My Oath of Allegiance to You My Love(2023)

This piece is enough to make the hardest of heart melt, so be careful who you share it with. Ideally, the dumbest of lovers wants sweet accolades and that’s exactly what this love paragraph will give, especially when your relationship is one that deserves the very best. So, whenever words fail you to tell how exactly you feel about your Lover or how you would want him or her to see your part of the relationship, this love paragraph – like every other love messages and quotes on this site – will help you get things done. Read it and be glad you did.

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Are you ready for the treat? Here you go!

I’ve been on the lane where nothing good seemed impossible.
I’ve set my heart on the track where all I could see was life’s unbearable path.
I’ve heard about the glimpse of heaven in many-a-relationship,
And I’ve waited for a day a dream like this would come true for me too.
I watched and waited, daily thrusting my heart on the anchor of hope.
I wanted such a love that’ll last forever, and I’m glad I found you as one.

Love Oath Quotes

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For all that your love has given, I am so proud to say this:

“No matter how far away we go
You will always be on my mind
No matter how bad things turn
You will always have my heart.
I’ll do this because I love you.”

Does your Lover (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiance, Fiancee, Husband or Wife) deserve this? If the answer is yes, be proud to share it with them. And if you love this enough, share it on with your friends too.
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