Birthday Wishes for My Lover

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for My Lover in 2023

It’s about that time when you surprise your lover (be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife) with a cute birthday text message. You know how nervous people can feel because of this. Well, now you can impress them without having to think twice.

Provided here are 150 text messages for you to use. The first 60 are for boyfriends who need a birthday text for their girlfriends. The second 60 are for girlfriends who need a birthday text for their boyfriends. And the last 30 are for happily married couples who want to make the birthday of one of them adorable with a text message.

So let’s go in:

Birthday Wishes From Boyfriend to Girlfriend

Make your Girlfriend feel special on her Birthday with these Best Birthday Wishes From Boyfriend to Girlfriend.

1. Happy birthday, baby. It’s beautiful having to celebrate this day with you. I wish you the most beautiful things of life.

2. Happy birthday, baby. This morning is the beginning of good things, a renewal of our friendship. A toast to our love.

3. Happy birthday, baby. You are filled with beauty, inner and outer. Today is to celebrate a gem of a woman.

4. Happy birthday, baby. For choosing to share my works with me, and making it beautiful and amazing, I’m grateful.

5. Happy birthday, baby. May you not experience regrets. May your days be filled with your wishes all coming to pass.

Best Birthday Wishes for Lover

6. Happy birthday, dear. There’s always something special about your birthday to me. It’s a precious day, a day among days.

7. Happy birthday, baby. I wish you the best gifts from God and man. May your ways be pleasing to the right people around you.

8. Happy birthday, baby. There is nothing I won’t give to be with you for the rest of my life. I pray you get all you desire.

9. Happy birthday, darl. It is my wish that you grow to be all you plan to be. When I remember you, love comes to my mind.

10. Happy birthday, dear. The sweetest gifts are for the sweetest of hearts, and you are one of them. Remain lovely.

11. Happy birthday, baby. Keep being lovely and lively. Every day leaves behind a better version of you.

12. Happy birthday to you, dear. There is no gift worthy of such a sweet heart like yours. I hope my good wishes are enough.

13. Happy birthday to you, baby. You’re so sweet, sweeter than sugar and you have a heart that’s bigger than earth.

14. Happy birthday, darl. I don’t know how I lived when I had not met you because o find it hard to stay when I’m not with you.

15. Happy birthday, dear. Your tender heart is something I won’t forget in a hurry. You’ve proven your love to me.

16. Happy birthday, dear. Keep being the lovely person that you have always been. Your future is beautiful.

17. Your show forth beauty and excellence. If I was to choose someone for your role again, I’ll choose you. Happy birthday.

18. Happy birthday, dear. There are a lot of things I won’t be able to do without you. Thanks for being there to save the day.

19. Your beautiful smile, gracious movements and amazing personality all have today to celebrate. Happy birthday, dear.

20. Your loving heart has saved a lot of people from destruction and I am one of them. Happy birthday, dear.

21. You’re beautiful to me, you don’t need another affirmation. Happy birthday, beautiful one.

22. You came at a time when a lot of things were going wrong, and you fixed them up. This is to celebrate you. Happy birthday, love.

23. Happy birthday to you, dear. I love everything about you, from the way you talk and walk to the things you do. Don’t forget that.

24. Happy birthday to you, most beautiful one. If I am to make only one wish for the rest of my life, I’ll wish for you.

25. Happy birthday, dear. Today, I give you one more time, everything that is within my power. I love you.

26. You have filled me with joy, happiness and strength. Thanks for staying with me. Happy birthday, dear.

27. Happy birthday, love. I wish you a world that’s lit up with joy, love and life because you lit up my life.

28. Happy birthday, dear. I wish the best that life has to offer for you. You are smart and beautiful and no one can take it from you.

29. Happy birthday, dear. I am favoured to have you. How then can I think of letting you go? I wish you the best of days.

30. I wish you the best of celebrations. Today marks the beginning of beautiful things for us. Happy birthday, dear.

31. Happy birthday, my dear. Today is the most awesome day of the year to you and I respect it. Take care.

32. There are beauties and there is ‘beauty’. I celebrate beauty, which is what you are. I love you.

33. Happy birthday, dear. Today, I think about your past and all I see is a build up to a glorious future. You are an excellent person.

34. When I think of you, I see life being revealed, making more sense. Thanks for being in my world. Happy birthday, honey.

35. Happy birthday to you, dear. My love burns stronger for you every day. This is to celebrate the love of my life.

36. Happy birthday, dear. What’s great about today is that you are the one that’s born. What else beats that?

37. Happy birthday, dear. I like a lot of things about you. I wish that you live the best kind of life you can.

38. Happy birthday, baby. God looked down on the earth, saw how it lacked sweetness, so he sent you. Kisses.

39. Happy birthday, dear. The best of life gifts should be yours. You are a gift to me. I love you just the way you are.

40. Happy birthday, dear. Your beauty is immeasurable, worth celebrating and amazing. I wish you more of it.

41. Happy birthday, love. You’ve been a pillar to me. Thanks for your support and company. I love you more now.

42. Happy birthday, dearie. You have shown me what love means. Days like this rarely come, so today should not be wasted.

43. Happy birthday, dearie. You’re one in a million. It was hard finding someone like you. Now, I’ll do all I can to keep you.

44. Happy birthday to you, baby. I have the best of wishes for you. Wishes of love and blessing. Have the best day.

45. Happy birthday, sweet one. I doubt the day I’ll find someone to replace you will ever come. You are irreplaceable.

46. Happy birthday, dear. Day by day, I watch you grow into becoming someone full of life and love. May the coming days be better.

47. Happy birthday, darl. I wish that you become more beautiful and more lovely for you and those around you.

48. I wish for you, life for death, peace for war, joy for sadness and beauty for ugliness. Happy birthday, love.

49. Happy birthday, dear. You are worth having only better days ahead and I don’t wish that you get less than your worth.

50. Everyone that’s a mutual friend to both of us has spoken beautifully of you. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

51. Happy birthday, dear. Your big heart that accommodates all can only grow bigger. You deserve the best only.

52. Happy birthday, dear. You have such amazing beauty that you remain loved and irresistible. Have a blast.

53. Happy birthday, baby. Your life gets more beautiful, more attractive and more lovely. Be your best.

54. Happy birthday, baby. Take my love, take my heart, take my body and what you want as a gift. Freely, I’ll give.

55. Happy birthday, dear. If I had more than one heart, I’ll love you more than I do now, but until then, enjoy the best of my love.

56. Happy birthday, darl. Forget the parties and the food. You have more to offer. This is to celebrate the finest of girls on earth.

57. Happy birthday, love. They said it was risky being around you. I took the risk and the profits have been high.

58. Happy birthday, love. You were warned by a lot of people about me, but see how you came in to create a perfect us.

59. Happy birthday, dearie. Love is for all, yes I know, but I think you deserve double of what others get. I speak truthfully.

60. Happy birthday, love. Nobody can mess with you as long as I’m here. Take my word for it. I cherish you.

Birthday Wishes From Girlfriend to Boyfriend

Make your Boyfriend feel special on his Birthday with these Birthday Wishes From Girlfriend to Boyfriend.

61. You work harder than the bee to make my life the perfect honeycomb. I cherish you. Happy birthday.

62. Thoughts of you move around my mind like the earth rotates around the sun daily. I love you. Happy birthday.

63. I may be your missing rib but you’ve been the backbone of my happiness since I’ve known you. Happy birthday.

64. You’re the tissue that dries up my tears and the one I need inside of me to survive. I need you. Happy birthday.

65. Some wish for diamonds, others gold, but all I want is you, my jewel of inestimable value. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Lover

66. I thought the sun was the hottest until I met you. Plus the heat in you is sufficient to mould me into the person I should be. Happy birthday.

67. During the day, you’re sweet enough to take away my tooth and you’re my tooth fairy at night, like a childhood fantasy. Happy birthday.

68. The harshest reality with you is better than the best imagination any girl can have. You’re so surreal. Happy birthday.

69. Thinking about you got me building castles in an idyllic community with your pure heart like clear water meandering the passages of water to the lakes. Happy birthday.

70. Your ever burning smile melts any chain of doubt in my heart and it is, at the same time, cool enough to send shivers down my spine. Happy birthday, dear.

71. They say when you get older, you get wiser. Even I can’t imagine you adding just a little knowledge to your already existing bank of infinite wisdom. The world is in for a shock! Happy birthday.

72. Even the greatest mathematicians can’t calculate the depth of the love I have for you. And today, it just got deeper. Socrates has more work to do. Happy birthday, dear.

73. Our love has gotten so deep, it’s like we’re in a totally new world different from our regular surroundings. Or maybe we just dug to the other side of the earth. Happy birthday, love.

74. First time I met you, I felt my heartbeat for the very first time. It’s probably because it wasn’t there until I found you. Happy birthday, dark.

75. For God so loved me that he sent you to this earth today that I may feel an expression of his love for me. Happy birthday, dear.

76. I always get happy whenever you add a year. The more years you add, the closer we are to forever. I love you. Happy birthday.

77. Thoughts of you lift me higher than the most intoxicating wine. I cherish you. Happy Birthday.

78. Blessed be the woman that God used to conceive and birth this great idea, changing my imaginations to reality. Happy birthday.

79. I’ve been waiting for a lot of good things, but what I did not know was that if I had you, I had a lot of good already. Happy birthday, darl.

80. You had me from the very first “Hi” you said. Just a single word from you was sufficient to set my heart in motion. Happy birthday.

81. I was in pain, hurt and anguish, but you had the ability to love this girl past the pain. That’s why I celebrate you today. I love you. Happy birthday.

82. It’s not a coincidence that you were born today. There’s a special ribbon in the sky for our love. Happy birthday.

83. The little things you do for me are stronger than the heaviest blows life has to deliver. You’re priceless. Happy birthday.

84. I envision the day we would sit on rooftops and the only thing above our love would be the heavens. Happy birthday.

85. Everything about you works for my good. Your smile gives me strength and courage and your frown makes me a better person. I love you. Happy birthday.

86. I don’t care if thousands mark this day with you across the world. You’re all that matters to me. Happy birthday.

87. I love your humility. Even though you’re out of this world, you decided to share this world with other common people. Happy birthday.

88. Your love and affection outweigh any pain and depression I feel on the triple beam. You’re priceless. Happy Birthday.

89. You seem to have the answer to any doubtful question in my heart, and when you don’t; your smile is enough answer for me. Happy birthday.

90. Because of your presence, I am assured that I am loved. God gave you to me because he loves me. I love you too. Happy birthday.

91. Leave you? Why would I try such a risky thing? I’d get choked in a millisecond without you, the oxygen I need to survive. Happy birthday.

92. Every source of energy or romance I try to tap from other than you is harmful and toxic to me. You’re the only source I need. Happy birthday.

93. Life isn’t fair. I get to have you, the only real man in the world. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’re the only man I see. Happy birthday.

94. The older an object gets the more it depreciates in value. It’s the exact opposite with you. Your value increases with every second you breathe. Now that you’re adding another year, it’s crazy to think of how valuable to me now.

95. I love you a lot more than I did yesterday and far less than I will tomorrow. The love I have for you grows faster than a geometric progression. Happy birthday.

96. Fate is an intelligent magician. He brought us together through ways no one could have ever imagined and we’re staying together until a time no one can ever imagine. Happy Birthday.

97. Even if I gain nothing else in this world, with you by my side, I can say I lost nothing. Happy birthday.

98. It is true that you were created in the image of the Almighty. You couldn’t have been the prototype of a person as awesome as you, cos that said person doesn’t exist. Happy birthday, dear.

99. Sometimes, I take a sheet of paper and try to write down what I’d be without you. At the end, the paper remains as blank as my life had been before you came. Happy birthday, love.

100. There has to be a God. The one who’s awesome enough to make a masterpiece like you in his image and above all, the one who loves me enough to give you to me. Happy birthday, love.

101. Enigmatic, Charismatic . . . attitudes that make you tick. So I know you are gonna stick with me until the very end. I love you.

102. You seem to know everything a girl wants and you strive to fulfil my every desire. I love you. Happy birthday.

103. There was no man deserving of my love until you came by. All you had to do was show up, and I fell so drastically in love with you. Happy birthday.

104. You don’t have to ever worry about making it on this earth. God dropped a full package with you as soon you came into this earth years ago. And of course, you know I’m always by your side to unlock these packages as required. I’ll never leave your side. I love you. Happy birthday.

105. Whenever I am lost, stranded and hopeless, you know the exact words to get me back in focus. I love you. Happy birthday.

106. Every letter of every word of every sentence you make is perfect, every move you make is divinely orchestrated. You’re a gem. Happy birthday, love.

107. I wish it existed. That single word that could describe the infinite things you are to me. Happy birthday, darling.

108. Other men tried to coast into my heart before you. I told them they didn’t even have a parking spot in my heart but the moment I set my eyes on you, I prepared a garage for you without trying. Happy birthday, my love.

109. Superheroes don’t fly and wear capes anymore. Now, they come in forms of you. Since you’re the only you that I know, it’s safe to say that you’re my only superhero. Happy birthday, dear one.

110. You’re the perfect example of a gentleman. Gentle, manly, cool-headed, nice and generous. God bless you on this day, my love. Happy birthday.

111. I celebrate this day heartily because it’s the very day God brought to life a solution to all my sorrows, anguish and lack of love in form of you. Happy birthday.

112. If you aren’t around, I can take only one other person. And that would be you again. Happy birthday, my love.

113. Even if the world be filled to the brim with men and I happened to be the only girl in it, if you aren’t there, I’ll die single. Nothing can replace you. Happy birthday, dear.

114. You are the Santa that dropped gifts under my Christmas tree as a child, and you’re the guardian angel that protects me as an adult. Happy birthday, dear.

115. I’ve found my mate. The soul mate that checkmates all my sadness and pain. I cherish you, honey. Happy birthday.

116. The things we thought differentiated us from the world are the things that integrated us together. Happy birthday, baby.

117. If anyone tries to get between us, the effect on that person would be worse than a futuristic attack in World War three. Happy birthday, dear.

118. Thoughts of you are more tangible and substantial than the foods I eat. You’re more nourishing to my system than milk. Happy birthday, dear.

119. It’s a good thing I found you before other struggles of life came to me because I have no idea how I would have overcome without you. Happy birthday, love.

120. You, my king, are the whole essence of everything. That’s why a queen like me needs to make several moves to make sure I don’t lose you. The moment I lose you, it’s all over. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Wishes for Husband and Wife

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Spouse.

121. Happy birthday, darling. I’ve had no reason to regret being with you. Thanks for coming into my life to spend the rest of it with me.

122. Happy birthday to you, honey. God bless the day we crossed-paths. I feel like today is also my birthday because we are one.

123. Happy birthday to the angel in my life. God saw my troubles, heard my prayers and sent you to me. I celebrate you.

124. Happy birthday, love. Anytime I look at you, I become more convinced that we were meant for each other.

125. Happy birthday, baby. A lot of things and people can be replaced in my life, but you are irreplaceable. I love you.

126. Happy birthday to you, honey. Celebrating you is the biggest celebration for me. May your life be filled with love.

127. If I should stop celebrations, I’ll break the rules to celebrate you, the love of my life. Happy birthday.

128. To the number one person in my world, happy birthday. You have been a source of love and strength to me. Thanks for being in my life.

129. Happy birthday to a part of me. My life would be incomplete without you. Thanks for making my life perfect.

130. Happy birthday, my love. May your days be filled with happiness, love and peace and may my days be filled with you.

131. Happy birthday, love. Until today I have found no one like you, so you deserve the best of celebrations from me. I won’t disappoint you.

132. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Today is the day meant to celebrate a tender, soft and kind heart. A lily among thorns.

133. Happy birthday, darling. God’s blessing will never miss you. May your life be surrounded by blessings.

134. Happy birthday, sweetie. Long life, prosperity, good health and favour will overtake you. I love you.

135. Happy birthday to a part of me. I have become a better person because of you. May your good works not leave you empty-handed.

136. I should take you to a place where nothing exists apart from you, and maybe you’ll appreciate your beauty better. Happy birthday, dearie.

137. Happy birthday to the love of my life. May you not know hate in your life. And may you meet with the loveliest people.

138. Happy birthday, darling. I value everything about you above every other thing on earth. A wish to you is a wish to the most precious thing.

139. Happy birthday to my baby. Every good thing I wish for myself will come to you because you are one with me.

140. Happy birthday, love. Everything about you is lovely and amazing. You are worth the best of celebrations.

141. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to be with you again if we come back to earth in another life. Happy birthday, honey.

142. Happy birthday, love. The best gift for you is not money, or cars, or houses, but love, true love. I give it to you.

143. Happy birthday, dear. One thing I’ll never forget is the way you changed my world. You came in and made it better.

144. You brightened my life with your arrival. You are one of the best things to ever happen to me. Happy birthday, darling.

145. Happy birthday, darling. Many people do noble and honourable things, but to me, you do more than them all.

146. Happy birthday, love. My love for you grows with every passing day. You have earned the respect and admiration I have for you.

147. Happy birthday, my one and only. You are a light to my life. I wish you guidance, so you’ll always do things the right way.

148. Happy birthday, lovely. Like a lily among thorns, you stand out from everyone else, holding me dear, and I’ll stay with you forever.

149. Happy birthday, dear. May you see a lot of wonders till your sense of wonder becomes an everyday thing.

150. Happy birthday, Darling. Thanks for being an angel to me. I’ll never forget everything you’ve done for me. I’ll love you forever.

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