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Romantic Poems to Make Her Feel Special, Beautiful and Smile in 2023

So you want romantic Poems to Make her Feel Special, Love Poems to Make Her Feel Beautiful, Sweet Poems to Make Her Smile? Then you are in for a big treat.

Follow me on this page and you will get the best of poems for your lover – your girlfriend or your wife.

Heartfelt Poems to Make Her Feel Special

Here are heart touching love poems that will put a lovely smile on the face of your wife or girlfriend, that will bring out her true beauty. All you need to do is to send it to her.

In Her Eyes

In Her Eyes,
I saw what a thousand future holds,
In Her eyes,
There the sun rise,
In Her Eyes,
My day calls for joy,
Welcoming whatever it is its got to offer,

In Her Eyes,
Different leaves floating,
In Her Eyes,
All the goodies of the world lay,
In Her Eyes,
The sweetest design,
with non-competitive patterns,

In Her Eyes,
The moon beam delight,
In Her Eyes,
The sun sets and the Night appear,
In Her Eyes,
The feel of heaven on earth,

In Her Eyes,
Even the Oceans makes their wishes,
In Her Eyes,
Lies the desire of love,
In Her Eyes,
I see Angels,

In Her Eyes,
Lies each evening,
In Her Eyes,
Mysteries tinted,
In Her Eyes,
There my kinda shade of brown,

In Her Eyes,
I see the night seducing me,
In Her Eyes,
A sensual tone of groan and moans,
In Her Eyes,
The feel of her kiss on my lips,

In Her Eyes,
The grace to stare,
In Her Eyes,
My heart longs to share,
All this I see,
When I look in her eyes.

I love you.

Romantic Poems to Make Her Smile

Making your wife or girlfriend happy should be your number one priority as a man, for you to have a long and lasting relationship. Here are most romantic I love you poems you can send to her, in order to make her happy.

Don’t Stop Smiling

Smiling on the outside,
Crying on the inside,
Every day you ‎smile,
But it’s just a way to hide…
Your many hurts, obvious to me‎.

Laughing away the hurts… you are,‎
Wiping away the tears…you are,‎
Smiling in a way to ‎Forget all your fears,
I know‎.

I Want you Dancing till all the pains bleeds away,‎
I want you smiling until you can no longer cry,
I know you scream on your inside,
Craving for healing, ‎
You can soak in more, trust me,
I would be here even when the pains go away,
I love you‎,
Don’t stop smiling. ‎

Hold Your Head High

Don’t stop smiling,
Hide the tears swelling from the inside,
Please don’t let the world see the tears,
I had caused the pains because of my folly,
Don’t stop smiling,
I know you can’t pretend,
I have fought depression for so
I had it managed thus far,
I want to help you heal,
Don’t know what to do, but don’t let those tears drop,
You must keep smiling,
Hoping smiles would heal you,
Don’t stop smiling,
Hold up your head,
Hold it up high,
Don’t let sadness win,
Don’t let pain overtake you,
Keep on smiling.

Sweet Poems to Make Her Feel Beautiful

Here are the sweetest love poems that you will send to your wife or girlfriend that will make her happy with you forever.

Love’s Essence

Love is visible,
Love is detectable,
It’s a secret weapon,
Some use it naturally,
Some for their advantage,
Some for manipulation,
Some intoxicating the vulnerable,
There is nothing more powerful
Than its essence,
Today I stand to propose that I love you,
Not for all these but for being you.
I love you, beyond your smiles.

Everything About You

I love the way you smile,
Without pretence,
With no mask,
It’s just the simply you,
Looking at your eyes, those dark pools of mystery,
I see them as windows without curtains,
Because they are open and clear,
And if your eyes are the windows to your soul,
Then your mouth is its doorway, especially when we kiss,
And how I feel when I’m close to you is,
Easy, Natural, Real,
There’s no need for me to fake who am not,
I see you as a woman,
Who is; Comely, concerned, loving and alive,
Sometimes, you bring out the little girl in you,
Making me love you more,
Especially when you cry,
Today I love,
Tomorrow I would,
I love all that you are,
Keep being happy love.

Romantic Poems for Her Beauty

Do you need a sweet and romantic poem you can send to your wife or girlfriend to tell her how beautiful she is whenever she is smiling? Then this post is surely for you to use.

The Cravings of the Heart

It has the capability to engineer Uncontrollable reactions,
It chemically unbalance the mind,
The whole body functions for one goal,
Love is d goal,
I am the object of your affection,
Enticing my soul to dance to your song of choice,
My heart longs for you,
My soul for you,
My brain for intellectual thought,
While my skin craves for just a touch from you,
My lips for an opportunity to taste yours,
Oh that you would know how much I crave for you,
Love you with all my being.

You Unending Smiles

I love the way you smile,
Your smiles warm up my room,
I love your beauty,
I love your style,
I love to hear your voice, especially when you sing,
I love the way you hug me,
I love the way you kiss me,
The passion in your lips,
The calmness in your body,
They fill my heart with joy and bliss,
I love to have you in my arms, now and forever.

I Love You Poems for Her

Make your girlfriend or wife happy on the sight of text messages containing poem from you to her. All you need to do to make it happen is the following romantic I love you poems for her from the heart.

The Power of Love

Never underestimate the power of love,
Nothing is greater,
Once two hearts becomes one,
Feelings becomes blind,
Then love’s journey begins,
With no games involved,
Passing each crooked part and making it straight,
That’s how much power our love carries,
I love you.

The Awaited Response

I love to hold you tight,
I love to listen to you breathe when you sleep,
I love you every moment,
I love you every time,
I loved you from the start,
I would love you to finish,
Won’t you be my Valentine?
And fill my open heart with love?
I can imagine you smiling already,
The purpose is really to get you to smile,
I love you.

Romantic I Miss You Poems for Her

Missing You Poems for Girlfriend or wife from the heart.

The Value In You

My life was complete,
But now it’s not,
I lost it all, because I fought,
Because I fought with the one that completes me,
Because I fought with the one that makes me feel alive,
Now I am dead,
More like a walking corpse,
Crying in my bed,
Like the idiot I already am,
Life is worthless, Without you,
Why should I try? When I have you,
It has only been three days,
That is all I need,
To get a last chance,
One last chance please,
Let’s turn it around, this time for good,
I want to make you happy,
Instead of screaming and making life crappy,
I’m sorry for what I have done,
This is coming from my heart,
I love you too much,
I can’t let you go,
I miss you.

Reality Check

So I wondered what my world would be like without you,
Reality dawned when I was almost losing you,
I am looking forward to the future,
Believing you’ll be with me,
Growing old together and being happy,
I am so sorry, for making you go through so much pain,
I believe this is the last time it will ever be rough,
I love you completely, with all of my heart,
I will love you forever, until death do us part,
I miss everything about you.

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