Top Have a Fabulous Birthday Quotes and Wishes

2023 Top Have a Fabulous Birthday Quotes and Wishes

Birthdays are special for the celebrant but for we friends and well-wisher, It is a day when each person can express their heart of gratitude and love for the celebrant. Here are goodwill messages for you, you can send it on any media to serve its purpose.

I Wish You a Fabulous Birthday Quotes and Messages

These Have a Fabulous Birthday Quotes and Wishes are available here for you to freely use and send to loved ones.

1. I’ve always wondered which planet you came from, because you are too smart and sweet, have a fabulous birthday, baby girl.

2. Life is sweet when your partner is pretty and nice, have a fabulous and great birthday today.

3. Since we don’t have every day to celebrate your birthday, but as it is your birth anniversary, I wish you a glorious year ahead, have a fabulous birthday dear.

4. Today became special because you became part of this life this day, happy birthday to the best friend.

5. Because you are part of our lives, we feel a great Joy daily, I wish you a fabulous birthday dear girlfriend.

6. When you are around me, I feel your presence, when you are not around, your impact is felt. Have a fabulous birthday to you real friend.

7. For a friend to be this really is rare, I am grateful that I am your friend and I join the whole world to celebrate the genius, have a fabulous birthday full of surprises.

8. May you have a fabulous birthday as you wish for because you’ve been a source of strength all through last year.

9. You are my hero, my strength in the time of weakness, have a blast today as it is your birthday. Love you.

10. You gave me hope when I was hopeless, you brought me peace when everywhere was chaotic. Happy birthday, sweetie.

11. In this world of difference, you showed rare personality. I will always be in love with you, have a fabulous birthday honey.

12. In this life, I’ve seen so many people but your kind is just incomparable and different. Have a fabulous birthday sweetheart, have a blast.

13. Everyone should know that you were born today, cos you’ve benefited each age and status, your living is a blessing and I pray that you live to see many more. Happy honourable birthday.

14. A birthday shout-out to a VIP, a wonderful and loving partner, happy fabulous birthday to you, honey.

15. To me, you will always be a queen, I will always cherish you as my heart. Happy wonderful birthday to the girl of my dreams.

16. Happy birthday to my wonderful person, you’ve been the same person with the same personality. I wish you the best in this year, have a blast dear.

17. You are my partner in all things, my lover, my honey, the one who has locked my heart with her love. Have a fabulous birthday darling, grow with honour this year.

18. Your bubbling spirit has always raised the down-casted spirit, you give and raise people’s hope. That is the first reason I love you and I will continue to cherish you for that, have a fabulous birthday honey.

19. Some people might see today as a normal day, but I can’t keep it down because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, honey.

20. Knowing you can never make me cry but laugh because I got a gift for life. Happy birthday, darling.

21. I wish words can everything, I’m feeling right now because it’s your birth anniversary. Baby, I wish you all that you ever need this year, happy birthday dear.

22. May your hustles in this year be as you wish for, happy birthday and happy new year to you.

23. To you, it’s a new year and I’m sure lots of wishes are ready, my wish for your birthday is that all will be accomplished. Happy wonderful birthday to you.

24. Happy birthday to my honourable friend, whose light has shone to many people’s darkness. Thanks for being cute, and I wish you long life and prosperity.

25. Your getting older will be your getting wiser, happy birthday honey.

26. Happy fabulous birthday dear, my wish is that all your wishes come true. Have a blast.

27. I have so many reasons to be happy today, but the most important one is because it’s your birthday. Much love dear and happy fabulous birthday to you.

28. The day to be happy is the day one was born, and I’m happy I’m with you. Happy fabulous birthday my lady.

29. As you celebrate your birthday, I pray more blessings for you and I wish you a fabulous birthday dear.

30. Another year has started for you, and this year will pass but I pray that unending prosperity will be yours. Have a fabulous birthday dear.

31. Happy honourable birthday to the one who’s as sweet as honey, you are enriched this year, enjoy your day.

32. Knowing overtime, I always thought she would change but you never did, even as grow older, you are always with the same personality, I love you and I wish you a fabulous birthday honey.

33. I wish we can continue to celebrate you today and that today will not end, happy fabulous birthday sweetie, long life and prosperity.

34. A friend who loves to celebrate another must be celebrated, happy fabulous birthday to you friend turned sister.

35. Celebration is what you like the most, I love for caring for others, happy wonderful birthday to you dear friend.

36. She’s wild, fun, loving, cool, hot, and beautiful and to cap it all, it’s her birthday, happy birthday honey pie, long life and prosperity.

37. When I’m down, you are there to cheer me, you are loving and lovely. It takes a mature fellow to have this quality. I’m grateful that you were born today cos I’ve got to celebrate you. Happy birthday, dear.

38. Though the distance is a barrier, remember I can never forget such a great friend, happy birthday sweetie.

39. I miss you, whenever you are not around, I want to hold you when you are near, that’s how much you mean to me, happy birthday love, enjoy to the fullest.

40. You are the best thing that happened to me, I wish you a fabulous birthday this day and I hope it is filled with all goodies.

41. To the world, you are a blessing and I can’t keep quiet because your birthday is today and I can celebrate a friend. Happy birthday, girlie.

42. The real man I finally met, the one who feels before I feel, I love you and will cherish you for life. Happy birthday, dear.

43. Once upon some years back, a baby was given to the world and men couldn’t comprehend his person but I’m grateful cos he’s my man. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

44. I wish, I could teleport to your base now, so I can give you a fabulous birthday surprise. Happy birthday dear friend.

45. I wish that someday you will know and understand that, you mean more than words will say to me. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

46. Nothing will appeal to me today more than seeing you have a fabulous birthday party, grow in good health and shape in your new year.

47. Love, love, I feel like singing cos it’s your birthday honey, I wish you long life and prosperity.

48. Baby, having you is the sweetest thing, and today I’ve got all time to wish you a great birthday. Lovely birthday to you.

49. You are the only friend I have that cares for me like my mom would, happy honourable birthday to you sweetheart.

50. You know I love you for who you are, I wanna wish you a fabulous birthday dear girlfriend.

51. To my Wildest dream come true, I wish you a glorious and fabulous birthday dear girlfriend. Remember I love you, have a blast today.

52. My friend is the wildest girl I know, you are hot and sweet and beautiful. Knowing you is a gift, happy birthday dear.

53. I just love you the way you are, though you can be crazy and wild it’s worth it. Happy birthday to you, smoothie.

54. I wish I could make all your wishes come true today, cos you are my wish come true. Happy birthday my dear, with love from me.

55. Baby beau, remember that all our years together, I will be the first and last to say happy birthday to you. Love you, dear.

56. There is nothing in this world that’s as worst as forgetting your birthday, I wouldn’t trade your birthday party for anything in the world. Happy birthday, dear.

57. My heartfelt birthday wishes for you is that you continue to be lovable and of influence in this world. Happy fabulous birthday dear.

58. You are at your best face especially when it’s your birthday, you shine brighter cos it’s just your day.

59. Whenever you smile burdens are lifted, I wish the most amazing girl I know a fabulous birthday.

60. May this day( your birth anniversary) give a fabulous aura to you, have a wonderful and loving day and the year ahead babe.

61. Thanks for being the person that you are, a caring fellow full of joy and happiness. Happy birthday, friend.

62. I can’t stand still because today is your very birthday, I’ve got to rejoice for giving such a wonderful person to me as my woman. Happy birthday, love.

63. There are so many things I wanna say to you but time and medium will not allow, cos it’s another beginning of a new year for you. I love you man and enjoy your anniversary.

64. My wish during your last birthday was that our bond grows stronger and indeed here we are again this year. To the sister my momma never gave to me, I wish you a happy birthday dear.

65. An awesome birthday greeting to you darling, a heroic fella, much love from your bro. Happy birthday sir.

66. I wish you a glorious birthday, I’ve always wanted every day to be available to celebrate you, dearie. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

67. Sometimes, words are not enough to show the person just how much I care, best birthday to you, honey, with so much love from me.

68. There is nothing wrong with appreciating someone I love, happy birthday to you, the love of my life!.

69. Baby, you’re the loveliest person I have ever met and I hope you know that I will always be grateful for your birth today and I will cherish you till the end. Happy birthday, honey.

70. In this new year, I hope for the best in everything that you do or want. Happy honourable birthday to you darling.

71. May your birth anniversary be better and awesome and fantastic than that of last year. Happy birthday to you darling.

72. As you set your eyes on this text, let it bring a smile to your face cos it’s the best day in the whole year cos my best friend was born today. Happy birthday dear girlfriend.

73. I remember that year that I wished that you would never grow old but it happened that you grew to be finer and even wiser than I thought. Happy birthday, dear.

74. we will always be family not because we are tied with blood but because of the love we share. Happy birthday to the sister my mom never gave me.

75. Some years ago, I thought if I was gonna cope in this world but fate brought you to me and the story changed. Happy birthday, dear.

76. There is no one who will ever mean so much to me as you, I wish you a great and wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday sweet.

77. I will take all orders from you today because it is your birthday and because I cannot just sit still you. Happy fabulous birthday to my favourite.

78. Today is the day I give thanks for having you in my life and for loving me the way you do. You are a blessing to me, so I wish you a long life and prosperity.

79. You fill up everywhere you are with smiles and joy. This is the reason I wish for your birthday, that you will always be an influence that will matter for life. Happy birthday, dear.

80. Today’s sole purpose is to celebrate your birth, I would like to wish you that everything you ever dreamed of comes true this year. Happy birthday, dear.

81. Today is not just to celebrate that we are alive but also because you are worth more than ruby. And you being such a wonderful person, the rest of the people should also celebrate the fact that you are beautiful. Happy fabulous birthday baby.

82. I wish I could be there to make your special day full of excitement, fun, joy and love. I can’t think of anyone who deserves that as you. Happy birthday, dearie.

83. Without you, the world will be boring as hell, so thank you for being a good friend, and happy birthday to you my chin chin.

84. We ‘ve journeyed through thick and thin in this past years and so I wish my best friend all the goodies in this world in your new year. Happy birthday honey pie.

85. you’ve been the best person I could have! You have shown me and the worldwide, how a friend should act like and that is why you are the best and truly deserve the best. Happy Birthday my wonderful Friend!

86. Instead of counting the scars you got last year, look on your birthday and be happy dearie and I wish you long life in all peace and love and joy.

87. I love you, and I will always cherish today because you entered into this world and I have you to myself. Happy birthday honey pie.

88. happy birthday darling!
You’ve been there all through last year and I love you, my dear friend, and I am glad to enjoy your special day with you. Have a blast.

89. When it comes to friends, you’ve undoubtedly been a good one, and I can’t love you less. Happy birthday, honeycomb.

90. Happy Birthday to My Bestie, You’re wished the best in every way.
We’ve been through thick and thin together for so long; I can’t think of living without your love. Happy honourable birthday dear.

91. You are a rare gem and that’s why on this, your special day, I wish you a sweet life.

92. I will never be tired of wishing you happy birthday. Live long, love life and do exploit.

93. Your birthday is a beautiful and wonderful occasion by itself. But for me, it’s a special day worth a lot of attention. Happy birthday to you.

94. Allow me to thank God for your birth on this day, cos you are a lovable fellow. Happy birthday to you hon.

95. Your birthday is always a reason to celebrate, I rejoice with the world to celebrate a young gem, happy birthday to you.

96. You make every day of my life so unique and sweet because your nature is unique. Happy birthday, I wish you a great year ahead.

97. It’s my goal and wishes to make sure your birthday is the most special day ever. I wish you a lovely birth anniversary.

98. I can’t wait to party with you to celebrate your birthday honey, I’m always excited that it’s your day. Have a fabulous birthday dear.

99. You are the most reliable person I know, I will forever cherish our friendship, happy birthday dear girlie.

100. I don’t think, I can convey the love I have for you through text message, but I wanna wish my baby a happy birthday, I wish you long life in all joy with me. Love you baby.

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