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Good Night My Sweet Friend Wishes Quotes (2023)

The night is a time of solemnity and calmness of the mind in which words flow into the core of the heart.

Conveying a warmth, lovely and sweet good night wishes quotes to your sweet friend goes a long way in strengthening your friendship.

Is that true?

Words are the key to healthy communication in friendship. They are the conveyer of lasting impression in a relationship.

Yes or yes?

Surprise that friend of yours by sending these lovely good night my sweet friend wishes quotes, and see your friendship becoming stronger and stronger by the day even by the night.

Ok, let’s get on the groove in surprising that sweet friend of yours with the best good night sweet friend wishes quotes.

Good Night Sweet Friends Wishes Messages and Quotes

If one of your friends is as sweet as you are, these good night my sweet friend wishes, messages and quotes are to be sent to him or her. Make your sweet friend feel loved to have you as a friend tonight.

1. Friends are scarce to find, sweet friends are so difficult to come by. But coming to know you is a blessing and having you as my sweet friend is a great deal. May your night be peaceful, calm and sweet just as you are. Good night sweet friend, do have a nice rest.

2. Having you as a friend is one of the sweetest things that has ever happened to me. I cherish what we share as friends and wish to have more of you as a friend. I love you friend, good night. May your night be blissful.

3. As you lay your head to sleep tonight sweet friend, may your heart find calmness and peace. May you enjoy the silence of the night. Good night friend, see you tomorrow!

4. I have a friend, and I’m bold to say it aloud that I have a friend who is sweet, charming and beautiful. I wish that as much as I want our friendship to be peaceful and lovely, so also shall your night be. Good night sweet friend!

5. The first time I came across you, you looked so unfamiliar. But now you are a friend, even a sweet friend at that. I cherish you so much. Good night sweety!

6. You have by the grace of God help me in understanding what friendship is to a level. I can never forget your labour of love towards me. You are truly a sweet friend. I wish you the sweetest night ever tonight.

7. I am happy and so glad to have you as my friend. You are really sweet, fun to be with and so encouraging. I value what we share as friends. May it last long. Good night dearest friend.

8. As you go to sleep tonight sweet friend, I wish that you have the sweetest dreams ever that will become a reality to you. May Your night usher you into a blessed day. Good night friend.

9. Hey dear friend, your kind of friend is a come rain come sunshine we will still be friends. You are so special to me. I cherish you so much, darling. Good night, sweet friend.

10. Candies and chocolates in their best taste can never be sweet like having you as a friend. You are such a sweet friend, darling. I wish you a very good and splendid night rest.

11. Laying your head tonight shall be a very splendid one to you, sweet friend. Your sleep tonight shall be a calm and lovely one. Enjoy your rest tonight dear.

12. Your understanding is very much a desirable one. God really decked you with a very good measure of patience. And HE blessed me with a person like you. May our friendship be a laid down an example for many others. I love you so much, sweet friend.

13. It is always in my prayer that I will be blessed with a sweet and lively friend. And I’ve come to realize that He has answered my prayer. I’m so thankful to God for making me find a friend in you. May the Lord bless, keep and preserve you. I love you so much, friend. Do have a very good night rest.

14. I am grateful to have found a friend in you, coming to know you has been so helpful to me. May we last long as sweet friends. Lay your head gently as the night is prepared for you to have a good night rest. Happy night rest.

15. Trading your friendship is something I can never think of. Having you as my sweet friend is something I am so grateful to God for.ur rest tonight may be so peaceful and calming. Good night dear.

16. As you sleep tonight, may you find calmness from your troubled mind and peace from your turbulent situations. You are such a sweet friend to me. I cherish you so much. Good night!

17. It is now the right time to wish my sweetest friend a very good night. A friend of such calibre like you is a sweet thing to have.

18. The night is calm and cool, the set time to wish my good friend a very good night rest has come. As you lay your head tonight, may you find the reality of the calmness and silence of the night. Do have a very lovely night rest.

19. Truly, cant wait to see you again tomorrow and I also cant wait to convey my warmth wish to you tonight. May the night usher you into a new ideology for greatness and good exploit for the day. Do have a lovely night rest.

20. Hey sweety, I call you that because you are such a sweet friend to me. May you have a very sweet night rest tonight. Can’t wait to spend the day with you again. Good night, sweet friend. See you tomorrow!

21. Thinking about such an awesome friend like you! I just end up being thankful to God for blessing me with a sweet friend like you. May this night be a very peaceful night for you. Do enjoy rest. I cant wait to see you again tomorrow.

22. The day’s work is over. The night is drawing near. May you find the night very calming for you. May all the bones of your body be rejuvenated and all your body be refreshed. Good night friend.

23. Friendship is true when it is laid on the foundation of truth and understanding. God has blessed our friendship with these and I’ll forever be grateful to God. May the cord of our friendship become stronger and stronger. Wishing my sweet friend a happy night rest.

24. When I ruminate on how long we have been together, I just come up with these words. I am grateful, Lord and I wish for more sweetness that our friendship has been. Keep glowing sweet friend, I love you so much. Good night!

25. A friend that is fun to be with, a personality that is encouraging to share problems with is who the Lord has made you be. And I am grateful for this. I can’t trade your friendship for riches. Good night sweet friend.

26. No nightmare will find its way in your dreams tonight, nobody pain will weigh you down this night. As you lay your head tonight, may you find real calmness and trouble-free mind. Remember, I love you so much, friend. Good night, sweet friend.

27. Missing you so much is like we didn’t even see each other today. Anyway, good night, sleep tight. I hope that you sleep well and wake up energetic tomorrow.

28. Each time you close your eyes to sleep, may you dream dreams that will usher you into a lot of new ideas, innovations that will lead you into breaking new grounds. And when you wake up, may the reality dawn on you.

29. I still find it untrue that the day is gone and the night is here. Anyway, here are my best wishes for the night for you. May you find the true definition of a solemn and silent, calm and cool night rest. Do enjoy your night rest, friend. I cant wait to see you tomorrow

30. A calm and solemn night is that in which neighbours are not disturbing and the dogs are not barking. May this night be so and more for you. May you wake up rejuvenated tomorrow. Good night sweet friend.

31. May this night bring to you a peaceful rest and an enjoyable sleep. Good night sweet friend, always remember, love you so much!

32. There are friends and there are FRIENDS. You have passed the test of who a sweet and lovely FRIEND is. And I am so thankful to God for making our paths cross. Here is my good night wish to you darling. A blissful night rest indeed.

33. This night is so bright, blissful and full of shining stars. May your rest tonight be as the night. Good night friend, see you tomorrow.

34. Hey sweet friend, lay your head now, take a very deep breath, close your eyes and calm yourself down. The night is set to have you enjoy it as you sleep. Good night friend.

35. As the day is to work so also is the night to rest. And as your body is to work in the day, so also is your body to rest tonight. Take a deep breath, your bed awaits you! Good night sweet friend.

36. Your friendship has and is still a blessing to me. You worth more than a very peaceful and calm night rest. I cherish you dearly, friend. Good night.

37. May the Lord give His angels charge over you as you lay your head to sleep tonight. Your rest tonight shall indeed be blissful. Good night to a very sweet friend like you.

38. I have a confession to make to you this night friend, I have thought about it very well and finalize that you are such a very sweet friend one would desire for. May this night be to you peaceful and lovely.

39. Saying good night is a usual sentence that has been used over time. But the reality is that the words in this sentence have a whole lot of meaning has it ushers the receiver into having night free from turbulence and uproar. With all these facts of mine, friend, I just want to wish you a very good night. Have a fantastic night rest fella!

40. With the kind of a person you are, such an energetic fellow, I know you are still awake now. But as your friend, I’m ordering you to stop whatever you are doing and answer your bed’s call. Enjoy your rest darling. You are such a sweet friend.

41. Hey buddy, think of all the memories of the day and end your night with a smile on your face as you lay your head to sleep. Good night friend, sweet dreams for a sweet friend like you!

42. Friends are like a mirror to see one’s attitude and either become worse or better. You are a friend that has indeed help me to improve on becoming better by the day. I love you so much, my sweet friend. Good night, have a happy night rest!

43. Greying with sweet friends like you is a desire that one will have in heart. You are such a sweet friend with a lovely heart. I bless the day we became friends and look forward to being together forever. Good night sweet friend. Sleep tight!

44. Being friendly is a different thing from being a good friend. This is one of the things I have come to learn being friends with you. I hope you had a great day. May your rest tonight be blissful and sweet. Good night friend.

45. Greying with dear friends like you is a great deal. Happy and sweet night rest, my sweet friend.

46. I appreciate you a lot dear friend, being friends with you has taught me so many valuable things. I just want to wish you a very peaceful and blissful night rest. Good night sweet friend.

47. As you lay your head tonight sweet friend, may you be ushered into the land of great dreams of good and grace be granted to become a reality. Sweet night rest, friend.

48. I am and will always be thankful to God for making our paths Cross in becoming friends. I cherish you a lot dear. OK, I wish you a sweet night rest, I just can’t wait to be with tomorrow. Good night!

49. Saying good night to you sweet friend is something so beautiful. I really appreciate being friends with you dear. Stay calm and cool and have a very sweet night rest.

50. Real friends last and fake ones don’t. Real friends speak the truth and are faithful. Thank God for who is making you be. I love you, sweet friend. Good night

51. I’m grateful to have met you and become friends with you. Having you as a friend has been and is still very much a blessing to me. Stay cool and have sweet night rest. Sweet dreams, good night.

52. Thank you for your support and care as a friend, you are such a sweet friend anyone would love to have. I just can’t wait to play with you tomorrow. Good night, dear. Sweet dreams!

53. Friends are life and life mirrors. You are my friend and a sweet one at that. Good night dear, see you tomorrow!

54. Each thought of how God has dealt favourably with me comes one of the major ones of bringing us together as friends. I cherish you, dear friend. I just want to say good night and have a sweet night rest.

55. My friend, my sweetheart. I am thankful I have you as my friend. Wishing you a happy and sweet good night rest.

56. Thinking about all our past moments on my bed, I just can’t hold it but to call you and wish you a very good night. Thank you so much friend, good night!

57. Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are! This saying is very much true. But actually, I don’t need to show who my friend is because God has taught me decent things through him and I can express who my friend is by just seeing me. You are such a blessing to me, sweet friend. Do have a splendid night rest.

58. I have a confession to make! I am proud to have you as my friend. I also have a wish to make! That your night is blessed with tranquillity and sweetness! Good night friend.

59. Thinking and thanking are one of the major things to do in life. And I am happy each time I think about you as my friend and always thankful to God for making our paths cross. I love you, friend. Have a good and sweet night rest!

60. Life is fulfilling with God, families and friends. I am so thankful I am fulfilling life with these entities. Thank you, God, thank you, my families, and thank you, my friend. Do have a wonderful night rest. Good night, sweet dreams.

61. If the day didn’t go well as planned, don’t give up for tomorrow will be outstanding for you. Now sleep tight, dream lovely and all together, have a sweet night rest.

62. The whole day’s work is not yet over without wishing you a sweet night rest friend. Here is tonight portion. May your night be turbulent free, sound and sweet!

63. Ruminate on the day’s experiences, figure out the lapses and think about changes. All said and good, make sure you sleep on time and here’s my wish of you having a very sweet night rest. Good night dear friend!

64. I have always been happy and smiling since the day we became friends. Good Friends are lively and fun to be with. I cherish what we share as friends dear. Just want to say, good night! Sweet dreams!

65. Friends are gifts, true friends are scarce gifts to receive. How are you dear friend, may your sleep tonight be blissful and smooth. Good night!

66. I want you to know that you are a sweet friend. A God sent to me. I can never trade our friendship for silver. May your night be graciously blessed with tranquillity and solemnity. Sweet dreams!

67. Every day, I thank God for sending me a friend as loyal and sincere as you, I continually bless the day we met. I love you friend, do have a good night with sweet dreams.

68. Sweet and real friends are a rare gem. I thank God for giving me such in you. May your night be blessed with sweetness and peace.

69. I sincerely give thanks to God for making our path cross. I am so graced with friends of life. I wish that this night shall be blissful for you. Good night!

70. I treasure your friendship a lot. Here are my beautiful wishes for you tonight, may you be relieved of pressing issues that worry you by tonight’s sleep. Do enjoy the night!

71. Hello sweet friend, I want you to know that I value your friendship a lot. And here is my sweet wish for you tonight. May you sleep like a baby with every worry and anxiety dissolved. May you wake up rejuvenated and happy.

72. The friendship we share has been a source of blessing to me. May the good Lord bless you and keep you from all evils. May your sleep tonight be trouble-free and sweet. Good night dear.

73. Regardless of how long or short the night may be, I want you to know that God is with you and the night shall be made silent and your sleep, sweet. Good night sweetheart!

74. Regardless of how fatigued you are, I just want you to know I’m grateful to God for bringing us together. Have a great night my dear.

75. As you lay your head to sleep tonight, I pray that your rest tonight shall be indeed restful and you shall wake up strengthened. Sleep tight, my sweet friend. Good Night

76. No matter how worrisome and hectic your day has been my sweet friend, I pray that this night brings you new strength and the liveliness you need tomorrow. Good night my friend.

77. Having a million friends that can’t stand by one cannot be compared to having one among the millions who will always stand by and support one in any possible way. Thank you, sweet friend, do have a sweet, smooth and sorrow free night rest. Good night!

78. Your friendship has really been valuable to me. Thank you, dear friend. May you rest tonight be peaceful and blissful.

79. No matter where destiny leads us to, we will always be friends because true friends remain in the heart forever. This night shall be blessed with sweetness and tranquillity for you. Enjoy the night!

80. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Our friendship has proved this to me and has made me believe more strongly that God can work out His salvation among true friends. This is my good night wish, dear. May you enjoy your sleep, and have a blissful night rest! See you tomorrow!

81. You are my friend, dear and a sweet one at that. I want you to know that. Sleep tight dear, do have a sweet night rest!

82. I bless the day God brought you forth to this world. I cherish the day we became friends and I will continually give thanks to God for He will sustain our friendship till the end. May the night be graced with sweet solemnity and calmness all round!

83. Each passing day is always another time to strengthen the chords of friendship and to the bond together stronger. I can’t really wait for another day, dear friend. Wishing you a good night. Sweet dreams!

84. May your night be sweet just as you are sweet, friend. Good night, enjoy your rest. See you tomorrow!

85. As you lay your head to sleep tonight friend, may you experience peas like a river and every lingering issues in your heart shall be solved. Do enjoy your night darling friend.

86. Friendship is indeed lively. I enjoy being friends with you. Just want you to know that. May you have a very nice night. Sleep soundly and wake up lively!

87. It is being friendly, sacrificial and sincere that keeps friendship. Hey friendie, may your sleep tonight be sweet and sound. I can’t wait to be with you tomorrow! God night.

88. One of the measures of being favoured is finding a good wife and also having a sweet and sincere friend. I thank God that I found that in you, friend. May your rest this night be indeed restful and trouble-free. Enjoy your night darling. Good night!

89. A friend is like a helper. You have indeed been one, dear. I can’t thank God enough for giving me such a friend like you. You are blessed dear. I wish you a very good and sweet night rest.

90. I am thankful and immensely grateful for having you as my friend. I cherish the day we met and value the hour we became friends. I just want to wish you a very splendid night rest.

91. May this night be a night of bliss and solemnity for you. I really can’t wait to see you tomorrow darling.

92. Stay calm, friend, tonight’s sleep is going to ease off every stress the day has given you. May you have a good night indeed.

93. My friend, my sweet friend. Hope your day was great. May your night be more splendid and rejuvenating. Waking up tomorrow shall be lively for you.

94. As the night draws nearer and heads are laid down to sleep, may you find peace and comfort as you sleep. Do have a sweet night rest.

95. You are a blessing in the form of a friend. I am blessed to have as my friend. May your night be graced with softness and solemnity. Enjoy your sleep dear. Good night!

96. To grey with friends like you is always a very sweet experience. I pray and wish that we’ll be established more in truth as friends. May your sleep tonight be accomplished with a great sigh of comfort and loads of sweet dreams.

97. Having you as my friend is something I appreciate God heartily for. Sleep tight tonight dear, a sojourn into the land of sweet dreams and come back into the world of the actualization of dreams. See you tomorrow by the grace of God!

98. Your day might have been stressful for you, but I wish that your night be unique in calmness, different in peacefulness and sweetly outstanding. Enjoy your sleep dear, good night!

99. Sleep well tonight friend, for the night shall be made peaceful for you and your sleep shall be very sweet. Do have a great night ahead.

100. I have a friend, who has and is still teaching the definition of what a true friend is through his lifestyle. Having you as my friend has and is still very much a blessing to me. May you have a nice, warm, lovely and sweet sleep. Good night!

Lovely wishes are like an ointment that glows the head of any friendship it is poured upon.

I believe with these lovely and sweet good night my friend wishes quotes, you will strengthening the cord your friend even settle common disputes between yourselves.

I am ensuring you that after selecting from this collection of good night my sweet friend wishes quotes and sending them to that lovely friend of yours, you will be thankful you did so.

Get more involved in this by putting down your comment on this post as your comment will be highly appreciated.

Do have a good night and a great deal of peace and tranquillity!

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