Birthday Messages for My Father

150 Happy Birthday Messages for My Father (From Son or Daughter) in 2023

Many people will agree with me on the fact that not every man with child(ren) is a father, and as it stands, yours merits every inch to be called a father.

For you to be on this page at this moment, it means that birthday bells are jingling for your father and you want to send him some heartfelt wishes.

Not to worry, I got you covered. I have specially prepared an array of wishes specifically for your Father.

Go through the list and make your choice. I wish your Father a happy birthday.

Sweet Birthday Messages and Wishes for Father

Your dad is plus one today, and you wanted to wish him a happy birthday with special words via SMS? You don’t need to worry about it too much, the following Sweet Happy Birthday Text Messages and Quotes is all you need.

1. You have been my support, my first love. Each and every day, I hope that you will be alive to reap the fruits of your labours. Happy birthday, Dad. I love you.

2. To a legend. You have been with me every step of the way, holding my hands always. You’ve shown me true love and I can’t wait to make you proud. This is to another year that will be better than the previous years. Happy birthday, Dad.

Birthday Message for Father

3. From the rising of the sun to its setting, there is no love to be compared to that which you have for me, and have shown me. Happy birthday, Dad. May happiness and fulfilment never depart from you all the days of your life.

4. Every day of my life, I’m thankful for your presence and role in my life. I look up to you greatly, and I hope to end up with a man like you. Today and forever, I wish that your life will be painted with everything beautiful. Happy birthday, Dad.

5. Every day I strive hard to put a smile on your face but I guess that no amount of material things can equal all that you’ve sacrificed for me. This is me saying happy birthday to the most awesome man I’ve ever known.

6. Dear Dad, words cannot describe how happy I am to witness your special day. With all the love in the universe, I’m wishing you a fantabulous birthday.

7. I have got the world’s greatest treasure, and that is you, Dad. You mean a whole lot to me. Happy birthday, Dad.

8. You are everything, and everything is you. You are heaven’s best gift to me. I love you, Dad. Happy birthday.

9. With you, I created beautiful memories. Just as those memories are etched forever in my memory, your joy and wellness will last forever. Happy birthday Dad

10. This is to a new year of your life. Today, as always, may your life be beautified more than the colours of the rainbow.

11. You are my hero, my first love. May heavens be in your favour today and always. Happy birth anniversary, Dad

12. Dear Dad, your life is like a light. May it never be quenched. I wish you the best of birthdays.

13. You will age like fine wine. Every good thing you desire shall come to you. Happy birthday, Vintage Dad

13. This day, may the universe conspire to be ever in your favour. Cheers to a new year, Daddy.

14. Your voice is my solace, your arms are my warmth. You nurtured me with love. Today, I’m sending all the love in the world to be with you. Happy birthday, Dad.

15. Whenever I look up to the skies, I realize how much your companions up there miss you. You are my star. Shine on, Daddy. I wishes you a lovely Birthday.

16. Because you are the best Father ever, you have my admiration, love and respect. Cheers to a new year of your life!

17. You’ve not only been a great Dad, you’ve also been my companion, shoulder to lean on, and trustworthy friend. I love you today and forever. Happy birthday, Dad.

18. To Heaven’s greatest gift to me, you are truly the best. Happy birthday, Daddy, I love you.

19. For all your love, care, support, and sacrifice, words fail me to express how grateful I am, and how much you really mean to me. You will live long. Happy birthday, Dad.

20. You are one of a kind, and I’m happy that you’re my Father. With lots of love, I’m wishing you the best birthday ever.

Happy Birthday to My Father

21. I celebrate you every day in my own little way. But on this your special day, you deserve to be celebrated specially. Happy birthday to the best man I’ve ever met.

22. Through everything, you remain my backbone. You love me and are always there for me. Happy birthday, dear Daddy. I love and cherish you.

Happy Birthday to My Father

23. To the funniest, the strongest, the most considerate, the most wonderful, the best and most blessed man ever, Happy birthday Daddy.

24. I’m so grateful that you are in my life. Hearty cheers to all the years you’ve toiled for me, and the double of it that you’ll enjoy from me. Happy
birthday, Dad.

25. You are my all-in-one and my one-man squad. What did I ever do to deserve you? Thank you for being you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

26. For everything you gave and sacrificed for me, I can’t thank you enough. Keep living, dear Dad. Happy birthday.

27. Through the years and circumstances, you’ve shown me love and affection too great to comprehend. On this special day, I can only give you back a part of it with all of my heart. This is to your best year yet. Cheers!

28. Dear Dad, you shall experience success, health and fulfilment at its peak in this new year of your life. Happy birthday.

29. May the universe conspire to bring you all the good things you’ve ever wished for. Happy birthday, Daddy.

30. From the depth of my heart, I wish you an awesome birthday. I love you, Daddy.

31. All I want to do today is to shower you with thanks and love for being who you are. You really are a great man. Happy birthday.

32. May the music in your soul, the smile on your lips and the laughter in your eyes never fade. Happy birthday, Dad.

33. Knowing you has been my good luck charm all through my life, and I cherish the fact that you’re in my life. Happy birthday, vintage Daddy.

34. Putting up with me and condoning my excesses is a backbreaking job on its own. But the way you combine it effortlessly with loving, caring and providing for me? Excellent. Thanks, super Dad, happy birthday.

35. My rock, my confidant, my awesome friend. You are one in a million, and I cherish you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

36. I’m proud of the fact that you are my Father. If I were to choose, it’ll be you all the way. Happy birthday, super Dad.

37. I love you so much that it hurts. But it’s okay because you deserve even more. Cheers to a new cycle of your life.

38. Everything is so damn special today because it revolves around you. You deserve the best, and the best will come to you. Happy birthday, sweet Dad.

39. I’m all that I am today because you moulded and shaped me. I can’t ever repay you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

40. You showered me with love and affection. You are everything I wished for in a parent, and more. To my loving Dad, happy birthday.

Cute Happy Birthday Messages for Father

Wish your father many happy returns on his day with the following Happy Birthday Text Messages for Father and be glad you did.

41. Whenever I get into a situation, I know that you have my back. And I’m thankful that I can always depend on you. Happy birthday, dependable Daddy.

42. You are just everything to me. Words fail me on this day. I love and appreciate you. Happy birthday, Dad.

Happy Birthday Message for Father

43. A special birthday for a special man. Only the best shall come to you, today and always. Cheers to an awesome year!

44. If there’s anything I’ll wish for, it is for you to keep living and impacting the world with greatness. Happy birth anniversary, Dad.

45. I’m taking this time out to thank you for all you’ve done for me. May the odds be ever in your favour. Happy birthday, Dad.

46. I’ve been searching, but I’ve not been able to find a present that will match all you’ve ever done for me. I cherish you today and always. Happy birthday, great Dad.

47. To my muse, my bedrock, my hero, my first love. You are just more than I deserve. I love you. Happy birthday.

48. A heart of gold, always giving off a warm smile, you gave your all for me, and you’ll get the best from me. Happy birthday, Daddy.

49. The moments and laughter we shared are etched forever in my memory. I’ll never forget how exceptional you are. Happy birthday, dear Dad.

50. No matter how old you get, you will always remain my friend and have a special place in my heart. I love you Dad, happy birthday.

51. Your love is the most awesome thing that has happened to me. Despite making every single day of your life exceptional, for you, I celebrate you on this your auspicious day. Happy birthday, Dad.

52. It is very rare to have a Father who is also a friend. Guess I’m one hell of a lucky child. May laughter never depart from your lips. Happy birthday, Daddy.

53. True friends are blessings. I won’t be wrong to say that I’m doubly blessed by having my Dad as my friend. My wish for you today and always is that joy, love and peace will remain with you. Happy birthday!

54. Do whatever you want. Go forth, rule and dominate because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, Daddy.

55. This day is made specially for you. Therefore, rule and feel free to live it the way you want. With all my love, happy birthday Daddy.

56. Just like icing on a cake, you sweeten life for me. Sweetest Dad, I wish you nothing but love on your special day. I love you.

57. You are a man of honour. I’m so glad to have you as my Father. I’ll choose you all over again. Happy birthday, Dad.

58. I’m sending all the good things of life your way today because you deserve them, and more. Happy birthday cute Dad.

59. I lay baskets of love, peace and fulfilment on this your auspicious day. I love you so much, Dad. Happy birthday!

60. Not only do I love you, I respect you. And today, I want to let you know how much I treasure you. Happy birthday Father.

Happy Birthday Message to My Father

Let your dad know how special he is to you with the below happy birthday text messages to my father form the heart.

61. You have all my respect because over time, you have proven to be a man with a difference. Happy birthday, Dad.

62. Ever since I knew you, you’ve been our family’s superhero. Hold on a bit, my siblings and I will spoil you with a lot of goodies. You really are a good man. Bon Anniversaire, Dad.

Happy Birthday Message to My Father

63. I look up to you and pray that I end up with a man like you. You are exceptional. Happy birthday, Daddy.

64. Eat, laugh, live and love. I wish you all the best things of life on this your special day. Cheers!

65. Have yourself a merry and wonderful birthday. You deserve all of it. I love you, Daddy.

66. Today is going to be the happiest day of your life yet. Bask in the gift of another year. Have fun!

67. On this special day of your life, I wish you more happiness than you can handle. Happy birthday, Dad.

68. You are one of the most amazing men I know and I wish you all the best in life. I’m proud of you, Dad. Happy birthday!

69. You are so lovable, and I wish you joy and happiness, today and always. No other could’ve fitted so perfectly as my Father. Happy birthday!

70. Just like fine wine, you improve as you add more years. Have the best of birthdays.

71. You are very special to me because you are my Dad and friend. I couldn’t have asked for more. Happy birthday, Dad, I love you.

72. You are a living legend, and I am wishing you a birthday worth remembering. Happy birthday Sir.

73. Always remember that you can do no wrong in my eyes. Happy birthday, Daddy!

74. Nothing can go wrong today. Everything is in your favour, because it’s your birthday. Hearty cheers to a prosperous year!

75. Let the only ache you’ll feel today be that of your munching on food and wine. Get drunk in happiness, birthdays come once a year. Happy birthday, Sweet Dad.

76. May all the love and kindness you’ve ever given out find their way back to you. With love, I wish you a happy birthday.

77. You are original, easily the best Dad out there and I want you to know that. Happy birthday, Darling Dad.

78. As you get older, you get better, and I’m so proud of you. Happy birthday, vintage Dad.

79. You are the eighth wonder of the world. You are always outstanding. You are a very special part of my life. I love you, Dad. Happy birthday!

80. You are simply amazing in so many ways. I wish you long life, sound health and prosperity. Happy birthday, Dad.

81. You’re a generational blessing, and I’m so lucky that you’re my Dad. Blessings will never depart from you. Happy birthday, great Dad.

82. You’re a rare breed, and our family are so blessed to have you in our lives. May your light never dim at its brightest point. Have an awesome birthday, Father.

83. Let’s light up the place and have mad fun because it’s your birthday. Enjoy your day, Super Dad.

84. Happy birthday to the happiest man know. You’re worth every wish and gift you’ll be getting today. I cherish you, Daddy.

85. On this day dear Dad, I wish to remind you that the world is your stage. Live and explore. Happy birthday Sir.

86. There’s a lot to live for. You’ve always been a fighter, and you can’t stop now. Happy birthday, phenomenal Dad. I’m proud of you.

87. Things will get bad and low, but you remain my source of inspiration. You are my treasure, Dad. Happy birthday.

88. In the midst of all the confusion, you still give meaning to life. You’re a strong man and I’m thankful I have you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

89. I’m not too good with words but my acts and heart say it all. I’ll love you forever, Dad. Happy birthday!

90. Today is exclusively for your celebration and nothing is going to ruin it. Happy birthday, Daddy.

Birthday Message for Father from Daughter

Make your father proud of you, with unbeatable birthday messages for dad from daughter you will send to him on his birthday.

91. Hey! You know I love you, right? Have a wonderful birthday. Kisses.

92. Happy birthday, Daddy. You’re one of a kind.

Birthday Message for Father from Daughter

93. To my fighter, my superhero, my friend and confidant. You are all I desire in a Dad. Happy birthday!

94. A Father has never come better as a whole package. You understand and put up with me, always. I’m grateful for that. Happy birthday, Dad.

95. Your good deeds are enough guarantees for a good life ahead. As you mark another year of your life, may every good thing come to you. Happy birthday, Sir.

96. As you grow older, bear in mind that the goodness that life has in store for you is yet to be exhausted. Have a happy birthday, cute Dad.

97. All that I’ve learnt from you over the years have been my guiding light, and I’m glad that I sat under your tutelage. Happy birthday Daddy

98. Bon Anniversaire, Mi Amor. You’re a great man, and your star just started shining. I’m glad that I know you up close. Shine on, Dad.

99. You’re the very best of men. May every day of your life be laced with uncountable blessings. Happy birthday, Daddy.

100. On this your birthday, I’m wishing you all the best because you are so lovable and awesome. Make sure you have fun today, Dad. Lots of love.

101. My love for you is like the sun which never goes short of its source. Happy birthday, Dad.

102. Today, I reiterate my undying love for you. I love you today and forever. Happy birthday, Dad.

103. Even if the sun gets cut short from its source of shine, my love for you will forever glow. Here is to a better year. Happy birthday, Dad

104. All the elements of the universe put together cannot produce enough fuel to burn away the love I have for you. Happy birthday Dad

105. Hey. The sun has got nothing on the glow of my love for you. You know that, right? Happy birthday, Pops.

106. On this occasion of your birthday, I want to tell you that I am proud of you and everything you represent. Happy birthday, Dad.

107. I’m grateful to God that I know a man as awesome as you are. Have a happy birthday today, Dad.

108. Bask in the beauty and awesomeness of your birthday. Happy birthday, Daddy.

109. You deserve every inch of the word, H-A-P-P-Y because you earned it. I love you, Dad. Happy birthday.

110. You are simply the best Father in the whole wide world. Nothing can change that. Happy birthday, Dad.

111. There are men, there are legends. Legends are Fathers, and you are at the top of the chart. Have a happy birthday, Father.

112. May your birthday be as bright as the sun and as fair as you are. Happy birthday, Papa. I love you.

113. Can every single man out there just be like you? You are the best, Dad. Happy birthday.

114. One word for you, Dad. AMAZING! Happy birthday Sir.

115. You’re so much awesomeness in one person. I’m glad I am your child. Happy birthday, Dad.

116. Although we don’t see eye to eye on some things, you always have my back and I’m thankful for that. Do have a blast on this your birthday.

117. It’s a relief to know that you are always there for me. Aren’t you just wonderful? Have a happy birthday, Daddy.

118. Just close your eyes and pretend that you’ve got no care in the world. Feels good, right? I want you to keep up with that feeling throughout today. You deserve it. Happy birthday, Father.

119. Ain’t nobody as caring, affectionate and supportive as you are. I’m super glad I got you. Happy birthday, Dad.

120. You’re such a fine role model, and I’m just comfortable emulating you. I’m proud of you, Dad. Happy birthday.

Birthday Message for Father from Son

Make this year birthday an unforgettable one for your dad with the following amazing happy birthday messages and quotes for father from a son that you will send to him from your heart.

121. This is a day of reflection and amendments. Start off your new year on a fresh note. Happy birthday, Pa.

122. There are so many potentials yet to be tapped into. Explore. The world is your stage. Happy birthday Sir.

Birthday Message for Father from Son

123. On this special day of yours, I want to remind you that the sky is not your limit. Explore the world to the fullest. Happy birthday, Dad.

124. Today, bear in mind that opportunities abound for you, and the sky is just the view. Reach out and do wonders. Have a good year. Happy birthday, Sir.

125. Do not dwell on your past. Rather, look forward to the future, to a brighter awakening. Have a swell year, Daddy. Happy birthday.

126. A whole lot of good things await you on the horizon. Do not pull back now. This year is one more step to getting there. Make it count. Happy birthday, Dad.

127. If I could, I would have just waved a wand and make your wishes come true. But what I wish is that you prosper and have a swift landing in all your dealings. Happy birthday, Pa.

128. You inspire me in ways you do not know. I love you, Dad. Happy birthday.

129. Your kind is rare and I’m glad I got you. Bon Anniversaire, Mon Pere.

130. Until tomorrow, I cannot fathom the depth of my love for you. I love you, Papa. Have a happy birthday.

131. I owe you a whole lot and can’t wait to move mountains for you. With lots of love, I wish you a happy birthday.

132. I love you to the ends of the earth and beyond. Happy birthday, Sweet Dad.

133. You have made me a better person in all aspects of my life. I’m happy you are in my life. Happy birthday, Daddy.

134. Being with you all these years have opened my eyes to the greater picture. Keep being you. Happy birthday, vintage Dad.

135. I can confidently say that I’m ready to face the world, all thanks to you. Happy birthday, Daddy. Keep living.

136. All that I am and have, is because of you. I want to take this time out to appreciate your input into my life. Happy birthday, Papa.

137. You’ve shown me what life is truly about; PURPOSE. My wish for you today and always is that you live out your purpose to the fullest. Happy birthday, Dad.

138. I’m short of words today. I pray that your life be painted with everything beautiful. Happy birthday, Daddy.

139. Hey Pops, I want to thank you for sticking your neck out for me all this time. Thanks a lot. Happy birthday.

140. You’re such a good man with a unique man. The blessings of the universe are yours, today and always. Happy birthday, Father.

141. For every time you came to my aid, I say a big thank you. Happy birthday, Super Dad.

142. My all-in-one Daddy; teacher, fighter, cleaner, helper… May good things never depart from you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

143. I may not be a fan of words but on this your special day, I’m letting you know that I love you. Happy birthday, Dad.

144. Over the years, you’ve been our strength and support. Now, it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy the same from us. Happy birthday, Daddy.

145. This new year in your life will be your best yet. I wish you God’s eternal blessings. Happy birthday, Sir.

146. Welcome to your year of unmerited favour and graces. It’ll be a super successful year for you. Happy birthday, Dad.

147. I guess you don’t know how lucky I am to have you as my Father. It’s a rare privilege. Have a happy birthday, Father.

148. My earnest wish is that we both live long so you can reap the fruits of your labour. I love you, Daddy. Happy birthday.

149. You are a great gift to the world. May you blossom and never wither. It’s happy birthday from me.

150. Have fun today, I know you will. You deserve to loosen up on your birthday. Happy birthday, Pops.

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