I Love You Paragraphs for Him

2023 I Love You Paragraphs for Him

Reminding him how much you love him is a way to keep the fire burning. When the daily stress of his engagements come heavily on him, you should be there to remind him that there’s someone who loves him.

Never forget that reminding him that you love him is not something you do when you are bored, but a conscious effort to calm him and heat up the fire between you.

These paragraphs are for him. Choose and use to your advantage.

Cute I Love You Paragraphs for Him – Boyfriend

The sentence, ” I Love You” is one that should always be used by Lovers at almost all times. Here is the best collection of I Love You Paragraphs for Him made available for you to send to your Lover.

1. You are one person I never feel paranoid about and the only person I will always have a yes answer for. No matter how things go or turn out, I will always trust and love you. Until the day I leave earth, you’ll be my number one priority. I wonder where you’d been before I found you and what would have happened if I never found you. I love you so much.

2. I miss you every second we spend apart and even though I may not call every second of the day or text you every hour, my love for you cannot be traded for anything and I’ll do anything to preserve it. There are days where all I want to think about only you and the love I have for you throughout. With you in my life, I can never be depressed. I love you with all my heart.

3. If I never needed you in my life, I won’t feel the way I feel about you now. You’re God’s special gift to me, carefully created and crafted to fit all I need in a man. There’s nothing about you that I’m yet to fall in love with and there’s no height I won’t climb to preserve my love for you. I really can’t use words to craft the depth of my love for you. I love you forever, darling.

4. A lot of times I try to think of a flaw you have but I find none. I love you not just because you are flawless, but because I know you are the one — the only one, the best one — for me. No guy has ever been in my life that gave me half of what you have given me. I feel happy, excited, glad, to have you by my side and I’m proud of you. I love you like I’ve loved no other.

5. I feel like a princess being your girl and I doubt any other person can make me feel like this. You are enough music for me to dance to and if I could have you as a file, you’ll be on repeat always. Without thinking of the consequences, I’ll forever dedicate myself to our relationship and I’ll never let anything stand between me and you. I love you more than anything I know. 

6. I don’t know what tomorrow hold or how yesterdays contributes to shaping the future. I don’t even know how today will end and how what I do affects it. All I know for now is that you are the most precious thing in my life, the most beautiful thing in my world and the most exciting thing to happen in my universe. Life without you will be crap. I love you to hell and back.

7. Without you, the feeling of emptiness I have is more than scary and the feeling of hopelessness skyrockets to a point where I feel like I should pass out. God designed you to be an important, lifesaving part of my life. I’ll choose you over anyone no matter the circumstances or the odds and you are one reason I’m happy to be alive. I love you so much, sweetie.

8. You are one person I always crave for. Even if you were my next door neighbour or sibling, I won’t be satisfied. I love having you as a partner and will give up everything to keep it that way. I may not know how our relationship will turn out but with you, I feat nothing and have the best hopes. Life without you will definitely be a bag of bitter leaves. I love you, Darling.

9. I’m here to be your Angel and you can rest assured that I’ll never leave your side because God planted me there. Even those jealous of us know that we are the best for ourselves. People may not be happy about our being together, but I’ll boldly tell them I’m happy to be with you. I don’t care what people will think or say, you are my number one. I love you without borders, my baby.

10. Every day, terrible things might happen, but I’m consoled because I have you to end the day with. My plans may fail and I may not achieve all I want to but you be my side is enough to end the day. It gives me great joy to know that I’ll always have you as my man and that you love me most. I can’t explain how much I’ll give up to be with you, but it’s great. I love you, my love.

11. You are the one person that makes me fall in love so much that I lose control of myself and makes me so excited that have a problem trying to calm myself down. You’re one person I can’t get angry at and I always feel joy when around you. There’s no other place in my heart for another. I’m keeping every space I can find in it for you. I love you harder than the force of gravity.

12. I have had overdoses of you and still, I still need more of you. I’ve done a lot of things with you, been to lots of places with you, but I still want more. I feel safest in your company and dearest in your arms. Every smile, poke, touch and kiss that comes from you to me are like a rain of love on me. I can’t stop loving you and I’ll never want to stop. I love you greatly, my love.

13. Even if I want to pretend, I’ll be betrayed because the love I have for you burns hot in me. Let all the town talk if they want, I’ll never change my mind about you and my love for you will only increase. Each and every day of my life, I have only love for you and it increases only. Very soon, people will think I’m mad because I’ll do anything to keep you. I love you so much.

14. Being with you — or a person like you — is the most heavenly experience a person can ever have or ask for. I really feel sad for everyone that has not yet found a person like you in their lives. You’re the best partner and friend. There’s a lot I can’t do — and an awful lot that will go wrong — without you. I’m grateful to be linked with you. I love you, baby boo.

15. I think about the future of our relationship and all I see is bliss. Perfection can be defined by how we fit ourselves and beautiful is best known by a closer look at the way we bond. I can see it in your eyes that love burns for me and I can feel a confirmation of my love for you beyond the knot in my chest. Never forget what we mean to ourselves. I love you loads.

16. From day one till today — and till eternity — I have enjoyed every moment spent with you. When I’m choosing my partner in eternity, I’ll still take you again. I have even gone as far as ignoring criticisms I can’t stand just so I’ll be with you and I’ll do all I can to never be with anyone apart from you. God bless our union. I love you in a way I’ve never loved before.

17. Whether or not you’re a star or the sun; whether or not you’re rich or famous; whether or not you can set the mood or know the best spots, I still love you. Watch and see how far we’ll go together; matter of fact, we’ll be together forever. There’s no limit to the things I’ll do for you and no end to the things I like about you. I love you so much, my Darling.

18. There’s yet to be a day that I’ll find someone like you. I have never seen someone to substitute you and the only person that complements me is you. If things could be twisted as we pleased, I’m very sure we would have been born as twins. I’m ready and willing and eager to spend the rest of my life with you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you dearly.

19. Let hater say what they want, all I’ll do is ignore them till they’re completely out of the picture. I’ll give so much into our relationship that I’ll have no choice but to stay. Even if things may get heated, God uses times like that to refine us into better people and make our friendship a better one. I really don’t wanna live without you. I love you with all of my heart.

20. I’m paving a way to make our relationship sweeter and every passing day, I see you doing the same. Your words are the kindest I’ve heard, your touches are the friendliest I’ve had and your actions — towards me and towards others are the loveliest I’ve ever encountered. I now know why people like to stay around you. I love you and will love you forever.

21. I may never have been a good lover but I’ve never felt inadequate to love you. You make being in love a dream of bliss and fun and pleasure come true. I’d rather not live than not love you. There’s a lot of good to enjoy on earth and you, alone, are the greatest percentage of them. Thank God you came into my life. I love you and I love that I love you.

22. I pray for patience because there are a lot of things I’m driven to do because of my love for you. Even when I don’t have the strength, the excitement in me — caused by my being with you — won’t let me rest. Tell me everything you want in our relationship and I’ll do all I can to get it for you on a platter of gold. I’m proud of the feelings we share. I love you in ways I can’t break down.

23. The love I have for you cannot be quantified. No room on earth can hold it. No book on earth is big enough to contain the words that can describe it. One thing I want you to know is that I’ll never disappoint the love you have for me. There’s no one that can take your place in my life and there’s nothing I won’t do to keep you. I love you so much, my love.

24. The way you love me, I’ve never had another love like that. That’s why I’ve decided to follow you, hold you, have you, cling to you, trust you and never let you go. I’ll never let anything come between us or break us up. Since the first day, it’s been all love and joy and fun and bliss and I don’t see it coming to an end. You make loving beautiful. I love you, baby.

25. You make it easy to reciprocate love and respect. Everything about you creates, for me, a reason to love you and love you more. There’s a lot of guys out there, and I’ve met with loads of them, but, in my life, none equals or matches you in any way. Love is the greatest and that’s why you’re my biggest and most preferred hero. I wanna be with you for life. I love you in great quantities.

26. If loving you is a crime, then being charged with it will make me a proud criminal. I’d go through valleys and plains, oceans and storms just to be with you. Your presence is a blessing to me, your smile a miracle and your touch a treasure. I love the feeling that accompanies my being around you and I love every single thing I think of you. I love you and I’m unapologetic about it.

27. Movies are not yet capable of showcasing the grade of our love in their scenes and even the great poets need to cry for more before they could even try to depict a tiny bit of it. Songs are not enough to inspire us to hold on to each other. There’s a love in you that calls out to me and the only option I have is to give a positive reply. I love you, baby.

28. If you can hear the conversation in our silence, then you’ll understand that the connection between is stronger than sound. If you can feel the touch of me across great distances, then you’ll understand that the bond between us is greater than life. Without you, I’ll find life boring, uninteresting and generally unlivable. I love you and I’m proud of you, my darling.

29. With or without ripped clothes, I still see the beauty you have. With or without broken lenses, you still look perfect to me. Everything I’ve come to learn about you only leaves me with a feeling of pride. I’ve decided to stick to you for life and I won’t apologise to anyone for that. Loving is a choice but loving you is a necessity. I love you for life, sweetie.

30. Waking up in the morning is refreshing, but seeing your face is more refreshing. Food is strengthening, but being with you is life-giving. Nothing I do can make me forget you. You are planted on my memory with something more than glue. You are the best thing to happen to me and I’m glad to call you my baby. I love you and there’s nothing you, I or anyone can do about it.

31. Losing you will be the worst thing that can ever happen to me. Holding you is something I live for. Matter of fact, my life mission is to make sure I have you for myself always. You’re sweet in ways I can’t describe and no movie can interest my eyes the way you do. I’m proud to be your girl and I’ll do everything to make you feel loved. I love you beyond time.

32. The depth of love in me waited all the years of my life for you, saving the greatest of their reign. Whatever I’ve done is just the least in store for you. I believe in you and our love and I’ll dedicate the best of my time and money to it. A few years from now, when we look back at how things have been, we’ll see nothing to regret. I love you more than a mother can love her child.

33. They say focus creates more impact and that’s the reason why I decided to channel all my love towards you. I am not afraid because I trust that you won’t give me a reason to cry. I have had no regrets loving you and don’t see any insight. Everyone may claim to deserve love we both know that you deserve it more. I love you more than gold or diamond.

34. If time waits for no one, then let it move on because when I’m with you, time is suspended. We can’t get all we want but as long as I have you I’m okay — matter of fact, I’m satisfied. You make my worst days better and brighten my darkest nights. You alone are my sun, moon and stars. I’ll not trade our relationship for anything in the world. I love you and it’s priceless.

35. There’s nothing I desire that can be compared to how much I desire you. You hold the keys to my breath and sanity. I’ll go to great lengths to let the world know how proud I am to have you as my man. I love you pricelessly and I’ll not love anything as much if it is not you. My world revolves around you and I want it just that way. I love you helplessly and irredeemably.

36. I’m affected greatly by everything you do. I can’t build walls strong enough to hold you out of my life. I’ll break a lot of my rules to keep you and experience you. Everything I need is in you and without you, there’s nothing else I need. I had planned to never fall in love when I met you, but how does one run away from what he’s destined for? I love you and everything about you.

37. I’ll ask you what’s up but lemme guess. What’s up is that I intoxicate you like drugs and you’re addicted to me. I’m also addicted to you and you’re sweeter than sugar, sweets and honey. You are my warmth and I feel coolest with you. I always have you in every part of my heart. There’s nothing that I miss as much as you when absent and I actually live with you as a major reason. I love you madly.

38. You and I have redefined love in the best way ever. We have changed the idea I had about the concept of love and given me something to be comfortable with, something that actually portrays truth and desire, something I can call true love. You can take my hands whenever you want and I’ll gladly satisfy you in every way I can. I love you and can do nothing less.

39. You have been an influence of love in my life and you’ve exposed me to love in it’s purest form. You’ve shown me how love looks like in its rawest form. You came into my life and now I feel more alive than ever. Every time spent with you is golden and every feeling I have for you is like diamond. I’m tired of anyone that’s not like you. I love you and I’m sure you do too.

40. The times we’re in can’t affect the feelings we share. Let the world redefine love if they want, but we’ll tell them we’re not a party to it. We have expressed love in every way I know. Loving you have made me a better person and made my days brighter. My soul is lighter and my heart is more fun filled. Thanks for letting me love you. I love you so much.

41. I may never find my way out of a lot of things, but being your partner is enough consolation. I may not do the best thing or make the best choices, but choosing to be with you is a choice I’ll never regret. I may never find answers to all the questions I ask, but one truth I’ll hold to forever is that we were made for each other. I love you in a way I’ve never loved another.

42. I have a lot of options but chose to limit them to accommodate only you. You may not have or possess some things possessed by others, but what attracts me to you is what no other person can have more than you do. Matter of fact, I really can’t think of the word, lovely, without a picture of you in my mind. You are mine and I am yours. I love you, my hero.

43. If I get separated from you today, I may complain, but I’ll know that with you I had the greatest time of my life. If I die today, I’ll know that I found the perfect complement before leaving the earth. If there’s nothing else I can do, with you I can say I’ve done all I enjoy doing. I never wanna leave you and will do all I can to hold you close forever. I love you and I’m very proud of it.

44. Everything may spin out of control, but I’ll feel certain of the future with you by my side. Everything may deviate from what I predict, but I’ll feel positive as long as you’re with me. Every day may be a newer shade of terrible, but no horrors surpass the thoughts of losing you — even for a day. And I really can’t quantify the love I have for you. I love you without measure.

45. If I lose everything I have today, but still have you, then I’ll be okay. If I gain everything today, but not with you, I’ll treat it with less — far less — celebration. You deserve every bit of love I shower on you. I’m loving you more and more every day and it will never come to an end. There’s a lot I can tell you, but this paragraph won’t do justice to it. I love you.

46. There’ll be cold days but I’ll hold you as my source of warmth. There’ll be hot days but I’ll feel cool as long as I have you. I’ll always love you, have you and hold you. I’ll treat you like a king. I feel like a queen with you and I’m proud to be your girl. I hope you stay here forever and I know I can’t do a lot without you. You are dear to me. I love you with all my heart.

47. Beyond time, my love for you is forever. Beyond distance, my love for you is everywhere, no matter how far or near. Beyond activities, my love for you can make me do anything at any time, anywhere. I desire you and want to always be with you. You are the biggest influence in my love life and I will keep you as mine forever. I love you with all my soul.

48. I can see the depth of the love you carry within you, for me, and the great height of it is both pleasing and frightening. I can see the things we’ve been through together and the experiences are exciting. I need no other affirmation to know that you’re the one for me. You’re beautiful in a lot of ways and I like everything about you. I love you so much.

49. I’ve done my private research on love and I’m yet to see a reason why anyone will say we haven’t broken the record for the greatest love shared between two humans. I’ve been to places, seen things, met with people, and I’ve seen nothing half as beautiful as what we have for each other. I want you and no one else. I love you beyond what anyone will ever know.

50. There are so many very sweet things about you that pointing out the sweetest will only cause confusion. The beautiful things about you are so much and all are very pleased that I think its impossible for anyone to disagree with the fact that you’re perfect. You’re so beautiful, in and out, up and down, front and back, right and left. I love you a lot.

51. I can’t keep a secret from you because you’re a part of me and the reason I can easily share with you is because I’ll be losing nothing. Holding back from you feels like I’m holding back from myself in a way. Your joys are mine and so are your pains. My love has you as its primary target and I’ll never give up on our relationship. I love you forever, Darling.

52. Moments like these are the kind I wish last forever. If having you is a reward, then I must have done something really good. You are the best person I’ve ever come across and been with you is like a trophy to me. Living for you is something I’m proud of too. There’s no reward that I’ll get that I’ll prefer to you. I love you without fear.

53. We live in a time where feelings are faked, but one truth I can’t deny is my feelings for you. We live in seasons where things go wrong but being with you is one right thing I know of. We live in a world where a lot of things are planned but falling in love with you is a real action that came at the right time, unplanned. I love you and can’t deny it.

54. You’re a treasure to me and a source of peace and security. I feel safe, alive and loved when I’m with you and I can’t feel the way I feel with you when I’m with another person. You’re the sweetest and most lovely thing to happen to me and before I forget, even if you lose everything you have, you can be sure that I’ll be here forever, loving you. I love you.

55. The best kind of person to have is someone like you and the best among them is you. If someone asks me why I’m with you, I’ll simply tell them that I can’t take stock of the reasons because the memory needed to store such information is larger than the best the earth has seen. I’m one person that’s proud to be in love. I love you so much.

56. True love heals a lot of ills and negativities. That’s why I know you love me. That’s why I know that our relationship is the perfect kind. You’re divine and a special way of affecting my mind. I don’t know how you do it, but if o ever get a news that we can’t go on again, I’m very sure I’ll be suicidal. There’s no place for another in my life. I love you madly.

57. We can’t be fine without ourselves, I’ll tell you why. We smile genuinely and laugh truly when we spend time and have fun together. Only the sight of ourselves makes our hearts leap for joy. There’s no better person for me than you and I’m sure its the same for you. I can’t wait to see the great and beautiful things the future hold for us. I love you greatly.

58. Even if I’m left with nothing, you are enough for me. Even when the days are dark, you are bright enough for me. Even if things are hard, you make life easier for me. There’s no one that is qualified to take your place in my life. Anyone who thinks he can be half of you to me is a daydreamer. I love everything about you and the love I have for you can’t be measured.

59. Life gets sweeter and easier with you in it. Love gets more beautiful and more perfect when shared with you. Hope gets stronger and harder when you are around. Faith gets richer and bigger when you’re in the picture. My heart is satisfied with you and there’s no one to take your place. I love you from the depth of my heart.

60. I’ll never think you’re not enough for me. You’ve proven over time that I’m your number one and that you have me at the top of your mind always. I love the way you treat me and I don’t expect anyone to treat me as precious as that. There’s a place in my heart called love and the largest part of it is reserved for you. I love you to the moon, sun and stars.

61. I tried all I could to find love with others unsuccessfully, but I did not have to make an attempt to find love in you. You came into my life with all the specifications of the man of my dreams, making my dreams real — tangible. With you, I’m at an all-time high and ready to live the good life ahead that you provide. You are golden to me and I love you with everything in me.

62. I once thought it was impossible to find perfect love and just when I settled for anything — anyone — I found you. Maybe it was a blessing because if I’d been overprotective, I may never have met you. Just like a miracle, you happened to me and now my life is so beautiful that I wonder. What will I be without you? I love you more than I can express.

63. With you in my life, I can finally rest. I spent my whole life searching for someone who’s perfect for me, someone who’s pieces match mine perfectly, and the search came to an end when I found you. Even when I lose my head, I know you love me. You fill me up with lots of love and you bring a spark to my soul all the time. I love you and I don’t think I have a choice.

64. Thanks for coming into my life, because you’ve filled it with joy. Thanks for being a part of my world because you’ve made it a park of fun. Thanks for being my partner because you’ve given me reasons to smile genuinely. Thanks for being my man because your entry into my laugh brought laughter along with it. I love you and I’m sure you do too.

65. Looking at your eyes is the only rocket that can send me to the moon, to feel the cold of pleasure, to the sun, to feel the warmth of passion, and to the stars, to feel the fun of dance. You are me in a masculine frame and is only perfect for me. How much I can do without you around, I guess you know how little it is. I love you and will hold you forever

66. The sight of you sends me straight to the moon and the excitement from your touch is heaven. The sweetness I get from your presence is more than what I get from honey and my love for you only grows up. There’s no one in my life who can mean what you’ve meant to me and I’ll give up a lot to keep you. I see love in you and I appreciate it. I love you, my baby.

67. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I’m certain that everyone — and not just certain people — knows you’re beautiful. You are lovely and generous. If you are not in my life, o doubt your place will be taken, because your kind is rare. You must have been outside earth because you are so awesome in an unearthly way. I love you madly.

68. I love you madly and you affect my sanity. I love you generously because I know that I was made for you and you for me. I love you wholly because no one can replace you in my life. I love you exceptionally because your awesomeness is the highest I’ve ever encountered. I love you greatly and you and I are the greatest pairs ever. I love you, darling.

69. You came into my boring life and made it fun. You came into my normal life and made it more beautiful and exciting than I could ever have expected. You are an angel to me. In fact, an angel that’s not like you is not an angel to me. I want you in my life for as long as we are alive and I’m ready to never let you go. I love you and it’s true.

70. I spin out of control when I’m in your hands and I feel safe there too. I love you, not for what you have but, for what you are. If I see another like you, I’ll assume its a hologram of you. You are beautiful, lovely and excellent as far as I can see. I want you as my man and can never have enough of you. You are the best gift I ever got. I love you, my sweetheart.

71. I’ll never leave you because your presence is a definition of heaven to you. I’ll never withhold any good from you because, being a part of me, I’ll just be holding back from myself in a way. I’ll always trust you because you’ve proven that you’re worthy of it. I’ll never forget you because you’ve touched my life in ways that are printed on my memory. I love you.

72. All my life, I’ve always wanted someone like you and now I’ve found you, so I’ll never let you go. You’ve never given me a reason to rethink my love for you. Anyone who advises me against being with you will be ignored because I can’t do without the perfect love I share with you. It may sound crazy, but holding onto you is a choice I’m sure is right. I love you.

73. I break down when you’re away and I’ll tell you why. It’s because I feel lost, seeing that our identities are tied together. It’s because I feel uncontrollably weird seeing that you are the normal partner for me. I feel incomplete seeing that we were made for each other. I feel sad seeing that I genuinely laugh and smile with you around. I love you.

74. Eternity is too short for us to stay together, so anyone that’s watching for us to break up should be ready to wait forever. Just like plants need sunlight and water, that’s how I need you. When you tell me you love me, I climb to the highest heavens and your love holds me from falling down. My sweetest memories are those with you in them. I love you.

75. We don’t need a night or an outing to prove our love. It runs in our blood, beats in our hearts. It is rooted in our brains, wired into our beings. How can anyone convince me that our love is not real when you are ready to buy the world for me? How can someone say our love is not sure when I can walk from Europe to Africa just to see you? I love you so much, Darling.

76. All I need is you because you are the most basic of all the things that are required for me to survive. All I want is you because it’s only in you that I find true strength and love. All I desire is you because you are the source of my joy and happiness. All I think about is you because love is a very important part of my life. There’s none I love like you. I love you, baby.

77. With you, my days are brighter than the best the sun can offer. With you, my heart is more joyful than Christians at Christmas. With you, my life is sweeter than food prepared for occasions. With you, there’s no sad moments — only moments of joy and excitement. If I could define the love I have for you, the dictionary will be put to shame. I love you, baby boy.

78. God looked at my loneliness, thought about how to fix it, then he sent you to me. God looked at my sadness, thought of how to end it, then he sent you my way. God heard my prayers, thought of how to answer it, then he made our paths cross. God decided to make my life sweet and filled with love, thought of the best way to do it, and created you. I love you, my dear.

79. The fastest may not always win the race, but you’re so kind that I feel very lucky to have you. The strongest may not always win the battles, but you’re so lovely that I feel very blessed to have you. Some have people around them with no love to shower, some have love to shower but none to receive. I have love and I have you. Sweet. I love you, my baby boy.

80. When I look to my left, everything that’s beautiful reminds me of your smiles. When I look to the right, everything that’s lovely reminds me of your looks. When I look in front of me, everything that’s awesome reminds me of your person. And when I look behind, everything that’s great reminds me of what you do. I love you in every sense of the word.

81. When I rest on the cushion, the softness reminds me of the comfort I derive from you. When I sleep on the mattress, the reception reminds me of how welcoming you are. When I walk on the floor, the hardness reminds me of how strong the love you have for me is. And when I feel the walls, I remember how secure I feel with you around. I love you greatly.

82. Like earth, the love we share is hard and a pillar we can rest on and trust. Like water, the love we share is vast and soft and something we can’t do without. Like fire, the love we share is hot and others can’t feel it. Like air, the love we share is everywhere in our hearts and I see signs of it in everything around me. I love you and will still choose to love you again if I get another chance.

83. In a room full of wonders, you’ll still catch my attention. In a room full of beauties, you’ll still stand out. In a room full of art, it’ll still be hard to see what’s not you. In a palace full or royalty and purple, even if your colour is a tiny fraction of the palace, the purple will be lost and the only royalty that will be seen is your colour. I love you, my love.

84. Everyone says love is red. I say love is whatever colour you hold as your favourite. Everyone says beauty is black. I say beauty is the colour of your face. Everyone says fruitfulness is green. I say fruitfulness is any matching colour we find ourselves in. Everyone say greatness is gold. I say greatness is the colour that’s mutually liked by us. I love you.

85. When the sounds stop, your voice rings in my ears till they’re back on again. When the air holds no smell, the smell of your skin dances in my nose until I become conscious of another smell. When the lights go out, your face shows up to comfort me till the lights are up again. When there’s nothing to feel, I feel you all around me until I’m brought back to my surroundings. I love you from the bottom of my heart.


86. Sweetheart, you’re the sweetest thing to ever happen to my sweetheart and I appreciate it. That’s why I want you by me. Dearie, you’re the dearest of the whole world to me and I’m excited to have found you. That’s why I’ll never let you go. Nothing can distract me from loving you and I’d never let anything come between us. I love you so much, baby.

87. One lesson I’ve learnt being with you is that we were made for each other and that you are enough for me. One thing I’ll never forget about you is how you make loving you easier. Everything in me agrees to love you and everyone that truly knows you advises me to do same. You’re my lover, my friend, my partner and my brother. I love you with everything in me.

88. I don’t adore you because you are my man; I adore you because you love perfectly. I don’t respect you because of your surname; I respect you because you love truly. I don’t boast about you because of what you have; I boast about you because you love generously. I don’t like you because you are romantic; I like you because you are an example of the perfect lover. I love you so much, Darling.

89. Let the birds fly as high as they want, but on the wings of your love, there’s no height I can’t get to. Let the fishes swim as deep as they can, but on the platform of your love, I can reciprocate it even deeper. Let the animals run as wide and far as they want, but there’s no length and breadth I won’t go for you. I love you without control.

90. The day has twenty-four hours, but the number of times I get lost on thinking about you daily is more than twenty-four. The week has seven days, but the number of times I crave for you in your absence every week is more than seven. The month has four weeks, but four is a tiny fraction of the number of times I want to hold you in a month. I love you, my boo.

91. I will live a thousand times if I will be your partner in all of them. I will go to a thousand places if I will find you there. I will be a million things if they will bring me closer to you. I will do a thousand things if they will strengthen our bond. You are my music and my poetry, the favourite song on my playlist and the most important thing in my life. I love you, my love.

92. I’m always very glad whenever I’m around you. I’m always over-happy whenever I think about you. I’m always super-excited whenever I see you. You are the best thing in my world. I’ll die a thousand deaths before I cause you any pain. There’s yet to be one person on earth like you and I doubt I’ll ever meet another person like you. I love you from the depth of my heart.

93. Like the stars, you filled my heart with light and you’re spread across my being. Like the sun, you fill me up with so much light and you’re there throughout my day. Like the moon, you’re there for me when everything fails and brightens my dark moments. You fill my life with so much magic and you’re a miracle to me. I love you more than I’ve ever loved.

94. Nobody knows the excitement that flows in my veins because none have experienced the warmth you provide to me. No one knows the happiness that runs through my heart because none have ever experienced the fun we share. No one can testify of the awesomeness of your love as no one has shared with you what I have. I love you madly.

95. There’s no length I won’t go to secure the feeling of security I enjoy in your arms. There’s nothing I won’t do to protect our bond. In you, I have everything because you, by yourself, are everything I need. If I don’t count you when counting my blessings, then I’m yet to begin. If you cause me any pain, I’ve never felt it. I love you with all I have.

96. Every day, I think of you and I’m grateful to have you. You fill me with peace and joy, and for that I’m thankful. You make me laugh and smile and I’ll never forget you for that. You assure me of a secure life of love and faith. You are a pillar of strength and a source of encouragement to me. I’m yet to want something as much as I want you. I love you.

97. The peace I enjoy being with you is one I’ve never enjoyed with anyone. The joy you’ve brought to my life is one I doubt another can give to me. The love you have proven to have for me is such that I doubt if it can be found anywhere else in the world. Take it from me, and trust me, that you are the most lovely male figure on earth. I love you and will love you forever.

98. The best thing I’ve ever felt is the joy you put in my life. The deepest feeling I’ve ever shared is the love that we share. The greatest thing I’ve enjoyed is the peace and security I feel with you. And the greatest person I’ve ever known is you. You, who fill me with hope for a more pleasant day ahead and loves me like I’m the only one that exists. I love you, honey.

99. With every drop of rain, I remember every beautiful moment we share. I discovered that even the bad times spent with you are filled with love and hope. A letter can’t convey a perfect message of all the love I have for you, neither can an SMS or a paragraph, but I know we were created to be together and I don’t see what can be better than that. I love you with everything in me.

100. If I could weave thousands of meanings into few words, I doubt if I’ll still be able to build up a paragraph that will tell you how much you mean to me. If I could build new words to express how much I love you, I guess people won’t still get the full description. Sometimes, I don’t tell people how much I love you because I fear they won’t understand. You are my answered prayers. I’m glad that you know I love you.

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