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Best Birthday Wishes for My Friend’s Daughter

Just as it’s the joy of every parent to see their child grow and prosper, so it is for a sincere friend to see his or her friend’s daughter grow.

When we extend the love we have for our friends to their children, their joy becomes our joy and their sorrow our sorrow. By doing that, we show our concern, care and commitment to the friendship which can help nurture the friendship and make things better. One of the best times to do that is on a special day like a birthday celebration.

One of the best things to do on the special days of our friend’s children is to celebrate them wholeheartedly, either by actions or by words, and this is the best of all birthday wishes for friend’s daughter to serve that purpose.

Is today the birthday of your lovely friend’s daughter’s birthday? Do you want to express how much you love her as she celebrates?
Then, don’t hesitate to move further to explore the beautifully well written happy birthday wishes for my friend’s daughter below.

Happy Birthday Messages to Your Friend’s Daughter

A cheap but quality gift you can give your friend’s daughter is in these happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes, even with prayers. Since you love her, and love your friend all the same, copy any of your choice and send right away to make her day.

1. What a joyous moment to see you celebrate your special day in good health. I might not be as joyous as your parents this day, but I want you to know I love you, and I’m so excited to see you bask into a new age. Happy Birthday, friend’s daughter.

2. Here are my sincere wishes for you, dear friend’s daughter. As you live to see one year being added to your years, may you also live to see many years to come in perfect health and prosperity.

3. The atmosphere tells about the emergence of a great woman. It reminds me of the day my friend had you. You are 20 already and It seems like a twinkle of an eye. Welcome to adulthood with enough grace to function. Happy Birthday to you, daughter.

4. I pray for you this day, that you find favour in all you do in the remaining years of your life. Nothing will stop you from excelling for it’s a year of fulfilment for you. Happy Birthday, friend’s daughter.

5. My birthday wishes for friend’s daughter is as important as my birthday wishes for my daughter. I take you as my daughter just the way I take your dad as my brother. I’m happy to see you grow in great strength. I wish you every good thing of life this day. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

6. You are an epitome of beauty just like your mother. You’re so beautiful from within to without. You are no doubt, the daughter of my friend. This is to a happy birthday to you, dear. I rejoice to see you grow, becoming better than your mum. Enjoy abundant grace this new year of your life.

7. If I had known, I would have saved my amazement on the day my friend gave birth to you for this very day. You have become so fabulous that I have lost words to qualify you. Welcome to a new age, daughter. Enjoy God’s blessings in all you do.

8. My darling daughter, I am sending this piece preceding the gift I have for you. This is another opportunity to tell you how much I love you. May God pour his blessings on you and take every limitation off your life. I wish you a beautiful birthday, dear.

9. One thing that marvels me about you is the fact that you’re growing very fast. You have already hit your silver jubilee. Congratulations, dear. This day will be the beginning of wonderful experiences for you through your lifetime. Happy birthday to you, friends daughter.

10. It was a beautiful thing to hold your tender hands that very day you were born, but more beautiful to celebrate adulthood with you. This is the day your parents and I have awaited. May good things never seize to come your way. Happy birthday, daughter.

Make your friend’s daughter the most excited person on earth with these sweet and exciting birthday wishes for friend’s daughter.

11. My daughter, I rejoice today as you celebrate your birthday. Time has indeed, made a lot of difference which has made you better. May you progress and never retrogress. It’s my pleasure to wish you a blissful happy birthday.

12. This is a great cause of celebration! It’s so fascinating to see you alive in good health despite the treats of difficult situations in your life. You need to see me dancing with great excitement. Welcome to a new age, dear daughter.

13. One thing I like about you is that you took so much of the virtues in your mother. I glory on this your special day because you are becoming even better than your her. Happy Birthday to you, dear daughter.

14. Every of your birthday reminds me of the glorious woman you would be. I see you in greater heights, doing what your parents couldn’t do. May the Lord be your strength as you grow. Happy birthday and many happy returns.

15. Never look down on yourself; always look up because what you are becoming has the sky as its starting point. Rejoice as you rock into a new age. This is to a happy birthday to you, daughter.

16. What I see when I look at you is a great woman who would affect her generation positively. Welcome to a new age if your life, daughter of Zion.

17. Baby, you are not just the apple of my friend’s eyes, you have also secured a special place in my heart. I love you as much as I love my own. Enjoy your new age, daughter.

18. This is a day I can hardly forget as it reminds me of the joy you brought to your family when you were born. You have also not cut short the joy all through the past 24 years. Congratulations on your silver jubilee.

19. Birthdays come and go, but age increases and never decreases. As your age increases today, I wish you unending increment in all you do. Happy birthday, daughter.

20. The fact that you are growing with virtues assures me that you would grow into an outstanding woman. I love you as much as I love your mom. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

Your friend’s daughter would appreciate birthday wishes and blessings from a dignitary like you. Make her happy with these birthday wishes for friend’s daughter.

21. Today, everything tells of the birthday anniversary of a lovely soul who has never ceased to bring honour to the family. You are a role model to your peers and younger ones. Happy born day, daughter.

22. As the sun remains faithful to shinning, so shall your progress remain consistent. This is to a happy birthday, dear daughter.

23. A new age is like a new season. May this new age of your life bring new possibilities to you. Age with grace, daughter of Zion.

24. There is no one I can celebrate today because it’s a day specially made for you to be celebrated. Enjoy the whole of it, dear friend’s daughter. Happy birthday.

25. The heavens are already waiting for you to make a wish because it’s your special day. May all your wishes see the daylight. Happy birthday, my friend’s beautiful daughter.

26. I desire that you continue to bring love and peace to your family, and may this day be the beginning of abundance for you. Welcome to a new age, daughter.

27. Though I seem far away, my heart is always with you. I love you as much as I love your dad. Enjoy every part of the day, dear friend’s daughter. Happy Birthday.

28. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman. It pleases me to see you grow into a strong and beautiful woman just as your mom. It’s my wish this day that nothing will ever bring you down in life. Happy Birthday, dear.

29. Congratulations to a pretty damsel who has beautifully journeyed through 29 years in life. Welcome to a year of greater heights, daughter. Happy 30th birthday.

30. Have I ever told you 50 looks awesome on you? Yes, it does. I rejoice I’m alive to see my beautiful friend’s daughter age gracefully. This is the second stage of your exploits in life. Happy 50th birthday anniversary.

Your friend’s daughter will feel honoured to be treated as your daughter, especially on her birthday. Make her enjoy from your motherly love by celebrating her with these birthday wishes for friend’s daughter.

31. Happy birthday to you, dear friend’s daughter. I have always waited to see this glorious day. It’s so beautiful that God has made this year a double blessing for you, your wedding ceremony and your hitting a special age. I celebrate you at 25. Happy silver jubilee!

32. How beautiful it is to see my little princess grow into a cute and wise Queen. I can’t stop thanking God that my friend had you this faithful day, 16 years ago. Happy birthday, sweet sixteen.

33. Having you in your family is the greatest gift ever. I don’t mind that you have taken my space as a best friend in the heart of your father. That’s every parent’s prayer. I celebrate your new age, dear daughter. Enjoy your day and flourish in all you do.

34. As beautiful as this day is, it still can’t be compared to how beautiful your tender heart is. And today, I am celebrating the damsel with a great heart. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

35. Today, I stand as a witness with your mom to express how much she loves you. Your special day is too unique to be less celebrated. Just ensure you enjoy every bit of it. Happy birthday, daughter.

36. Over the years, you’ve proven to be a child of honour. And this day, you deserve more than beautiful words. I assure you a great day, dear. May you have better days than your mom and I. I love you. Happy birthday, friend’s daughter.

37. This is a great opportunity to let you know I always enjoy your company. Your vibes always lift my spirit. I can’t but celebrate your special day with you, dear friend’s daughter. Welcome to a new age.

38. Happy birthday to my friend’s daughter. I am always proud to call you my daughter because you deserve even more. I’m most glad to see you hit 20 today. May this new season of your life be better than your past.

39. Your special day is beyond drinking and dancing for you deserve much more than that. I sincerely pray that you prosper in every single thing to engage. Happy birthday, friend’s daughter.

40. This is your day of joy, not a day to sorrow. Forget the hurts of the past and embrace your new age with gladness and optimism. Welcome to a new age, dear friend’s daughter.

That lovely daughter of your friend would appreciate these birthday wishes for friend’s daughter from you. Don’t hesitate to celebrate her with these sweet birthday wishes below.

41. One of the duties of friends is to rejoice with one another, and It’s my pleasure to rejoice with your parent this day; not over a new car, but over your life that has been preserved to this present day. I wish you many years ahead as you celebrate your special day. Happy birthday, daughter.

42. Dear daughter, when I look at you, all I see is a great woman with a glorious future. I thank God you are getting closer to it. Happy Birthday to you.

43. I have run short of words to describe how much I love and care for you. I’m glad I’m alive to see you celebrate 30. Congratulations on your 30th birthday, dear friend’s daughter.

44. I have thought of thousands of things to do for you on this your special day, but you deserve much than all. It’s my wish that God takes you higher and higher in all aspects of your life. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.

45. Calling you my friend’s daughter is an understatement because you are just like a daughter to me. You have occupied a space in my heart just as your dad did. I, therefore, celebrate you today. May God keep you in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, love.

46. Wow! It’s my best friend’s daughter’s birthday. The anniversary of the day we first held an amazingly beautiful girl in our alms. I rejoice with you, dear daughter. I wish you heaven’s best as you add another year. Congratulations!

47. One of the best gifts to long for is a beautiful daughter like you. I’m happy God gave you, not just to my friend, but to the world. Go ahead and rule your world, dear. Happy birthday, love.

48. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. I can’t wait to see you grow more, for the little amazing things you do at your age have set my heart on the outstanding things you would do when you grow older. I wish you abundant grace. Congratulations, daughter.

49. Your caring nature makes me want to vote for having a female first child as the best. My friend is so lucky to have you. You are worth every form of birthday wishes, dear. Congratulations on your birthday anniversary.

50. Dear friend’s daughter, I am seizing this space to tell you how much I admire you. You have influenced my children in such an amazing way. Your birthday can not be celebrated less. I wish you glad tidings this new year of your life. Happy birthday.

An inspiring and motivating message to your friend’s daughter on her birthday could make her day perfect. Do well to bless her with these awesome birthday wishes for friend’s daughter.

51. You are special to me just as your mom is special to me. I couldn’t have forgotten your birthday for anything else. I wish you all-round blessings this new season of your life. Happy birthday, daughter.

52. Happy born day to you, treasure. Your amazing ability to love everyone around you is so intriguing. You care for me as though I’m your parent. You have gone beyond just my friend’s daughter. I love you. Wishing you many happy returns.

53. Happy Birthday, pretty woman. It’s my wish that a positive and vibrant lady like you become a blessing to your generation. Go ahead and prosper, dear.

54. Happy birthday anniversary to my friend’s beautiful daughter. Years have come and gone, and see how pretty you have become. May this day be the beginning of positive changes in your life. Enjoy your day.

55. Time has indeed favoured you. See how time has brought out the giant in you. I must confess you are getting better day by day. This is to a happy birthday, sweet daughter.

56. Dear daughter, you are a part of my family and I’m grateful to God for sending you to this family. I wish you every good thing of life as you age today. Happy birthday, love.

57. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul. Your presence in your family is more important than that of the sun in the day. I cherish you as much as I cherish your mom. Enjoy your day.

58. May this day bring you memories that you will forever cherish. Happy birthday, dear friend’s daughter.

59. I rejoice this day because your dad’s joy is my joy, and your arrival in this world brought a smile to his face. Thank God you came. Happy birthday, daughter.

60. A blissful birthday to my pretty princess. I’m so excited to have you as my best friend’s daughter. I wish you heaven’s best. Congratulations, dear.

Make your friend’s daughter enjoy motherly blessings from you with these birthday wishes for friend’s daughter.

61. Happy birthday to you, great woman. Always remember you are the light your world needs to be illuminated. You are blessed forever.

62. Celebrating your birthday every year reminds me how close you are to your great future. I wish you higher heights, dear daughter. Happy birthday!

63. Many happy returns to my friend’s daughter. May your new year be filled with peace, love and joy. Happy birthday, daughter.

64. As you take a step closer to your future, it’s my wish that you become a thousand times better than you have always been. Welcome to a new age, sweet daughter.

65. I pray the heavens to bring you beautiful gifts on my behalf. Enjoy every minute of the day, Happy birthday, daughter.

66. Happy birthday to the best daughter in the world. You are more than just my friend’s daughter; you are a part of me and my family. I wish you a glorious year ahead, dear.

67. Happy birthday, sweet daughter. Always remember each birthday is a stepping stone to your dreams. Ensure you enjoy every bit of the day.

68. My love for you grows stronger as I see you grow in stature each year. I’m glad you are 16 today and I wish you have enough wisdom to navigate your way through life. Congratulations on your 16th birthday anniversary.

69. Happy birthday, baby. This is a reminder that you take your time to eat your cake and take the best dancing steps today as I wish you a day garnished with enough bliss.

70. Wow! How time flies! Another day has come to celebrate a strong woman with a soft heart. I sincerely wish you every good thing in life. May you become stronger as each day of this new year passes by.

As your friend’s daughter rejoices over a new age today, do her good to bless her with these effective prayers and birthday wishes for friend’s daughter.

71. It’s my wish this day that your life becomes more colourful as you keep ageing. May the good Lord keep you in His safety every single moment. Happy birth anniversary, previous daughter.

72. I’m so glad to be alive to send my birthday wishes for friend’s daughter, especially at this unique age of your life. I wish you better days ahead. Congratulations on your 50th birthday, daughter.

73. One of the dreams of every parent is to see a beautiful daughter as you grow into a strong and successful woman. I’m happy to see you become that. Happy birthday, daughter.

74. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s pretty angel and my daughter. Never fail to lighten your world because you are the moon in the sky to brighten the darkness in your generation. Welcome to a new age, sweet.

75. My baby, it’s your special day and I have lost words to describe how much you have helped me, especially your influence on my children. I wish you the best In all you do. Happy birthday, daughter.

76. May this new year be graced with good tidings, love and peace. I enjoin you to get the best of it. Welcome to a new age, precious daughter.

77. This is to the precious daughter of my best friend. I so much appreciate my friendship with your parent because it has brought you to me. You are one of the persons I’m glad to have met. I wish you greater achievements. Happy birthday, love.

78. I thank God for bringing this space to celebrate you, dear daughter. May your good heart desires be granted. Happy birthday, my daughter.

79. I couldn’t have hoped for any better daughter than you. One secret I have to tell you this day is that your mom has been the happiest woman on earth since the day you came to us. Thank God you came and stayed. Happy birthday, love.

80. Biology says you are not my daughter, but my heart says you are mine. I love you as much as I love my biological child. I take my time this day to wish you heaven’s best. Happy birthday, my daughter.

Just as your daughter, your friend’s daughter needs special wishes and blessings from you as she celebrates her birthday. These birthday wishes for friend’s daughter are perfectly written for that purpose.

81. Your existence on earth has brought immense joy and has given us a thousand reasons to rejoice. I am glad to wish you a very happy birthday, daughter.

82. Happy birthday to a woman who never gives up on his dreams. Your tenacity is one of the things I admire in you. I just can’t stop appreciating God for giving you to my best friend. Cheers on your special day, daughter.

83. It is my wish that you always find the path to success in every situation. Your new age will bring you new beginnings. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

84. You have the power to make your decisions, but always remember to do good in all you do for your new age has come with enough grace to do right. Congratulations on your special day, daughter.

85. This is a great day the Lord has made, but you have a role to play in making it great. Choose to be happy always, dear. Welcome to a new age.

86. Happy birthday, sweetest daughter. I would have loved to have a sweet soul like you as my biological daughter. Nevertheless, I’m glad God gave you to my friend because it gives me the liberty to also call you my daughter. I love you.

87. Baby, this is to remind you that you are now fully an adult. The power to mould or mar your destiny is in you. I urge you to always be positive and do the right thing at the right time. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

88. This day, I rejoice over the great woman you have become. I wish you abundant grace to get to greater heights. Happy birthday, daughter.

89. Happy birth anniversary, previous daughter. Giving you super treats is not enough to celebrate a cherished daughter like you. I wish you many happy returns of this day.

90. I must confess you are the greatest achievement of your family. Your presence will forever be cherished, daughter. Happy birthday, dear friend’s daughter.

Your friend’s daughter would love you more if she receives these sweet birthday wishes for friend’s daughter from you.

91. I smile whenever I see you celebrate a new age because it reminds me of how your arrival broke a long time silence in your family. Thanks for coming to my friend. Congratulations on your birthday, daughter.

92. To the birthday girl in the house. Enjoy every moment of this day and always bear in mind that you are loved, not only by your family but also by me. Happy birthday, friend’s daughter.

93. Being your dad’s friend is something I cherish a lot because it has brought you to me and my family. I wish you every good thing of life as you celebrate. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.

94. I just can’t imagine any better name to call you than to call you my daughter. I love you so much, and I wish that God will cause the fountain of blessings to flow in all you do this new year. Happy birthday, daughter.

95. Happy birthday to my friend’s most cherished treasure… Happy birthday to my daughter. I wish favour as you continue this journey of life.

96. I can’t rejoice less this day because it’s a day of double blessings for you. May God continue to be with you, dear. Happy birthday and congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

97. From the day you help my finger with your tender hand, I knew you would be a caring and loving woman. My family and I rejoice with you this day as you hit a new age. Continue to prosper! Happy birthday, dear daughter.

98. You are a role model for your younger generation. If every daughter was like you, the world would be a better place. May you continue to go higher. Happy birthday, dear.

99. I feel so honoured to celebrate you with my best friend today. Your birthday together with your convocation Is a great celebration. May God open many other doors to you. Congratulations, dear daughter.

100. The day I have anticipated has finally come. A sweet daughter as you deserves the loudest celebration. Let’s get the party started. This is just a stepping stone to your success. Happy birthday, daughter.

Making your friend’s daughter feel your touch of love, even on her birthday is a great and unique thing to do. It is said that whatever one sows is what one reaps. So, celebrating her is just like sowing a seed for your own child to be celebrated, even by dignitaries.

Extending your love for her parent to her would make her feel special and honoured. It could even be that little touch she needs to perfect her special day. That is why these birthday wishes for friend’s daughter have been beautifully collected for you. Just copy and paste! You can personalise them, send them as text messages, print them on cards or even articulate them.

Thanks for reading through this collection of birthday wishes for friend’s daughter which I hope has met your expectations.

I would be glad to receive a feedback from you. So, feel free to leave your comments in the comment box.

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