Cute Relationship Paragraphs for Her or Him

Cute Relationship Paragraphs for Her or Him

I Love You More Relationship Paragraphs

I had wished this moment would come…
A time to be flattered beyond untellable measures
Its dictates thereof I did envisage
To tell of its feelings, million words won’t suffice

Among a million have I found mine
Care so kingly, none can ever repine…
For all you are to me, what can I ever say?
What can the best of appreciations ever do?

You touched every part of me with untold splendor
And the thought of you is heaven in my heart…
Your acts come with Dignified demeanour
And your substitute can’t be found on earth!

You’ve been my all, my inspiration, every day
And I’ll live to tell of your love another day!

If you care to know who…
None else but the lovely you

Well, I’m more grateful
And I love you more.

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