I Will Always Love You No Matter What I Say Quotes

I Will Always Love You No Matter What I Say Quotes (2023)

Being in love, would make you have so many things to say but still make you short of words in expressing yourself.

Expression of love with words is one of the things that lubricates relationships. It’s an assurance of love that can be cherished asides from the memories we share with ourselves. Words go a long way in our love life.

Your words of commitment will also help you in expressing your emotions well to the love of your life. In as much, we need to be careful with our choice of words. Here are well written romantic I will always love you quotes, that best suits your unanswered questions on how well to express your emotions;

I Will Love You Forever Messages and Quotes

So your love is meant to last forever and you want some messages to express the perpetuity? These I will love you no matter what I say quotes and I will love you forever messages and quotes are your best bet. Send them to your boyfriend or girlfriend and make them feel special and secure in love.

1. I’ve said so many things I didn’t mean, I’ve promised so many things I didn’t fulfil, I’ve dreamt of so many futures that didn’t happen, but you, my love, is my dream come true, my fulfilled promise and when I say I love you, I mean it to my last breath.

2. I just want to hold your hands forever, hear your heartbeat every night, kiss your succulent lips every morning; no matter the distance in miles, kilometres or metres, I will always love you baby!

3. Never will it be heard in history that I stopped loving you, never will it be heard that I betray you, never will it be heard that I have another reason to smile other than you.
You’re my answered prayer and my forever belongs to you. I love you, babe!

4. No matter how sharp the darts are, no matter how busy the storm is, no matter how tall the valleys are, my love for you will never diminish. I love you from now until forever!

5. Every morning is called a new day because my love for you is new every morning, it will never wax old or grow weary, I love you so much, honey.

6. When you’re around me, I am complete, when you’re far from me I long for more of you; like the fragrance of a perfume, I’ll always pour my love on you.

7. The day my heart stops beating for you means death took me away, for every breath I’ll breathe will always beat ‘I love you, sweetheart’

8. No matter what I say, what I do, where I go, who I meet, how busy I am, I will always love you till eternity.

9. Oh, it’s me again your love, I just wanted to let you know that you’re my joy and peace. As I look over my life I see that your presence brought bring peace and joy to my heart. I can’t deny that I love so much dear!

10. Never wanna let you go, never will I ever see the day that I won’t declare my love to you or tell the world about my love for you.
I’m always proud to have you as my own. I love you, dear.

11. Beautiful moments are best shared with you, beautiful memories are always about you, beautiful days are always the ones spent with you, my love. Now you know why my life is beautiful when I have you all to myself.

12. My love for you is deeper than the deepest ocean, it’s immeasurable as the waters of the ocean, it is as calm and peaceful as the oceans In the evening. My love for you will never end or dry off. It’s ever-flowing.

13. Love is best defined with you and me, you’re a perfect example of a lover in deed and words. I’ll always be here for you every day and every time even till our very old age. I love you, dear.

14. For as long as I breathe,
my heart will continue to beat for you, my nose will never get tired of your sweet-smelling savour and my hand will long for more of you every seconds and minute. I love you, sweetheart!

15. Like a perfume, I’ll spray all my love on you, like oil I will pour my love on your head, like an ocean my love for you will never diminish. I love you forever and always.

16. Something on my mind, I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m convinced that it has to do with the love I have for you. I’m glad you are mine, my love. Forever we will always be together.

17. I just wanna be here
From now till forever, Loving you with passion, adoring you regrets and assuring that I’ll forever be by your side, my love.

18. The seed of love you planted in my heart, is growing into a Sequoia tree, guess what? It’s still growing and It’ll forever be standing, deeply rooted and unshakable. I love you so much dear!

19. All I want is that the love I have for you will never fade away even with old age, it will continue to wax stronger and grow deeper in your heart, till death do us part. That’s my promise for you, my love.

20. From the highest throne to the lowest earth, you are the only lady after my very own heart, my chosen one. I love you so much, baby!

22. Saying ‘I love you’ is looking like slang, but then I do love you and I mean it with every breath I breathe.

23. The ticking of the clock reminds me of a beautiful being in my life – you. The busyness of the day can’t stop me from saying ‘I love you, sweetheart’.

24. From the rising of the sun to the waking up, then to the day’s activities, before the setting of the sun and finally the rising of moon and stars. I will never be weak in loving and adoring for the rest of my life.

25. My love for you is much more than how it was the previous day, it increases as the days go by and that’s why I’ll forever love you.

26. No matter the fight, the argument and the disagreement, I’ll always love you till eternity.

27. Distance is never a barrier to my love for you, time is not a measure of my move for you, my love for you is immeasurable, unstoppable and untouchable. I love you, babe!

28. Seasons come and go, people come and go, time comes and go, but me, my love, I promise to stay by your side till death do us part. I love you, sugar.

29. Based on logistics and observations, I’ve come to the conclusion that my forever is best spent with you, my love. No one makes it best other than you. Love you loads.

30. Loving you is no longer a struggle, it’s no longer difficult, though we have our differences, but my heart will continue to beat for your sweetness.

31. ‘Sometimes it’s hard to stop a rolling stone’ but where ever it may roll, it always seems to find my way back home. That’s how I will always return to you, no matter the distance and work. Love you loads.

32. Loving you will not only be in words, but also action, it may seem that I don’t have it all, but with your love, I’m sure it’s sufficient to help me through the journey of our love, till forever. I love you so much, baby.

33. There is no home without you, no future without you and no forever without you because my home, future and forever is not for you but with you. I love you, babe.

34. Thank you for making my life sweet ever since you became mine. No depth, height, width or season can ever separate me from you. I love you, sweetheart!

35. What I’ve got for you is not a river of love, but an oasis of love, it’s unending and ever sufficient. I love you, sugar.

36. Though we have our differences and shortcomings, I have chosen you just as you’ve handpicked me out of the multitude. I’m sorry to announce to you that you’re forever mine as I’ll always love you till eternity.

37. This time, I’ll not give up on you, this storm is a stepping ladder to our love story. I love you and I’ll always do that, my love.

38. Sweet is your love, it is the safest place and the peace I live in. Now I have eternity and I’ll always declare my love for you.

39. A love that’ll never fail, a heart that is so true, love upon Love again. Your love is one that will never fail, that’s why I’m holding on to you till eternity. I love, sweetheart.

40. My everyday goal is to forever be by your side and forever be the love of your life. I love you and will forever do.

41. I’ll not reject you, dear, right beside you is where I want to stay, I’ll trust you with my heart and soul, I’ll trust you with my everything. I love you so much, baby

42. Love without you would have brought my life to shackles at the moment. You give my life peace unspeakable. I love you, my dear one.

43. I’ve been running circles, living for the moment, I know I ran so fast. Now, I’ve found you and I’ll never let you go. I love you, my love.

44. I’ve found a love that is clearer than the deep blue sky, deeper than the ocean and rigid than the roots of a tree. Thank you for taking me for who I am. I love you, dear.

45. You’ve got me when I’m broken, you’ve helped me when I lost it and you’re always with me when I’m hopeless. I know you’re never far away from me even with distance and all. I love you, bae.

46. You helped my delicate heart, didn’t hesitate, still, you’re adoring all my scars. Though I’m not the perfect guy with a perfect past, I promise to keep loving you, even till eternity.

47. I know you’re never gonna let me down, cause your love is pure, your love is real, your love is unending and I’m proud you’re mine, I love you and I’ll always do, my dear.

48. Love and forgiveness are forever connected. So you’ll know, no matter what you do or how much we fight and argue, my heart and love is forever yours.

49. How beautiful it is for my Love to fall on a fertile ground like yours, I’m convinced it’ll continually grow as the days goes by. I love you and will forever do.

50. There are not enough words for me to describe the way I feel about you, not even a love song or poem can quantify it, but one thing is for sure, I love you and will always do.

I bet the romantic texts came right at the time to lubricate your relationship and add more flavour to it. Please don’t forget to share.

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