Sweet Dreams My Darling

2023 Best Sweet Dreams My Darling Messages and Quotes

Do Have Sweet Dreams My Darling Messages for Him or Her

Wish your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend a lovely night rest with the following romantic good night have sweet dreams my love text messages for lovers.

1. As you head on to bed tonight my dear, I pray the Lord your soul to keep!

2. Four corners of your bed, four angels are positioned there. Enjoy the comfort of the night till morning. Sweet dreams.

3. May you enjoy every minute of the night and may dawn come, bringing you the happiness that comes with the morning.

4. I hope you sleep well, and that the morning arrives faster than usual so I can have you in my arms again. Goodnight my love.

5. I miss you so much, my love. I hope that soonest we can always retire to bed together and wake up in sweetness and joy.

6. I do hope you have a peaceful night rest. Till the morning!

7. May your dreams be sweet, and may you have a refreshing night sleep. We’ll see in the morning.

8. As you head to bed, know quite well that you’ve God’s protection and my heart’s attention. Goodnight sweetheart.

9. I know that it wouldn’t be too long till we can sleep on the same bed, cuddle, and sleep soundly till daybreak. Until then, sweet dreams!

10. Goodnight my love, I love you to the moon and back!

11. Happy night rest boyfriend. Dream of me only!

12. Make sure to have a sound night rest filled with peace from the divine.

13. Be calm and get off to bed. I will be here to help you out of bed when morning comes. Have a wonderful time my love.

14. May your night be calm and as soothing as a balm. Enjoy a peaceful night rest!

15. May God’s all-around protection safeguard you from all of the ills and roaming devils of the night. Sleep well.

16. In the day and at night, my heart thumps for you. Be rest assured that it’ll continue to do so even tomorrow. Sleep tight.

17. Baby, as long as you’re mine, I’ll always end each day with the feeling of accomplishment washing over my soul. Thanks for always being there. Goodnight my love

18. I don’t know why it’s so; but know that every night, all I dream of, is you – all the time! I cherish you so much, sleep well.

19. Even though you’re miles away from me, your love burns in my heart as the sun in daytime. You’ll forever be in my heart, my dear. Goodnight.

20. As I lie down this moment on my bed, all that’s ever running through my mind is you. I hope it’s the same with you. I love you, dear, goodnight.

21. My world has come to a halt just now that you left for home. It’ll get moving again the moment we meet tomorrow. Goodnight dearest.

22. I miss you so much tonight. I wish I were to be your pillow and sheets. That way, we can be closer to each other. I love you to the moon and back. Have a good night, my love.

23. My sweetest, I’m writing to let you know that nobody has ever treated me so nicely like you do. Goodnight love.

24. I thought I should hit you a text before you sleep. It’s just that you keep appearing in my thoughts. Have a peaceful night rest.

25. To the special person who makes every day worth living, and every night so fulfilling, I hope you have a restful night. Sleep soundly.

26. I do not need to be fearful of what tomorrow brings again since you came into my life. Thanks for being there always. Have a pleasant night my love.

27. On a chilly and rainy night like this is when I wish to have you cuddling me to yourself. I miss you like never before. Have a grand night ahead love.

28. Nightmares have now become a thing of the past. It’s so because my subconscious is preoccupied with your thoughts. Know that right now, I’m even thinking about you. Goodnight my love!

29. Your ever loving presence and care are all that’s making every moment worth living. I can’t wait until tomorrow to have you back to myself dear. Sweet dreams my love.

30. Sleep well dear. Let the whole host of heavens watch over you!

31. The hustles of today are finally over. Get to bed early, so you can make the best of tomorrow. Sleep well.

32. Here’s another night to have you in my dreams. I can’t wait to fall asleep so the sweet moments can begin! Goodnight angel.

33. I’m here tonight craving for your touch, kiss and cuddles. Now that you ain’t here, I can always wait until tomorrow. Have a blessed night my dearest.

34. May all of the protection needed to see you through the night rest upon you. Have a sound sleep.

35. Right now, I feel like falling asleep in your comfy arms. I love you forever, goodnight.

36. Just before I get carried away by sleep, I do want you to know that I love you and that you mean the world to me. Goodnight cherry.

37. It’s quite amazing that it’s only you that runs in my mind at night. Can you keep at running in my mind? Goodnight my dear.

38. I hope that you have a pleasant night filled with love and thoughts of peace. Have a restful sleep.

39. I won’t ever have a beautiful night unless I grab my phone to text you. Now that you know, have a great night ahead.

40. Just before I sleep at night and I ruminate on the activities of each day, I conclude my thoughts with a gratitude for having you in my life. Enjoy your night.

41. Though it’s time to retire for the night, before you sleep, I hope this message informs you that the best thing that’s happened to me is you. Goodnight my dearest.

42. My night will never get bright if my whispers of love do not reach your ears. Know that I love you, even if I’m far away from you. Goodnight.

43. I hope you’re not sleeping right now. That’s because I’m finding it hard to get some sleep here. Will you come to sing me a song?

44. My whole world stops when it’s night. It’ll continue the moment I set my eyes on you tomorrow. Have a splendid night.

45. I hope that you have a wonderful night filled with heavens warmth.

46. May the Lord wake you with his gentle hand the moment dawn comes. Sleep well.

47. I’m really glad we spent the most of today together. I hope that we can always do so over again. Goodnight beautiful.

48. May the night supply you all the rest you need to stay healthy and strong. Enjoy your night, damsel.

49. No matter what life brings my say way, your place will always remain in my heart. Have an amazing night baby.

50. I’ll hold on a bit more, till we can tie the nuptials and have you sleep and wake up by my side till eternity. Sleep well love.

51. You’re nothing short of being the beautiful angel sent to me from heaven. I love you to bits. Goodnight darling.

52. I just thought I could write to let you know that I’m incomplete without you – even tonight. Sleep well sweetheart.

53. You’re one great friend who lights up every dark corner of my whole life. Thanks for always being there. Goodnight bro.

54. You’re just the only person who won’t neglect me and call me names even when others do so. Goodnight, my love and friend.

55. Busy days, hectic moments, tired body, but I won’t go each night without wishing you a good night. Sleep well sweetheart.

56. Thanks for always being the shoulder to lean on, and a friend to speak to. Goodnight friend.

57. I hope you sleep peacefully throughout the night girlfriend. Boyfriend thinks highly of you. Sleep tight

58. I hope I’m really irritating you this moment with my goodnight message. Know well that it’ll come every day!

59. I hope that you rest well and wake up as strong as a horse. Till the morning!

60. Every day that ends with you still being my friend is one hell of a day. The nights are as well wonderful. Do enjoy the night’s warmth bestie. Sleep well.

61. May every night that comes be an avenue of deserved rest for you. Have a great night, girlfriend.

62. True love is all about loving oneself and finding the right person to share it with. Thanks for being that person. Goodnight.

63. Your love to me is far greater than rubies, diamonds and pearls. I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight dear.

64. Sleep well like a baby tonight, tomorrow and the next. Goodnight baby.

65. Let God himself watch over you as you sleep tonight, and wake you to see the warm light of the rising sun. Sleep well, baby.

66. Sleep tight, my husband and king. All my existence beats in awe of you. Till we see again when dawn comes.

67. Sleep will draw us apart tonight, but by morning we’ll get back together as one. Sleep in strength, and wake in greatness.

68. All night while you sleep, I stay awake ruminating how special it’s to have you as my woman. Have a great night rest, babe.

69. My greatest hope is that your dreams will be all about me, and your days be spent with me. Have a wonderful night rest dear.

70. Just like other nights, tonight reminds me that I won’t be spending time with you. We can always spend the rest of our nights together the moment we consummate our marriage. Goodnight love.

71. Goodnight my love, wake up to a brighter, glorious day tomorrow.

72. Know that someone who loves you unconditionally is here thinking about you. Sleep peacefully.

73. As you sleep tonight, may the good Lord guide you, may he bless you, and may your dreams come true. Goodnight.

74. I’m always grateful to the divine for he allows me to start my day with you, and to end it with you. Have a glorious night.

75. Remember to turn off the lights as you sleep. May the crack of dawn bring to you hope so renewed. Have a wonderful night rest.

76. As you sleep tonight, I hope that the stars remember to shine. I wish you a very good night.

77. My daily tasks won’t be over until I wish you goodnight. Sleep well, my dear!

78. I hope that tonight’s sleep strengthens your spirit, soul and body and that I get to be the first to say ‘good morning’ to you!

79. Did you know that someone – just someone – loves every bit of you, even your faults? That person is me! Thought you should know before you sleep.

80. May the angels responsible for sound sleep be at your beck and call tonight. Sleep tight!

81. After a day of stress, what one needs is a restful sleep for oneself at night. Do enjoy every minute of sleep tonight, and wake up in a massive amount of strength. Goodnight angel.

82. Do have the most beautiful dream tonight. That’s all I wish for you. Goodnight.

83. If all I could do is to text you goodnight every day, I’ll see that plainly as just life’s purpose.

84. I’m glad I’ll soon start having you all to myself at night. Until then, I’ll keep saying goodnight via text.

85. At the end of my days, till we grow old, I want to keep saying it to your hearing that I love you. Goodnight sweetest one.

86. May you sleep well tonight my prince in shiny armour. Sleep tight.

87. Attached to this goodnight message are loads of hugs and kisses. Sleep soundly, my dear.

88. Goodnight baby! I’m sure to be missing you until morning comes.

89. Goodnight to the special man that makes my every moment wonderful. Have a special night rest.

90. My goodnight messages are my special ways of letting you know I think about you always. Please accept them with love. Goodnight.

91. I hope our relationship gets stronger every morning and night. This goodnight message is one of such ropes for the binding. Sleep well my dearest.

92. Goodnight crush. Make use of your brush, and rush along to bed.

93. When the nights grow darker and there’s no light to brighten your path, do know that I’ll be here to act out that function. Sleep tight.

94. May God bless you with sound sleep that’ll avail you the chance to get up quick to execute the task of tomorrow. Have.a restful night.

95. Can I make you feel good tonight? I hope my text is achieving just that.

96. Sleep well tonight – tomorrow will bring something good your way.

97. Do not forget to say your prayers before you sleep. The father still protects. Sweet dreams.

98. Happy night rest sweetest. Remember to clear your thoughts of anything worrisome.

99. Today has been filled with more happiness than I’ve ever encountered. Can we do same with tomorrow and the next? Sweet dreams.

100. Sweet dreams, the love of life. I pray you have heaven’s total protection.

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