Sweet Love Poems for Him

100 Sweet Love Poems for Him – Love Poems for Boyfriend in 2023

Sweet Love Poems for Him: Sweet Romantic Love Poems for Your Boyfriend.

Let Us Face It…

Nothing makes a relationship blossom that caring for each other. And you will also accept that romantic words are one of the recipes of a blossoming relationship. So all the romantic words you need are written in here and carefully structured for your lover’s consumption.

Then all you need to do is to copy and paste any of the poems for your lover. Most assuredly, you will be glad using these sweet love poems for him that you love. Just follow the table of contents below and you will get what you need almost instantly. And do remember to share the Post.

Sweet I Love You Poems for Him – Loving You Poems for Boyfriend

My Everything

You’re the air that I breathe,
My love,
My life,
My soul,
My happiness,
My everything,
My sunshine,
My full moon,
My dark,
My light,
My sky,
My ups,
My downs,
My reason to live,
My strength,
My weakness,
My heartache,
My pain,
My joy,
My heartbeat
My start,
My finish,
You are my everything.

When I Say I Love You

When I say “I love you”,
I’m saying that I care,‎
I am saying that you are in my heart,
In you I’ve found friendship,
wonderful and rare.‎

When I say “I love you”,
Know that it’s got a profound meaning,‎
In you all my fears has been uncovered,
And my soul finally found what it feels has been missing.

When I say “I love you‎”,
I’m trying to express the fact that,‎
you can always count on me,‎
I am embedded with the best,
That best, I would give you.

When I say “I love you”
I’m trying to convey,‎
How much I admire you,
How much I desire you,
How much I respect you,
How much you are needed.

When I say “I love you”,
I’m saying “thank you”‎,
For for being real,
For being sincere,
For being transparent,
For being a part of my life.‎

When I say “I love you”,‎
Words ain’t enough to express
Million words won’t either,
I simple want you to know,
I love you.

The Perfect Friend

I’ve found the perfect friend,
Someone who I know will be there till the end,
They aren’t just thoughts that will fulfill,
But thoughts that will stand eternity still.

Calm as the wind on a hot summer’s day,
Calm as your friendship I’ll never fraud,
Calm as the characters in a photograph,
Calm as your breathless, silent laugh.

With you I’ve found the perfect friend,
A mind that I can fully grasp,
A person I see, so much like me.
A mutual relationship without cares.

Without cares as a child who questions the world,
Without cares as a scream that goes unheard,
Without cares as an adult blessed with a dream and vision,
Without cares as water flowing downstream.

I’ve found the perfect friend
With whom I can be real, and never pretend,
Tell the truth, even when it hurts,
You’ve always been someone unique from the rest,
You sure hold a piece of me no other can possess.

With you, the reason to live every moment in time,
With you, the life I want and always will want,
With you, I have the perfect friend,
With you, I see myself till the very end.

Would You?

What if I told you,
I want to love you for the rest of my life?
Would you let me?
If I give you my heart,
My mind,
My soul,
My world,
Would you hold dear and protect?
Would you take my love for granted?
Would you shield my love?
Would you grow old with me?


I will always love you,
That’s an assurance,
You can push me away,
I won’t stop coming back,
you can deny your desire and say it can’t be,
I would never let the walls come between you and me.
You’re afraid of your dark side,
I know,
I have never feared your hands
or their sharp, pointy claws,
I love them,
I have never doubted you,
I love you,
I love all that you are,
And all that you would be,
protest all you like,
but you will not get far,
You can never change my mind,
Trust me on it,
My heart will stay true,
closer to you forever,
I will wait for you forever,
so get used to the fact that,
I will always love you.

Love Opportunity

No longer are my days of trial,
Your touch is like heaven on earth,
Know this, all I say is true
Everything would wait just to be with you,
Mouth to mouth,
Hand to hand,
Palm to palm
If I ever get the opportunity, I wouldn’t let you go
I love you with all my heart.

Be Mine Forever

I may be young,
But my heart is strong,
I may be poor,
But your love wouldn’t die in my soul,
I know what love is,
Love is us,
Love is you and I together,
Your presence make all my problems float away,
No matter how terrible the day
I love our being together,
our heart connects,
Even when we are apart,
And when I get weary in my soul,
Your love encourages,
Be mine forever.

The Rock of Love

The day I laid eyes on you,
I knew for certainty,
This was dream come true,
Everything my heart desires,
You’ve got it,
In one single go,
It made my love grow,
Oh! Now, My life is complete,
Because you came in
No more strife, contention, competition,
Because at last, my future a reality,
We would go together,
To blast the rock of love.

Together and Forever

You showed me,
Love’s true meaning,
A guardian, with the responsibility of saving me,
My heart,
An organ I can’t live without,
For years to come,
I hand my heart over to you,
Do good to keep it,
We will grow stronger
Together And forever longer.

In Love With All That You Are

I didn’t just fall in love with the best of you,
The way your eye light up my life…I fell in love with it,
The way your laugh makes me laugh…I fell in love with it,
The way your hand fits in mine…I fell in love with it,
The way your personality stands out,
The way your smiles gives encouragements,
The way you carry yourself,
I fell in love with all of it, all of you,
I fell in love with your scars,
Your many imperfections,
Your good,
Your bad,
Your beautiful,
Your ugly,
Your happy and angry moments,
The way you make sarcastic remarks,
The way you sometimes want to be alone
I fell in love with everything that you are,
I fell in love with the Big in you,
I love every part of you,
In total submission of that love,
I love you.

Something Different

You weren’t just another friend like I thought,
I got to know you just like the others,
But suddenly, something became different about you,
I let my heart unbend to know what it really is,
The past didn’t but flash,
My many hurts, pain, and loss
Forgetting the first love ain’t easy
Another try…ain’t a bad idea,
And so, my confession,
I am in love with you
Just wanted you to know.

The Truth

Sometimes I think that I’m for you,
Just a silly thought though,?
I’m really not sorry for my feelings,
I pretty much love you,
I have to let you know, ?
I can’t handle it,?
I Swear I Can’t,?
I Love You!
I can no longer fake my feelings, ?
I don’t know how much hope I have,?
But I know I love you.

Your Heart Beats Music

You are amazing and beautiful,
You are my flower that won’t wither,
You are much prettier than I thought,
Both inside and out,
You are loving and caring,
Filling me with happiness and love,
Your eyes are so stunning,
Your heart is kind,
Your thoughts are wise,
I cannot look away
I cannot but make sure you are mine
You are Gorgeous,
You shine like the sun,
In your arms is where I belong,
Your heart Beats fit so well,
I can fix a beautiful lyrics,
I love you with all my heart darling.

The One

There is a one,
One who points my way to the sun,
One whose love gives direction,
One who makes me happy,
One who gives me joy and happiness,
One who supports me and gives me courage,
One who won’t leave me in the face of trouble,
My one and only,
My Guardian angel,
My lover,
My friend,
Through you, my children would come,
You have lightened my soul,
I am grateful for it,
I love you.

Good Morning Love Poems for Him

Sweetest good morning love poems for husband or boyfriend to wake up to as he is entering the beautiful day.

The Best of Today

I opened my eyes, this morning,
You came to mind immediately,
All I did was smile because, you’ve been in my thoughts, all night long‎,
‎So, I thought to pick up the phone,
To wish you the best today brings,‎
So here is my wishes for you my love,
A good morning to you!

May Your Day Be Filled

On this lovely morning,
I want to wish you all the best,
May your day be filled with awesomeness,
May you day be filled with wholesomeness,
May your day be filled with laughter,
May your day be filled with joy and happiness,
May your day be filled with all fantastic goodies my dear,
Good morning and have a nice day.

As the Day Starts

Good morning my sweetheart,
As this day starts,
I pray for you a lovely day,
Filled with happiness, good gifts and joy,
I pray for you a blessed today,
A very good morning to you,
Keep smiling!

I Got You Smiling This Morning

The thought of you lift my mood,
The thought of you gives me joy,
The thought of you makes me smile,
This morning I want the thought of me to do the same,
Simple take my name,
Put it on your lips,
Confess my name severally with smiles on your face,
Start your day with the smile,
I sure got you smiling,
Good morning to you.

The Riches of Today

I missed you in the day,
I missed you at night
Now I am missing you in the morning,
Can’t you see how great my love for you is?
Looking at how bright the sun is,
This is what I have to say,
That today would bring you it’s best,
That today would bring you it’s riches,
Keep smiling and have a good day,
Good morning!

Good Morning Dear

Don’t know why I love you so much,
Don’t know why I hold so dear,
Don’t know why you mean so much,
I just know I am longing for your hug and touch,
I miss you so much darling,
Good morning my dear.

Have A Lovely Day

I knew it,
I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away from you for long,
I know that in my heart, there you would dwell,
Early in the morning, Is when I miss you the most,
In my thoughts I am engrossed,
Imagining you are here with me,
Anyways, I am Sending you my warm wishes this morning,
Have a lovely day,
Good morning!

Goodnight Sweet Dreams Poems for Boyfriend

Romantic good night have a sweet dream poems for him that your boyfriend is about rest from the work and stress of the day.

This Distance

This distance is turning my blood cold,
The pale face of me, not fun,
If I could jump the ocean just to be close to you,
I fell in love with you,
It became an ugly truth to me,
I have come to believe my restlessness,
Goodnight, brightly my fire burns‎
Goodnight, sweet princess,
Goodnight, my love.

Love’s Dreamy Ride

The hustle and bustle of the day goes silent,
My heart keeps beating,
The need for your presence, an obvious need,
My heartbeat gets louder every minute,
The truth is;
As soon as the sun goes down,
As soon as the night takes over day,
I start missing you,
In all the possible ways I can,
So also when the stars lights up,
I go out to stare,
Believing I would see your face,
Now it’s time for bed,
I am wishing you are here,
So we could both go on this dreamy ride,
Good night.

Sleep, Baby Sleep

May the sunshine suspends the darkness,
Breaking laws of the past,
With great joy gleams of pure light,
Singing with voices of unavailable sight,
While radiation of light shows dusty bits,
I feel out of tricks…‎
Watching  those joyful gleams,
Sits over the dreams of our love,
as the day flow into the night,
Sleep, sleep, baby sleep.‎

Good Night True One

Lying in my bed,
Your face came as a flash,
All I can think of is you,
All I am thinking of is you,
all that you do,
The way you smile at me,
The way you look at me,
The way you submit to me,
It feels to me like a dream sometimes,
The color of your eyes, unforgettable,
The butterflies in my belly, unending,
You presence, brightened my life
A beautiful smile you have
A sincere heart you have,
A true bride you would make,
I love you with all my heart, good night.

Wishing You Good Night Again

I quietly spoke in your ear,
As you sleep so near,
wishing you would hear,
my love so dear‎,

So safe and sound,
with my love around,
Joyful  and free,
right beside me,

Right here beside you, I would be,
No traces of nightmare when you wake,
More hugs await you in the day,
our time, with no end,


I wish I am your blanket,
I wish I am your pillow,
Above all, I wish I am your bed,
There won’t be worries,
Course we would be lying side by side,
You could rest your head on my shoulders,
Get uncountable hugs,
Imagine I was the bed sheets,
Imagine I was the duvet,
You would be absolutely warm,
I hope I got you smiling?

I Miss You Love Poems for Him

Romantic I miss you so much quotes that you can send to your husband or boyfriend as he is away for one reason or the other.

Hard to Let You Go

I am Here, feeling down,
Knowing you should be around,
But I pushed you away,
Now facing the world on my own.
Wishing you were here,
I am a man with a heart that can’t be fixed,
I can’t stop crying,
I didn’t want you to go,
But I had to let you go,
I miss you.

Come Back Home

Crazy in love with you,
I think I’m going mad,
I am overly restless,
I can’t stop thinking,
of the special times we had,
Our playing together,
Our many fightings,
Our talks and unending laughs,
Each moment lasts forever in my heart,
I can’t recover from the fact that
you went away,
Another opportunity to be beside you,
Another opportunity to see you face to face,
To feel your heartbeat
And to be lost in your Arms,
I gaze out of the window each day,
waiting for you to come back home.

Unending Emptiness

I gaze out my window,
And look up at the moon,
I play the waiting Game,
And pray you’ll be here soon,
What if it works out?
What if it doesn’t?
What would the definition of “wait” be?
Hope springs eternal, they say,
He that believes doesn’t make haste, says the book,
I believe of course,
But I can’t bare the unending emptiness,
That comes from missing you,
Say Yes! Say yes! Yes!!
That my joy may be full.


My heart aches when I talk to you,
The distance is killing,
My heart aches when I don’t hear from you ,
The distance is yet killing,
You’ve taken over my thoughts ,
With no much struggle,
It’s unexplainable
And what I feel inside is indescribable
I want you close by
I miss your hugs and kisses,
I miss you!

The Big Question!

Why am I such a fool?
I can’t stop myself from loving you,
I can’t stop thinking about you,
And countless nights I’ve cried for you,
And that is because my feelings are true and I can’t find a way to tell,

You’re my up and down,
Your feelings in me, all around,
Don’t lie to me, I know,
You don’t love me,
But your friendship I cherish,

I’ve spent so long waiting for you,
Believing probably you would change your mind,
Ts obvious I can do nothing ,
But then, I can’t stop myself from loving you,
Even though I want to,
Even though I try to,
Even though I push myself to,
I can cry all I want,
But I can’t pass it off as nonchalant,
My feelings won’t just go.

Piss me off, make me cry,
Push me away, ignore me,
Tell a lie if you want,
Make me hate you,
It’s alright,
I would love u still.

I want to move on and have a life,
I’ve always wanted you to be my wife,
Fake and deceit I can take no more,
My heart is too sore,
I can’t deal with more rejection,
I don’t Mind if you have a change of heart,
I want you to know I miss you.

My Singing Bird

When I woke up this morning,
You were on my mind,
You are still on my mind though,
Your smiles gives me courage,
I remembered your arms around me,
With you by my side, I am safe,
Your voice… like the singing bird,
It makes my heart skip many beats,
Without you baby my whole body is weak,
I miss you with all my being.

The Confidence Your Love Give

I miss telling you everything,
I miss showing you things,
I miss our eyes connecting,
I miss the confidence we give each other,
I miss your touch,
I miss our joy,fun and excitement together,
I miss everything whatever and all that share,
I miss you even when I don’t like to,
I wish that I could be right now with you,
Where the warmth of our love chases every cold
But since I can’t be with you right now,
I would delight my self in dreaming about you.

Hello! Hello!! Hello! Hello!!

Calling my love and everything,
Calling to let you know I miss you badly,
Calling to let you know my heart never stops beating for you,
Calling to let you know your name is always on my lips,
Calling to let you know distance can’t come in between us,
Calling to let you know I can’t hold my thought, nor my emotions of you,
Calling to let you know I miss you badly.

Just Thinking

Thinking about how much I love you,
Thinking about how much I respect you,
Thinking about how much I want you to be forever mine,
You there, me here,
The distance between us a road I can cross,
Thinking about how much I can wait to have you,
Thinking about how much I would Everly appreciate you,
Just simply thinking of you.

Counting The Times

Functioning in all my tasks,
I live each day as it comes,
Smiling and laughing at the thought of you,
But deep inside I am so alone,
Craving for the day you would come home,
Counting each minute, seems like counting many hours,
Counting many hours seems like counting forever,
Hehe… only the thought of you,
Gives the ability to bear time,
Knowing that I would soon be with you.

Just The Two of Us

I was remembering our times together,
The good,
The bad,
The beautiful,
The Ugly,
The best,
The worse,
The funny times when you cheered me up,
The times when it wasn’t funny and you cheered me,
I am remembering your eyes ,
How they always meet mine,
Comforting, encouraging, trusting, believing,
I am currently remembering all the little things you do,
How you play,
When you frown because you want a message passed across,
All of this is to make my life worthwhile,
I can’t stop thinking when we would be together again,
just you and me.
I’m definitely missing you more than I usually do.

Love’s Study

Study closely,
You will understand how I Feel,‎
Look Deep In My Eyes and heart,‎
You’ll see your name written there in,
I have imagined you touching my heart in reality,
‎Probably ‎you would know how much I love you,
No words can fit in,‎
No words can fix it,
I love you more than you think I love you,‎
You are my life,‎
And my other half,
My past, my present and my future,‎
The Man I have always wanted is you,‎
I know a lot has loved you prior to my meeting you,
I have come to love you more,‎
Your happiness… A source of life for me,‎
I am Breathing  because you are Breathing, ‎
I know you don’t feel exactly the same,
Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time that my love would grow in your heart,‎
I would wait until you come to love me.

Sweet I Am Sorry Love Poems for Him

Here are romantic I’m sorry love poems for husband or boyfriend that you can send to him from your heart after a misunderstanding.

Don’t Let Love Turn To Hate

How could I be so stupid and silly,
To let you slip away from me,
I had you in my arms,
But I let you slip away from my heart,
I want you back,
In my life, In my heart, In my business,
But now it’s too late…according to you,
But according to me no time is late,
I’ve already said goodbye,
But, I want you back,
Don’t let love turn to hate,
I want to go back in time,
I want my life with you back,
I want your love back,
Let’s fix all that was wrong,
Let’s make it work again,
Let’s not fight again,
My regrets are obvious,
I admit my faults,
I was so immature,
I was so proud,
I couldn’t have acted wise,
I broke my own heart, thinking I was breaking yours,
I can’t undo what I have done but I am sorry,
I love you still,
It was a bad decision,
I want you back,
I am sorry,
please take me back,
I need you right now,
I need you back,
So my life would be balanced,
Please forgive me.

Apology Can’t Heal the Past

Here we are in my room,
Laying next to you,
Staring deep into your eyes as you lay,
I wish I had done everything to make you stay,
I looked back at all our times spent together,
wondering how we made it through all the ups and downs,
Yet in the midst of it all,
We lost it to our pride,
I gently brush your hair behind your ear,
Losing you was my one and only fear,
How did we ever get to the point of separation,
Why do all great things come to an end?
A question I would never find an answer to,
You were my friend, my love, my baby, my wife, my everything,
I didn’t see separation coming,
I made myself believe everything was okay,
I love all that we were,
Now you’re gone,
Away from me,
I am sorry for all,
I am sorry for all the wrongs,
Now I am learning to live with my heartache,
Believing one day you would forgive me,
Thanks for being a part of my life,
Always and forever, you’ll always be remembered,
I’ll always love you.

Forgive Me Again and Again

I love you so very much…no doubts,
Even though I know I do things that hurt,
I try so hard to make you understand,
How much your being in my life means to me,
But again I messed up,
This time big,
This time seriously messy,
I am sorry again for causing you pain,
That is the last thing I ever wanted to do,
It wasn’t planned from the beginning,
I mess up, I am sorry,
I want to believe that you know how much I love and cherish you,
I love you still,
Still very much,
Please forgive me,
Here is my sincere apology,
Coming deep from within.

Sorry Now and Forever

First, I am sorry,
Second, I am sorry,
Thirdly, I’m saying sorry,
I would say sorry over and over again,
I would even say sorry for the future,
And sorry again for the past,
I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you,
And I’m sorry I wasn’t there to listen
when you needed me the most,
You were right and you had the right to be mad,
I was wrong and absolutely wrong,
I’m sorry,
I needed to apologize,
I’m sorry that I hurt you,
I’m sorry that I have never admitted I was wrong,
I’m sorry for all my mistakes,
I’m sorry for all my pasts,
I’m sorry for being blinded,
blinded by the fact that I was right,
I’m the stupid one, I am sorry,
I let you down, and I feel it deep within me,
We both made some errors and said something wrong, but I am sorry,
Forgive me.

I Am Really Sorry

I’m sorry, I couldn’t meet up to expectations,
I’m sorry, you were unable to trust me,
I am sorry because you won’t ever let me in,
I’m sorry, you lost your trust,
I am sorry,
I’m sorry, for not being close to perfection,
I’m sorry, for not being able to break your fears,
I’m sorry for messing up big time,
I’m sorry for all your tears,
I’m sorry I cause you worries,
I’m sorry I can’t fix any of it,
But I want you to stay,
So sorry I wasn’t good enough,
Now I have to pay for my stupidity…
I am sorry.

A Second Chance

No matter how many times I say I’m sorry,
I know Deep down you still are mad at me,
My words hit had like a nail being hit to the wall,
I didn’t mean to hurt you,
I want you to understand,
I love you and won’t stop loving,
We’ve been through so much together,
Our love,
Our smiles,
Our hearts,
Our pains,
Our fights,
I’d give anything to have you,
You are my best friend,
My soul mate,
My everything,
Now my soul is empty and lost,
I am so hurt and angry,
I am so alone,
I didn’t know what it would cost loosing you,
Please don’t give up yet,
Don’t let me remain stagnant,
Forgive my folly,
Please believe in me again,
A second chance is all I ask.

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