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2023 Wishing You Good Health and Happiness in Life Quotes

Being in perfect health and having true happiness in life is very essential to any living soul. There’s this happiness which naturally overtakes us when we are healthy that when others see us, they truly feel life is worth living.

A moment of being in an unhealthy state, we know how it feels. Every moment we enjoy these wonderful gifts, we should be thankful. Not everyone around us has the opportunity to have good health or enjoy true happiness in life. As humans, learn to inspire the life and the world of others. Show them life is worth living and make them know they can also achieve health and real happiness to live comfortably.

Perhaps, you may not have or know the right words you can use to lift their spirit and you desire to stir the hearts of many this 2023. Here are these awesome Wishing You Good Health and Happiness in Life Quotes that would make your life a blessing to others.

Happy Birthday, I Wish You Sound Health and Happiness in Life

Wishes aren’t little, especially when they are well written and come from a loving heart. Send these wishing you good health and happiness in life Quotes and wishes to someone you cherish.

1. Life gives us so many things which make us need good health and long for happiness. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

2. May all you do and achieve bless you every day with great happiness and good health. May you have good health and joy throughout the life of you.

3. I pray that as you live on, your life is continually sustained by good health. I wish you have a healthy and happy life for as long as you live.

4. May your life’s journey be blessed and accurate with divine health that leads to happiness forever.

5. May your good health be preserved and happiness remains with you.

6. They say ‘’health is wealth’’. May every goal you set be achieved in perfect health and yield you great health.

7. All that surrounds you shall always bring happiness and make your life beautiful. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

8. All I pray and wish for you is that abundant joy be your portion. Your path shall be favoured.

9. Life shall give you blessings beyond measure and make life generous to you.

10. Life brings many things for us to enjoy. May you enjoy and enjoy in abundance.

11. Some results life throw at us may not be pleasant but I want to pray for you that your life shall be pleasant and of good taste.

12. Every moment shall swell in you words of peace, sing songs of love and spray you with perfect health and rest you in happiness forever.

13. Having fun and good times with loved ones and friends makes life happier for us. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

14. I pray you have more strength to live, love and be happy.

15. May your life be perfumed with so much good things that cause great things to happen.

16. The light you have been shall not go dim but light up continually. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

17. Great fulfilment is achieved when there is happiness and good health. This is all I pray you have.

18. May you be crowned with so much grace that your life will yield blessings.

19. Heights you’ve not attained, you’ll attain. Positions, wealth and all you desire to have, shall be granted. Have a fulfilled life.

20. May heaven smile on you and make your happiness full and complete.

Wishing You Good Health and Happiness Always

You want to tell someone, I’m wishing you good health and happiness always? The well-wishing happy birthday messages below will perfectly do for him or her.

21. Some people say, ‘’fat means you’re healthy’’ but It goes beyond just being chubby. I pray you enjoy the true meaning of staying healthy in happiness.

22. A successful life keeps blooming and growing from good health. It’s all I pray you experience as you go on in life.

23. So many things we learn to appreciate every day as we live. Having a sound perfect health is one. Cheer on.

24. Many, their wealth can’t buy them good health or even fix them in a happy state. I pray you receive mercy to enjoy life perfectly.

25. Every day, we try hard to give ourselves a lovely treat to make life comfortable. I pray life always treat you well.

26. Life is meant to be enjoyed in abundance. Enjoy it in perfect health and happiness.

27. Sweet taste comes when the ingredients are rich enough. May your life have a good taste.

28. May all who connects with you in life connect with good health and full happiness.

29. Going all the way without happiness is just like living an empty life. I pray and wish you good health and happiness in life.

30. When all you can hear and live with is good news, life becomes worth living.

31. Living in hope and expectations of great days to come makes life meaningful and stirs our heart to happiness. Enjoy your good health.

32. How time flies, no one knows. The clock ticks every day and activities go on. May life victories keep overwhelming you.

33. Moving out of bed, making plans and executing them is the freedom that comes from a vibrantly healthy person. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

34. Life is purposeful, fun, fulfilling, brings happiness and lots more. May you experience the best out of it in good health.

35. The same way we face positive things, it’s the same we face negative. Face all challenges as it comes and I pray life makes you victorious.

36. As you run about to achieve and attain the best, take time to rest enough for good health gives chances to achieve more.

37. Thinking just leaves us depreciating by the day. Just stay positive and let happiness be your determination.

38. As you set out today, may your health improve and happiness surrounds you.

39. When we fall, we rise, we cry, we laugh, we fail, we succeed. May all you find give you the happiness you deserve.

40. If I want to wish you anything a million times, I’ll wish you good health and sincere happiness.

41. We all need and desire stable health, peace, joy and happiness to have fulfilment. May every day fill you with your desires.

42. I pray every moment satisfies your heart with real happiness and supply your body comfort.

43. If we know we would have to cry at some points in our lives, we would look for a way to always create happiness. I pray life gives you a million reasons to smile.

44. As you receive blessings every day, I pray you receive them with happiness and in perfect health.

45. Many times, the walls we build around us break down and we feel wasted. May your years in life always have a stronghold of health and happiness.

46. I pray life sends you favour and honour your paths. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

47. May all the results life gives you be centred on your happiness. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

48. When you count your blessings, I pray you count good health in abundance.

49. Always choose to be happy. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

50. It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to value silence, absence to appreciate presence and health to appreciate life.

51. If there’s one thing I’d always want to know, is that you’re always in perfect health experiencing peace.

52. We cannot control what takes over us but we have to adjust. May you be led in all paths to happiness.

53. We have the assurance that what lies ahead is full of hope, we work towards a better future. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

54. Many things will cause our happiness to fade away but one thing is to ensure you never leave the line that causes you joy.

55. We know life has so many sides and each side you’re faced with has a meaning. May your life be blessed.

56. Who says there is no possibility of having good health and enjoying happiness in life, such a person is to be questioned. Enjoy your perfect health.

57. Before your body makes no meaning, make your body your comfort and be happy.

58. You rise to new hopes because you’re happy and your health is assured.

59. Take time to reflect on how you have achieved happiness in life and aspire for more.

60. Wisdom is paramount. Learn to think happiness and stay in good health.

61. Sometimes you wish you’ve gotten it all but never let life overwhelm you to lose happiness.

62. Have your health as a good fruit to drink your happiness as purified water.

63. When you work towards good health, you’ll walk in the footsteps of happiness.

64. Those who seek to pluck health are those who have the wisdom that they can be happy.

65. When you eradicate every thought that says, you can’t be healthy, you’ll then realize you can even enjoy the best out of life’s health and happiness.

66. Life is in dimensions, things come and go. Make use of every minute wisely and guard your comfort and happiness.

67. Being a successful victim of life, you have to put yourself to having good health and happiness.

68. You do it right with your health is in good condition. Have a resourceful life.

69. If there’s one mark on life’s finishing line, it’s the mark of happiness.

70. Wake to perfect health and retrieve your lost happiness.

71. Every day is an opportunity to achieve happiness and work towards good health.

72. I hope as the clock ticks, you’ll always see your health appreciating and happiness full.

73. When you find a resting place to lay your head, think good health and spread happiness. Have a fantastic life.

74. Every day can be a happy and resourceful day if we decide to make it happen.

75. A day happiness is not enough, make it last for a lifetime. Enjoy the best health in life.

76. Have a great perspective about life. Happiness is sure with perfect health.

77. When you’re asked about your comfort, peace and health, just say, “happiness”.

78. Have a life void of depression but joy and happiness transmitted to others around.

79. When you start happy, remember, it’s good to finish happily.

80. When you’ve paused on the journey to good health, happiness relaxes.

81. Never for one minute let the slide of your health fail. Have an excellent life.

82. May the day always flood your activities with unique happiness.

83. You watch things which makes you smile, you think thoughts which give you comfort. Keep the happiness intact.

84. Let the sound of music you hear, sing health to your mind, spirit and soul.

85. When you remember that you always have to be victorious, you’ll forever desire sound health to remain happy.

86. Live every day accordingly, avoid stress but maintain joy.

87. Pray, your heart gets the best result from good wishes, health and happiness in life.

88. If you want to wish for anything more, wish health, peace and happiness.

89. So many things happiness brings, just hold on and enjoy.

90. Be happy you’re always healthy.

91. Don’t let your happiness be seasonal. Stay happy always.

92. Never be scared to shout happiness and live happily.

93. Be wise to understanding and appreciative to life. For peace of mind cometh from a good health and happy mind.

94. Be an impact to those who come around you. Cheer up every soul you can.

95. Love while you can, praise while you live, hope and desire for the best in life.

96. Always believe, good health is possible and happiness keeps you strong.

97. Every problem has an expiry date. Learn live life one day at a time and keep on a happy countenance.

98. Live life, live goodness. I hope all that you achieve, build in you perfect health.

99. Life is full of health goodness coupled with good mental fitness. Enjoy health, enjoy happiness!

100. Health is a subset of long life, I hope that you enjoy the best good health life offers.

101. We think of so many things but control the seed which is planted in your thoughts.

102. Let your own happiness be managed by you. Wishing you great health in life.

103. Keep fit, make life fun, eat a good meal, make wealth and give up all things that lead to bad health.

104. Everyone is happy when they’re healthy. Wishing you more goodness in life.

105. The best heritage a human can have is perfect health in happiness.

106. Your health is your key. Always keep it safe.

107. Seek for the happiness of others and live life at its peak. Have a beautiful life.

108. Your health becomes better and stronger every day when you reflect smiles on others sadness.

109. When you know you have the gift of being so happy, never let the wrong feeling steal it away.

110. We learn to appreciate health and happiness more when we have felt the state of being unhealthy and sad. I wish you good health and happiness in life.

You’ve beautifully soiled the heart of others by sending them beautiful life wishes of good health and happiness. Please, kindly drop your comments if you love this post.

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