Good Love Poems from the Heart 1

2023 Good Love Poems from the Heart

Want some Good Love Poems you can send to someone you cherish and care for? Use the ones below.


Good Love Poems for Lover

Spice up your love relationship with these Sweet Love Poems.

1. You Are Special

You are special
Because you are my best friend
You have touched my life
In ways I can’t express
You have been my pillar
You have been my strength
You are special
Because you are my dream come true
Everything I ever wanted is you.

2. My Light

You came into my life
And my darkness turned to day
My sorrow became joy
Each day becomes brighter
Because I have you.

You are my sun in the day
My moon in the night
The light that brightens my world
You are my everything.

3. Last Love

I have loved before
But and I
What we share
Feels so different

I never knew love could give much joy
My life became the home of happiness
Ever since it felt your presence

Truly you are not my first love
But my heart gladdens
Cos you are my last love
I will cherish this forever.

4. Love Me Forever

Love me… forever
Let this that we share
Be everlasting

My love
My heart
My desire

Let this love continues to journey
In your heart forever

Love me
Love me forever
Let our love be everlasting.

5. Life Without You

Thousands of times I have imagined
What my life would be without you?

A home of tears
A shelter of sorrow
An abode of sadness
Each day I will eat from the plate of unhappiness

Life without you is no life at all
Am grateful I have you
My joy, My happiness, My all.

6. Never Say Goodbye

It’s not a song for the heart
It destroys the heart Joy
It crashes dreams

Never say goodbye
Let’s walk on the path of love
Together..holding hands
Forever and ever.

7. The Chase

I keep doing the chasing
Chasing what is not there
I keep doing the running
Running after what has left

Thats how I feel right now

Have chased and chased
What I can never have
Tired of running
Over what has left

8. Thank You

The day you were born is a special day
Heaven rejoice at your birth
The world welcomes the new born
Grateful you made this world a place you want to be
For the love
The joy
Happiness you have given me
I say thank you
Thank you for loving me

9. Only you

I have chosen you
The king of my heart
Only you will I love
No one else but you

I have chosen you
To cherish forever
Only you will I cherish
No one else but you

10. Forever Yours

I am for you
Today, Tomorrow, the day after
I have chosen to love you
As long as my heart beats
I have chosen to cherish you
Forever and ever.

11. You ad I

Two hearts locked together
In love, endless love
Me the bride, you the groom
What a perfect match!

Two hearts glued forever
Seperation? No, never!
Oh! sweet love
Loving couples,beautiful life

Two hearts made to be one
A union so blissful
A love so wonderful
The dream of everyone
12. Missing You

I woke up this morning
To your lovely smile
Your beautiful eyes
Those shining teeth

I bent to touch your face
Oh! How much I love those face
I feel the pain
My heart breaks

How long will I be like this?
Wishing you are here
All I can do
Is to keep looking at the picture
The picture of you


My love…
Do you know I wonder
How my life would have been without you


You complete me
You are all I ever needed


I have heard of dreams in reality
Reality in dreams
Each time I think of you
It’s like a dream come true
My dream! A reality!!
That’s what you are


As I lay in bed
Memories of you
Fills my thoughts

I smile..
The smile you gave me
Every moment with you
Leaves me smiling at nights.


I twist my waist all the time
Thinking you will be attracted by it
I made my voice tiny like a bird’s
Hoping it would melt your heart

My skin colour I have changed
Just to gain your attention
Even a minstrel I have become
Just so you would listen

Why won’t you let me be your Cinderella
The one in whose eyes you’ll see stars?
Please, let me be the special one
That will make you smile forever


It has become so hard…
After holding back for so long,
This look in your beady eyes
Makes me stir some more!

The way you make me feel…!
Ah, I feel so incomplete!
I can no longer hide the feeling
It’s slowly tearing me apart!

How do I stop this rain…?
To you I’m just ‘that friend’
But I want to be so much more;
Hold hands, share a kiss…

Thinking about the future,
I see nothing else but you.
How I wish you could see me,
As the mother of your kids.

Can’t you borrow my eyes?
See through them, just once!
Perhaps you’ll know this truth
I’m still single because of you


Many times, day and night
I have hoped I am right
Wishing everything could be alright

That we could be tight
Leaving no space for a fight
I wish like lovebirds we could be
Not stinging like angry bees

Ah! So hard I have prayed
Not to be slayed
By this love I’ve always craved


Loving you
The best part of me

This feeling
This love
Moments we shared
Will forever linger in my heart

You are everything I ever wanted
Everything I ever needed


Days without you
feels like a dry sunny day
My soul thirsts for you
My heart long for you
Every day I wake
With thoughts of you

I miss the moments
The moments we shared
I miss you
The man my heart desire

You are a man with a beautiful soul
Am glad I met you
I keep missing you every second.

21. Voice In My Heart

Can I hide this feelings?
The desire to know you more
Can I keep it to myself?
Your face that floods my thoughts

Every night I wonder
The misery behind this
Which my eyes can’t see

My heart is doing the looking
My hand is doing the talking
My eyes is doing the waiting
How long will it be like this?

I don’t know if this is right or wrong
All I hear
Is the voice in my heart
Calling for you

22. A Sweet Night

As I lay in bed
With memories of you
My heart dances in joy

Closing my eyes
With memories of you
A sweet dream
This night will gift

23. Moments

This I cherish
The moments we shared
The kisses from your lips
Your touch
Your embrace
The way you hold me tight
The whisper of my name
Your sweaty face
That look you have
Each time we dance
To the rhythm of our bodies
Every moment is a celebration in my heart

24. Unreachable

Here I am
Clung over your picture
I could touch you
like this portrait of you

You look sweaty
I keep using my hand
To wipe the sweat
The sweaty face of you
The face in the picture

I want to hold you
Hold you so close
Close enough, Never let go.

Here I am
Clung over your picture
I could touch you
Like this portrait of you

My Lover Loves Me
My heart dances with joy
I am my lover’s pride

What food could be better to feed the heart?
If not that which is made from love

My lover is the sun
That brightens my life
I am my lover’s pride.
Can you see that?

25. Magic Of Love

His world
His pride
His home
Much more..she is to him

Her Joy
Her Life
Her King
Much more..he is to him

What binds them together
Reason to be happy forever

Full of laughter
Built in Joy
The magic of love.

Grateful II

Daily as I live
Every breath I take
Will be filled with thanks

I never knew happiness had so much meaning
That you could wish each day will last much longer

You came into my world
My life became a home of Joy
Filled with love

I will forever be grateful
For this joy
You have given me.


Life has given me many reasons to be be thankful
To be joyful

My world is filled with happiness
I have been given a gift
What I know not to deserve

Life gave me the best friend ever
The one who has made my world a happy place

I will forever be grateful
For this gift I am given
The gift of You.

My All
When I think of how it all began
This sweet path am walking with you
Nights you held me tight
So close..I never want to let go

I think of you…us
What we share..
You are everything I ever wanted

A happy life without you
Is a dream not realised.

27. Undying Love

To love and to hold
To cherish and to adore
Till death do us part

“I do”

This vow I have made
To love you today
Tomorrow and forever

No matter how stormy the road may be
I will never let go
In Sickness and in wealth
Together we will be

I have chosen you
This choice I made
Will forever be cherished.

28. Heart robber

Catch him!
Yes ! Chase him
The one who holds
The keys to my heart

Tie him !
With the rope of love

You came into my world
You opened the doors of my heart
And stole all the love that dwells in it

Chase him!
Never let him go
Only him holds the keys
To the doors of my heart

Tie him!
Yes ! Tie him!
With the rope of love.

29. Forget Me Not

Remember me my love
The moments we shared
Your whispers in my ears
Telling me our love is forever

Remember me my love
My undying affection for you
The one that has filled my heart
Making it his home

Forget me not
Morning Afternoon Evening
Cos all that crowds my day
Is the thought of you.

30. My Light

I was walking in darkness
Thinking it was light
The paths I have thread
Dreaming it was the best

Meeting you
The sun that shines so bright
To lighten my world

My moon
In the night
My stars
In the sky

I never knew I was in darkness
Till I met light.

31. Heart Song

Play the music
So loud to deaf a ear
The one that sings with heart

Let’s move together
To the rhythm of our hearts

Again and again
Let the music play
A song that sings with heart

Only the heart knows best
The music of love.

32. My First Love

Do you know have never seen any man like you?
Have not met any to love me like you do

Each time I remember
The look on your face
Your smiles
oh! that beautiful smile

You opened the doors of my heart
You gave me the definition of love

My first love
My first path
Forever will this heart hold
Memories of you.

33. Forever Love

I have been touched
By an angel of love
I have been crowned
With the gift of love

This gift I have been given
Forever it shall be cherished

This touch of love
Forever it shall remain
In the walls of my heart.

34. Am Sorry

I made you feel unappreciated
Took you for granted
For every wrong I did..
Am sorry..

I miss u
I miss us..
I miss our love

Wish we could be back together
Have a love like never before
Where we dont box and bite

I promise not to bark at your errors
I will love you more than before
Just come back to me
Sorry for all I did.

35. Dance Of Love

Play me like a guitar
Touch me like a keyboard
Let’s move together
Following our heart step

Either Jazz,reggae or hip hop
Let’s follow the beat
The tunes in our heart

Fast ,slow,soft ,rough
Let’s move together
To the song our heart sings .

36. Best Love

If I have another chance
To come into this world again
You I will choose
To be my king and my all

If I have another chance
To come into this world again
My heart I will give to you
Every bit of excluding any

If I have another chance
To come into this world again
You I will choose
To be my first and last love.

37. Unlimited Love

Let me keep loving
Like this..forever
You and I
Separation..oh! Never

This love has filled my heart
I have drank from its cup
Every part of me
Thirst for this drink of love

Forever and ever
This love will remain
You and I
Separation… oh! Never.

38. My Reason to Live

My world was a lonely place
Daily,i wished my life would end

Have seen people rejoice
Wonder where my happiness is

You came my love
And my life became shinny as the sun

You gave me a reason
To look forward to the start of a new day

You are my my life
My hope
My reason to live.

39. Wife for Sale

Auction! Auction ! Auction!
Wife for sale

Beautiful inside out
Elegant , Unique and intelligent

Skilled in the bedroom
Expert in the food world

Won’t you buy a wife?
One who is best in all

Sales goes to the highest bidder
The one who knows the song of love

Come buy a wife
If you are ready to dance in love.

40. Wrong Love

I made a mistake
To have loved you so much

This desire
I wish I can quench

I gave you my all
Made sacrifices
Just to keep this love alive

I want to stop loving
The you who sees me as nothing

Thousand tears I have shed
Just because I love you.

41. One More Kiss

Come give me
Your Succulent Lips

Let me taste
The sweetness in your tongue

Let our lips meet
Following each other lead

One more kiss
Is all I ask

Just one more time
Let our lips meet

Let them talk for long
Lost in each other sweetness.

42. Let Me Be The One

Let me be the one
To wipe tears of your face
To hold you when you are sad

Let me be the pillow you rest on at nights
Let me be the sun you wake up to every morning

Let’s live each day as our last
Making each other happiness our goal

Let me be the one
To stay with you till eternity.

43. What Is Love?

What is love?
Is it the butterflies in your stomach at the sound of your lovers voice?
Is it burning in your heart when the one you love is unhappy?
Is it the joy you feel each time you are with that person that makes everything feels good?
Love is Joy
Love is happiness
Love is you.

44. Your Special Girl

Sometimes I wonder
If I am still your special girl
If all we shared
Has not become a thing of the past

Distance I hear lies in the heart
Yet I keep wondering
If the miles between us
Has not built a wall on our love

As each day passes
I keep asking
I keep wondering
Am I still your special girl?

45. Will You Be The One?

This world is a journey
Where it leads
No one knows

Will you be the one
To walk this path with me
Wherever it leads
Together we will go

Will you be the one
To hold my hand
And never let go

This world is a journey
A market place for every being
Wherever it leads
Together we will go

46. Forever Cherished

Can I ever forget?
Your soft touch
Sweet lips
Lovely smile
Deep voice
The joy that rides through me each time am with you

Can I ever forget
How it feels to love you
To have you as mine
Only mine
Every second is full of happiness
When it is shared with you.

47. Found Love

I have found a Jewel
Far above rubies
More than a gold
Even diamond can’t stand it’s worth

I have found the one
Who makes sense even in nonsense
No matter how sad I feel
His thoughts alone puts a smile on my lips

I have found the one
Who loves me beyond measure
Someone to call mine
Who makes my joy his priority
I have found love in you.

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