Thank You for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

2023 Heart Touching Thank You for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

I Thank You All for My Birthday Wishes and Quotes from the Heart

Here is the most perfect thank you all for your wishes on my birthday that you can use to appreciate everyone that make your birthday a remarkable one for you.

1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I really wish I could say more but I lack words to express the joy you filled my heart with.
Yesterday was an awe-inspiring day for me.
Your beautiful wishes made it possible.
Thank you! You deserve a medal.

2. My heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone who celebrated me on my birthday. I want to let you know that you’re all amazing. Kisses.

3. Hello, What if I told you that I felt like a celebrity on my birthday. Your torrent of love drenched me completely. Thanks for loving me and showing that you do.
I appreciate you.

4. Your prayers,
Your love,
Your care and much more are too numerous to mention made it a day.
Grateful is the word in my heart. Can you see it?

5. I read all your messages so much that I had to reread some of them.
Thanks for wishing me well, May your sincere wishes come to pass.
Thanks for those write-ups too. I won’t forget them in a long time.

6. You’re an Angel,
Ask me how.
Only an angel could have treated me the way you did on my birthday.

7. Big thank you to everyone who remembered me on my birthday. Your good wishes are not taken for granted.

8. To say I was surprised on my birthday would be an understatement, Thank you so much.

9. To whom much is given, much is expected. An ingrate I’d be if I fail to reciprocate your beautiful wishes on my birthday. I’m grateful

10. I feel so blessed to have a friend like you who cares about the happiness of others.
Your wishes were my prayers, Thank you!

11. Your outpour of love on my day was overwhelming. Thank you. What more can I say?

12. I never knew I had numerous fans until yesterday. Thanks for ‘coming’ out in masses to show me, love.

13. Thank you so much,
My timeline was flooded with messages of different forms and sizes. I laughed as I read them.

14. Some people used my pictures,
Some sent me inbox messages,
Others wrote an epistle for me.
You know what?
I appreciate it all. Thank you.

15. Many forgot my birthday but to the few who remembered. An ordinary ‘Thank you’ would never be enough.

16. I wish I could put up a video to appreciate you all for your beautiful wishes on my day. I was glad, Thank you!

17. With your show of care for me on this day, I’m beginning to think I am a superstar. High five!

18. It’s my birthday and I’ve got more wishes than I can read.
Your care is overwhelming. Thank you.

19. Excitement is what rushes through my heart today. I wish I could open up my heart to see. Please, accept my thank you.

20. You won’t believe it.
At a point, while reading your numerous messages, my phone’s battery dropped dead.
That is to tell you how much of love I’ve received.
Thank you so much.

Appreciation Messages for Birthday Wishes Received

21. Even though you never bought me a birthday cake,
I still appreciate your wishes.
Thank you so much.

22. Thanks for putting me in mind on my birthday.
I so much appreciate that.
Thank you!

23. It’s so great to have a friend who treats others in a special and kind way.
Thanks for the birthday wishes.
You’re amazing.
Aren’t you?

24. To my family and friends here, You’re the best.
Your kind wishes amazed me.

25. A ‘thank you’ would never be enough to those who cared so much to wish me a happy birthday.
You’re one in a million.

26. A rare gem you are.
Your praiseworthy works on my birthday revealed that.
Thanks a whole lot.

27. Thanks for sharing in my joy.
Thanks for lifting a smile across my face.
It was my birthday yesterday and you made it colourful.
Thank you.

28. I received more than I expected on my birthday.
Thanks for giving me more than I deserved.
What more can I say?

29. Wow!
You just ‘wowed’ me.
Thanks for your kind wishes.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

30. Reading through your wishes on my day,
Tears of joy trickled down my cheeks.
Thanks for bringing down memory lane.
Thank you so much.

31. May I say this?
You’re a gem.
Thanks for celebrating the greatness in me.

32. Thanks for being a part of me on the 10th of September.
God bless your heart.

33. I was overly excited when I read through your beautiful wishes on my day.
Saying thank you would never be enough.

34. Thanks for giving me what you gave on my day,
You could have withheld it, but you didn’t.
Thank you so much.

35. Your wishes made me scream.
You won’t believe it.
You’ve got a good heart.
Thanks again.

36. You were one of those who sent in your wishes.
Am I right?
Thanks for that.

37. Hello,
what’s up?
Just wanna thank you for your wishes.

38. Sometimes, wishes received on one’s day makes it memorable.
Thanks for being part of my well-wishers.
I appreciate you!

39. Hello.
Thanks for celebrating the life in me.
Thank you.

40. Commendable, I must say.
Thanks for your huge sacrifices on my birthday.
Its well appreciated.

Thank You Sweet Messages for Birthday Wishes

41. Thank you!
My birthday was a blast because of you.

42. I’m eternally grateful to God for giving me a friend like you who showered me with love on my day.
Thanks, darling.

43. As I logged in to Facebook this morning.
I received several notifications of messages.
Yours was part of them.

44. Thank you!
Thank you!!
Thank you!!!
Thanks for your kind wishes on my day.

45. It feels good having you in my life.
Thanks for creating a beautiful feeling in me on my day.

46. I know you are so busy yet you took a great deal of time to celebrate me on my special day.
I really appreciate that… I must say.

47. Thanks for being a friend.
Thanks for being friendly on my birthday too. You made me smile. Thank you.

48. If I was told I would receive hundreds of wishes yesterday, I wouldn’t have believed it. Thanks for making it happen, friends, I celebrate you.

49. Life can be so sweet when the right set of people surrounds you.
Thanks for surrounding me with love on my birthday.

50. Thanks to all friends and families who celebrated me.
May you all be celebrated in Jesus name.

51. When you have great minds around you, then you’ve got something worth more than diamonds.
Thanks for your beautiful posts in celebration of me on my day.

52. Your prayers,
Your wishes,
Your display of love,
They all made sense to me. Thank you.

53. Oh, That was so kind of you.
Thanks for wishing me well.
Thank you.

54. A friend loveth at all times.
Thank you for being that kind of friend to me. I appreciate those birthday wishes.

55. On a day like this
I want to thank everyone for their affection and sacrifices.
I can’t appreciate you enough.

56. I wish I could sing for all my well wishers,
I really wish I could.
Your love was overwhelming.
Thank you

57. As a friend,
You gave your best on my birthday.
Thanks a whole lot.

58. Happy birthday to me, and thank you all for your wishes.
I appreciate all of them.

59. If I were to pay everyone in cash for their kind wishes, I would run into debt o, let me just pay a little in words. Thanks.
Hope you understand that word?

60. You deserve an applaud!
Yes! You!
Thanks for celebrating me.

Thank You Quotes for Birthday Wishes

61. Friends and families,
Here’s a short word of appreciation for all you did for me on my birthday.

62. You’re so kind,
Thanks for putting me in remembrance on my birthday.

63. I saw your message yesterday and I was happy. You really gladdened my heart.

64. A friend like you is rare.
Yes, only a rare friend could wish me happy birthday in a grand style. Thank you!

65. With your beautiful wishes on my birthday,
You made me love you even more.
Thanks. I’m grateful.

66. Hmmn,
The rain of love fell on me on my birthday.
Thanks for showering me from different angles.
You’re blessed!

67. I will forever be grateful for your love on a day like this.
You’re amazing!
I hope you know that.

68. It’s my birthday.
And, you’re making it awesome.
Thank you!

69. You only sent me messages.
What about my gift?
Just joking.
I appreciate you!

70. Just when I think I’ve gotten enough,
Messages keep dropping in.
Thank you so much.

71. You brightened my special day,
Thank you. It means so much to me.

72. A friend like you is hard to find.
Thanks for your good wishes.
I won’t forget them in a lifetime.

73. Thanks for being a part of me.
Your celebration of me goes a long way.
Thank you, dear.

74. Can I thank you enough?
No, not at all.
Thanks a million.

75. My birthday was awesome.
Yeah, it was.
Thanks for the surprises.

76. Some people’s kindness cannot be repaid in words.
You’re one of such.
Thanks for colouring my day.

77. I’ve searched through the dictionary but no adjective can describe you.
Isn’t that amazing?
Thanks for making my birthday amazing.

78. A million thanks would still be insufficient.
Thank you, darling,
My birthday was a blast.

79. It was a memorable birthday.
You made it so.
Thanks a bunch.

80. Hello,
May I remind you of all you did on my birthday?
Thanks for showing me that you really care.
Thanks, friend.

Thank You Notes for Birthday Wishes

81. Really?
Never knew you could still remember me after so many years.
Thanks for the birthday showers, I appreciate it.

82. Should I kneel down in appreciation?
How best can I appreciate you?
Thank you so much!
You’re a darling.

83. Hello!
I really appreciate all you did on my day.
That was so thoughtful of you, Thank you!

84. Yesterday was one of my happiest days.
You made it possible and I’m grateful.

85. For all you did for me on my special day:
The care wishes and all, I’m really grateful,
Thanks for loving me.

86. Your wishes left memorable footprints in my heart. It would be seen forever.
Thank you!

87. You’ve really shown that you love me. Thank you for creating a beautiful feeling in me on my birthday.

88. Gratitude is the word in my heart.
Come close. You would see it clearly.
Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one.

89. I love you more!
Your show of affection on my birthday was just too much for me to comprehend. Thank you!

90. I’m saying thank you, not just because I want to, but because you deserve it.
A gem you are.

91. 3rd of September was a great day for me.
Amongst many others, you made it great.
Thank you!

92. You were one of those who inspired me on my birthday.
Thanks for the inspiring write-ups.

93. Hello, beautiful soul.
Thanks for making my birthday a beautiful one. I love you already.

94. My friends are Wonderful.
They did so much for me on my day, thanks for being part of them.

95. Many times, we feel happy because of the people we have around us. Thanks for making my day.

96. Thanking you for all you did on October 5.
You’re a blessing.
Thank you!

97. I can’t appreciate you enough. that’s certain! Just accept this token of love; Thank you!

98. Thank you, friends.
You amazed me on my birthday.
Thank you!
Thank you!!

99. Hey!
You were part of those who sent good wishes to me on my day.
Thanks for being good.
I appreciate you!

100. Some people claimed they were busy.
Thankfully, you were not too busy to wish me a happy birthday.
Thank you so much.

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