Cute Goodnight Paragraphs for Him or Her

Cute Goodnight Paragraphs

Cute Goodnight Paragraphs for Him / Her or Cutest of Goodnight Phrases for your lover? be ready for the best treat.

The Bothering Questions about Love and Relationships

If I say that "Love is sure the most wonderful gift you can ever give to a living soul or is sure the best of experiences one can have throughout their days upon the earth", would you believe?  

As far as I know, your experience with love and people generally in life is pivotal to your reaction towards that question; the more of ecstasy you receive from love, the more of its awesome belief you want to embrace.

That being said, the concept of love to you is largely determined by what has happened to you in the name of love.

Agreed? I know you will... But that's not all I'll rather tell you on this page!  

And yes, there is no limit to how love can change a life... but the last time I checked, with the so-called love that many people profess come untold grief, pains, agonies and heartbreaks...  

For some, Love is the peak of their merriment in a moment and the lowest ebb of their joy in yet another moment.  

With a critical thought about the rhythmical nature of love to a person and an untellable menace for yet another person, I'm left to wonder why love seems to be a defeat for some whereas it puts some other persons on a pedestal of unbeatable affection.  

And here you're with any of these preoccupied thoughts about love:  

  • I'm so glad I have the the best partner I ever wished for!
  • How I wish I can have a relationship that will last a lifetime!
  • Can my heartbreak be healed again?
  • Can I even have a wholesome relationship for once?
  • How do I make my partner love me more?
  • How can I make my lover be committed to only me?
  • Why is love this hard? Is there still a real love?  

No matter what category you belong in up there, I'm glad to tell you that love is a race!  

And remember, anybody can win in a race, one's confidence and hope for a win towards a particular runner can be dashed.

Thinking about what comes with the aftermath of such..., I am here to tell you that your present state in life, love and relationship isn't the final destination.

Ideally, you can have the best of a relationship today and in be in a total horridness in the next few years! And, of course, your experience of love might be whacked today and you'll wake up one day to see that your past awful experiences about relationship and Life as a whole is a bygone.  

Does that tell you something? Here's it: the only constant thing in life is change!  

So it's not enough to totally depend on what happens in your life today as a yardstick for your joy in the future: if it's bad, it can be made great and if it's lovely don't relent; whichever state you are, just know that the best is possible...

 And yes, you too are possible!  
So here's the charge:

Don't stop working your life to attain a better condition for love.

Don't ever settle for a status quo in your relationship.

Never allow your past experiences of love to cage the bliss that's inherent in your future relationship.  

What more can I say?  
Okay, smile if you see love working for you! ☺ 

Is that too hard to do? Do you feel you need help to make your life and relationship work? Then permit me to help you.  

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Long Goodnight Paragraphs for Him | Long Goodnight Paragraphs for Her

I Will Love You Forever Paragraphs

It's true that we get the best out of love and out of life when we care for someone else than we want to be cared for.

This type of gesture comes with much appreciation when it's done for the one we love and care for always.

Loving me has been the best thing ever to me and I'm willing to love you forever, with the whole of my being.

I hope you enjoyed every part of your day. Good night from me to you. Have a good night rest my love. 

Good Night Love Paragraphs to Say Sweet Dreams

Hearing from you before every night sleep is a free VIP ticket to the dreamland.
I see it as part of your unending commitment to loving me.

Thank you so much for your daily sacrifices to keep us going great.
They won't go unappreciated. I love you so much.

I wish you Sweet dreams. Have a good night rest and expect the joy that comes with tomorrow.

Loving Paragraphs from a Heart that is Cherished

The joy of every human being is to sleep and wake up with such an experience that's worth sharing, whether it came in a form of a dream or a night that's really well spent.

Since we met, you haven't stopped amusing me with your love and care. You're the reason my dreams are always Sweet and void of nightmares.

Experience the Sweetest of all nights as you sleep tonight. Good night my love. Mwah.

Thank You Love Paragraphs to say Good Night

I have rightly learnt that so much fun is needed in a relationship to drive the available romance towards perpetual streaks.

With the fun then comes some out-of-the-world expressions that demand more than a grin from the other person's face.

Your love for me has given all that, and more! Thank you so much for it all.

And I pray, may heaven bless this union. I love you so much. Good night.

Cute Loving Paragraphs for Appreciation

Now I know how it feels when you want to give or feels like giving all of you to make your lover happy.

It's obvious that there is so much emotional and mental satisfaction that such act of benevolence gives.

All your selfless deeds and acts of love towards me won't go unappreciated. You've really been my joy.

How I wish I could wrap myself in your arms tonight.

I love you and love you and love you. Good night to you and sweet dreams.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Paragraphs of Love

Whether I have the voice that can turn you off or not, I just feel like singing a love song for you. And even if I sing out of tune, I won't sing out of love.

Let's go....

The joy I feel for you is beyond rhythmical
The feelings of your love for me is beyond magical
I love you in words, now I'll make it practical
By your side my love, which I've a lifetime sabbatical.

Sweet? Oh, my bad.

Anyways, just came to appreciate you for all your deeds of love - they are unquantifiable and I owe you a lifetime of thanks for it.

Please rock yourself to sleep on my behalf. Good night and sweet dreams my love.

Good Night my Dear Paragraphs

I've learnt that when there's an outlandish expression of love in someone's relationship, the best of all sights can't give close to what the sight of their lover can mean to them.

If I am not in a relationship with you, by now I know what I would have missed.

Every moment with you takes me to cloud nine. Every thought of you keeps me wondering what love and relationship would have mean without you.

When I see the stars in the sky, they perfectly remind me of how your face gleams at my sight. It's beyond Mystical to have met you.

Thanks for choosing me.
I love you so much more than words can say.
Good night my dear.

Good Night Paragraphs for my Joy

I've once asked how it'll feel to be in a relationship with someone that deserves sweetest of sweet accolades in the world, and now my eyes can see the wish coming true.

It's just amazing how every moment remind me of how caring and loving you've ever been!

It's beyond splendor to see that I have you as mine, envisaging a lifetime of merriment with you.

Just for you to know, your love shines brighter than the Galaxy of stars in me and your display of love is satisfying than my 3-square meal.

I'm appreciative of all your kind gestures. Thank you so much for loving me. Good night and sweet dreams my love.

Thanks for Being There for Me Paragraphs for Goodnight

Even if the day was hectic beyond what words can describe, the realization that you were there for me to make it worth a day well spent is more than magical.

Your care throughout the day actually sent enough relief down my spine.

And now I know they're right, who say, that "when there is love, and you know it's real, wonders can't end in your life."

I see me being celebrated with you. I see myself making a home and building an empire with you.

Have a good night rest and open yourself to the awesomeness that tomorrow will bring for you again. Good night. Kisses.

Good Night Love Poems for my Dearie

With the assurance of the love that we share...
With the thoughts of magnificent bond that keeps us together.
With an ecstatic display of affection from me to you...
With an outpouring of the undiluted joy that stems from our relationship, and…
With an expansion of outlandish care from me to you...
I usher you into the most beautiful of all nights as you lay to sleep tonight.

Goodnight to you dearie. I love you.

Cute Paragraphs of Love to My Lover

Hey, love! How was your day? Mine was as splendid as it's been since you took a hold of my heart.

Let me tell you a secret? Bring your ears...

See, these days... I dream every day... Sweet dreams like that. I just didn't want to tell you. Sometimes, I can't remember the dream but I know it's sweet because I would even wake up smiling when I remember you.

Keep that secret to yourself.

Good night and have a sweet dream yourself. I love you. Mwah.

It Was Nice Hanging out with You Today

Going on a date is one of the elements of a romantic relationship, for those that have a taste of it.  

And I once read that if you have a lover that helps meet the desire of outing in your heart, the feelings that come out of it is close unspeakable.  

Sincerely, I so much enjoyed the moment we shared together today.  

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your love and selfless service. I am so grateful and I owe you a whole lot for appreciation. Thanks once again and sweet dreams. 

Good Night Paragraphs to Say Thank You for Today

 Words can't describe the feelings that come from the situation of worries creeping into a well-planned day or moment.  

For someone who's on a mission to accomplish a great feat, the experience is heartbreaking, especially when some elements of stress set in.  

Little hell was what I saw today but your caring heart was the saving strength that gave the winning edge. It's magical still, how I went through all those and my happiness is unaltered.  

I'm grateful that you made me forget all my worries. I'm blessed having you as mine. Thank you so much my dear. Good night and sweet dreams.  

I Wish You a Nice Rest Good Night Paragraphs

Now I believe the saying that "When you are in a relationship with an exceptional partner, such that you can boast of come rain come shine, there's avalanche of reasons to lose a thought of the description to give to the feelings that stem from such affection."  

For someone like me, that experience comes as constant as the air I breathe.... And I owe it to no one but this lovely you.  

Thinking about it all, trying to find a way to express how awesome it makes me feel deep within, I'm forever short of words!  

I remembered all that tonight and I wished I could wrap myself around you forever or at least know a way to pay, back at least, one percent.  

My love, I just have to say thank you, thank you and thank you. Have the cutest night rest ever. Good night, I love you.  

I'm Proud of You and Glad to Say I Love You Good Night Paragraphs

I am proud of you and I'm not afraid to tell it to the world. As far as I know, there's still no word that can perfectly help to express how fortunate it's been to have you in my life.

Meeting you has changed my lifestyle, changed my thoughts, puts me on pedestal and gave me a permanent track on the path to a blossoming future.

If all I have is made into box of gratitude, I'll still owe you so much more than money can buy. Indeed, you've given me so much more to be grateful and thankful for.

May God bless the day I met you. I love you so much. Good night from me to you my heart.

True Love Paragraphs for Good Night

With our love comes this distinct feeling of happiness cum joy. With every thought of you comes this indubitable aura of bliss.

I looked around today and everywhere appeared golden, every where I turned looked beautiful and reasoning within me, there's this groovy feeling that set me on my spine.

Every thought of you is ever like a visit to paradise. Every sound of your name is like a rhythmical tune from the world's best Orchestra.

With you I found joy and lasting happiness. In you I found a perfect description of a love that's true, dear and undying!

To crown it all, your expressions of love that are more than monumental... and I asked, what else do I need that I haven't found in you?

Stop blushing if you are... You deserve the best! Anyways, good night to you from the heart that's loved. Kisses. 

I Miss You Good Night Paragraphs

I wish you're not far away from me... Because the more I think of you the farther from me you appear.

My spine quakes at your thoughts, my body fidgets at the feeling of your absence. My heart trembles knowing how distant you are from me and my eyes lingers just to see you.

It's just few days and it's already like forever. I missed your all. I missed your warmth. I missed your lovely embrace. I missed y, I mused o, I missed u. But I love you still!

Short Goodnight Paragraphs for Him | Short Goodnight Paragraphs for Her

A Good Night from me to You

A good night from me to you I give
Most realistic of all, not a make-believe
Keep your minds at rest, just sleep
For angels are right there, you to keep.
Good night my love.

Good Night to the One I Adore

I wish a sweet dream to the one I love and adore,
Sweeter one to the one who loves me more
My commitment to you forever I assure.
And I'm yours forever, that's true and sure.

Sweet Dreams Paragraphs for Him or Her

May the cool atmosphere of the night refresh you,
The breaking of the day bring good tidings to you.
 Sweet dreams from me I wish you
Sealed with love that's pure and true.
Good night my love.

May the Night Bring You Sweet Dreams

May the cool breeze of the night bring you sound sleep
May the night itself bring you sweet dreams
May the dawn of the day usher in untold merriment
And may the day end wonderfully well for you.
Good night to you my love

Sleep and Wake Up Feeling Better 

As we sleep tonight may we wake up feeling better.
As we wake up daily, may our Love get better.
No matter what, loving you will always get better 
Sticking with you I'll do, under any kind of weather. 
Good night, my love.