2023 Romantic Goodnight Messages for Him – Boyfriend

Relationships are built with people we are comfortable and feel secure with. It is on this base that we build trust and long-lasting love. Not many things build the feeling of care and safety like goodnight greetings.

Build up your relationship with your significant other with these goodnight messages and you won’t regret it.

Sweet Goodnight Text Messages for Boyfriend

Romantic Goodnight Messages you can send to your boyfriend as he sets to sleep. Make the night cool for him with these Sweet Goodnight Text Messages for Boyfriend.

1. Even though the night seems bleak without you, our love would shine like stars in anticipation of a new day. Goodnight my love.

2. You are the moon to my night, my love. Without you, my life would be bleak. Goodnight my love.

Romantic Goodnight Messages for Boyfriend

3. Every night, you sneak up on my dreams and plant visions of our forever together. I wish we didn’t have to leave each other for the night, but I can’t wait to see you in my dreams.

4. I hate the fact that the night seems to separate us, but I look forward to the breaking of a new day for us, knowing that the night is necessary for the day to dawn. Goodnight my love.

5. Goodnight my love. I know that while we need to take physical rests, we do not take a break from the love that we share.

6. I wish you a night of wonder my love, a night of beauty where we can play in the garden of our dreams and know that tomorrow is a better day.

7. Sweet dreams for the one I love. May your sleep be full of rest and possibilities.

8. You, my love, are like a star, always present but needing the darkness to shine. Goodnight my love, let our love shine through the night.

9. You will forever be a resident of my heart, come rain, come shine, come day, come night because love isn’t meant for just the good times, it shines even more in the hard times. good night my love.

10. Tonight I would sit and imagine what a beautiful sight it must be to have the moon cast its light on you. I fancy the night would be delighted, as would I. Goodnight, my love.

Romantic Goodnight Messages for Him

Sweet Romantic Goodnight Text Messages to send to your Boyfriend – Romantic Goodnight Text Messages for Him.

11. People don’t rush out to see the sun, but the opposite can be said for the stars. Our love would survive this night’s darkness like stars, till we see the dawn. Goodnight my love.

12. There is no denying that the saddest part of my day, is seeing you leave for the night, but I am hopeful knowing that your absence makes my heart grow fonder of you.

13. As you drift off to sleep tonight, listen closely and I hope that you would hear me singing you to sleep. Goodnight my love.

14. I think that as sad as it might seem, our love is the meeting of two stars groping in the dark in search of each other and together we have pierced the darkness. Goodnight my love.

15. Goodnight my love. Dream dreams of us conquering the world together.

16. You mean more to me than rest, because my love for you never sleeps. Goodnight my dear.

17. My love for you is simply beautiful and I can’t wait to see what it becomes. Goodnight my dear.

18. The nights promise a greater adventure with you in the morning, yet still, I can’t help but miss you. Goodnight my love.

19. My days are infinitely sweeter with you and my nights are more bearable dreaming about you.

20. To know you is to know hope. I am assured that tomorrow holds better things for us.

21. I will, till death do us part continually gaze upon you as a constellation in the sky. Good night my dear.

22. there are no words to describe how I feel towards you. you are like the sun to my day and moon to my night. goodnight my love, I will always cherish you.

Romantic Goodnight Messages for Boyfriend

23. As wondrous as a night full of stars is my love to me. How magnificent you are. goodnight my love.

24. They say to never trust the dark. I have learned not to fear it, for you are a light in my darkness, you shine all the more. I love you, dear. Goodnight.

25. True love they say, is easy to know, and hard to let go. And I found it with you, underneath the stars. goodnight my love.

26. It pains me each night you get to leave. But it also fills me with the hope that tomorrow would be better than today. Goodnight my love.

27. Once upon a time, on a lonely night, I wished for a star, and you came. Rest well, my love.

27. Sleep well my love, may the night bear on its wings dreams of a beautiful forever.

28. In a guarded world, I let go my heart and it found you. it seems to me that I am extremely blessed with you as good luck, or that the world is stupid for being guarded. goodnight my love.

29. I don’t believe, that I am lucky to have you. I know that I am blessed to have you. You are not chance, but fate. predestined to cross paths from the day we were born. Goodnight my soulmate. During the day, we shall meet again.

30. If I had the chance to redo life, I would make the same mistakes for the fear that I may lose the one graced to me notwithstanding my imperfections. Goodnight my love. you forever remain etched in the walls of my heart.

31. They say that wear and tear happen over time, but we shall tear off the boundaries of our love and wear your image in my heart, my dear. sweet dreams my love.

32. You are the one. There is none other. You are my star, none other shines brighter. Sweet dreams my love.

33. With infinite lifetimes more and infinite choices, I will stay bound to the choice of you. Goodnight my love. Dream of me.

34. Love knows no boundaries. whether it is sun by day or moon by night, your love shines in what would have been the darkness of my heart.

35. I have made many mistakes in life. but surely, you are not one of them. I earnestly can’t wait to see what we become. Goodnight my dear.

36. To see your lovely face is worth to me more than constellations in the night’s sky.

37. I have the tendency to be lazy at life, but I am strong in love with you. Goodnight my sweet.

38. I see you every night, past the corner of my eyes when the eyelids close. You are the dream of my dreams, my love. Goodnight.

39. I found hope to trust again in you. I am assured of a better future with you, my love. Good night and have the sleep of champions.

40. I often wonder what you dream about. I often hope that I am the subject of your dreams. Goodnight my love, dream of me.

41. There is no one more precious to me than you. So this night, I want to wish my special person a special night’s rest. Goodnight my love.

42. I am enthralled by your beauty, captivated by your passion. I am in love with your person. On this auspicious night, I wish to bid you goodnight and sweet dreams, my love.

43. Love is like a fine wine. It gets better with age. Goodnight my love. Sweet dreams.

44. I know for a fact that I love you and nothing else is reflective of my heart towards you. Goodnight my love.

45. I wonder how you always make me feel so special. I wonder how you produce butterflies in my tummy every time we meet. I believe it is because you are so dear to my heart. Goodnight my love.

46. Food for the belly and love for the heart. At the end of the day what I really need is you. Goodnight my love.

47. There really is no life without love and there is really no living without you. Goodnight my love.

48. Out of the billions of people on this earth, I met you. Out of the same, I do choose you. Goodnight my love.

49. Your name to me has become synonymous with love. Goodnight my love, sweet dreams.

50. I find you to be the spice of my life, like stars in the soup of space, you beautify me. Goodnight my love.

51. There is a hope, a deep longing to always be by your side. There is a prayer to never lose you because you are so much to me and more. Goodnight my love.

52. I find peace in your arms. It’s little wonder why I can’t seem to let go. Goodnight my love, sweet dreams.

53. It would be impossible to describe you in words or coherent sentences except that you are the love of my life. Goodnight my love, my heart is with you.

54. I am confident that you are the best person to share my heart with. Goodnight my love.

55. Love is not easy, but it is sure worth it with you my love. Sweet dreams my dear.

56. In this grand plot of life, I believe our story to be the best because you are in it. goodnight my dear.

57. To love you is the best choice I have made. Goodnight my love.

58. There surely must be a powerful and loving God in heaven, because he gifted me with you. Goodnight my love.

59. There a peace the evening breeze gives. it reminds me of the blessings of this life, and you are the greatest blessing.

60. You are lovely my love, and you have the space of my heart as yours. Goodnight my dear.

61. Love is found in you in large and pure quantities. You are rare my love. Goodnight.

62. Time slows with you, yet it seems so fast. No wonder it seems that night perpetually sneaks up on us. Goodnight my love.

63. I will forever cherish you and even though the night might try to snuff our love, I will remember that the dark only shows the potency of light.

64. I can’t wait to spend my whole life with you. Goodnight, my love and my heart.

65. May the stars of our love cut through the dreary darkness of night. I love you my darling. Goodnight my love.

66. I can think of no one who can take your place in my life. You are unique, and I love you. Good night my love.

67. All the time in the world wouldn’t be enough to spend with you. Goodnight my love.

68. I find it funny how we met, yet it is no joke that life has been fun with you. Goodnight my love.

69. There is no bottom to the love I have for you. I love you dearly. Goodnight my love.

70. To sweetness personified, have a sweet night, my dear. I love you so much.

71. the darkness can’t tear apart two orbs of light seeking to find each other. goodnight my love.

72. to my friend, my confidant, my partner in love and crime I say goodnight. May your dreams bear sweetness.

73. If I could bear to doubt all else, you remain unshaken in my heart. Goodnight my love.

74. Goodnight my prince charming, our love would be our life’s biggest adventure.

75. To the choice I would never regret, goodnight and sweet dreams. You are dearly loved by me.

76. My love, may angels sing you to bed with psalms to beautiful and peaceful to imagine. Sweet dreams my love.

77. If I were to write an encyclopedia’s worth of words of our love, it would be too little a book to adequately describe what you mean to me.

78. To my perfect one, sometimes I wonder if you are not a figment of my imagination. Goodnight love.

79. My dearest, you prove to me each day that love never fails, even in this flawed world. Goodnight my love.

80. I have no words to describe what you mean to me, but the least I can do is wish you the best night’s rest ever, dear.

81. sleep blissfully my love, for the dawn shall rise and we shall see again.

82. it is amazing having you with me. It is electric, it is fireworks. Goodnight my dear. I love you.

83. You are the answer to the prayer of true love my dear. Sleep tight. I love you.

84. I can’t imagine a day going by without so much as the thought of you. Goodnight my dear.

85. My heart is heavy. Maybe it is because I carry a full grown man with me everywhere I go, but I am not complaining because in my heart is where you are meant to be. Goodnight my love.

86. I have hoped, dreamed and prayed and it has brought you to me. Goodnight my love.

87. Goodnight, dream man. You are all I want and more. Kisses.

88. The beauty of you is not just in your face, or your physique, but in your heart and that is the true beauty.

89. You are the face my heart beats for. You are the voice my ears long for. Goodnight my love. Thank you for loving me.

90. In a world of fakes, you alone have shown me what true love is. Goodnight my love.

91. I can’t imagine a world without you. just like I can’t imagine the night without the dark.

92. To hold, to cherish, to love you with all of my heart, each day, each night. Goodnight my love.

93. I fight every thought of life without you because you have proven too essential to live without. I love you. goodnight.

94. what do you see when you look at me? I see strength, I see calm, a beauty this world has never seen before. sweet dreams my love.

95. To the one who has my heart, you are refined, resilient and lovely, and I can think of no better way to end the day than to wish you the best the night has to offer. Goodnight, my love.

96. You, my dear, are a book. a page-turner. Just when it seems I have come to the end of you, I do find another delectable chapter waiting to be devoured. Goodnight my love, thanks for the journey.

97. To live love and learn with you would be the greatest gift bestowed to me. Goodnight my love.

98. I treasure your presence more than wealth because you mean more than the world to me. Goodnight my love.

99. I am guilty. The accusations are true. I am in love with you. I wish the sweetest of dreams to the man of my dreams.

100. loving you is worth the risk of losing my heart in the process. Goodnight my dear.

101. There is hardly any greater joy than seeing your face. I can’t wait to see you soon. Goodnight my love.

102. If there was ever the question as to where my heart lay, just look within your folded arms, right next to your heart. Goodnight love.

103. Let the night bring with it rest for your body, and peace for your soul my love.

104. Last night, I had an exciting dream. I dreamt that you held me close to your heart. Tonight I want to dream another exciting dream. I want to have the same one I had last night. Goodnight my love, dream of me.

105. I could never get tired of you. every night I wear the moon out to give way to the sun just to see you. Goodnight my love.

106. I wish a good night’s rest to the man who goes above and beyond. May your sleep be beautiful.

107. There is no doubt in my mind that having you is one of the greatest gifts of life. Goodnight my dear.

108. Do you dream of me? I hope so because I dream of you all the time. good night my dear. Looking forward to our dream encounter.

109. I find myself pulled in by the thought of you. I don’t want you out of mind. Goodnight my love.

110. You have been sentenced to spend forever in the prison of my heart. Goodnight my dear.

111. As you close your eyes to sleep, dream of me my love. Goodnight.

112. As your eyes grow heavy, and your thoughts distant, don’t forget me because I won’t forget you. Goodnight my love.

113. I wonder if it is normal for one to love you like I do. But then I realize that there is nothing ordinary about you. Goodnight my extraordinary.

114. A life with you is what I choose. to love you in darkest night or brightest noons, to bid you good morning and sweet dreams. Goodnight my love.

115. Love manifested itself in you and I have fallen ever since. Goodnight my love.

116. The day has turned to dusk and it is the time I bid you goodbye for the night, hopeful for another day with you. Goodnight my love.

117. The day is never enough time to enjoy your company, still, the night doesn’t distance us, it draws us closer as we look forward to the next day. goodnight my love.

118. The moon, the stars, fireflies. You are more beautiful. Goodnight my love.

119. What can separate me from the love of you? Neither night nor day because they just make knowing you better. Goodnight my love.

120. You are cooler than the night’s breeze on my skin, you shine brighter than the stars in the milky way my love, you are more dazzling than moons locked in night’s embrace and more mesmerizing than fireflies. Goodnight my dear, till tomorrow dawns.

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