Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

2023 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

All exes are not a mess, this you’ll agree with me.

So, you still have an ex-boyfriend who means a lot to you?

Wishing him a happy birthday is a move to ensure a saner and more loving environment of love and tranquillity.

Here are 150 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for an Ex Boyfriend you still care about. Put a smile on his face and the relief he’s been secretly longing for.

Make your choice!

Heart Touching Birthday Messages for An Ex Boyfriend

The very best of heart touching birthday messages and birthday wishes quotes to send to your ex boyfriend. Do you want to go Sarcastic? You will find some Sarcastic birthday wishes for your ex boyfriend.

1. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You stole a part of me that reminds me of you always. I wish you nothing but joy cause, I love you! Have a great day!

2. Happy birthday, my one-time lover and all-time good friend. Your happiness is all I seek for, so, I’m wishing you a very fruitful and happy new year. Enjoy your day.

3. Your birthday is stamped into my heart so, no matter where I am and who I have become, I’ll always wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday, darling. Wishing you many happy returns.

If you play it well, winning him back is possible.

4. Happy birthday to my favourite ex. I reminisce about the time we spent and I realise that you’re indispensable. You deserve the best because you’re my favourite. Wishing you goodness and happiness all day, every day.

5. Happy birthday my dearest ex-boyfriend. I wish you longevity, prosperity, happiness and above all true love. You deserve it.

Nothing stops you from sending awesome birthday wishes quotes even if he is far away from you.

6. For all the happy times you gave to me, all the tears of joy you caused for me and the love we both shared, I wish you a very happy birthday. Have a prosperous new year, sweetheart.

7. All the chains of hell can’t break us, dearie. So, I’m wishing you a happy birthday filled with laughter, joy, and achievement.

8. You ain’t my Romeo anymore but a good friend you still are to me because your love was indeed pure and true. Happy birthday, my angel. I wish you nothing but joy and love.

9. I’ll put you first on this day because a heart as yours deserve it. Happy birthday, champ. Wishing you longevity, prosperity and happiness. I still care with all of my heart.

10. May your days be dreamy as you want. May your fairytale love still find you. May you have good reasons to live on. Happy birthday to my ex-boyfriend. He was the best and still is.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

Best emotional birthday wishes for ex boyfriend from the heart. Trending Sweet Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend.

11. Happy birthday, darling. There’s a reward for a man as good as you and that is love. I hope you find it. Happy birthday to an angel of love.

12. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday. My kind wishes are for you, darling. Have a splendid new year.

13. Happy birthday, sweet ex. I hope by this time next year I’ll have a man as honourable as you. Wishing you a fulfilling year filled with lots of love.

14. Happy birthday, ex-turned friend. The ship sailing us may not be a romantic one, but it isn’t a bad one either cause, it’s one of friendship. I wish you a classic new year.

15. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You deserve all the good things of life and that is all I’m wishing you. Enjoy your day. Your best friend male deserves these birthday wishes.

16. In the splendour of the love we shared, my heart sings a happy birthday to you, darling. I wish you all that you wish for yourself.

17. I have not the privilege anymore to call you “my only one” but I can say that you are one in a million to me. Happy birthday, dearie. My kind wishes for you are numerous as the stars in the sky. Do have an exciting new year.

18. If I had the powers, I’ll turn back the hands of time just so, you hear me say “happy birthday my love.” Happy birthday, darling. It was worth knowing you! Wishing you happiness and more happiness.

19. Holding your hands, kissing your lips, looking straight into your eyes are the memories I could never forget. Happy birthday, sweetness. I wish you a prosperous new beginning.

20. If I were an astronaut, I’d take you to the other side of the moon. Happy birthday, sweetheart and sweet ex. I wish you true love and happiness. Have a good year.

Happy Birthday Ex Boyfriend Quotes

The best collection of Happy Birthday Ex Boyfriend Quotes you can send to your Ex.

21. Happy birthday, darling ex. You still are the best. That hasn’t changed because you are an irreplaceable jewel. I wish you all that you wish for yourself.

22. Happy birthday my one true love. But for you, I wouldn’t know what love is. Thank you for being the boyfriend you were to me. I wish you a long life of joy and peace.

23. I miss the time I’d look into your eyes and wish you a happy birthday. But happy birthday, anyway. I wish you nothing but joy and peace. May your path be free of sadness and depression. Have a great day.

24. Happy birthday to an angel of love. You are a gift to the woman race. I wish you a prosperous new year. I love you more than you know!

25. What can separate you from this love of mine? Not a breakup and not any barrier either. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You’re an ex but you’re loved still.

26. Happy birthday, dear ex. It would have been pretentious of me to not acknowledge this day because, in it’s entirety represents your beautiful, kind and exceptional heart. I wish you many happy returns. Have a great celebration.

27. Happy birthday, dearie. Our differences do not stop me from wishing you a great life. Have a splendid new year.

28. You ain’t fading away in my heart. Always know that I’ll remember you. After all, you are an exceptional human being. Happy birthday, angel. Wishing you joy, prosperity and good health.

29. Nobody does it better than you, I know this because I still can’t find anyone half as good as you. Happy birthday, king of my world. Wishing you joy and love.

30. We may not want to go back to the way we used to be. But I still wanna have you as my friend regardless. Happy birthday, sweetness. Wishing you joy and peace. I miss you!

Birthday Message for Ex Boyfriend

Celebrate your Ex lover with these Birthday Messages for Ex Boyfriend.

31. Until the day that I die, today will matter to me always. Don’t think that I’d forget. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Wishing you nothing but joy.

32. Do not be surprised if I told you that I love you still cause, my love for you transcends beyond the barrier of break up and hurt. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

33. I may not have the right to your lips anymore or to your romance, but I am privileged to be your friend. Happy birthday, dear friend. Wishing you kindness and joy.

34. I do not wish to refer to you as an ex. Maybe, because you are immortalized in my world. Happy birthday, sweetie. I wish you good health, wealth, prosperity, longevity and happiness. You rock!

35. Don’t let anything stop you, it’s your day, have a blast. Happy birthday, darling ex. Wishing you all the love that you deserve.

36. To the man, I once loved: Happy birthday dearie. Know that the world is yours and the fullness therein. Praying that you have the strength to possess all that you dream of. Enjoy your day.

37. The sky surely ain’t the same as it used to, but my love for you remains truly unconditional. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Wishing you all that you dream of.

38. This isn’t to coerce you back into my arms. It’s just a token of my love for you. Happy birthday, dearie. Wishing you long life, tranquillity and joy.

39. If our paths should ever cross again, it should be in peace and joy. Happy birthday, darling. This is an offering of friendship and reconciliation. Have a great new year!

40. Happy birthday to you, darling. You still remain the highest shareholder of my heart. I wish you nothing but joy and peace.

Birthday Wishes for Ex Lover

The best collection of Birthday Wishes for Ex Lover.

41. I pray that you have all that you dream of. I pray that life treats you kind. I pray you feel on top of the world every day. Because you truly deserve it. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

42. You rock even as an ex. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you a life as prosperous as the oceans. Backwards never, forward ever!

43. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Even though I let you go, your birthday still matters to me a great deal cause, a fantastic man was born unto us. I wish you everything you need to be happy.

44. Happy birthday, angel of kindness. I appreciate all the goodies you offered to me on a platter of gold. May you have many reasons to be happy always.

45. Happy birthday, dearie. I miss your smile, which sincerely is the least of the parts of you I long for. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself. I care!

46. Happy birthday, dear ex-boyfriend. You’re an ex but you still make my good list. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the happiness life can possibly offer. Have a great day.

47. I may not have you anymore. But I do wish you success in all your life pursuits. Happy birthday, one-time lover and everyday friend. Wishing you success and happiness.

48. Maybe I’m a little jealous on a day like this, cause, I missed saying happy birthday to you sealed with a kiss of love. Happy birthday, darling. Knowing you was knowing love.

49. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Everything reminds me of you today. Indeed, you truly matter and still do. Wishing you a lifetime of health and wealth.

50. I want to see you do great things, I want to hear of your good works. Happy birthday, darling. Your happiness matters to me even as my ex-boyfriend.

Birthday Wishes for An Ex Boyfriend You Still Love

Do you still love your Ex Boyfriend and want to celebrate him on his Birthday? Check out these Best Birthday Wishes for An Ex Boyfriend You Still Love.

51. I couldn’t find another you in a minute, I couldn’t find another you for my morrow. You’re special. Happy birthday, a rare gem. Wishing you the treasures of the hidden places.

52. Happy birthday, sweetie. Sometimes, I wish that you stayed, and sometimes, I hope it’s best that we let go. I wish you all of God’s blessings. I hope we do not regret our decisions in the future.

53. Happy birthday to the one man who thought me strength in weakness, beauty in a mess, and redemption in trouble. I wish you an everlasting life of joy and serenity.

54. Life isn’t predictable, is it? Who would have thought that we’ll end up as exes? However, I wish you a happy birthday and I wish you the best. I truly care!

55. I admit exes shouldn’t matter as much as you matter to me. But for today, I choose to let you know that I still care a lot about you. Happy birthday, dearest. Wishing you long life of joy and health.

56. Happy birthday, sweetie. I believe in dreams again so, I want you to know you still can find the love that you crave for any time even without me. I wish you joy, happiness and love.

57. Life may not have been kind to our relationship. But, it’s all for our own good if we believe. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Wishing you the serenity and prosperity you deserve. You rock!

58. I pray the heavens bless you with long life to enjoy the love that you find eventually. I pray the earth be kind to you, to provide you with the yield of your good nature. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you!

59. Happy birthday, dearie. We may have chosen different paths but I want you to know, time after time you’ll always be in my heart. Wishing you true love and joy.

60. Happy birthday, darling. Life is short, do not hesitate to keep the love you find when your heart catches it again. Wishing you true love, success and long life.

Birthday Message to Ex Boyfriend

You can also check out these Birthday Messages to Ex Boyfriend.

61. It’s true we’re no longer an item. Let me tell you what else is true then, “I care about you, still.” Even if I’m away, you’re still the good lover I once loved and still care about. Happy birthday, sweetie. I wish you all that you wish for yourself.

62. Your support even after our break up still mesmerises me. You sure deserve a happy and healthy life. And that is all I’m wishing you on this new season of your life. Happy birthday, sweetie.

63. Happy birthday, angel. We all need each other to see life true, so, I choose friendship over hate and anger. Wishing you long life, happiness and success.

64. I feel the sincerity of your love even from afar. Happy birthday, darling. May your life be sweeter than honey and the icing on your birthday cake. Enjoy your new age.

65. Because my love for you was built on the solid rock of truth, I want you to know that I wish you a happy birthday and a life of peace and joy. Have a blast!

66. My love for you is here to stay regardless of our separation. Happy birthday, angel. I wish you fulfilment, joy, prosperity and love.

67. I dedicate this one to you because you’re the best I’ve ever known. Whoever has you has it all. Happy birthday, sweetie. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself.

68. Happy birthday, dearie. Life without you is the hardest it has ever been for me. But I wish you all the joy in this world because you truly deserve it. Have a good day, my friend!

69. Happy birthday, darling. I’m grateful I tasted of your love and lived within the core of your heart. Wishing you brighter days of joy, health and peace.

70. I can’t take your pain away but you can take my hand and feel better. My sincere friendship is always open to you. Happy birthday, darling. Wishing you an unending life of joy and prosperity.

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

You could also use these Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend.

71. I would have chosen you over and over again. But it isn’t left to me. Happy birthday, darling. I wish you a fruitful life of great achievement and success. I love you!

72. The same thing about you that caught my heart, is still the same reason why I celebrate your existence today.
Happy birthday, darling. I wish you all the joy in heaven and on earth.

73. Happy birthday, sweetheart. To be honest, I do not wish to forget a thing about you cause, happiness is all that I feel reminiscing about you. Wishing you a lifetime of joy, peace and love.

74. Happy birthday, sweetie. I do not regret knowing you cause, it was a privilege dwelling in the shelter of your love. I wish you a life of ecstasy and prosperity. Have a splendid new year.

75. I ain’t holding back anymore, I wish you a happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope you find your place in this world and I hope you find love and happiness.

76. Happy birthday, old flame. It was a bittersweet experience, but I regret none of it. That’s why I’m wishing you a very fulfilling new year, age graciously.

77. Happy birthday, dear. You are a part of me that I can’t forget. So, I’m seizing this opportunity to wish you a bright future ahead.

78. Happy birthday, my once upon a time boyfriend. All I’m wishing you is a more profitable future. Age like the stars in the sky.

79. Happy birthday, dear ex. It may not have ended well, but while it lasted it was beautiful. I wanna wish you an immeasurable joy. This is my way of showing you that, I do not regret anything with you.

80. Happy birthday, dearie. We made a great history, though our relationship is a thing of the past now. Nevertheless, you’ll always be alive in my heart. I’m wishing you true love, joy and happiness.

Birthday Gift for Ex Boyfriend

Surprise him with these Birthday Gift for Ex Boyfriend on his Birthday.

81. Happy birthday, old flame. On your birthday, my wish for you is to find a new flame, that burns your heart with the desire and passion that you so much crave for.

82. Happy birthday. Thank you for giving me a memory that makes me smile as I reminiscence, gush when I’m alone and laugh at myself. All I wanna wish you is true love.

83. Happy birthday, dear. We could be one time lovers but forever we can be friends. As a seal of my friendship with you, I’m wishing you undiluted happiness on your birthday and the days ahead.

84. Happy birthday, my favourite history. We made it into the historical novel of love though, not into the ever after. Nevertheless, may your future be brighter than it was and your life be sweeter than honey.

85. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend. You were once my answered prayer and for making me happy at one time, I’ll always wish you a splendid birthday.

86. Happy birthday, my once sweetheart. Though we ain’t together again as a couple, I’ll always wish you the best. I’m wishing you nothing but joy.

87. Happy birthday, dearie. Love once happened to us, and for giving me such a beautiful experience, I’ll always wish you the best in life. Many happy returns.

88. Happy birthday, dear. Though our relationship left a crack in the wall, I won’t fail to admit that it also made me beautiful. I wish you a glorious life ahead.

89. I can still remember the roses you once gave me when we were together and for that, I’ll always wish you a life that scents so sweetly like a rose flower and that blossoms like a plant beside the river. Happy birthday.

90. Happy birthday. It took me a while to decide about sending you my good wishes for your birthday. I can’t ignore the fact that you were once my sweetheart, so for that, I wish you a sweet life like the honey and a beautiful one like a paradise.

Birthday Wishes for My Ex Boyfriend

Sweet Birthday Wishes for My Ex Boyfriend.

91. Happy birthday, dear. May your life move forward as the calendar dates. As an old flame, I wish you a new flame of love and passion.

92. Happy birthday, dear. You once added beauty to my life, you were once an angel to me. I can never replace you, for that, I’ll always remember you for who you are. All I’m wish you is a great future ahead.

93. Happy birthday, sweet ex. Life after our split up hasn’t been the same, but life must go on. I wish you nothing but true love and a blissful future.

94. Happy birthday, my once upon a time sweety. I’ll be bold to admit that there’s no one who does it like you and likewise, I’ll not withhold my wishes for you on this remarkable day of your life. I wish you an awesome beginning and a great future.

95. You were once someone I could run to, talk to and put my hope in. For being all of that to me, I’ll never stop being your well-wisher. I wish you the enablement to fulfil each dream you ever dreamt. Happy birthday.

96. As we get older, we get wiser and make new decisions. We’ve outgrown each other, but never will I outgrow my concern and care for you. Happy birthday, my forever concern. All I wish you are achievements and multiplication.

97. Happy birthday. My life was not stagnant with you. My life was an expression of love while with you. I’m grateful and that’s why I’ll never stop praying for you. I wish you great source of joy and fulfilment.

98. We started from somewhere but couldn’t end in forever for some reasons. I do not hold a grudge against you. All I got for you is love. My wish for you is to never stay lonely or unhappy. Happy birthday, dear.

99. Happy birthday, cute ex. I wish that you never stop smiling, never stop laughing, never stop being happy and I wish you to never stop loving. You’ll always be my friend.

100. We may stop being lovers, but I can never stop being your well-wisher. I wish you the commencement of growth, development, joy and above all love. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend you can also use.

101. Even though we came to the end of the road as lovers but as friends, we will have a lasting journey. Happy birthday, dear friend. May God endow you with knowledge, wisdom and grace.

102. Happy birthday, dear. I’m sending all my love to you, releasing all the anger left and making sure we have a clean slate. All I wanna wish you is true love.

103. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend. It was fun while it lasted, cause you were so much more to me. I can’t pay you back, but I want you to know that you’re appreciated.

104. We used to be the coolest love figures, but life happened. No matter what, you’ll always have my utmost respect. Happy birthday. My wish for you is to make it in life according to your dreams and beyond your expectations.

105. Happy birthday. Joy comes in the morning, they say. I want you to know, though, we could not have ended up together, your true love will walk right in and dive into your heart when the time comes. For now, my wish for youis to stay happy and basking in the euphoria of your birthday until the next one comes by. Happy birthday once more.

106. Happy birthday, my one-time partner. At the dawn of today, I felt something special, then it dawned on me that a star was born many years ago. He walked into my life made me better and he left. Even though we ain’t an enviable item anymore, I want you to know that life holds so much more for you. May God bless your new age.

107. I used to look at your pictures and I’ll feel some tickles in my tummy, but now the story has changed. What I feel for you isn’t sour though, it’s what keeps us going. Happy birthday, my newly found friend. I’m happy to know you’re breathing and doing just fine. Many happy returns.

108. Happy birthday, dear. No matter the height, no matter the rage, you’ll always hold a special place in my heart. You’ll always be that reason I knew how to love. To the guy who taught me how to love, happy birthday. You ain’t by my side, but I wish to see you on the good side of life.

109. While we were together, your birthday was everything to me. Now that we’re apart, I realized it has been immortalized in my heart. That was how great you were to me. I wish you an incredible journey in life. Cheers! Happy birthday.

110. Happy birthday, dear. Like a shallow river, I become a shadow of myself when you left. But, like a bird, I picked up my self. No matter what, you were once amazing to me. I wish you fruitfulness, happiness and peace.

Birthday Wishes for Your Ex Boyfriend

Best words to wish your Ex Boyfriend a happy Birthday.

111. We don’t have to turn enemies when we could be friends. Happy birthday, my one time sweetheart. I’m doing just fine and I wish you nothing but fulfilment and contentment.

112. Time spent with you wasn’t a waste. You were once my angel. Happy birthday, dear. You are appreciated. I wish you long life and happiness.

113. For all those times, you made me laugh to the depth of my soul, for all those time you made sure I carried on when I couldn’t even stand alone, for all those time, you smiled at me and told me it was okay, for all you were to me, I can never forget you. Happy birthday, dear. You were once my world. Thank you for building me to becoming this woman.

114. Happy birthday, dear. Even though you broke my heart, you didn’t break my world. I’m alive today, cause you taught me how to be strong. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I wish you all the joy in this world.

115. Happy birthday, dear. When you left, I imagined it was the end of the road between us. To my greatest surprise, the traces of love you left in my heart, wasn’t capable of hating you. On this bright day, I wish you the things that make you happy.

116. Happy birthday, dear. Bygone may be bygone but our friendship can never be washed away. On this day, all I wish you is to take delight in being alive and in good health. Many happy returns.

117. We may have broken up, but our friendship ties do not have to be broken. For that, I’m wishing you a superlative birthday. Have fun!

118. Happy birthday, dear. Even though we could not build our relationship, I wish you the grace to perfectly build every other aspect of your life perfectly well and may your love life be something to write home about. Happy birthday once more.

119. I used to love you, but now I cherish the memory we had. Happy birthday, I wish you a beautiful journey ahead. Send my love to your new lover. You guys rock.

120. I know what we had has been turned to dust but the memory can never be blurred. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul. I wish you eternal peace and joy.

Birthday Greetings for Ex Boyfriend

Celebrate your sweet Ex Boyfriend with these Birthday Greetings for Ex Boyfriend.

121. Happy birthday. True friends never stop loving each other. We may have failed as lovebirds but as friends, we would do a better job. I wish you the acme of glory in this life.

122. May I confess that even though we are far apart, you still shine so bright and look so good amongst all. Happy birthday, dear. Wishing you a blissful life.

123. True love is unconditional. So, whether we are together or not, I’ll always burn the candles for you, I’ll always wish you the best. Happy birthday. I’ll always see you as my angel.

124. You once belonged to me, for that, I’ll always treat you right. I seize this day to pour my heart to you again. To tell you, I will never forget nor forsake you. Happy birthday. I wish you a lifetime of bliss.

125. Happy birthday, dear. Yes, we’ve broken up, but this day will always be special to me. I can’t ignore your birthday, cause you meant so much to me.

126. I know you ain’t here to hold me tight nor to make me feel your warmth again. For the gift of a pleasant memory that you gave to me, I’ll never think ill of you. Happy birthday, my ex-boyfriend. My wishes for you is to see you on the bright screen, fulfilling all your dreams and conquering your fears.

127. Happy birthday, ex-heartthrob. You took me to a beautiful place with a beautiful smile. Today, I wish you the kind of bliss that exists in paradise. May you never be dragged back in life. Keep moving on, there are many years of greater things for you.

128. All those times we fought and made up came flashing back to me like a glimpse of sunlight. Life was beautiful with you. Happy birthday, dear. I hope you find the girl you dream of.

129. Happy birthday to the ex I can never keep in the past. You’ll always be a past that I can’t let go. On this beautiful day, all I pray for is to see you doing great things.

130. Today reminds me of a thing and that’s my one-time lover. It’s your birthday, it gives me the room to pour my emotions all out and to let you know that rather than anger what is left is peace, instead of rage, all I feel for you is love. Happy birthday, my dear.

131. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend. You once gave me peace because you gave me love. I wanna thank you for those beautiful moments. I wish you the fruits of your hard work.

132. Happy birthday, to the guy who once rocked my world with love and its beauty. Today has turned the pain I felt in my heart into joy. The reason being, for the most part, you were always a sweetheart and your legacy in my heart can never be that of pain. Many happy returns.

133. I can’t go out anymore, cause my ride and die partner is not here to journey with me. Even though you left me lonely, my memory of you will always keep me company. Happy birthday.

134. We must have confused friendship for love, but now is the time to make it right. Happy birthday, my friend. I wish you so much joy and happiness in your love life.

135. Even though you left me it didn’t break me, the love you built in my heart shielded me from the pain. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend.

136. Love is not forced but friendship can be built. Will you accept my embrace of friendship and let’s start anew. Happy birthday.

137. Happy birthday, dear. Whatever we had remains in the past but I hope our friendship can make it to the future. Have a great new year ahead, friend.

138. It was not wrong of you to once confess to me that you don’t love me anymore. It’s a confession that I respect than to live in deceit. Thank you for being honest with me. Happy birthday my ex-lover.

139. Happy birthday, dear. We started as lovers but I hope we can continue as friends. Today, is a special day, take your time and enjoy your day like a fruit salad.

140. Happy birthday, dear. Cheers to a new beginning of friendship to us. All I wish you is a smooth journey and a happy life.

141. The blessings that are about to follow you are enough to wash the pains of yesterday and the brokenness that was birthed by our break up. Happy birthday, my dear. I’ll always love you.

142. On your behalf, God is doing a new thing to mend your heart and to blow your mind away with a new flame of love. Happy birthday, ex. May the years ahead be much more splendid than the yesteryears.

143. Prepare for a miracle and blessings as you mark this new age. Though it saddens me that we’re apart, I, however, take solace in our newly found friendship. Happy birthday, dear. It was beautiful while it lasted.

144. Today kicks defeat out the door cause a warrior and a victor were born. Happy birthday, ex. Though we are an old flame, nevertheless, we’ve caught the new flame of friendship.

145. Happy birthday, dear. Eyes haven’t seen the kind of blessings the angels are bringing in for you on this day. My one-time lover, my eternal friend, I’m wishing you heaps of joy and happiness.

146. Happy birthday. I can never forget this day, cause while we were together we made the best of it. All I see is a beautiful future. Hurray!

147. Happy birthday, ex. Even though you are an ex, you still make a good friend. I love you still but as a friend. Wishing you many happy returns.

148. Who can take your place? Who can make my heart feel better than the way you made it feel? You’re a beautiful ex. Happy birthday. I wish you long life and prosperity.

149. Happy birthday, dear. I can never think of hurting you and what’s more, even as an ex I love you just the way you are. I wish you happiness and goodness.

150. Though we had a rough journey I tell you, the story was beautiful. Happy birthday, my ex-lover. I wish you the strength to carry on and the grace to fulfil all of your dreams.

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