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2023 Trending Bae Text Messages for Lover

Love has life in it and to grow, it must be showered with the dews of care which falls in form of romantic and inspirational words.

The one in our life who comes before everyone else must get to experience what it feels like to be awoken and caressed with such awe-inspiring and romantic texts.

Hence, the perfect trending 2023 Bae Text Messages for sweet lovers have been written to bring to pass such emotion.

Capture their heart in a new dimension and spark a new flame simply by starting with any of these romantic messages of love confession. You’ll be glad you did.

Sweet Bae Messages for Him or Her

Sending sweet and romantic love text messages to your bae (before anything else) is another sure way to prove your love for him or her. Best bae messages for girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Bae, take my hand and let me rest in your love till I can fly away to nowhere.

2. Your aura is like a strong wind that blows my mind into everlasting love.

3. Love has made me a new creature. I promise to love you till my old ways are gone like a wild smoke. Be my bae forever.

4. No matter what, never sink in doubt. Anchor your love on my trust, for I’ll never fail you, my bae.

5. Bae, your smile gives off a beautiful spark of light more radiant than a crimson sun.

6. My eyes are to protect you from falling and my heart is to love you for as long as you live, my bae.

7. Loving you has been the force that keeps my life moving. You’ll always be my bae.

8. When you think about giving up, think about my love for you which has withstood the test of time several times. I love you, bae.

9. Bae, I’m alive to love you till your dying day.

10. I want to walk the path of love with you alone no matter the thorns on the roses that saddles its way. Be my bae.

11. Bae, my troubled soul found rest when my heart found love in your bosom.

12. Because you’re my bae, life became worth living. I love you so much.

13. My bae, I look forward to loving you more every day of my life.

14. You’re my better half. Little wonder, I couldn’t love another the way my heart was made to love you.

15. You put a smile on my face than the sun puts her shine on me. I’ll love you forever, bae.

16. Loving you is so easy, but I’ll prove that on a battle field. Be my sweet bae till eternity.

17. If I only drink from your cup of love, I’ll never be thirsty again. I love you bae.

18. I’m amazed by your love for me and I’m overwhelmed by my love for you.

19. You breathe life upon me when you plant a kiss on my lips.

20. Living is loving you and dying is losing you. Keep me alive by letting me love you, bae.

21. I’ll never question your love for me, cause true love never doubts. I love you completely bae.

22. My heart plunged into a love that is unconditional and irreversible. Bae, I love you that much.

23. Let me watch over you like the moon watches over the earth at night.

24. Bae, breath in my love and breath out every fear you hold within.

25. My heart is the rock you can build your entire love on. I’ll never fail you, my bae.

26. Love has purged me from all iniquities, that’s why I’ll love you blamelessly, my bae.

27. You’re the most beautiful meaning of love, bae.

28. My life has become precious because I’m in love with you, bae.

29. I fly with the wings of love cause I know they’ll never be broken by unfaithfulness.

30. Bae, love me more and I’ll love you even better than you do me.

31. Bae, I see a future in your eyes which I cannot envision elsewhere. Love has made you my eternal purpose.

32. I love how you make me feel, bae. Thank you for sprouting an heavenly love in me.

33. My gazes are fixed on you, cause you alone call for my attention in a special way.

34. As I turned to behold your face, my heart was stolen by you. Bae, I truly love you.

35. Each morning looks beautiful because every dawn brings out your warmth.

36. Your tender voice makes me forget my worries. Bae, speak to my heart for as love as you live.

37. My love for you has silenced my doubt about love. Bae, you’re my angel of love.

38. Bae, I’ll make it into heaven cause I spent my lifetime loving you unconditionally.

39. Love made me who I am today. In other words, your love has kept me, my bae.

40. If I miss you in life, I’ll miss my way to eternal bliss. Bae, you’re my life.

41. Bae, my heart is rooted in your love. Little wonder, I flourish like a tree beside a spring water.

42. I have one heart and one person to love and that is you, my bae.

43. If I’ve lost everything but I still have you, then I’ve lost nothing at all, my love.

44. Your eyes are irresistible cause love is so evident in them. I love you, bae.

45. I draw my strength from you, cause my love is grounded in you, bae.

46. I look forward to always meeting your needs for you’re my priority.

47. You made my life beautiful with your fingerprints of love all over me.

48. Bae, loving you is one thing I’ll never quit doing. So don’t live in doubt of my love for you.

49. Bae, I’ll treat you like a queen cause you rule the monarchy of my heart.

50. Everything may change, but not my love for you. Bae, I’ll never desert you.

51. To my only one in the world; you have the most beautiful eyes that ever existed in time. I love you, bae.

52. Your smile purifies my world and even your frown does healing to my wounded soul. I love you so completely, my bae.

53. There’s none as strong and beautiful as you are. You’ve taken the glory and shine all for yourself, my love.

54. Tomorrow’s survival is sure as our kisses remain united forever. I love you, my darling.

55. Just be yourself at all times. It is what you were when you gracefully caught my heart for good. Love you, bae.

56. It matters nothing to me how perfect or imperfect you are and as long as the sun rises in the east, I’ll always love you, my darling.

57. A life worth living is one shared within the luxury of your warmth. I love you, bae.

58. Be mine forever as I am ready to live and die for you at any point in time, my darling.

59. What makes you different is that I love you wholeheartedly, sweet bae.

60. When our eyes meet in the crowd, I’m inspired to live a thousand years more. I love you, my bae.

61. Nothing beats the gesture of your hands nor the kindness of your loving smile, my bae.

62. Your grace is outstanding and your heart is the treasure I find worthy to hold on ti preciously, my darling.

63. Throughout earthly weathers, you can be sure that my love for you will never change, my darling.

64. Let my kisses taste nicer on your lips, for yours are my redeeming power, my darling.

65. You don’t need wings to soar when my heart can take you anywhere in the world, my love.

66. Never doubt yourself, my darling. For the world depends on your smile for light.

67. I’ll choose you every day of my life, for life is seamlessly so hopeless without you.

68. When the sun starts to shine and the clouds get heavy with rain, my heart only yearns for one person in the world; it is you, my darling bae.

69. When I found you, I knew I’ve found enough reason to live and thrive, my love.

70. Do not be afraid to try new things, cause even your mistakes are a step towards your waiting success, my love.

71. I’m your cheerleader, be ye inspired to fight and to win, my love.

72. Heaven dwells in my mind because you live in my heart all day long.

73. Every new day of my life encourages me to love you more than I did yesterday.

74. Wink your love at me for just a while and be sure I’ll offer my heart to you until eternity, my darling.

75. Our place isn’t at the topmost position in the world but at the core of each other’s heart and thought. I believe.

76. Yesterday’s love wouldn’t do, I want more of you today, my darling. For I’m willing to give all of me when the cloud breaks out in the dawn.

77. I want you to know that the world cannot get a replacement of you, and neither can my heart find another to love like you.

78. Without you, life is without gain. For You’re my exceedingly great reward, my darling.

79. My fears are drown in the blue ocean of your loving smile.

80. Know that I love you even in my dreams, my darling.

81. When the sun was created to give light to the earth, I was made to love you till the end, my darling.

82. Forgive me when I wrong you, for my love would never hope to hurt you, my bae.

83. You’re the best there is, cause only you can fill up my heart with warmth and love.

84. The perfect world isn’t the one without war but one with the reassuring peace of your love, my darling.

85. Your hands are skillful, your eyes are full of light and your heart is made of love. Blessed are you, my darling.

86. The one who sees my heart apart from you knows that your name is spelt boldly on it with the ink of love.

87. The world isn’t as terrible as it used to be because, I found you, my love.

88. When confronted with the issues of life, remember that you’re stronger than a hurricane, my love. The reason you swept my love into your heart alone.

89. Every privilege given to live is one given to love and adore you. It is my desire forever, my darling.

90. Let’s read our vows aloud, so the wind drives it away to all the corners of the world. I need the whole world to know that I am yours forever, my sweet bae.

91. In your hugs are my healing and redemption. And in my home is where you’ll smell the frankincense of love. I love you, my darling.

92. You’re beautiful beyond faults. The sun knows this and shines brighter every day hoping I’ll look her way.

93. Let my feet lead me into eternity with you. Let my hand hold hands with yours forever. It is my sweet dream of love, my darling.

94. You cured me of all pains when your smile rested upon my face for good.

95. I take pleasure in loving you and I take pride in calling you my own.

96. Believe the ones who call you special, adore the only one who makes you feel special, my darling.

97. I love you more than I could hope to write for the world to understand. But I hope to show you every day.

98. I can’t lie; your smiles weaken my bones as much as it strengthens me to do the impossible for you.

99. The best of everything lies in your arms and the sweetness of this world is hidden in your kisses.

100. You’re my number one and that is why I call you bae.

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