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Sweet Good Morning Quotes for Her to Wake Up To (2023)

Morning is a very important part of the day. It’s a time when one equips oneself for the activities for the rest of the day.

Making your girlfriend, fiancée or wife embrace the morning with necessary motivation and inspiration increases the tendency of her having a great day, and it’s also a way to spice up your love relationship.

Why not make her feel special as she truly is. Make her carry you in her thoughts all through the day, and be her motivation and inspiration by sending her these well written sweet good morning quotes for her to wake up to. All you need do is copy and paste.

Sweet Romantic Good Morning Quotes for Your Girlfriend

Let’s seal the deal. Let’s make your girlfriend merry – I supply the sweet good morning quotes for her and you copy the ones you love, then, send to her. Deal? Let’s do it!

1. Waking up to see the beauty of the dawn reminds me of your impeccable beauty. I’m sure you will have a day as sweet as you are. Good morning, my darling.

2. Have you looked at the sky today? It’s waiting to offer you the best day ever. Just take a step out and enjoy the day. Good morning, love.

3. I always anticipate a new day because it refreshes the love I have for you. I will keep loving you as long as the earth keeps moving in its orbit. Have a blessed day, love.

4. Good morning to my ever glowing Queen. Have a day with less stress and much bliss, and don’t forget the conversations of my heart, they are all about my love for you.

5. One of the things that differentiate the strong from the weak is that circumstances around don’t determine the joy of the strong. Stay strong, my love. Good morning.

6. My treasure, always choose to be happy because smiling is the expression that best fits your face. Welcome to a beautiful day.

7. Send your worries to the gallows for nothing in this world worth it. Always find a reason to be glad in every moment of this day. Good morning, my love.

8. No one has the power to decide if it would shine or rain, but we have the ability to choose to be happy. Have a happy day ahead, my treasure.

9. Never be despondent when people despise you. Just summon more courage to see the good in yourself. Seeing the good in yourself helps people see the good in you. Here’s wishing you a wonderful day, my heartthrob.

10. My sugarplum, Watch out for the best of the day for that’s only what you deserve. Good morning, love.

11. If only you could hear the voice of the morning sun, you would hear it sing my love song for you, wishing you a glorious day.

12. My eagerness to go to bed at night can not be compared to how much I anticipate the dawn; just to see your beautiful face again. Good morning, my love.

13. Falling in love with you makes life meaningful. It gives me a thousand reasons to want to see every dawn. Here’s wishing you a good morning, my sugarplum.

14. One feeling I can’t trade for anything is the feeling that I have a sweet soul like you in my life. I love you more than anything. Good morning.

15. Face each day with optimism. It is all you need to have a positive day. Best of the day to you, my everyday crush.

16. My darling angel, brace up with a big smile and take a majestic step into the day because I have prayed the lord to secure your day. Good morning, my love.

17. This is a reminder to you that the best time to live your dreams is the day. Never permit any circumstance to deprive you of the best. Good morning to you, my queen.

18. I always admire your tenacity, and I believe in you to get the best this day just as you always do. Here’s wishing you a great morning, my rare gem.

19. My darling, never allow this day to decide what you’ll become. You are to decide what the day becomes to you. That’s the spirit. Good morning and have a nice day.

20. I don’t care what the day becomes because I’m sure sharing it with you will make it perfect for me. That’s how much I need, my love. Welcome to a great day.

One of the most romantic things to do to your girlfriend or wife is to make her wake up to these sweet and romantic good morning quotes for her.

21. Have I told you about someone special that I can’t do but save some sweet good morning quotes for her? That’s you, my love. Good morning.

22. What makes my joy complete is the thoughts of you in my heart every dawn. I’m indebted to wishing you a beautiful morning, my heartthrob.

23. It’s another beautiful day with great possibilities. Aim for the top for that’s what you deserve. Good morning to you, my love.

24. Everything on earth may stop working but my heart will never stop beating for you just as my eyes will never stop waiting to see you every blessed day. Good morning, my love.

25. The best moment of my day is when I reflect on the times we had together. They remind me of how lucky I am to have you. Here’s wishing you a good morning, love.

26. Your attitude towards life determines how far you would go. Just choose the right attitude as you bounce into this great day. Good morning, my darling angel.

27. My joy, I never knew what it truly means to be strong until I met you. You are just the best of your kind, and I am sure of a great day for you. Good morning to you.

28. I like the fact that God created the day because it gives me countless opportunities to watch you glow at the rising of the sun. Welcome to another day, my beautiful one.

29. Who says I can’t smile again? Such a person is yet to know I have gotten you, a stream of joy that runs through my heart every blessed day. This is why I can’t but wish you the best morning, my love.

30. Get ready to go!
Get ready to go get it
Get ready to go get that which you have always desired. It’s your day. Good morning, my treasure.

31. A sweet morning to the sweetest person in my life. Loving you less is what I can’t imagine. Have a wonderful day, sweetheart.

32. My dear, feeling like quitting is an indication that your breakthrough is not far. Always remember to take a step further whenever you feel like giving up. Here’s wishing you a good morning.

33. A beautiful heart deserves a more beautiful day. That’s my wish for you as you go out today. Good morning, my forever love.

34. I have come to realise that I don’t really need the sun; just a big smile from you is enough to brighten my day. Keep smiling as you enter into a new day. Good morning, my sunshine.

35. The beginning of a thing has a long way to go in determining the ending. Start this day with optimism and watch it leave you with smiles of accomplishments. Good morning, sweet one.

36. This is to show you how much I have been thinking about you. Thank God the day has given me another opportunity to reach you. Good morning, love.

37. My dear, don’t bother yourself about today. I have prayed the Lord to keep you safe for me. I love so much, good morning.

38. It was a nice time with you last night. Your company is worth anything on earth, and this is one of the reasons I must usher you into a great day. Here’s wishing you a great morning, my priceless gem.

39. Optimism is likened to a light bulb’s switch. Don’t forget to turn it on before starting a new day. Good morning, treasured one.

40. Each day may come with its challenges but there is something good in each day. All you need do is choose to see the good. Have a wonderful day, my lovely love.

A beautiful woman like your wife or girlfriend deserves romantic good morning wishes and messages from you every morning. Make her feel loved each morning with these sweet good morning quotes for her. 

41. Good morning, my love. Always remember that holding on to the failures of yesterday can be a stumbling block to the success of today.

42. Good morning to you, pretty one. This day brings you a new opportunity, a new start and a new success record.

43. The best way to make peace with people is to, first of all, have pace in your heart. So, let go of your worries and embrace a peaceful day. Good morning, my sugarplum.

44. Don’t start your day with regrets of the past. The future is more important than the hurts of yesterday. Have a wonderful day, my love.

45. You came into my life and took control of my heart. Now, I find it difficult to do without you. Here’s wishing you a good morning, my queen.

46. Your extraordinary nature gives me great assurance that you will have an extraordinary day. Go explore your world; good morning.

47. My ambition is to wake up by your side every morning of my life; just to ensure you retain that smile that looks perfect on your face. Welcome to a great day, my love.

48. It’s time to wake up, pretty one. The night has ushered you to the day, and the day awaits you to explore it. Good morning, sweetheart.

49. Just as the day cannot be without the sun, so my life is nothing without you. Thanks for being the sun in my day. Good morning, my sunshine.

50. I have a heart desire. It’s that the lord should keep you alive so I can see your beautiful face every morning. Good morning to you, beautiful one.

51. Success runs after those who are ready to let go of the failures of the past. That is what I want you to do as you embrace this new day. Good morning, my everyday crush.

52. Wake up with might and approach the day with a positive attitude, that’s how you can get the best out of the day. Here’s wishing you a wonderful day, my princess.

53. One thing I can’t stop thanking God for is the fact that I have you as my wife. I love you big, my sugarplum. Good morning.

54. There is always light at the end of a tunnel. That’s why your dark moments shouldn’t bring you down for joy awaits you in the morning. Good morning, sweet one.

55. It’s said that the journey of a thousand miles starts in a day. I urge you to start in your own little way and end great. Here’s is wishing you a great day, my love.

56. One of the sure ways to bring the dreams of the night to reality is to maximize the day. Have a great morning, love.

57. Here is a morning song from my heart to you. It’s saying good morning, my love; have a day as nice as you are.

58. Good morning to my everything. A queen that you are deserves nothing less than an extraordinary morning. I love you!

59. I can choose what to eat and wear, but I can’t choose to love you because loving you is already my default setting.

60. I rejoice to wish you a good morning today because everything that brings joy to my heart is you. Have a nice day, love.

Among the many ways to make your woman love and honour you more is sending her words of encouragement, inspiration and motivation. That’s one beautiful reason you need your wife or girlfriend to wake up to these sweet good morning quotes for her.

61. I wish you keep smiling every day, not just because it adds value to your face but because it brightens my day. Good morning, babe.

62. It’s a brand new day. Make the memories of the past trigger you to success this day. It’s a good morning, my sweetheart.

63. Here’s a good and beautiful morning. Spread your wings and soar your way to success. See you at the top, love.

64. A new dawn brings new hopes, and all that is required of you is to remain focused as you head for the hopes. Good morning, beautiful heart.

65. My love, never make the mistake of seeing today as an extension of yesterday’s failure. Embrace the day with enthusiasm and remember to be optimistic. Welcome to a new day.

66. Sweetheart, the best time to start is now! Procrastination is a killer disease to success. Good morning from this end.

67. My friends asked why I’m always happy, and I told them I chose happiness the very moment I chose you. Your presence in my life is my happiness. Good morning to you, love.

68. My bae, this is another opportunity to create a new story, and I would prefer you to create an indelible one that would be a motivation for your generation. Here’s wishing you a bright morning.

69. Do you know my joy can only be complete with the thought of you in my heart every morning? I just told you that, good morning.

70. Let me take your hands and walk with you to the island of success; that’s where you belong. Good morning, pretty lover.

71. Were you kicked by yesterday? Worry not, today is available for you to regain all you’ve lost. Welcome to a blessed day, my heart desire.

72. Here is a new day bringing a new cheer to the one my heart loves. I love you so much. Good morning to you.

73. Good morning to the woman of my dreams. Today is another chance to dream big and achieve big. Have a great dear, my love.

74. Good morning, sweet one. Today is yet another opportunity to have new aspirations. Convert your fears to strength and go for the top.

75. My wish this morning is that your day becomes bright just as you are. Good morning, sweetheart.

76. Rise and shine, my pretty one. The day is set to deliver every good thing you have ever desired. Good morning to you from me.

77. I might not be a poet, but whenever I think of you, my heart recites sweet love poems, and here is my heart saying good morning to you.

78. It becomes clearer to me every breaking of the day that you are my dreams come true. Thanks for coming to my life. Have a great day, love.

79. I must confess I had a great nice rest because you were in my dreams. I’m sure of a greater day because you will be in my thoughts all through. Good morning, beautiful one.

80. As you go out today, don’t be surprised when you receive a kiss from nowhere because I have sent kisses to you. Have a nice day, my love.

As each morning comes, give your woman a dose of love by reaching her heart with sweet good morning quotes for her.

81. Good morning to my world. Good morning to the one who makes my heartbeat. Good morning to my ever-present lover. I love you so much.

82. I always want to see a new day because it makes my love for you grow stronger and deeper. Thank God it’s another day, good morning.

83. Every single moment of the day gives me countless reasons not to love you less. Your great personally is irresistible, and here I am wishing you a good morning, my love.

84. Good morning from my heart to you. I don’t mind not having breakfast because the hope of me seeing you again is enough to satisfy me.

85. I like night time because it brings you to me in my dreams, but I like day time more for it brings you to me in reality. Good morning to the one I love.

86. Good morning, my ever glowing wife. The feeling of knowing you are coming today shortened my night as I await your beautiful face and a great smile. Come home quick.

87. Morning time is the best time for me to show you how much you contribute to the success of my day. I’m happy I have you. Have a nice day, sugarplum.

88. Here is my cup of coffee bringing you a sweet savour to usher you into the blessedness of another dawn. Good morning, lovely one.

89. A blessed day to the most blessed woman in the world. I bless God for gifting me a priceless treasure as a wife. Good morning to you, my everyday crush.

90. There’s nothing I can love in this world more than you. That’s why I can’t but wish you a day full of bliss and merriment. Good morning, babe.

91. All I need to have a perfect day is to start my day by sending you hearty good morning wishes. That’s how much I value you, my love.

92. Passion has the ability to make the impossible possible. That’s one of the tools you need to achieve your goals today. Good morning, sweetheart.

93. The fact that I have you in my life gives me enough reason to wake up every morning. Have a great day, honey.

94. It can be possible if you can have a little more faith, and embrace optimism as your watchword. Here’s wishing you a great day.

95. People say good girls don’t exist anymore, and I think that’s because they have not seen you, my angel. I’m glad I have you. Good morning.

96. A beautiful morning to my heart desire. I’m ready to give you my all if that’s what will make me part of your all. Have a great day, love.

97. The peace I feel whenever I’m with you is indescribable, and that’s one of the things I wish you as you step in a new day. Good morning, have a peaceful day.

98. Good morning, precious one. Your love in my heart is rest to my heart. I can’t trade it for anything, and I can’t let a day go without my heart sending you best wishes for each day.

99. Every morning comes with its gift, and let this one bring you good tidings and scare away every form of failure. Good morning, sweet

100. A special day full of pleasant experiences and free from danger is what you deserve today. Welcome to a beautiful day, love.

Reaching your wife or girlfriend in the morning with these sweet good morning quotes, prayers, wishes and messages for her is one of the best ways to rekindle the flame of love in your relationship. 

101. Good morning to you, darling. This is to remind you that nothing can stop you from having a blessed day.

102. A very beautiful morning to you, my dear. I’m waking you up to see the wonderful things this day has for you. Go get them!

103. Sweet morning to my sweetheart. I want you to do me a favour. Just keep smiling as you embrace this new day.

104. My love, you are free to have many thoughts, but I would rather you have only good thoughts because they are what would determine your attitude towards this new day. Welcome to a new day!

105. A shift from night to day shouldn’t bring a stop to your dreams. It’s simply another season to achieve your goals in a new way. Good morning, bestie.

106. Don’t relent when you fail. Take a bold step and look right into the eyes of the day; that’s how winners win. Good morning, honey.

107. Never allow the stings of failure stop you from counting your success. You would always need the failure scenes to complete the success story. Here’s wishing you a good morning, sweetheart.

108. It’s said that when there is life, there is hope. That’s why I want you to live strong for me, for progress is achievable when there is life. Good morning, love.

109. Here is another blank day. Take a step further and get the best polish for it. Good morning, precious one.

110. Life has made it clear that appreciating little things creates room for great things. See this day as a gift from God that you ought to appreciate. Good morning!

111. Your rising from the bed is what makes the sunrise beautiful. How obvious it is that God took out time to specially create you. You are a true beauty, and you need to have a beautiful day, my darling.

112. A very good morning, my love. A single great smile from you is enough to make the sun feel frightened. Your smiles illuminate much more than the Sun.

113. Babe, this is another chance to make each moment count. Now is the time to build the memories you wish to have in the future. Good morning, love.

114. We may not have a full grasp of what today has for us, but we are not pessimistic because every day has it’s good to offer. Have a great day, love.

115. A fertile land has been set before you. Make haste to cultivate because what you sow is what you’ll reap. Welcome to a new day, my love.

116. Good morning, sweetheart. My joy is complete this day because you are alive to see the day with me. This is an assurance that we will see uncountable days together.

117. The fastest way to failure is you trying to please everyone. Do your best and leave the rest to fate. Here’s is wishing you a great day, love.

118. A lovely morning to my pretty one. As you go into this great day, remember you are not competing with anyone. Always rejoice with those who rejoice. Have a great day!

119. Most times, I wish the day becomes much longer than the night because I want to spend every moment of my life holding your hands and staring into your magical eyes. Good morning, my treasure.

120. My morning begins only when I tell you how much I love you. I love you so much that I can go right into the sun to get you the most treasured jewel on earth. Welcome to a new day, my love.

How good it feels for your lover to wake up to this collection of sweet good morning quotes for her. The feeling is going to be magical! And I hope this piece met your expectations. Kindly copy, share and leave a comment. Thanks.

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