Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes

2023 Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes for Someone Special

Yay! Apart from the tradition of sending a good morning text to your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can step up your game by sending them some goodnight heartwarming quotes and messages, just before they go to bed.

Rest assured your lover will sleep thinking about you and wake up yearning for your presence, and more of you.

Here we go:

Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes for Girlfriend

Sweet love all night comes with sweet goodnight quotes and messages. Here are 50 Goodnight Sweet Dreams Quotes and Messages to gladden her heart and keep you in her mind all night.

1. Just a simple kiss from you would make this night a memorable one. Sleep tight, my love.

2. The thought of what we are and what we share makes me go to bed like a puppy happy to see her mother. Good night, my hubby bunny.

3. Each night, I reminiscence about how we spent the day looking into each other’s eyes. My night is more worth thinking about those moments. Sleep like the princess that you are.

4. My Cinderella, the sleeping beauty, I want you to wake up on top of the world, knowing I got your back like Arthur. Sleep tight, my love.

5. The night becomes too long cause I count each seconds waiting for the morning to come so I can tell you with a kiss how much you mean to me. Good night, my sweety.

6. How can I go to bed, knowing I’m yet to tell my superwoman how much she made my day ravishing. Thank you, for today. Sleep tight.

7. Nobody does it better than you do, those graceful steps walk into my dream each night. I can’t wait to see you in my dream tonight. Boo, boo.

8. Your poise is classy, your stare is charming, your intelligence is mesmerizing. I want to wake up in your arms, my angel. Sleep well, beautiful.

9. Time after time you look radiant, night after night, you shine better than the galaxies. Sleep gracefully, sweety.

10. Every night seems like a yuletide to me cause all I see is our happy moments and the laughter that brings us closer. Good night, honey pie.

11. Our hugs, smiles, kisses and stares, make one beautiful movie at night, cause I play it and rewind it. Good night, my Queen.

12. Dancing in the rain with you makes me shiver with passion. Each night, the warmth of our love becomes my duvet. Cover yourself with my love, dear. I love you, goodnight.

13. I count myself lucky, knowing and having you as my partner in love. Good night my lucky charm.

14. When the world taught I had it all, I was secretly waiting to make you my all. Good night, the icing on my cake.

15. This feeling is beyond me I can’t touch it but I can feel it. This feeling is the love we share for each other. Sleep tight and wake up with this feeling that binds us together.

16. You are my woman, cause I love you with all my mind and cherish our intimacy with inner passion. Despacito, I love you, sleep tight.

17. Even at night, I want you to stay. Night becomes more important as I find you right there in my dream, bringing reality to pass. I love you, make this night count by staring in my dream.

18. There’s something about the night that makes it cool and that is because you STAR in my dreams. Good night, beautiful.

19. Don’t make me wait too long, come into my dream till the morning comes, I don’t wanna miss you. See you in my dreams, baby.

20. You mean the world to me both day and at night. This night can’t be different. Sleep tight, beautiful.

21. Arrows may fly at night, forces may gather at night but one thing is sure, you are the light of the night. Sleep tight, princess.

22. All day long, all night long, 7 days of the week, I’m fulfilled cause you send your love to me in each of this time. I’ll pay you a visit in your dream, tonight. Chao!

23. Night becomes too long and boring to the man who is alone. Lucky for me, I have you in my world to make each night tight and warm. Sleep tight, dear.

24. When I see your lovely face in my dream, I feel touched by an angel. My angel, sleep tight.

25. We respect the night because it pulls us together than the day. I’m amazed by how we become magnetic at night. Sleep like a princess.

26. Let my words caress you to sleep and my kisses wake you up in the morning. I love you, dear girlfriend. Goodnight!

27. Just so you know, my better half, I’ll choose you over everyone else. Goodnight and sleep tight.

28. I love you more than my words can say but I’ll tell you still that I love you. Sleep tight, my Queen!

29. I dream about us at night and await my dreams to come true in the morning. Goodnight sweetie, can’t wait to have you in my arms.

30. Everything you are is what I need in my life. The morning will soon come for us to make that dream come true. Goodnight, my love.

31. I’ll always be by your side, I’ll never quit loving you. My love, you know, I love you timelessly. Goodnight, my beautiful one.

32. I know all day I’ve demonstrated my love to you, however, I can’t keep calm at night, I’ll loud it to you through my text how much I love you. I love you, my baby.

33. Because you are in my heart, I can breathe all night. Goodnight my love.

34. Another night away from you is another night to think of you, stare at your image on my phone. I love you more and more. Goodnight to you dear.

35. May the night keep our hearts together and the day never keeps us two apart. Love you, sweetie.

36. The day is no different from the night cause I have you in my heart anyway. Love you tonight, love you always.

37. You got my love all day, you got my mind all night. Sleep tight, angel.

38. All of my night, something is telling me it must be you.

39. Sleep tight, you have nothing to fear cause you are an angel yourself.

40. I have no reason to fear the night, cause you are there with me. Do have a peaceful night.

41. I love you and it’s gonna be a blissful night cause your words caress me to sleep.

42. I’ll open my eyes in the morning just to see your pretty eyes. Goodnight my angel.

43. I will love you forever, doesn’t matter what place, what day and what time it is. Blissful night, my angel!

44. I love you with every being of my heart. Goodnight angel.

45. And when the two of us are apart, you don’t have to ask if I still love you, cause as each moment passes away my love still remains the same.

46. Certain as the darkness at night, my love still abides forever. Goodnight, my love

47. Remembering your kisses on my bed at night keeps my sleep sound and sweet. Goodnight, my love.

48. I don’t need my blankets cause your warm embrace during the day keeps me warm and loved at night. Thanks for the kisses, thanks for the hugs. Goodnight, my love.

49. No matter where you go, know you are not alone cause my love is with you all the time. Goodnight, my angel.

50. My heart isn’t just filled with your love but the gratitude of having your love inside of it. Goodnight, my love and sleep tight.

Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes for Boyfriend

I know just how much you want your sweet boyfriend to know how much you love them before retiring to bed at night, so here, I’ve got 50 goodnight sweet dreams quotes and messages for the special man in your life.

He sure wants your words marbled in his heart before he goes to bed, so don’t keep him waiting. Out of sight can’t be out of mind as long as you send him these romantic goodnight sweet dreams quotes.

1. As I lay me down on my bed, your thought goes through my mind non-stop. It feels so good to have you close here in my heart. Goodnight, to you my love.

2. You remain my first and last! The first I think of in the morning and the last I think about before going to sleep. Sleep tight, dear boyfriend.

3. I share this heart of mine with you but I hope we share the same bed some day. Goodnight, my love.

4. I couldn’t ask that the angels surround you tonight simply because you are an angel yourself, so sleep peacefully. Goodnight, boyfriend.

5. It ain’t easy knowing we are far apart, but just so you know I’m only one call away. Goodnight, my love.

6. It’s time for me to go to bed, just wanna let you know I’ll wake up with your thoughts in my head. A very good night to you, my darling.

7. Goodnight my love, just to remind you for the 100th time that I love you.

8. The melody of your voice in my head will sing me lullaby to sleep and the tenderness of your words will wake me up in the morning. Love you, sweetheart.

9. When I do walk down the aisle with my boyfriend, the whole world will know just how much I love him. Goodnight, my only one.

10. I can’t love you more than I pray for you, so I pray that the good Lord keeps you away from the evils at night. Love you, dear.

11. I want you to know before you go to sleep that this heart of mine belongs to no one else but you, do have a peaceful night, my love.

12. My heart is at peace knowing that I have the best boyfriend in the world. Goodnight dear, I love you beyond my words can say.

13. I wish I could gaze at you with your head on my pillow all through the night but the images of you in my mind will keep me just as excited all night. Sleep tight, my boo.

14. The darkness at night can never overshadow my love for you and the brightness of the day will never steal its beauty away. Goodnight, my love.

15. What I know truly in my heart is that I love you, goodnight my love.

16. No better words to say to you just when I’m about to close my eyes than “I love you.”

17. A new day may arrive in few hours to come but my love for you still remains the same. Goodnight, my one and only.

18. The beautiful stars at night are a prove of my love for you. Goodnight, my love

19. It may be dark at night, but it’s light in my heart cause I have you in there. Sleep well, baby.

20. I see the beauty of the night, all in the image of a boy in my heart. Goodnight, my boyfriend.

21. Thank you for the beautiful day we shared, thank you for the night we share apart cause I have the pleasure of your thoughts in my heart. Goodnight, dear lover.

22. Oh boy, you know it’s your smile that brightens my night. Love you to the moon and back.

23. Sweet dreams, my love. Can’t love you less, you are my fantasy.

24. From me to you tonight, I love you pricelessly.

25. Loving you is just so cool, the way you excite me is out of this world. Goodnight dear boyfriend.

26. It’s your girlfriend and she wishes you a beautiful night rest. Wake up a giant.

27. I’ll be loving you more as each day passes by. My love for you can only grow bigger. Love you, my Superman.

28. Sending my kisses to you, it’s not a lonely night regardless of your absence cause I have you still in my heart.

29. Just so you know, I’m amazed at how close your presence is with me at night, I’m amazed at how much I really want you in the coldness of the night, I’m amazed at how much you love me. Goodnight, my love.

30. I’m not afraid of loving you, cause loving you takes all my fears in the dark away. Goodnight darling, thanks for empowering me.

31. Love is the greatest so I read, loving you is the most beautiful feeling, that I know. Goodnight, sweetness.

32. I want you to know before going to sleep that you got yourself the girl who loves her man so helplessly. Goodnight, my love.

33. Love gives meaning to everything, even to the stars in the sky cause I see your face in it. Goodnight, my one and only.

34. I love you, there’s no better way to say it. Goodnight, my love.

35. Doesn’t matter how long the night may last, my love for you still comes through in the morning. Sleep tight, Bambi.

36. Every love has it’s beginning but ours has no end. Goodnight, my love.

37. 24hrs is timeless cause to me, my love for you is timeless. Goodnight, my love.

38. Goodnight, my love, hope to see your face in my dreams.

39. I’m gonna remind you every night before going to sleep of how beautiful, wonderful and adorable you truly are. Goodnight, my love.

40. I don’t need the moon to brighten up my night cause you do that already. I love you, sweetheart.

41. One thing’s for sure, I’ll never stop thinking about you, no matter what time of the day it is, cause my love for you is timeless. Goodnight, my boyfriend.

42. I’m gonna sleep so soundly in a lull, cause your love keeps me at peace. Goodnight, my love.

43. It’s night but I still love you, sleep tight my one and only.

44. Nights are so exciting cause your thoughts are in my head. Goodnight, my angel.

45. It’s a silent night, a beautiful night, and lovers night. I love you. Goodnight, my love.

46. Be confident of my love for you as you sleep at night. Your Queen hearts you truly.

47. How quick is the day when you are with me, how eager is the night when we are apart. Can’t wait to see you! Sleep tight, sweetie.

48. Yes! It’s gonna be me and you forever someday. I love you, sleep well, boo!

49. In your silence, I can hear you say I love you. Love you too my love. Goodnight, the angel of my life.

50. May the stars protect you, and the heavens love you. Goodnight, my love.

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