us. Happy 30th birthday! I wish you more birthdays to come.

5. Happy birthday, dear cousin! I hope you have a very wonderful time on this special day because you are a wonderful person to behold. Enjoy!

6. You’re more than just a relative to me; you are a very special friend. On this very special day of yours, I pray that your dreams come true. Happy 30th birthday, my dear cousin!

7. Today, as I wish you a very happy birthday, I take this opportunity to tell you about your life. You are really one of a kind and I don’t know if such persons exist on earth anymore. Your attitude towards life is remarkable and your hardwork is impeccable. I am lucky to be your cousin sister, because in you I have found a deep understanding and true friend who always encourages me to fight for the sake of my dreams. Thanks for everything and happy birthday!

8. I have always admired you for being a hard worker, even though you are young. You are selfless and carefree. Here is to the laughter in our family and many more wonderful years to come!

9. On your birthday, I would like to thank you for your ability to lift the mood of everyone around you. You give a sense of motivation and inspiration to those around you; fly as high as you wish and always reach your goals. I would also like to let you know that I admire your confidence, persistence towards life and cheerful attitude. I wish you all the best for further progress in life and prosperous days ahead.

10. Dear cousin It is now that I see all the good qualities you possess and wish you a very happy birthday. Your courage, intelligence and most importantly your ambition for all that you set your mind to is what makes you stand out from the rest. You are truly an inspiration, dear cousin.

11. Your birthday is a great reminder that you have only grown better over the years as a person. I look up to you every day and wish that you achieve greater heights in your professional career. I know you can do it! My best wishes always with you.

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Happy 31st birthday, dear cousin. You know you are more than a cousin to me and I appreciate having someone as loving as you in my life. No amount of wishes would be enough to make you know how much I want the best for you. So, go ahead and get the best in this new age of your life.

1. You are like the sibling I never had. Thank you for making my life more colourful than it already is. I hope you stay the same because you are perfect just the way you are. Happy 31st birthday, cousin.

2. May you continue to be blessed with great friends and be showered with love. Happy 31st birthday, cousin.

3. You might think that we’re close because we’re related. But I want you to know that, even if we weren’t cousins, I’d definitely be your friend. Happy 31st birthday, dear.

4. You’re a really great person to be with and I wouldn’t let that go. Happy birthday, my dear cousin!

5. I wish you all the best, not just for today, but for every other day. Enjoy your special day and continue making our lives brighter every day. Enjoy your day, cousin.

Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes for Cousin

It’s your 32nd birthday, dear cousin! My wishes for you is that doors of favour will be opened unto you and everything you lay hands on will blossom. Enjoy a glorious and blissful new age, dear. Much love for you.

1. At every family reunion, I look forward to seeing you because you make the occasion extra special with your happy disposition and your infectious smile. Stay the same, and never change, cousin! Happy birthday.

2. Always treat every birthday as if it’s your last one. Have all the fun you can get and be grateful for everything you have at the moment. Continue to share your love with your family and friends. Happy 32nd birthday, cousin brother.

3. Even if we weren’t related and I had no chances of meeting you, my life would definitely have a sense of emptiness. Happy to have you as my cousin. Stay happy!

4. I am thankful I have you in my life. Never change, unless for the better, because you are already amazing the way you are. Happy 32nd birthday.

5. I wish you nothing but the good things of life. You are one of our family’s treasures. You don’t know how proud we are of you. Keep it up, baby. Happy birthday, cousin sister!

Happy 33rd Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin. 33 years on earth is no child’s place. You have journeyed this far and it’s certain you will journey even further. As you celebrate this glorious age, I wish you beautiful experiences all through your days in the new year. Everything will work together for your good. Enjoy your day, dear.

1. I wish you never change and that you remain the bright and cheery person that you are. Happy birthday!

2. One of the reasons why I love our family is that someone like you is part of it. Happy 33rd birthday, dear cousin.

3. May your day be filled with love and happiness, as well as the rest of your life. Happy birthday, sweetest cousin.

4. Happy 30th birthday, dear cousin. It is a pleasure to celebrate such a wonderful person such as yourself. May your day be filled with laughter and joy. Enjoy!

5. I wish you celebrate many more birthdays to come in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday 33rd, my best cousin.

Happy 34th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

1. Dear cousin, as you celebrate yet another milestone in your life, may all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy 34th birthday to you.

2. Growing up with you has been a great experience and once again we celebrate this great day on which you were born. All the best to you today and always. Happy birthday.

3. Dear cousin, you are like a sibling to me and I want you to know just how special you are to me. I wish you all the good things in life as you celebrate yet another year of your life. Happy birthday.

4. Aside from the fact that you are my relative, you are also my friend and I am glad that some years ago on a day like this God saw that I would need you and brought you into our family. The world is a better place because you are in it. Happy 34th birthday, cousin.

5. I can never forget just how blessed my life has been because you are in it. And today I celebrate you and pray that all will go well for you always. Happy birthday.

Happy 35th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Happy 35th birthday, best cousin ever. This is just to make you know you are loved and highly valued. Words wouldn’t be enough to tell you how amazing your presence in this family has been. Thanks for all you do. I wish you many happy returns of this day, in good health and peace.

1. As a family, we are honoured that you are part of us. Once again today is a great day in which we want to celebrate you and let you know how special you are to us all. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

2. Thank you for being an inspiration to my life. Wishing you a happy 35th birthday!

3. May you have a wonderful birthday celebration, you deserve it. You are the best gift I have received in life. Have a blast, dear cousin.

4. This is just so you know that we are proud of having you as a cousin. May all your dreams come true. Happy 35th birthday, cousin.

5. You have truly been a source of joy and happiness and that is why you are my favourite cousin. Love you lots dear!

Happy 36th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Having someone awesome like you as a cousin and best friend is one thing I have never regretted in life. I must commend your selfless love and generosity. Thanks for always being there for me. May this new age of yours bring you countless blessings, in good health and peace. Happy 36th birthday, dear.

1. To my beloved cousin, wishing you an awesome birthday. May this day be as special as you have made all of us feel over the years. We admire and adore you. Have a blast!

2. May whatever endeavour you lay hands-on, always be successful. Happy 36th birthday dearest cousin!

3. When I count my blessings, I count you double. I am so fortunate to have a fantastic cousin like you. Happy birthday.

4. Hey cousin, your wisdom has always motivated us to be better and enabled us to understand so much about life. Thank you for never holding back. Happy 36th birthday.

5. I made the choice to have you as a best friend and I thank God for making me related to you as a cousin. This is just to wish you a happy birthday.

Happy 37th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Going down memory lane, reminiscing about the good times we have had and the fights we have won, I just know God sent an angel to me in the form of a cousin. That’s why as you celebrate 37 years today, I pray that God blesses you beyond recognition and grants all your good heart wishes. Happy 37th birthday, dear.

1. As you celebrate this special day, allow me to confess that you are my favourite person in the world. I love and admire everything about you. Happy birthday cousin.

2. I know I don’t get time to show or tell you how much you mean to me as a cousin. Allow me to use this day to remind you that you are more than a cousin to me; you are my best friend. Happy 37th birthday.

3. I am glad to have you as a cousin, and more than anything, I’m glad to be associated with a kind soul like yours. Happy birthday.

4. May you live long to achieve all your dreams. May every birthday you celebrate be the opening of new opportunities. Have a wonderful birthday at 37.

5. I don’t know if you know this but you are the coolest cousin around. You are worth emulating and a great example to all of us who look up to you. Happy 37th birthday, dear.

Happy 38th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

A wonderful person like you deserves an outstanding birthday celebration. You have been a blessing not just to me, but to the world. I just can’t describe enough, how amazing you are. I can only wish you abundant blessings and a peaceful new year of your life. More wins for you and your family. Happy 38th birthday to you.

1. Thank you for your love, faith, wisdom, compassion, friendship and inspiration. You are one in a million. Happy birthday.

2. I’m glad it’s your birthday. I wish you success, good health, peace and happiness in all the days to come. Happy 38th birthday, cousin.

3. Wishing you favour from God and all the good tidings that come with it. This is my way of saying I love you. Happy 38th birthday, dear cousin.

4. Thank you for your encouragements and motivation in my life. With a cousin like you, life is fun and exciting. Happy 38th birthday.

5. Growing up with you has been the most awesome experience ever. With you, life has been so lovely and full of adventures. Happy 38th birthday, cousin.

Happy 39th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

This is a good time to tell you how awesome you are. Everything about you is worth emulating. You have been a source of inspiration to me and this generation. It is my wish that you will become a greater version of yourself and everything that comes in contact with you will be changed for good. Happy 39th birthday, dear cousin.

1. Happy 39th birthday to the best cousin ever. Thank you for all the amazing memories we have created together. Have a blast.

2. I may be so far away from you on this special day, but this is my way of saying I’m thinking of you. May you enjoy a birthday full of exciting moments, maximum fun and unparalleled love from family and friends. Happy 39th birthday, cousin.

3. Wishing you an awesome birthday, dear cousin. Looking forward to an amazing party! Enjoy!

4. Though distance may separate us, you still remain the world’s number one cousin. Happy 39th birthday, dear.

5. I am full of thanksgiving for having a cousin like you. Someone to look up to and a friend to confide in. Wishing you a happy birthday.

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