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Sweet Romantic Birthday Poems for Lovers in 2023

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Poems for Lovers

Sweet Romantic Happy Birthday Poems for Him or Her that you can send to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend on his or her birthday.

A New Age

I heard the bird’s wings
Flapping simultaneously to the dings
The bells dangled its rings
Rocking gently in the middle as it swings

Indication I learnt from time
That strange things has meanings with line
Rapt attention I paid to get the vibe
Bravo, I got it very very right

The day you cried and wail
Mother in fear and pain
All and sundry revived to it’s fame
The day I know, you changed name

It’s your birthday
The day is today
Put a smile to display
To sadness, say nay.
Happy Birthday to you.

My Wishes for You

To see you excel
To success please propel
Are my wishes.

Swim in prosperity
Joy till eternity
Are my wishes

Do move to break
Every blocks that stand your way
Are my wishes

Drops of tears not
Your face, smile should come forth
Are my wishes

Again to celebrate
Many more years you envisage
Are my wishes

Happy Birthday!

With Gusto

I join many to celebrate
An awesome personality of your type
Rare you are in all tribe

A genuine love from me, to you.
It’s your birthday today
A day it last
It takes another 365 days
To witness a day like this

Laugh every worry
Shave every mood
Chase every sadness
Bury every anger.

It’s your birthday…
So, happy birthday to you.

The Day that Stands Out

The resounding shouts
The triumphant steps
The trampling feet
Were all I heard this morning

Another day
Like every other
After the daybreak
I took time to check

What could be wrong?
I wondered
What was it insinuating?
I pondered

Then the bell that rings
Good tidings around
Dung before my hearings
What it means?

Special day for someone special
Usual day for me
But I join you to celebrate
This special day of yours.

Blessing Upon Blessings

You are a blessing
Sure you do know
Every life, you touched so well
Every face, a smile you gave

Though this day may seem
A very special one dear
To you, but to me,
A day that bring blessing’s blessing

The blessing you have
You gave to all
Never hid any
No controversy to it

Here I am.
Wishing all you do
More blessing’s blessing
In this new race

In My Reminiscence

How you started
A toddler you changed from
Into a lad today

How you started
A year older then
Now many years older

How you started
Childish whimpering cry
Not again, you’ve got a sonorous one

How you started
Crawling, staggering as you climb
On strong feet, you stand today

You are a year older again
Remember not those pains
Look forward to seeing gains.

A Day

A day to remember
Set a mark forever

A day to celebrate
Friends abroad jubilate

A day you think
Of all memories set within

A day you know
Of all mirth bestowed

It’s your day
A plea, I’ve got this day

Wherever you may
You’ll always find a way

Birthday Cuisine

Each day opens
A new page in a book
Go, another morning is here
Go, a new morn it is

Porch age with goodies
You’ve welcomed a new day special
There, there on eagle wing do soar
Your day, no one else can claim

From every stormy wind that blows
From every swelling tide of woes
A calm assured rest I pray
Blessings and grace will come to stay.

Your Treasure

How far can you measure,
The gap bridging your treasure?
How far can you trample on failure,
That gives no pleasure?

Lenient possession travails
Treasured possession sparkles
What do you treasure?
Deep than view?

Life counting is your treasure
Clocks ticking, your treasure
Old phase you won’t treasure
New phase, affirmatively, you’ll treasure

Depreciation evades oldy things
A new thing entangles your instinct
It’s your treasure, old you’ll again never treasure
365 days treasure it is.

Remain Blessed

The joy and blessings
To others you gave
Shall return in great measure
Abundant it will be

The smile you put on faces
Your life, beautiful others shall make
Top of mountains you shall stay
Days of good records I pray

Every blessings this day can bring
I wish you wholeheartedly
Every joy this day has
You apparently deserve

Remain blessed. Happy Birthday to you!

New Age Canoe

The drops of blood
The cries that was heard
The pain mother growled
All in your sake

Yes, I know
It was all for you
Your arrival electrified,
The atmosphere in a twinkling

The newest creature
You were that day
Your eyes closed and tiny
Hands folded and chubby

But, the pains all gone
Mother feel them no more
A great being now you are
Scaling hurdles with strength

Peep through the front
Sure you’ve started
A new age canoe
A renewed strength to paddle

Happy Birthday!

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