Good Night Love Poems for Her

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The night may be fragile to someone in love. It is a romantic moment where the heart thinks about people who care. If she happens to be a lover of words, then goodnight poems will go a long way of putting stability to her heart and helping her have a good rest in the night knowing fully well she is loved and cared for.

A gesture of such is appreciated with the heart as it makes you the last thought on her mind before sleep finds her. Every girl wants to be in a romantic relationship and words like this give an environment for such to happen. Here are 50 Sweet Good Night Love Poems to put her to sleep.

Sweet Goodnight Poems for Her

Romantic collection of Sweet Goodnight Poems for Her – Good night Love Poems to send to your sweet Girlfriend collection of Sweet Goodnight Poems for Her – Good night Love Poems to send to your sweet Girlfriend

1. Just like the Moon
Just like the moon is bright
You become what is of light.
You came to show me to love right
These are moments I will always write.

Just like the moon you rule with ease
Bringing me freedom, love and peace
And a heart with emotions that never cease.
I love how we love and also tease.

Just like the moon the white ruler and Queen
I will love you and be your King
I swear by the finger with the ring
My love has just my heart for you to sing.

2. When the Whole World Sleeps
During the dark time of the day
I know it is night for me to find alone
To think of the kisses of the day
To wish to be held by this time.
When the world sleeps
You come in my dreams
Always showing the deep part of your heart
Telling of love
Whispering of laughter.
I want our shadows to feel each other
Let their weight be felt like you’re here.
Come to me so we make magic happen
As I call you my girl
The light of my world.

3. A Million Smiles
I hear myself with the shelling of the night
Break into a million smile
Thinking and sinking into ocean thoughts
You as a life jacket, you as a thought.

Whenever the wind breaks on my roof
It brings your scent and kisses like rain
It blows whispers of your name as my sweetness
So I find a reason to live above the clouds

No matter what thick blackness covers my room
My heart is full of light for you
Showing me moons and stars of you.
Know in tonight’s, you will be the sun.

4. You are a Startled Star
I want to be your blanket
Covering the troubles from you
Touching your fears like the bed
Gossiping with the sheets
Echoes of your heart.
I want to be your light
Guiding you through the night
Telling you I exist to chase your fears away
To right your wrong turns
To open your heart and let the love into mine.
I want to be your sound
Whispering past your ears
Fixing words into your soul
Saying love, love, love.
I want to be your sweet night love.

5. When Night Finds Us
In the midst of all we sought
In love or sweetness.
I didn’t think twice about you
You became a wonderful story
That the night aches to tell
With sweet candles or fun
Love notes dispersed
I like the water that holds us tight
So we flow in this love
Emotions outpoured and fears found
We imperfect to live but flawlessly in love.
When night finds us
Let us be wrapped tight in each other’s arms.
Let us love willingly.

6. To the Glowing Moon
I have given my whispers to the wind
To wish you a good night with love.
I miss the beginning of today
When our lips talked with one another.

To the glowing moon
I see a reflection of your beauty
The soft teary eyes host your image
And wish my hands would touch you.

To the glowing moon
I say it how my heart prays for it
For your arms to envelope into mine.
For our hearts to beat and lie side by side.

7. This is not the End
We started with fresh mornings
Streaming through our lips
We touched forth our hearts
And laid our words with the sun.

We may have called today by its name
When goodbye found our ways
Know it is not the end
For my heart still beats for you.

Starlight hold these skies
But not my goodbyes, at least until rain comes.
So while the night covers this day
Know, this is not the end. I love you all night.

Good Night Love Poems for Her

Be the one that sparks up the romance in your relationship even at night with the help on the following romantic Good Night Love Poems for Girlfriend.

8. The Warmness of the Night
I have tried to express my feelings
In the waking of the day.
I have caressed your face in the heat of today,
Most times at night I feel the flutter of my heart.
I have always shone you how I feel
It is like how proud the moon sits for the skies
And the stars are in the splendour of my emotions
Tickling the skies
And showering light to those finding the dark.

I always made a beautiful decision
Of making a life with you,
No stutters find my heart
No matter the blackness of the night.
Just so this night
Know it is not different from what I have always said
I will love you in morning or night.
I will let your emotions show me the light.

9. Dusk
As the night skies keep the stars in sight
My soul has become with yours a romantic light
To think of you is a curtain in my mind
When on my mind is you I find.
To be with you is always a desire
So I love and feel as I try to retire.
The moon is just a phase to rid me your face
I know its radiance will heal this solace.
The easiness of this feeling makes me smile
And how I want this to last longer than a while.
This cool breeze brings thoughts so lovely
Knitted in my mind to look beautiful.
To this night that homes my silent night
Know that I want you to have a goodnight.

10. Reminiscent Nights
It is that time again
Where the cricket wakes to its morning
And the butterflies slowly disappear.
It is that time again
Where the clouds become same with darkness
And the waters warm with my love.
It is that time again
When my arms long for you
My lips are hungry to feed into yours
It is that time again
When my love grows deeper
To break boundaries
It is that time again
When my memories remember only you
When my thoughts are with a sun of you
It is that time again
When I say what I always say
But from the heart.
I love you, baby, even tonight.

11. How it is Sometimes
Whenever the night comes
My heart feels alone
The darkness engulfs me
My fingers itch to be held
My ears wish to hear you
My lips long for a taste of love.

How I feel sometimes
Is like a tickling of the cloud.
It exists in my heart.
Shall I describe what I do not understand?
Hardly will you touch love
But you are my love
So when the night comes, I feel same
I feel my heart missing drops of you
I grow thirsty.

12. Shine Bright like Stars
Those shimmering stars have nothing on you
Nothing can replicate your aura
Not the night can define your beauty.
This night only defines my loneliness
Like the radiance revolving the moon.
I pray morning knocks soon
So we see to break the silence of the night.
The cool morning breeze
The soft falling dew
The stream of sun
All these are reminders of you
Especially at night.
I love how we always love with no template
Like the moon does with the night.

13. A Growing Excitement
My journal holds stories of these feeling
Hallucinating my mind to deep love
I swim in the ocean of your timidity
To watch the moon, drown in oceans.
Your absence stir more unheard words
The wits cannot bring me to term with night
To understand the uprising in my heart
To dig in shallow tears that come real.
I want you to be here
Through the absence of the sun
And the presence of loneliness
Shake it off my blanket
And wrap myself in you.
In this night I have a story
And it begins like this
I love you baby
Good night my love.

14. Coming Closer
So in this world
Nothing comes closer to my heart
Like you o sweet angel.
You have a way with words around me
They stir me up at night
And put me to wake to dreams
I see you all night
Closer to my heart
Touching my dreams
And clouding my thoughts
My Sweet Nightingale.
I love every moment with you
Even to times where you are absent
Like night.
Come closer each night
Bring along with you your heart
Let me feel the rhythm
Let me dance to this love
As I wish you goodnight.

Short Goodnight Poems for Her

Make your lover long for your touches this night with the following Short Romantic Good Night Poems for Girlfriend from your Heart.

15. Home at Night
Where do I sleep if you’re not there?
The moon is high up in the sky
It is far from my reach
The stars are travelling across the sky
While I blow wishes that you should be close

Where do I sleep if you are far?
My night has begun to ache with sadness
The darkness becomes a misery
I wish my tears would not find alone.
If you do read these words my baby
Then know it is no good night without you.

16. Lights of You
The night brings the same message of emptiness
Like a bird not sleeping in its nest.
I wish for a touch at least for yours
Knowing my mind is yours to bore.

The night has a firefly of you
Flying through the sky and full.
You are like a fabric of the night
Breaking the darkness, bringing light.

Stars are a resemblance of your smile
Wearing halos of the moon to prove special.
On such a night with the warm weather.
I wish you a good night with songs of love.

17. Remember the Night
Remember the night of our love song
On the flat notes of our hearts.
It told the rhythm we felt from the inside
Touching the feet of our heart
Bringing nights to episodes of honey.
You are sweetness I long for
To taste every bit of you through all.

Remember the point of weakness
A climax through love and night
The music of the light stolen
Like how my heart belongs to you.
Bring into me the reason to always smile
To master your affection
And become the best of all emotion.

18. A Face of the Night
Here is my heart telling night tales
Of how I spend the whole day
Wishing it wouldn’t come to this
Endings and Darkness
Loneliness in an abyss.
Wrap me around your heart
Especially with the night.

You are such a glow
Reiterating on my mind
I remember the face
Especially when the moon pops in the sky.
It’s a beautiful cloud that brings rain
Rain of love.
In this night of misery
The part where I cry is
Where I miss you the most.

19. A Warm Goodnight
A call for your ears
To flicker for the words.
Lips searching rightly the whisper.
To bring in the moon outrightly.

I wish for your heart to hear
To leap for joy, love and a cheer.
Become flawless as the night
And you would hear piercing love.

A warm soul
Your very little faith of emotion
Hanging around the fire of the night
And making warm kisses in the flame.

Goodnight my Angel.

20. A Hard Night, A Soft Kiss
A peace of my heart
Is a love I found
One day in the woods of us
Where the day introduced the night.

We hid every day into our illusions
Loved and humped on emotions
Told kisses of candles and roses.
And then I spoke of you.

For tonight, I bring those words
The ones as ancient as my feeling
Nothing has changed about all of this.
I love you so much.

Romantic Good Night Poems for Her

Here is Sweet Romantic Good Night Poems for Girlfriend you can send to her from your heart disposition towards her.

21. A Big Goodnight
From the stables of my tiny little heart
I weave these words of sincerity
To guide you through the night
And shelter you from all that is not of my love.
I wish for moments like this with us
Under the blankets of what we define.
Love an everything nice

From the coven of my heart
I come with a big wish for tonight
That above the big blue dark skies
Decorated with stars like your eyes.
May your night carry fervent whispers from my lips
Sweet words that say goodnight honey.

22. Wet Evenings without You
Without you are like a horse with no saddle
I cannot find steady on a ride.
Without you are dark skies with no moon
No rhythm in the sad night
Without you is a wind blowing through the window
No destination, just a free land to wander.

These evenings get wet on my pillow
If I think of how far you are
Is a thousand reasons to wish nights never come.
My darling princess, wear your crown and come
Be in my life, come to my dreams
Let such night tales have you and me
Always together
Loving and caring and caring and loving.

23. Furry Nights of my Feelings
Pictures flipping through my mind
Revealing pixels, we spent daring together.
I still see them like it was yesterday
When we first met and dived into love.

Time with time built us caring
And when distance furry as night blows
You tell me you’re close by
Deep in my heart.

I will always wait for the night to come
So it throws me into a state of wanting
To touch and kiss you
To make wild love to you.

24. Smiling with the Stars
During the hours I wish for us
I pray it is not the night
For I would pluck every star in the sky
Searching for which holds your resemblance.

The pillows bear me witness
Every night tales with my tears
Never ceasing to wish and want to see my Angel
I love you like the closing of the evening.

Tonight I smile with the moon
Hoping my hands can touch the stars
To tickle me into dreams with you
During such a night, a very good night.

25. Roses
I like how we bloom, I and you
Especially with so much love.
Mornings of us
Nights for us.
We are roses
Entwined in love.
I love how you are
Flawed with beauty
Flawless to love.

Rose of my life
Grow with me
Let us bloom during the night
Nights in such a warmth of the wind
A subtle rain touching your petals
Giving you sensation to speak
To moan with me.
For tonight, blossom into dreamland.

26. In Darkness there is Love
When the darkness carries its worries
And sieves it through my window
Even when loneliness becomes a curtain
My heart will not stop smiling for you.

I heard tales of how the dark causes grief
Especially when words become scarce.
My love for you is always full like the moon
Only if you promise to hold me tight to your heart.

I say the darkness is full of love
How we play around and kiss.
I want it more often for love to show itself
So our goodnight will weigh more than words

27. Sweet Dreams
You will always glitter in my eye
You shall shine brighter than the sun in the sky.
Whenever I lay my head to say goodbye
You will remember that promise of you and me.

When night comes as such I know it’s good
Because in my bed I feel a happy mood.
I know for one my body is no wood
However, I feel I want to exude.

These words rhyme with words like you
The feelings you cause make know its true.
I love how I keep you and me as two
So we make a great cloud with pleasures so blue.

Cute Goodnight Poems for Her

Here are Cute Good Night Love Poems for Girlfriend from the Heart you have been searching for to send to your girlfriend to prove your love for her.

28. Close Your Eyes
While the night closes your eyes
Think of me and how I love you.
Let the passion of us keep burning true
So our rains will quench more days and bring nights.

As a star lays closely with the moon
We would consume our love not even soon.
To the day I met you, I think and also smile
Our hearts are together even when we go miles.

Lay closely near my beating heart
Open your thoughts let our lips so kiss
For all the evenings with splendor, we missed
Let us keep loving, not growing apart.

29. To You this Night
Good night to you my angel
Goodnight to you my love.
Let heavens hold tender your soul
Let peace bury you in its hole

Good night my beautiful
Goodnight Queen of my heart.
Let the night bring kind dreams
Let the whispers of love find you.

Good night the Red strawberry
Goodnight the little lady
Let dreams contain us both
Let us love unceasingly.

30. Forever we Love
Deep in time
Our souls have combined
Telling each the right words
Building blocks of love.
Right from a long time
I knew you stole my heart
Even when love echoes
Your name follows suite.
Night has come
Yet nothing of us has changed
I know this will be forever
As we sink into ourselves.
Kiss me so sweetly
When your lips come across mine.
Let the cup of love overflow
Even deep into thick nights.

31. A Rose of the Night
Hello baby, let us shake our bottles
Let our wines taste sweeter with the night
I want a splendour of the night
poured a little to make you sweet.
Let the darkness be lighted with ways to your heart
I want to suck on your warmth
Let me open the door to your room
So we hug tight the shadows buried beneath.
I love you, baby.

32. Stars are not You
Not a Heavenly being can imitate you
not your smile
Or laughter
Not the shadows you have over my heart.
I want every night with you
Like how brightness loves the stars.
I remember when I described you to a morning
.Aand thought you only looked like the sun.
Here I am lost in your evenings
carrying happiness to my dreams.
As you sleep tonight
I want you to know you’re an evening cloud
giving me memories of sweet rain.
Goodnight baby, I love you every moment.

33. For Nights without You
I remember this feeling each day
Every night it’s a science without you.
I have not grown celibate of absence
which is a growing disease.
Shall tonight be always without you?
Please baby
Become a better evening
Come to me all night
envelope our heart
Let the beginning be us
Let the night be with us.

34. Remove my Cold Evening
Let out the shivers this evening
I want to hear out your pain.
I am reminded how loneliness tastes
Whenever this night knocks my bedroom.
I want the warmth of your neck
The alone of your arms.
Let our evenings not be sad tales babe.

Goodnight My love Poems

Romantic Good Night My Love Poems that will sweet your lover off her feet, if she is opportune to receive it. All you need to do is to send it to her without a doubt it’s performance because it has been tested and even trusted.

35. A Blast Missing You
When the comet does not come
I shall see you
When love becomes far
You will be close
If tonight be my last
Let it be with you
When tomorrow has a blanket
It will bear us
I will love you
Like a blast of lightning.
In tonight’s tale
You will still be a Queen.

36. Exhaust not the Night
My heart sinks into the darkness of the evening
Bringing the love we sowed from the beginning.
I love you and even more at night.

Let out the passion
Burn it through me too
Show forth your feelings
Like how stars glisten in the sky.

I always will not hide the cove of this love.
This night shall not end without us.
We will be the prayer of the evening.

37. Letting Night Grow
We will allow this night like the others
Passionately sucking through our lips.
Touching the ground of our emotions
So we stay rooted in this love.

Oh you, Queen of the night
I will not let you fade from my sight
as a morning and night hidden with the clouds.
These are the most beautiful of carved stones.

This night will grow into our stories
It will begin with evening tales of you
and dawn into the string of stars.
As my star I adore you. I love you with every dusk.

38. A String into the Night
My beautiful melody of the night
I want you every time
In the blinking stars
In the undying moon.

Baby, you are like a pathway into passion
Letting me into your sea to see
To swim and win your edges and flaws.
Let us love and unfold into more.

I want to be a kite in your dreams
Let me fly into your many secrets
So I become a glory you would adore.
A night you should enter.

39. Lazy Love Night
Have us sloth with passion
Slow into consummation
Picking each feeling outpoured
Let everything I know of love be shown
In you.

I know how I can drag a foot into the night
because you are my only light.
Scream into my night
let me feel you into the light.

I cannot skip you in my thoughts
I think of you when the bed finds me.
Night as such is beautiful only with you.

40. Goodnight is not the End
No words can say it better
Goodnight doesn’t taste that sour
You are a beautiful sweetness
I would lick into a morning.

Goodnight comes with not the end
Because my feelings are never dead.
I am yours, for now, and always
To tell of your innermost secrets.

Tonight my goodnight bears love
coated with the everything of love and happiness.
You are such a peaceful thought
and so more, I love you till the end.

Good Night Sweet Dreams Poems

Wish your girlfriend a sweet and pleasant night rest with sweet dreams with the following poems.

41. Scent Holding the Night
Each time of these lonely nights
I perceive your aura around my weakness
you dig in deep into the covers of strength
Making stress easily disappear.
You are a princess to my night
A crown of laughter
A rhythm of smile.
More of a sun in the night.
Keep being colours to my dark eyes.

42. Giggles of the Night
A pure feeling deeply found in my heart
Calling me into a sweet rendition with your thoughts.
Here I lay giggling about us
Thinking of the night under the tree
This same tree of love
Holing the essence for why we live.
I love you my angel, my sweetened star
Carry me into your dreams.

43. A Cloud of the Night
Rain on me your tears
Pour yourself in me.
Let me feel you when I sleep
Giving me memories of warmth
Touching in silence
Holding sweet loves
Love of us, love of me
Love within us growing and living.
How much I cherish you desire.

44. Chimes of the Night
Like memories, I lie in you
Scratching each colour of the rainbow
To give me such a night
Where your feelings and mine are entwined.
I cannot let the bells not chime absence
Let not loneliness long for such grounds
Especially where you have left your footprints
Marked as my heart.
I love you my princess
Who chimes like a bell of the night.
Let me hear you echo
And dig deep into my thoughts.

45. Guess what is Goodnight
Goodnight is a story of two lovers
Finding their path in the dusty path
The roads that lead to Joy.
I found that when we were strangers
The first time since I saw you
I saw my future glowing with such brilliance
You were golden like the sun
Even in nights like this,
you never lose your integrity
as long as you beat on my heart
My baby.

46. A Happy Night
I still remember the most beautiful night
Laced with stars like you
Shining in my skies to make me sleep
Like a baby to you beside me.
My love of hearts,
You showed up in my life like a moon
Outpouring a beauty beyond description.
Touch your heart and wish for me
So I lay thinking of a lovely night.
You’re a silent prayer
A wish of the stars I raise my head to
So you sleep in peace
And I in tender thoughts of you
Touch more my inner and let night
Be same as day
As my heart remains true till the end
For I love you loads.

47. Feelings of the Night
In my heart are feelings
like turbulent thunder in the sky
Roaring to announce a subtle rain
A rain of love.
Such a night like this holds such
Where you are a fine fabric
Woven to hold my flawed heart.
You are a calm wind
A sweet quencher of thirst
Especially that of love.
Love of us is in earnest and pure
Slow to evolve and revolve around what will be forever.
We will mate the skies like a night
and not change thoughts into such dark days.

48. A Wishful Night
Did you ever peep into my smile
to know what forth it holds?
You are a princess born with a crown
To rule my kingdom with your softness and warmth
Easing away pain like a flowing river
Taking my flaws and bedding them with love.
Did I ever feed you into my heart
So you see the moon crescent to shape for us to kiss?
Its tiny light will spark us up
Like how stars glisten with the sky.
Passion will burn and heal our scars
The night will be embedded with tales of our lovemaking.
As we make love wear a face of both of us
A face of a tender heart and a future with love.

49. Inside the Night
Sleep exists to ease your rest
So do you in my heart
It’s like a troubled wind
Looking for a room to sleep,
A falling rain
Pouring love into the ground
A flickering light
sold from the stars and bought with the moon.
Inside the night are emotions
Flying like the kite in the sky
Held by the owners of love and curves,
Inside the night I seek you
To take you to unimaginable places
So we arrive at dusk
And leave by dusk.
Inside the night
I miss you so much
I miss you even though this is goodnight.

50. Peaceful Sleep for Nights
Love is the only blanket for a night
Where missing you is a cold wind
And it blows across the field of my mind.
While I seek warmth with frost lips.

You are a sweet curse of loneliness
Bringing giggles to my not cracking heart
I want you to touch again my walls
So it stays erect to push any negative power.

The most precious jewel of the night is you
While you find clouds to rest your head.
Know that forever will hold stories about us
of how nights like this will be in peace.

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