Best Happy Birthday My Love Quotes

Best Happy Birthday My Love Quotes for 2023

Happiness can come in many ways, through words, gesture, gifts, you name it. Happiness can never be too much, especially when it’s induced by a loved one.

Celebrating birthdays can also bring about happiness because birthdays are personal celebration, that gives unforgettable memories with friends, families and loved ones. Since it’s your partner’s birthday, your partner’s

happiness should be a priority.

Though, finding the best way to wish your partner happy birthday can be a bit difficult, but that’s why we’re here for you, it’s our job to always have your back and that we will.

Happy Birthday My Love Messages

Best Happy Birthday My love messages to you can use to celebrate your loved ones.

1. “Cakes and cookies are all sweet but I’m very sure they are not as sweet as you, so, on this special day, I’m wishing you a sweet birthday celebration, my Love.”

2. “You have got the sweetest smile ever, and I know it’s going to make you look more radiant today, I’m looking forward to it, make sure you wear it. Happy birthday to you, my Love.”

3. “Looking back at us, our journey together, you’ve brought so much happiness to my life, I wish you a happy birthday, my angel.”

4. “Today, I celebrate you as the woman my soul has chosen, may this special day bring you sweet memories, today, tomorrow and always. Happy birthday, my queen.”

5. “I know today is yours to get all kinds of compliments and wishes, I am sending you mine before anyone else, have yourself an amazing birthday celebration, my Love.”

6. “It’s an honour to have you as the one who beat and throb my heart in a special way every time, today, I celebrate your existence, happy birthday to you, my one and only.”

7. “Because you’re a year older today, I wish you all the best you deserve and much more that life can offer, happy birthday, my Love.”

8. “Oh, what a time to be alive, to celebrate the love of my life, here’s me raising a glass to another beautiful day ahead of you, happy birthday, angel.”

9. “On such a beautiful day as this, my wish is to be one of the reasons behind your smile and the one that never wants to see that smile fade. Happy birthday to you, my Love.”

10. “As you add another lovely year today, as much as I have always been there with you, I want to continue being beside with every beautiful year to come, have a fabulous birthday, angel.”

11. “I’m trying to imagine how much sacrifice, love and care had gone into raising a beautiful angel and so I doff my hat to your parents and I say happy birthday to you, my Love.”

12. “I have gotten a rare gift through your pretty smile, an unexplainable prize from it and to many years of it to come, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

13. “Today is the start of another year for you, the beginning of many beautiful days to come, Happy birthday, my queen.”

14. “With you, I feel life has given me all that I’ll need, I only need to celebrate you today, tomorrow and each of our days together. Happy birthday to you, my Love.”

15. “Today, I do not only celebrate your birthday, but I celebrate all the precious moments I have had through you and with you, happy birthday to you, sweetheart.”

16. “You are a special kind of angel, you light up every darkness around you and those that surround me, continue being the light that you are. Have a shiny birthday, honey.”

17. “Every year, I see another you, not that you change but you upgrade in beauty and love and that made it easy to love you more, to lovely years ahead, happy birthday, my Love.”

18. “In the name of the love that we shared, I’m wishing you the most beautiful birthday ever, make sure you have a fun-filled birthday, sweetheart.”

19. “It’s a new chapter in your life today, any story you want to write, make sure you remember to write how much I love you. Have a wonderful, and lovely birthday, my Love.”

20. “Because today is a happy day and happiness is what you deserve, I wish you happy moments in every day of this new 365days. Happy birthday, my love.”

21. “You are some people’s inspiration, but to me, you are everything and today, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with a lot of fun, honey.”

22. “Even if I won’t be near you to celebrate your birthday, I want you to have an exciting moment and I wish you all the best you deserve on this lovely day, happy birthday, my queen.”

23. “Happy birthday to the sun I always want to wake up to and the star I want to stay up to see at night, happy birthday, my Love.”

24. “On this beautiful day of yours, before the sun says hello, I wish to tell you how beautiful you have been, you are, and would always be. Happy birthday to you, my angel.”

25. “I don’t have all the luxurious things, I don’t have a lot of money either but I have a priceless asset, I have you. Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.”

26. “Birthdays are sign that you’ve completed a phase in your life and you’re ready to take on another, on each day of the new phase, I’ll hold you and be walking with you, happy birthday, honey.”

27. “I just had one of the sweetest nightmares, I dreamt I miss your birthday, thank God I woke up just in time, happy birthday, my Love.”

28. “If only I can be around you today, if only I can do more than send you wishes from afar but distance is a barrier, I hope you have a blissful birthday with me on your mind. Happy birthday, honey.”

29. “There’s no way in the world I’d miss your birthday, I an invaded with the thought of you on every minute before today, because you’re the light inside of me. Happy birthday, my Love.”

30. “You’re all I want and will ever need, I guess it’s because of the way you fill my mind, the way you control my senses. Happy birthday to you, my Love.”

31. “Your smile, the best gift I’ve ever had, and a miracle to many, today, I hope this birthday brings you unforgettable smiles. Have a fun-filled birthday, my precious.”

32. “I don’t know how to describe how much you mean to me, you’re my favourite person in the entire world, do have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart.”

33. “To the one who fills my heart with love and makes my times full of happy memories, may this special day bring you better days ahead. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.”

34. “Even if I win the jackpot, or found the most valuable treasure, they can’t be compared to what I have in you, my wish for you today, have a beautiful birthday, my Love.”

35. “The older the wine, the sweeter it is, the older you are, the more lovely, and warmly you become, I wish you more happiness on this special day, happy birthday, honey.”

36. “Time changes a lot of things, like your growth and beauty but time won’t change the love I have got for you, do enjoy your birthday, honey.”

37. “Every day with you is already special but today, is a super special day, because on this special day, years ago, you started existing, happy birthday to you, my Love.”

38. “I’ve come to realize in different ways how every moment is precious, but what I fail to realize is that you make every single second feel precious, happy birthday, my precious.”

39. “For every minute you have made me smile, and for every day you’ve had to fix people’s lives, you create magic and that’s the significance of life. Happy birthday, my Love.”

40. “I could do without money in my account for sometimes, but living without you in my life, it’s not what I want to do, because you’re like the air to me, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

41. “It’s another beautiful year ahead of you, we don’t know where it would lead but be rest assured that I’d be with you every step along the way. Happy birthday to you, my angel.”

42. “Time runs ahead of us and the years flies by, it’s another year to celebrate your existence, I wish you happy moments, beautiful memories and a lovely birthday.”

43. “Goodbye to the past years but not the memories of it, it’s a new year to create many more memories of you and me, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

44. “To an amazing woman whose love never blind but gives light and clearer picture into the future, happy birthday to you, my Love.”

45. “I can’t let this chance pass me by, to celebrate the importance of the love you’ve shown me, and to celebrate how much of a blessing you are to the entire world. Happy birthday, darling.”

46. “I won’t be surprised if on the day you were born, the sky splattered its tears on the planet, you are special like that and today, I wish you a beautiful birthday, my precious.”

47. “Every birthday is an accumulation of memories for the history you’re going to make, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with sweet moments. Happy birthday, my love.”

48. “What’s love if you’re not here? I guess that’s where I’m blessed, cause I have you to share my love with, and on this day, I celebrate you. Happy birthday to you, my love.”

49. “Why stay indoors, on this special day of yours, get yourself ready and let’s paint the city the colour of you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

50. “To the one, whom without my life would be just black and white, but add colour to my life in beautiful ways, I hope you have the best birthday celebration, my love.”

51. “We’re defined by how we live our lives and spend our time, to another beautiful and successful life, happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.”

52. “I no longer have control over my thoughts, as they only one that has reigned over my thoughts is you, today again, my thoughts are with you, happy birthday to you, honey.”

53. “Because you deserve happiness, and because your happiness matters to me, today I’m wishing you all the happiness life has to offer, happy birthday, my darling.”

54. “Let the world stand still today, let the sun colour the sea with its golden ray cause today, is for celebration and the celebration is all about you. Happy birthday, my love.”

55. “Should in case I become insomniac, which is bound to happen somehow, know that the thought of this special day of yours has had me in a delirious state, Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.”

56. “Though you have lots of friends and loved ones today, I’ll be the only one around you because I want to be selfish with you while I celebrate your day. Happy birthday, my love.”

57. “It’s time to focus on your mistakes, learn from your failures and forge ahead to make this new beautiful year of yours count in a special way, happy birthday, my dear.”

58. “Since we met, you’ve been a strong force that motivates me to love more, smile more and be happy more and that’s why my mind never stops thinking of you, even today. Happy birthday, my love.”

59. “Falling in love wasn’t that hard, staying in it is, but with you, love is too easy and thinking of you is an addiction and that’s why today, I’ll wish you lovey days ahead, happy birthday, heartbeat.”

60. “You’re like the sun to me, because whenever you’re around me, even in my darkness, you bring light into my life and I pray today for brightness in your life as you celebrate, happy birthday, my love.”

61. “Every year has its dark days, this year, I promise to be both sun and moon, to brighten each dark days that may come up, have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart.”

62. “There’s always one or two stories to tell, today being your birthday, let me tell a story of how lovely you are and the happiness you bring to life, happy birthday, angel.”

63. “I don’t care about tomorrow, I only care about this moment, about this day, cause today is a wonderful day to celebrate you, happy birthday, honey.”

64. “They say you shouldn’t let people tell you who you are, but I think people know you better than you yourself, that’s why I say you’re beautiful, lovely, cute, amazing and I can go on and on, happy birthday to you, my love.”

65. “I thought addiction only damage and jeopardize someone, but being addicted to you has brought more happiness to my mind and life, have a sweet birthday, sweetheart.”

66. “Miracles do happen in different ways, like me falling in love with you, and you loving me in such an amazing way, hope your new year brings more bliss to you. Happy birthday, my love.”

67. “Today, I have decided to cook you a meal, to celebrate you, and afterwards, dance with you to your favourite song because today, is your special day. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.”

68. “To my favourite person, the one I can’t do without thinking about on a daily basis, I celebrate you specially and I wish you a lot of fun and bliss, happy birthday, honey.”

69. “If I could have my way today, I’d like to whisk you away, in my loving arms and create a lasting memory of us that you’ll keep in the special part of your mind for years to come. Happy birthday, my love.”

70. “Today, I celebrate the special one that’s first in my thoughts and first in my heart, happy birthday to you, sweetheart.”

71. “You’d been on my mind all night, that it became so hard for me to get enough sleep, then I realise it, today is too special to be forgotten. Happy birthday to you, my love.”

72. “Being alive, to celebrate with the most amazing soul in my life, in such a time as this, I think is a miracle, happy birthday, heartbeat.”

73. “A minute won’t do, an hour can’t be enough, to celebrate another lovely year of your life, let’s just manage the whole day because you’re special like that, happy birthday, my special one.”

74. “I’m reminded of how we met, of your smile and the warmness it gives to my heart, I won’t only celebrate your birthday, I’ll also celebrate how blessed I am to have you have a bliss birthday, sunshine.”

75. “Today, you earn another level of life, whatever comes out of this level, I promise to be there waiting for you. Have an amazing year, my love.”

76. “If I have a voice to sing today, I’ll pour out my emotions into the song, if I have words to speak, I’d pen my passion on every page, to express how much you mean to me, happy birthday, angel.”

77. “Age isn’t just a number, it’s the accumulation of our love, time and memories together, enjoy the rest of the year and have a wonderful birthday, my love.”

78. “Today marks the number of years that you’ve been blessing the world with your beauty, your kindness and your care. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

79. “As you count your years today, count all of your blessings and your memories, and get ready to have more blessed moments, happy birthday, my love.”

80. “On this very special day, my thoughts are all about you and within this text is my warm wishes, I hope your birthday brings you what your heart desires, happy birthday, heartbeat.”

81. “It’s your birthday, wear your beautiful smile, and let’s celebrate every minute of your life, I hope you have an awesome experience, happy birthday, my darling.”

82. “I am grateful for the days and nights that is set ahead of us, cause I know I’ll have more time to enjoy your smile and share in your happiness, happy birthday to you, honey.”

83. “You’re starting a new year in your life today, I hope you’re ready for many more wonderful memories that are yet to come, have an amazing celebration, my angel.”

84. “Let every candle on your cake represent a shooting star while you make your wish, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, enjoy your day, sweetheart.”

85. “To an amazing and beautiful soul, I hope your birthday brings you beautiful moments, happy birthday, my love.”

86. “It’s been a long time coming, it’s another day in your life to count your rainbows over your thunders, be grateful and have a fun-filled birthday, honey.”

87. “Today, I want you to keep it at the back of your mind, that the past can’t be changed, so focus on the days ahead and let’s celebrate today, happy birthday, my love.”

88. “With a positive thought comes a positive attitude and a positive attitude brings happiness, be positive today and have a wonderful birthday, honey.”

89. “Because you’ve always been a kindhearted person, and today is all about you, spread that your contagious smile and be happy, happy birthday to you, my love.”

90. “From within my mind, and the passion from my heart comes a blissful wish for you, have yourself the most blissful birthday ever, and enjoy every second of it, happy birthday, darling.”

91. “It’s been 12months filled with moments of sharing laughter, kindness and a whole lot of love, let’s celebrate the life of you, have a beautiful birthday, sweetheart.”

92. “You live, and love, you are giving out so much care and happiness, it’s what you’re born to do, but this new year, I hope you’ll live for you too, have a great birthday.”

93. “Because you’re unique and amazing and I cherish every moment spent in your company, my wish is that you have a wonderful birthday, my love.”

94. “This day is precious, as it is an accumulation of all the times and years of your growth in wisdom, beauty and love, happy birthday, my heartbeat.”

95. “To the fairest and precious being, who is always ready to give anything precious, I wish you the best birthday for making me see another view of life, happy birthday, angel.”

96. “Happy birthday to the one who’s succeeded in making a beautiful sanctum in my heart, enjoy and savour every single moment, my love.”

97. “I pray for you today, that you’ll never be cold, you’ll never lack warmness, and our love will always grow with each passing time, happy birthday to you, my love.”

98. “I bless the day you were born in my heart and today, I celebrate you for filling the vacuum in my heart, I hope to see you around for many more years, happy birthday, my sweetie.”

99. “Maybe I’m miles away from home, or I’m nearby, you’ll always be my top priority, have a fun-filled day and beautiful night as you celebrate today, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

100. “Through the years, you’ve earned a lot of love and respect, with a beautiful scar, I hope you’ll have a beautiful celebration, happy birthday, my love.”

101. “For every smile, you’ve put on my face for 24 hours in every day, for all the love in every seven days of the week and the care in 365 days of every year, I wish you happy birthday, my love.”

102. “My wish for you in this your special day is for you to enjoy every time in these days and years you’ve been given, cherish and have fun, happy birthday, my heartbeat.”

103. “This time, don’t spend it worrying or doubting, just let yourself go and savour the best of the moments inside of it, have a wonderful birthday, my dear.”

104. “There are days I never want to go away quickly, today is one of such days, I just want to pause the time and celebrate with you all day, happy birthday to you, my angel.”

105. “This day is a day set aside especially for you, to reminisce and merry go round with friends cheering you and me loving you, happy birthday, my cute one.”

106. “If only I can have access to all the years you’ve existed, I’ll go back in time and make all your memories into an album and play it every year, have a blast today, honey.”

107. “Every minute of your life, you’ve spent helping and caring, time waits for no one, as the years roll by, I want you to enjoy yourself and live, happy birthday, my love.”

108. “I pray this message is what you see first when you wake up, think about everything life has given you, love, happiness, precious relationship and show gratitude. “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

109. “Happy birthday to you, my love, today is worth celebrating, because you deserve to be celebrated for being selfless and lovely.”

110. “You are amazing and you are precious to me, you’ve made me into the most amazing soul with just your sweet smile, happy birthday to you, honey.”

111. “I have come to realise that of all the precious gift life could offer, you are the most precious of them all, I hope you have yourself a precious birthday, angel.”

112. “We are born with imperfection, that’s why no one is perfect, but even with your flaws, you’re still a rare jewel I’d like to share every second with, happy birthday, my heartbeat.”

113. “Today is a special day, I pray that God grant every request made concerning you today, have an amazing celebration, happy birthday, honey.”

114. “Because life is too precious and beautiful, that’s why it offers us a day to celebrate you, because you’re precious like that too, happy birthday, my precious.”

115. “To the most amazing person, who made every of my darkest hour bright as day, happy birthday, my love.”

116. “You are worth being cherished and treasured, that’s why this day and every moment inside it should be treasured too, happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.”

117. “I hope you’ve shine and get ready your dancing shoes cause today, you’ll be dancing a whole lot, have a wonderful birthday, sweetie.”

118. “Years after years, you light up the world with your beauty and smile, therefore, I want to be around you while you’re being celebrated, happy birthday, my love.”

119. “Life is made up of time, time is what build love, love is what brought us together, together we will celebrate you today, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

120. “You don’t need too much to be happy, little things are what make life worth living, like holding hands with you while walking under a starry sky tonight, have a bliss birthday, my precious.”

121. “Be happy for this day, for it is on this day years ago that you came into this world, enjoy this day and have a merry birthday, my love.”

122. “I want to spend this special day with you cause I am happiest when I’m right next to you. Happy birthday to you, my heartbeat.”

123. “Because you turn every moment of sadness into a marvellous one, not just for me but for everyone around you, you deserve all the happiness, happy birthday, my love.”

124. “Today, nothing else matters, not the food, not the wine, not the cake nor the cheese but you, shine your smile because it’s all about you today. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

125. “My love for you is not ordinary, you are the first person I think about, the first thought on my mind today because it’s your day, happy birthday to you, my love.”

126. “Every journey begins with a step, from your baby steps to the beautiful strides, you’ve come a long way, have a sweet birthday, sweetheart.”

127. “Each stage of life teaches us different lessons, through love, family, work, this new stage, learn more while I love you more too, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

128. “Love is the most precious gift in life, but you are the most precious gift, love has offered me, have a wonderful and lovely birthday, my angel.”

129. “Today, don’t bother counting your years, it would make you feel older, just count the blessings and benefits over the years, happy birthday, my love.”

130. “This day, is for you especially, live it freely and happily, enjoy the cheers and smile with friends, happy birthday to you, Angel.”

131. “You’re not only special today because your birthday falls on this day, you’re special yesterday, today and you’ll always be special, happy birthday, my sunshine.”

132. “I don’t have any gift for you today, just me, myself and I, I’ll be your gift today, happy birthday, my love.”

133. “My wish for you today is that you’ll only know the happiness that comes with each year, and the love that comes with each time, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

134. “I can’t love you less, cause every story in my heart is written for you and about you, hope you have a beautiful birthday, my queen.”

135. “Not a day goes by without your thought travelling my mind, and on this special day of yours, there’s no exception, have a lovely birthday, my love.”

136. “Honey, as you celebrate this special day, I pray God continually light up your life even as you blow out the candles on your cake, have a pleasant birthday.”

137. “A pleasant birthday should start with gratitude, before other activities, that’s how your day should start as we’ll be celebrating you today, happy birthday, sweetie.”

138. “In you, I have more than a friend, miss than a partner but a soul mate who makes me think of love, happy birthday to you, my love.”

139. “To the one who found me with love, who fills my heart with bliss and joy, today is special and it’s all about you, cheers to our future together, happy birthday, Angel.”

140. “Baby steps can become giant strides, you’re a testimony to that, you’re all grown with so many potentials on the inside, happy birthday to you, darling.”

141. “I don’t have words to describe you, you’re just rare, lovable and pure, today must be especially celebrated cause you own this day, happy birthday, sunshine.”

142. “It’s your season, remember time waits for no one, so take all the time you need and savour this moment, happy birthday, darling.”

143. “For this day, I had to wake up all night long to think of how to surprise you, instead your thoughts kept on surprising me with flood of happy memories, happy birthday, my heartbeat.”

144. “I hope the sunshine will beckon on you today, just so you can enjoy a good quality of ray from the sun, allow nature celebrate you, wishing you a day filled with fun and delight, happy birthday, sweetheart.”

145. “Birthdays are special days set apart to remind us of how to enjoy a good quality of life in years to come, I hope you’ll have massive fun today, honey.”

146. “I hope your smile will be here till your old age cause it sure gives hope to many, has a beautiful birthday moment, my love.”

147. “Positive and negative things shape our life, sometimes we don’t have control over what happens to us, my wish is that you come in contact with more positives than negatives, happy birthday, my dear.”

148. “Today is here to take you further away from the past, from this moment, let every of your time be intentional, live life with more colour, happy birthday, my sunshine.”

149. “You can’t be bring back all the past years but today is a gift to relive the best of your days, start from this moment and create a beautiful day, happy birthday, my love.”

150. “The true value of life is in the way we spend our days and how we enjoy the time, today is your day, have a happy and healthy birthday, sweetie.”

151. “Because time is an illusion, seize each time of this day and the day after and every other day and enjoy every moment, have a pleasant birthday today, my love.”

152. “Cherish every year that comes your way my most importantly, relish every memory that comes within it, have a delightful birthday, Angel.”

153. “It is important that from this day, you take things one step at a time, for this day is yours, do what you’re wired to do, smile and live happily, have a happy birthday, my love.”

154. “This day is too special, why waste this precious day in bed when you are supposed to get up bright and early, let’s celebrate, happy birthday, Baby.”

155. “Don’t count your years by time, count it by memories made, by faces that smile as a result of your kindness, happy birthday, honey.”

156. “This day truly is special, even my calendar has been dancing to the breeze, informing me it’s your birthday, hope you have massive fun, happy birthday, my dear.”

157. “The most precious element of human existence is time, it’s this time that becomes years, for all the time you’ve existed, even in my life, I say happy birthday to you, my Love.”

158. “Let this new year breath new air into your life, to every of your endeavour, your relationship, and by extension to my life, happy birthday, my sweetheart.”

159. “The best thing that can happen to someone, besides love, is to find someone who is always there for them, and share that love with, have a lovely birthday today, my Sweetie.”

160. “Today, I’m going to be leeching on you, everywhere you turn, you’ll see me around you like a beat to the heart, have a beautiful birthday, my Heartbeat.”

161. “There’s beauty in everything that happens to us, in all that we go through, there’s always something to be thankful for, I’m thankful for your life today, happy birthday, my Love.”

162. “Growth is beautiful and there is fun in change, as the new year start for you today, I hope you have fun while growing and changing into a new you, happy birthday, Angel.”

163. “As you grow over the years, your life has been a ripple effect on other people, causing happiness, I pray that happiness extends to you as you celebrate today, happy birthday, my dear.”

164. “My wish today is very short and precise, I pray this day bring sweet smiles to your face and bliss moments into us, happy birthday,

165. “This is a new beginning for you, a new moment, a new season, to do more of living than just exist, hope you have a joyful birthday, Darling.”

166. “Today isn’t just to celebrate your birthday, it’s a celebration day for all the miracles to sleep and wake up each day for many years, happy birthday, Beautiful.”

167. “It’s painful that I won’t be around to fulfil my promise I made to myself, to hug you till I’m feeling your heart beat against my chest as we celebrate you today, happy birthday, Sweetheart.”

168. “On this special day of yours, I hope that you live colourfully, love purely, and smile sincerely, have an amazing birthday today, Honey.”

169. “No gift can be enough to celebrate all the beauty you’ve added to my life, not even your birthday gift because you deserve the best and the best only, happy birthday to you, my Dear.”

170. “I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow, but I know what’s going on today, and I hope you’ll enjoy every bit of it, happy birthday, my Ange.”

171. “You are so special that I had to stay awake all night, to see this special day of your slide in, make sure you have an exciting and a special birthday.”

172. “You became a year older on this special day, and the more I think about you, the more I love to be with you because you are my one true love, happy birthday to you, Heartbeat.”

173. “Without love, life is meaningless, without you, love is useless, another life is added to yours today, I wish you love and a lovely birthday, my Sunshine.”

174. “You’ve had your fair share of experience, and you’re just getting started, cause we still have many years ahead of us to experience, happy birthday, my Love.”

175. “Every birthday comes with lovely benefits, you just wish for what you want and start enjoying your day already, happy birthday to you, Darling.”

176. “Though it’s your birthday I’m the happiest because I have the most wonderful person in my life, have a sweet birthday, my Love.”

177. “They say what you see is what you get, I hope I can open my eyes and just see you even though we’re far apart, happy birthday, Sweetheart.”

178. “Believe it or not, my wish is to take you higher in a private jet and have a private birthday dinner a thousand feet away from the ground, happy birthday, my Heartbeat.”

179. “I have decided to commit myself to you and my mind to your thought throughout today as you celebrate, have a happy birthday, Honey.”

180. “Life is for living, living is enjoyed when you’re happy, you’re happy when you’re around friends, today is your day, let’s celebrate you, happy birthday, Sweetie.”

181. “Your happiness is your responsibility, but it is also my responsibility to make you happy as well because you’re precious to me, have a blissful birthday, my Love.”

182. “No one is here to live forever but while we’re here, let’s celebrate every chance given to us, enjoy your birthday today, my dear.”

183. “Being alive is enough happiness, and having you in my life is more happiness, happy birthday, my Love.”

184. “I don’t want you to be too preoccupied today, cause it’s your special day, I want you to enjoy every moment and do have a great day, happy birthday, Love.”

185. “This moment is yours, it is for you alone, live it, celebrate and relish it, have fun on your birthday, my Love.”

186. “Gather beautiful memories, from every stage of life, and enjoy it in your head, as you celebrate your day, have a pleasant birthday, Honey.”

187. “Celebrating you today gives me a good mixed feeling, when I was a friend and now as a soul mate, I’m happy at the transition and I’m happy to celebrate you, happy birthday, Angel.”

188. “As today is your birthday celebration, I promise to be your number one fan on your way to illuminating the world with your kindness and love, happy birthday celebration, my Love.”

189. “For you to wake up and see the sun today, it’s a sign that your life is important, that should tell you that you’re precious to God and to me, happy birthday, Sweetie.”

190. “So many things are precious in life, likes first kiss, getting a job, celebrating birthdays, or telling the truth, that I love you and I will always, happy birthday, Sweetheart.”

191. “Why are wasting this moment being alone at home, put on your clothes, wear your makeup and let’s hit the road, to celebrate you, happy birthday, baby.”

192. “You might be a year older today, but still, you’re looking younger, you should keep having birthdays in order to look more younger, happy birthday to you, Honey.”

193. “What other gifts can be more precious than life itself, cherish this life you have, my Love. Happy birthday.”

194. “My wish for you today, is different from the rest, I wish happiness find you wherever you are, may your smile mend hearts and may you have a beautiful birthday, my Love.”

195. “For you are special and precious like that, may every of the moment be worth remembering for good, enjoy this moment and have the best birthday ever.”

196. “You are not perfect, you’re not close being perfect but all your imperfection is what made me love you, have a happy birthday, my dear.”

197. “You’re celebrating your day today, but you’re worth celebrating every day, that’s how precious you are, happy birthday, my Sunshine.”

198. “Honey, I wish you will wake up with a smile today, with lots of beautiful gifts and sweet memories to last a lifetime, happy birthday, Sweetheart.”

199. “You are going on another 12months journey, I wish you a smooth happy trip and many beautiful hours as we celebrate you today, happy birthday, my Love.”

200. “I’m trying to imagine your life in years to come, you’re the one who knows me in and out, you complete me and celebrating you is like me celebrating myself, this is wishing you a lovely and colourful birthday, Heartbeat.”

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