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2023 Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her

Night is a time of relaxation from the stress and troubles of the day. A time to let go of everything and accept God’s gift of rest.

What better way for a woman to end the day than with loving words from her man.
It makes her sleep a whole lot enjoyable and the man is happy because he has a happy woman.

Below are 150 Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her – Romantic Goodnight Quots for Your Sweet Girlfriend.

Send a quote to that special woman and make her night memorable.

Sweet Good Night Quotes for Her – Girlfriend

Good night wishes from a loved one has a role to play in making one’s night awesome. Make your Girlfriend’s night superb with these Romantic Good Night Quotes, and wait to receive a warm response from her in the Morning.

1. “May the stars gather tonight as a star goes to bed. Have a great night. Good night, sweetheart.”

2. “Wrap my love around you as you sleep tonight. Good night, my love.”

3. “As you close your eyes, dream of happy moments cause you deserve them. Good night, darling.”

4. “Dream pleasant dreams, that’s what a great princess like you deserves. Good night, my love.”

5. “You brighten up my world like the stars in the night sky. Good night, darling.”

6. “Close your eyes as you lie down and forget the troubles of the day. Good night, dear.”

7. “It’s a great period to rejuvenate. May tomorrow make you feel brand new. Good night, my love.”

8. “As the stars twinkle, so do you twinkle with goodness. Good night, baby.”

9. “Having you by my side is more pleasant than dreaming about you being there. Good night, my love.”

10. “Having you in my arms is like having a taste of heaven. Good night, sweetheart.”

11. “Sleep eludes me most nights because I am thinking of you.”

12. “Thoughts of you derive me from sleep. You are amazing. Good night, love.”

13. “You are a jewel, I never want to lose. Good night, darling.”

14. “I fall in love with you every single day in different ways. Good night, sweetheart.”

15. “You make my life sparkle with the joy that radiates from you. Good night, dear.”

16. “You’ve brought fulfilment to my existence. Good night, beautiful.”

17. “The sun has gone to sleep because a beauty needs to rest. Good night, sweetheart.”

18. “I embrace the world every night because you are my world. Good night, darling.”

19. “Being with u our is the peak of my existence. Good night, love.”

20. “I smile whenever I think about how I struck gold with you. Good night, darling.”

21. “I am your number one fan and I want you to keep maximising your potentials. Good night, sweetheart.”

22. “Every day, I am grateful that you are in my life. Good night, my love.”

23. “With you, every day I am every day is a pleasure and every night is a paradise. Good night, my love.”

24. “You make me dream and you are my dream come true. Good night, my angel.”

25. “I care about you deeply and I hope you know that. Good night, my love.”

26. “From now on till forever, good night would be found in your arms. Good night, I miss you my heart.”

27. “The night is good because you are with me. Good night, my darling.”

28. “Since the moment I met you, living has had a different meaning. Good night, my darling.”

29. “You are an angel, charming and dazzling. Good night, my sweetheart.”

30. “I can’t stop smiling because I can’t stop thinking about you. Good night, my dear.”

31. “You colour the night sky with your love. Good night, my sweetheart.”

32. “Nights are wonderful moments because then I have you close to me. Good night, my heart.”

33. “At night, the moon comes out to play and lures you to bed. Have a sound sleep. Good night, sweetheart.”

34. “Life without you is unimaginable. Good night, my love.”

35. “Every second spent apart from you is torture. Good night, my angel.”

36. “As you close your eyes to sleep, I send kisses and hugs to be with you through the night. Good night, dear.”

37. “A kiss from me to you as you sleep, to give you a sound sleep. Good night, my dear.”

38. “I love our moments together, they are always special but not as special as you. Good night, my darling.”

39. “This is my heart, spread my love around your room as you sleep. Good night, my love.”

40. “Have a great night baby and wake up looking and feeling amazing.”

41. “Play our favourite song as you go to bed. It would help you forget your sorrows and think happy thoughts. Good night, my love.”

42. “Good night, darling. I miss you dearly and can’t wait for us to be together.”

43. “I thank God for making me meet you. You are very special and important to me. Goodnight my angel.”

44. “You deserve only the best because you are the best. Good night, my love.”

45. “I sent the wind to deliver a message to you, it’s to whisper “I love you”. Good night, dear.”

46. “Close your eyes and embrace sleep, relax and let your troubles go. Good night, my angel.”

47. “You make my days wonderful and my night memorable. Good night, baby.”

48. “Loving you is the best decision I ever made but not being close to you hurts a lot. Good night, dear.”

49. “Relax, it’s another time to dream and bid the day’s pain goodbye. Good night, my darling.”

50. “I wish tonight and all nights, that your dreams are pleasant. Good night, baby.”

51. “I don’t want the day to end but the night with you is even better. Good night, baby.”

52. “I love you very much and being apart from you is hell. Good night, darling.”

53. “Watching the stars come out to play every night reminds me of the star I have – you. Good night, baby.”

54. “Days feel like months and weeks like years when I’m far from you. Good night, darling.”

55. “Sleep tight, baby. We would chat later. Good night, love.”

56. “You bring smiles to my face, no matter how tired I am. Good night, baby.”

57. “My day was busy but seeing you was the highlight of my day. Good night, darling.”

58. “Sleep soundly and deeply. Rest up and have enough energy for tomorrow. Good night, sweetheart.”

59. “I just want to tell you I miss you and remind you of my love. Good night, baby.”

60. “I send kisses with the wind, as it blows, those are my kisses to you. Good night, dear.”

61. “I love how strong and vulnerable you are. Good night, darling.”

62. “I am proud to know you are my woman. Good night, my love.”

63. “Your eyes reflect the woman you are- a passionate one. Good night, my love.”

64. “With you, every situation has more meaning and depth. I love how strong you are. Good night, dear.”

65. “To my damsel, the queen for my heart. Good night, sweetheart.”

66. “To the owner of my heart and the mother of my kids. Good night, darling.”

67. “Though I am apart from you, in my mind and dream, my arms are wrapped around you. Good night, dear.”

68. “Stay safe and sleep soundly. Good night, baby.”

69. “You own my heart and your name is engraved on it. Good night, my life.”

70. “You are the last thought in my mind at night and the first at dawn. Good night, my love.”

71. “You complete and compliment me in every way. You are perfect for me. Good night, my love.”

72. “I cherish you not just because you own my heart, but because you are my heart. Good night, my darling.”

73. “I never knew I could love like this until I met you. Good night, dear.”

74. “Baby, you are the most important person to me. Sleep soundly. Good night, sweetheart.”

75. “I reminiscence over our moments together whenever I can but especially tonight. Good night, dear.”

76. “I am glad you are different from the other girls. You are my treasure. Good night, my darling.”

77. “I really miss having you around. Kisses and hugs from over here. Good night, my angel.”

78. “You know I love you truly and greatly. I miss you terribly. Good night, dear.”

79. “I never thought it would be torture to be far from someone until I met you. Good night, baby.”

80. “My arms and bed feel empty without you. I would love to hold you tight throughout the night. Good night, my darling.”

81. “You looked more beautiful today, although you look beautiful without your clothes. Good night, baby.”

82. “I am totally and completely besotted with you. Good night, sweetheart.”

83. “My love knows no bounds and would cross any borders to reach you tonight. Good night, darling.”

84. “You leave me mystified. This is to tell you how much I admire you. Good night, my dear.”

85. “I want to be the one to always make you happy. I hope I’ve achieved that. Good night, my darling.”

86. “My goal is to always leave a smile on your face. Keep smiling, beautiful. Good night.”

87. “I hoped to find love, then I found you. You are my love and you own me. Good night, dear.”

88. “My love for you is a strong and real as the moment we first met. Good night, darling.”

89. “I would never forget how radiate you looked on the first day we met. You take my breath away. Good night, dear.”

90. “You are my own sweet nectar. I need a daily dose of you. Good night, darling.”

91. “Waking up to see the sunrise through your eyes is priceless. Good night, dear.”

92. “Your name is the last word in my lips as I dose my eyes to sleep. Good night, darling.”

93. “I love seeing you bathed with glow of love. Good night, sweetheart.”

94. “You draped with the moonlight is the perfect image any artist could ask for. Good night, sweetheart.”

95. “Everything about your body makes me come alive in a new way. I love u so much honey, Good night.”

96. “I want you to get lost each night in our maze of love. Good night, sweetheart.”

97. “I didn’t know what fun and enjoyment meant until I met you. Good night, darling.”

98. “Your name is a chant forever found on my lips. Good night, baby.”

99. “You are amazing and I cherish you. Good night, baby.”

100. “I cherish every part of you. God took His time making a masterpiece. Good night, beautiful.”

101. “Thinking of you gives me an adrenaline rush. It’s more potent than any drug. Good night, sweetheart.”

102. “The night is beautiful because you are beside me. Good night, beautiful.”

103. “The fragrance of your love is more potent than any portion. Good night, dear.”

104. “Your love is better than the finest of wines. Good night, darling.”

105. “You are my muse. God’s own masterpiece. Good night, dear.”

106. “Honey is sweet but you are sweeter than honey. Good night, my love.”

107. “Your love has made me a poet. Good night, fairest of all maidens.”

108. “Stay with now and always. Good night, my love.”

109. “I am drunk not from wine but from you. Good night, my love.”

110. “I am drawn to you like bee to nectar. Good night, dear.”

111. “I am attracted to you like moth to flames. Good night, darling.”

112. “You taste better than the most delicious meal. Good night, baby.”

113. “I am an addict and you are my addiction. Good night, baby.”

114. “I send my love to my precious jewel. Good night, my sweetheart.”

115. “The day was hectic but a word from you erases it all away. Good night, my darling.”

116. “You make me a better man. You deserve the world. Good night, my dear.”

117. “I choose to love you and to show you I do every day. Good night, my dear.”

118. “I miss your feminine curves around my body. Good night, baby.”

119. “I can’t let you go and I don’t ever want to. Good night, my darling.”

120. “Time flies whenever I think of you. You are too good for me. Good night, my sweetheart.”

121. “I must have stopped breathing because my heart skips a beat whenever you are near. Good night, my darling.”

122. “Your breath Is the best lullaby to lure me to sleep. Good night, dear.”

123. “I don’t suffer from insomnia because I dream of you. Good night, darling.”

124. “You are beautiful inside out. Good night, dear.”

125. “I value your opinion more than that of anyone else. Good night, my darling.”

126. “May the angels protect you as you close your eyes to sleep. Good night, my sweetheart.”

127. “I can’t explain my love for you. Good night, darling.”

128. “Good night, sleep tight. Remember, you are dazzling and beautiful.”

129. “God made a masterpiece the day he created you. Good night, baby.”

130. “You have been running through my mind all day and even now. Good night, my darling.”

131. “Good night to my favourite portion, my love and heart.”

132. “Good night to my star, my world and wife.”

133. “Good night, beautiful one. You are cherished now and always.”

134. “Good night to my passionate and captivating wife.”

135. “Good night to a gem, my gem and greatest treasure.”

136. “Good night to my self-mirror, my mind and the love of my life.”

137. “Good night to the only flower in my garden, my rose and friend.”

138. “Good night to the star in my galaxy and the only fish in my ocean.”

139. “Good night to a special and adorable lady, my woman.”

140. “Good night to my lover, my friend and my world.”

141. “Whenever the breeze blows, I am reminded of our intimate moments. I love you. Good night, beautiful.”

142. “I would do anything to prove my love for you, but for now, sleep tight. Good night, my love.”

143. “I never thought I would feel this way about anyone, but I’m glad. I love deeply.”

144. “I don’t know how to properly articulate my feelings but I love you sincerely.”

145. “I sprayed a bottle of your favourite perfumed today, just to feel close to you in my sleep. Good night, baby.”

146. “I bought a bottle of your favourite perfume because it makes me feel close to you. Good night, sweetheart.”

147. “You are my Aphrodisiac and I can’t imagine not loving you. Good night, baby.”

148. “My eyes shine with the depth of my love for you. Good night, darling.”

149. “You make my life whole, full and fulfilling. Good night, my dear.”

150. “Sleep like a baby without worries. Good night, my baby.”

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