My Love for You Quotes

2023 Romantic My Love for You Quotes

Words will always matter in day to day activities, To show and tell how much you love him or her, there are 100 messages here that are full of love and you will see the face of your lover filled with excess love. Pick any out of the 100 and you can share the link.

Sweet My Love for You Messages

Sweetest My Love for You Messages for your lover. Spice up your relationship with these Romantic My Love for You Quotes

1. I’ve tried and tried, I just can’t stop thinking about my love for you. I love you loads.

2. My love for you has a beginning that is destined to have no end. We’re inseparable!

3. With my love for you and your love for me, there’s no limit to how far we can go in life. I love you.

4. My love for you is bound to scale through every mountain and swim through all rivers. I love you.

5. I looked around the world, no one compares to you my lady, you are a strong and lovely woman. I love you.

6. Oh, I love and cherish you, my angel, you have been wonderful and supportive. I love you, your grace.

7. In this world which is full of chaos, your love is what keeps me going and your strength is what strengthens me. Lots of love from me boo.

8. Your kiss, hugs, words, signs are what I wanna die for, I want to be the one at the receiving end of them all. Love you sweet.

9. I’ve always wanted to be with you because your warmth cures my cold and your words heal my insecurity. Great love, I’ve got for you darling.

10. Wonderful of love, that’s what you are to me, a wonder which came to in a person. You mean so much to me sire.

11. Independence is a great thing, but having a man to lean is so much better, you share in my pain, my love, my tears, my enjoyment and so much more. I love you so much.

12. What a wonderful man I have in my life, he gives me everything I want or desire. I love you so much, sweetheart.

13. Having a cool and lovely lady has its own perks, cos I see many guys stare at you. Thank you for always making them know I am your Man. I love you baby.

14. You know before I met you I’ve always felt full and complete but when I met you, I could see I’m missing a part of me. My other half, love from me.

15. It’s funny how a mature man like me could go through life as if no one exists but seeing you at first I knew I’m missing so much in my life. Good to have you in my life. my heart misses you.

16. A wise man they say gives himself to love and I caught that late, I would have shown my love to you since inception. Love you baby girl.

17. Many women don’t wanna grow old but I’m not afraid to grow old because you will always be there with me.

18. Many ladies detest growing old but baby you don’t need to hate those wrinkles, whether it’s there or not my love for you is constant and it won’t change.

19. As long as we are together, I will not detest grey hair or wrinkles because I know you love me and will always be there.

20. Grey hair to some people denotes old age but with me, it’s a symbol of how strong outlive has become, the wrinkles will remind me of your love when we were young.

21. I’ve searched all around the world but no one is as cool and handsome and hardworking as you are, you serve as an example to me. I love you, honey.

22. When people talk about their loved one, I don’t need to say anything to convince them that I love you, they see it in my face. I cherish you my berry.

23. The heart wants what it wants and it’s you my heart wants and need. You are the flowers in my garden, you beautify my world. Love you loads.

24. I love you to the moon and back because you own the key to my heart. My heart beats faster when I’m with not because I’m afraid that, because of the love I have for you.

25. Material stuff will fade away, my beauty might fade away but my love for you can’t fade away because my heart won’t fail.

26. Sometimes I think I’m one of the luckiest but most times I know I’m the luckiest because I have the most beautiful lady as my woman. I love you so much, darling.

27. Your warmth is like my greatest need because I could draw love, strength in it and I got you closer to me. Love you knight in shining armour.

28. I’ve tried to ignore my heart for a very long time but I’ve chosen to listen to it now that I have you in my arms. The most beautiful woman, I really love you.

29. I wish your love for me is not seasonal because my love for you is without time and it’s consistent. Harbor my love cos it’s all for you.

30. A single man might be a good man but an engaged man with always be good and great and that’s what I am because I have you(the best) in my life. LoL.

31. My heart is full of you, filled with your love, my mind is full of the thoughts of you, of how lucky I am.

32. They say opportunity comes but once, but you proved that wrong, my love. Though I was being ignorant yet you gave me another opportunity. I love you, my Man.

33. I was lost but you found me, I was wandering but you gave me directions and I was unloved, without love but you showed and gave me love. I love you too darling.

34. In the darkest period of man’s life, what’s needed is an iota of light but you brought sunshine into that darkness. You illuminated my world, I am sure I love you.

35. I love my self so much but the person I love the most is you.

36. You are a candle filled with lovely scents and you have filled me with your love.

37. Truly, life is full of challenges, ups and downs, but I’m never worried because I have a pillar who support me in good and bad. Thank you for loving me.

38. My love for you is like how the moon loves the sky and the strength of my love for you is like a tree of cedar planted by the stream.

39. I dream about you, I fantasize about you, I think of you, I talk about you and I love that I do those things.

40. The beautiful bond between us I pray it won’t be broken, I feel close to you, I feel drawn to you always. I’m grateful because you are my love.

41. I never knew I’m selfless until I met you and my thoughts surround you and it’s full of your details.

42. The love I have for you is like a deep root which can’t be uprooted. I love you so much.

43. I’m very sure I’m in love with you, you gave me affection, care, love, all that I wanted. I love you and it’s not a joke.

44. You are the light in my pathway, the one sunlight in my sky, the only one I think of though everywhere is lousy. Much love I’ve got for you, honey.

45. What more do I want than you, you encompass all my needs and I will cherish you for the rest of my life.

46. Looking into your eyes, I see heaven and gazing at your features I’m in heaven. This is what you do to me, love.

47. I love you and you know, I’m in love and I know. How I feel about you can’t be described.

48. I know I’m in love because I see myself in your eyes, I feel your presence miles away from you. You are an angel sent to me.

49. I am intoxicated by your love and I’m drunk with your love. You’re my fairy.

50. Meeting you was coincident but making moves to make you mine was my doing and loving you for life will be my doing.

51. I love you so much that I can’t quite make sense out of the love because it’s crazy. I will always cherish you.

52. My words can only say a few of what I feel, my eyes will say much more but my expressions carry it all. I love you too much.

53. Addiction is bad I know but I’m addicted to you and I know it’s permitted. Love you so much, darling.

54. I used to be empty, without thoughts of Love, without people but when you came you gave me all that I’ve been missing. Thanks love.

55. When you came into my life, though it was empty before you but your entrance gave me something to fight for in life.

56. Future without you will be full of sadness but future with you will be full of hope and love. Can’t wait for you to be fully mine.

57. When it comes to you I see a beautiful future. I see you and me with kids. What more could I want than that?

58. Your smile and words mean the world to me, true love brought us closer. Love you, darling.

59. No matter how hard today might be, I feel okay and good because you will relieve me of the stress. Lots of love dear.

60. When people said it was impossible, you told me it’s possible. You gave me strength, boosted my confidence. I love you, my king.

61. People say if there’s money, happiness is a small thing but I found out they were wrong because what brings happiness is having that 1 person in your life and thank God I have you.

62. Money I know can’t buy love neither can it buy happiness but you gave those to me freely and I love you to the moon and back.

63. I’ve searched for love, went through a lot cos of that but God sent you to me and I’m grateful. Love you, Angel.

64. A beautiful woman with a great affection, she loves me and I know nevertheless I love her too.

65. Sweet savour that’s the feeling of your presence and I wish you are always with me.

66. You are my one and only, there’s no extra, no addition. You are the only man I want. I want you to know you mean so much to me.

67. What I feel for you can’t be suppressed, it overwhelms me. I’m full of love.

68. You are the one I want to spend my life with, you are the one I wanna grow old with. Baby, I love you.

69. My love for you is untouchable, unmistakable, authorized, unrestricted and overwhelming.

70. I sleep with an anticipation of seeing you in my dreams and I wake with the longing that I want to talk to

71. I know how much I love you, I know how much you mean to me just as the eyes know the nose. It’s you I love.

72. Love, they say, is crazy and I can see that it’s crazy because your love is intoxicating and your smile undoes my worst experience. I love you so much, baby.

73. Though I’m not near you my heart harbours you, those distance is a barrier but our love will fight through. Much love.

74. My dream is to spend the rest of my life with you, I can’t bear to be apart from you. I love you.

75. My love for you is eternal cos I’ve vowed to love you till my last breath, you mean the world to me, my lady.

76. Love is sweet, fantastic, beautiful when you have the right person in your life. You are the right and best person I can ever have.

77. All I need is you because you are the most important person in my life, your existence completes me. Love you.

78. You fit me perfectly, you are my perfect other, you are my love, my home and my peace, where I end up running too.

79. When I thought my heart was no longer muscle you came and penetrate into me, you brought goodies that I’ve been hoping for. I love you, baby.

80. So much love I have for you darling, you hold the key to my heart, you have the o ly pathway to my heart and I love you so much.

81. My love for you is a big one which has engrossed and encompassed me. I’m filled and full because you are mine.

82. You engrave me with the seal of your love that I can boldly say everywhere that you are mine. Love you, honey.

83. A man full of virtue that’s what you are, you are a great man, a man every woman will love to be with. Thank God you are mine.

84. I’ve searched the valley, the oceans, far and near for love but that you brought to me. You brought sunshine into my heart and I love you so so much.

85. They say love is blind but I saw my love in your eyes and I couldn’t afford to go blind because I wanna hold you tight till the end.

86. Life is full of ups and downs but having a pillar, support will make it easy. You’ve been my pillar and you’ve made life easier for me. I do love you.

87. Assuming that the oceans will dry up but always know that my love for you will never dry up.

88. Even if there will be no rainfall, I will always fall for you, I’m eternally yours.

89. Do not for once question my love for you because I truly love you.

90. Even if there’s a barrier of distance, you will always be close to my heart.

91. My heart is where you reside, your abode is in me. I carry you about in my mind cos I never wanna let go.

92. My success is guaranteed because I have the love of my life with me, you have given me all that I need and I will always cherish you.

93. Our love is intertwined, nothing can separate us.

94. We are inseparable because our hearts now beat as one, our thoughts are now the same.

95. I hope it will be safe to say that you are the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time, you brought everything my life needs.

96. You are the most important and special being to me because your actions towards me are special, you make me important and special.

97. A special man will make a woman special and that is what you have done for me. You made me special and I love you.

98. Men might finally be able to count stars but my love for you will remain immeasurable.

99. Whenever I’m around you, my heart beat so hard, whenever I’m far away my heart thumps at the thoughts of you.

100. I’m a lucky man because I have the best and most precious woman in my life. My prayer is to be able to hold you for life. Lots of love darling.

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