Goodnight Love Poems for Him

2023 Most Touching Goodnight Love Poems for Him: Goodnight Boyfriend Poems

To a heart of the boyfriend are words that could connote how his girlfriend feels. Romance is most times described with words that become actions, and for a night which is the fragile part of the day, it has its own significance. Night brings a lot of inspiration and also brings relaxation to the mind.

Long good night poems are neatly written like foreplay to ease the words out of the heart and place them into the future that holds a relationship. The man always cherishes the words of his woman as he knows the sincerity that accompanies it. It carries some images to the mind to bring one into a fantasy land. Once the day has ended, night brings its blossoming romance so lovers go gently into it.

Below are long goodnight poems for him which will convince him of your love and bring you, even more, closer to one another.

Sweet Goodnight Poems for Him

Here are the most touch good night poems for boyfriend you can send to a lovely boyfriend of yours as the day is coming to an end.

1. My Need of You Tonight
I keep burning passionately inside
And wetting the covers of my heart
You are the reason for such feeling
Especially as the night has brought darkness.
Many thoughts exist and you are part of it.

My soul needs you here
To touch me with those strong hands
To protect me from cold
To whisper love into my ears
Let us be old in love
And be pure with the emotions
Especially in dark lonely nights
Where you are my King alone.
Good night.

2. No Random Nights
Not a single drop of night comes with a good sound
Except for the rhythm of my heart
The pain of waking to be alone.
I would wish so much for you
To see my smile at night
I want my eyes to fall in you
And my body breathe upon yours
Make me sweat for pleasure
In tonight’s arms
I give myself not as a random thought
But as the truest form of feeling
So your heart can hug tonight.
As my king and man
As the one always meant for me.

3. Forthwith the Night
A perfect song is one of us
How you lurked in my mind as a king
You owned my stage and my page
When my heart flips through its book.

Forth the night brings memories
Of you fondling softly – my body.
I cannot wait for night with such tales
So you become a river that eats my land.

Soul can be empty when loneliness knocks
I want you here, so I do not answer.
As the bearer of our future torch
I love you much tonight.

4. Some Stars Always Shine
Some stars are brighter at night
Some clouds are softer at night
Some darkness can elude light
Some night does not have light.

Some thoughts are always real
Some tears will pay no bill
I want you so I can heal
Only love has such a feel.

Some stars’ shine but you shine brighter
Some clouds are soft but not like your heart
Some darkness can steal but not like your heart
Some night may be long but only when I’m lonely.

5. A Crush of the Night
Tonight, I lay waiting for you
To come into my body
Into my heart let me not be lonely

You lay in my mind like a crush
One I would reminisce the night through
To use as a healing of cold.

A crush I have had on you
As we loved as man and woman.
Please come and let me taste your lips

My king and guarding angel
Let your wings shade me from those nights
So I and you sparkle like stars at night.

6. Guarding of the Night
The one guarding my love
Tonight we ride in ecstasy
Taking journeys to different pleasures.
Leaving me weakened to love alone.

Guardian of my beauty
The handsome flower by my door
Unpluck my inners
So I will feel light and humbled.

Love of the very beginning
This night was made for our lips
To talk and lead us down below
So we become a unit of itself-love.

7. A Night without Kisses
I do not pray a bad prayer
But tonight where do you hide your body?
I want your warmth to shelter my cold
And let me become an explosion of love.

A night without your kisses is not true
It leaves the sky absent to a moon.
Come in my shelter, teach me to love
So we spend a journey talking gibberish.

A wound of loneliness scars upon me
Leaving my heart to bleed and seek you
Come and cloth me, pour in your love
So we get drunk together and sing lullabies.

Good Night Love Poems for Him

Are you in need of romantic goodnight love poem you can use to show your lover you care for him? If yes, then you are in the right place.

8. Conqueror
My Knight, evermore true
Strong to the cause of my heart
A shield to hold my flaws
A body to guide my way

Tonight are songs of you
For every thought buried in my head
For the confusion, I feel being with you
As my butterfly, a dream come true

Light up my world
Show me what you are made of
Let the moon get jealous and wake up the sun.
I want you to be known as the King of my heart.

9. All of My Life
Yes! My love for you knows no boundaries
It can travel through time
Through the whispers of my night.
For I waited for you
All of my Life.

My dream come true
Is a Knight of love
He reads this with a smile
Covering his face
For all of my Life
I have waited for you

I waited with the sun
I waited with the winds
I waited with the stars
While tears made love to my pillows
I came along with love
And you found me.

10. Love of the Night Flows
Love does flow like words
It mutates on this page
But still, cannot hold all of my feelings.
No matter how I try to construct it
It doesn’t fit in just here.

Although, the night comes with a flavour
One that carries the charisma of love
So it showers it on you like rain in Harmattan
And leave you in awe, in the wonder of its showers.

You have swept me off my feet
With your unending love
Drowned me in the pool of everlasting gorgeousness
I love how you tell me you love me at night
It flows into my heart like an unguided river.

11. As Soft as the Night
Your thoughts come so softly
Touching the sky of my heart.
You are a fairy, a golden one

As soft as this night comes without you
I pray my sleep does find a haven.
I want your arms, my king and man.

Don’t hide into the morning
Take along my hands with you
Let us glow together in love.

12. Lead me into Warmth
Lead my heart to where yours breathe
So tonight I sleep in peace.
I know you are like moon
Bringing light to my night.

Lead my love into you
So we burn passionately
Letting the petals welcome such night
As we behold a time of our lives.

Lead my body into pleasures
In tonight tales of us
Let me unwind and bloom
And you will make me smile all through.

13. Raised with the Moon
Hours mature into a lost time
When I followed my heart to sing songs with you.
How you take high notes for my voice
When I lay alone, with you in me.

Minutes may pass to make lost time
When I miss you and pray you come close
I want for all of you with no loss
So when I lay it will be more memories.

Seconds away I thought about you
When the night came to visit me
I feared to open my heart
Till you patted it and stayed inside.

14. It will all be Yours
My heart belongs to you
In the wake and sleep of day
So long you do not carelessly play with it.
I will all be yours

My lips are for you
To whisper your name when I feel alone
To kiss your neck and deep below.
I am yours close to your heart.

My words still lie in the night
Breaking the wind that lays still.
Listen to what it says-familiar words
I love you, baby, even tonight.

Short Goodnight Poems for Him

Wish your boyfriend a sweet and pleasant night rest with sweet dreams with the following poems.

15. Breaking the Night
The night doesn’t like us comfortable
As we miss each other
It is like a cloud of thunder
When my dreams shiver.

Breaking night wakes the day
And brings you into my thoughts.
You are like a halo above my head
When my head rests the pillow.

I want you so much for my night
So I don’t get used to becoming alone.
Let the fun carry both of us
So we sing lullabies of love.

16. A Curtain of Dusk
Come close and enter my loneliness
Cover me and see my weakness.
I and you can make a love nest
Because our feelings will always come first.
Give me an evening of your smile
Be the crescent moon at night
Let us explode into tiny stars
While our emotions become the dark skies.
More like I want your now
So we sink in time and get lost.
Goodnight is never enough
Even with a kiss
I want open your curtains like your strong arms
So I come in.

17. Do not Neglect the Night
I hear the songs of the nightingale
And it reminds me of you.
How you don’t neglect the evening
For you know I’m your smile.

Do not neglect this night
The one without me by your side.
I want you to teach me what love is
By taking me on trips.

Let the wind bring me your aura
And whisper nice melody of you.
I miss you so much tonight
So you heal me of loneliness.

18. Bed
It holds the true thoughts I lie with
Every day, I sulk
Thinking of you
Missing those warm hugs, you give
Your strong arms and firm smile
I miss the curves of your chest
And my sensuous body misses you.

This bed has a memory of us
And it is something I always want
To be true and to exist
In the depth of this love
Your heart is my anchor.
Return please to my bed
My Knight.
I miss you.

19. Chiming thoughts of You
Like bells of Christmas
Echoing through my ears
Waking the merriment of joy
You come as though a gift

Thoughts of you
Are deep in my head ringing like bells
Waking each nerve of my body
So I become a witness to love.

I hear it every day
The bells of us
Ringing in the distance
Saying I love you so much.

20. Peace of the Night
My eyes may be heavy with sleep
But this has become my own words
A feeling I tried to never bury
It blossoms me into a flower
And it is you.

The night carries its peace
And so do thoughts of you
Relieving me of this absence.
I love you with an ease
And for tonight I wish you peace boyfriend.

21. Pitch of the Dark
Nice clouds of this air
Blows passed my very ear
Holding whispers from a loved one
Saying you are the loved one.

In the pith of this dark night
Your thoughts are never out of sight
I know that my heart is meant for you
Cause I was made only for you.

You come like a rainbow with beautiful colours
Oh how your touch makes me feel favoured
I want you in my bed tonight
So we kiss into the good night.

Romantic Good Night Poems for Him

The following are Touching romantic good night poem for boyfriend as he is about to sleep after a stressful day.

22. Hush Babe Hush
Hush my muscle man
Sleep in the quiet of my love.
Go gently into the night
Travel light with just my love
Let it carry you like wings
And take you into a dreamland
Where love overflows
With kisses coming from my heart.

Hush my darling angel
Let your halo dim its light
Rest in my waiting arms
So I sleep in peace.

23. A Poem for the Night
I hear the flapping of birds grow silent
With whispering crickets of love
My heart drums more vigorous
With steps your heart understand.

I hear the winds across the roof
Roaring pain of alone
Looking for the sun to report the moon
And say how it makes the sky looks new.

These words are clamouring for how I feel
To say you’re greatly missed
Your face I want, to touch and feel
To tell how much of my love.

24. Up without Light in my Sky
How can I ever explain the glow?
The thunder in my belly
Whenever your thoughts
The cloud above my mind.

I see you in the glimmering night of my dreams
Holding the veil holding my legs
Whenever you lift them high
I feel like a star in the sky.

You light up the dark places of my love
And make a world I didn’t see to exist.
For tonight I exult your presence with a kiss
As you lay beside me, so this night is bliss.

25. Flow in me
Like a river missing its bed
Flow in me baby
Like a wind missing its home
Flow in me
Like clouds pregnant with rain
Flow in me

Flow in me
Like butterflies hawking in my belly
Flow in me
Like blood surging through my veins
Flow in me
Like essence of love on such night
So I sleep in peace, knowing my heart is yours.

26. Fair Night
Comes the time when my heart shivers
For night has called on time
So I bury my head to sleep
Without seeing the one I love.

The night does not come so fair
When your body is not beside me
How have such become a pattern
Where loneliness is now a blanket

Envelop my thoughts
Hide them deep in your head
Let me always have what to remember
When these days become a little darker.

27. Colors through my Mind
A rainbow of us appeared in the sky
And whispered to my night
It told me the sun lived in my bed
And it looked just like you

It reminded me that love had a colour
But so does home and us
So does the feeling in my mind.
Colors that looked like you

And in tonight I lay blue
Wishing these colours will paint I and you
So we find our sky
So we love till we die.

28. A Wave of Good Night
A wave of goodnight is in my eyes
Like dying flames of a candle
For I won’t see you till the light comes
And such a wave of good night
Scares my mind to sleep.

A wave of good night comes with tears
And flickers off like fireflies
Resting for the day in cold on grass.
I miss you like so, don’t argue it

A wave of good night is a sour song
Lullabies of loneliness piercing my ears
My mind is unstable, watch the flame
As you say I love you, I want you more.

Cute Goodnight Poems for Him

The following are cute romantic good night poem for boyfriend as he is about to sleep after a stressful day.

29. A Night with Love Conceived
When our loved is viewed on a screen
It will tell night tales
Beginning from new beginnings and a kiss
And how I and you make moments of bliss.
Our night will be sweet icing
Like cake chewed with chocolate
It will be love on a cloud of feelings.
We will cuddle into tomorrows and make memories
Sinking and drowning in beautiful emotions.
A night conceived is you and love
Birthed into this tales written with our hearts.
Goodnight my Angel. May dreams carry your sweet soul.

30. A World with Night and Light
I laid in the bed thinking
Growing what thoughts make me smile
A whole new world
Of love and of hearts.
You have become light
Bright into the night
Giving me what I call sight
For you are all that is right.

A world of us makes it new
I and you soaked in love alone
In such nights, I think more of your body
And want to feel it even in my dreams.
Can you come closer baby?

Goodnight My love Poems

31. Over my thoughts in a box
I have laid here in the heat of the night
And waited for your fire to find the night
So it shows the flames of my heart
And how I feel about you

On the board of my feelings are sketches
Those that describe you and my flutters
I love you so much, you’re a moon
I want to explode into those tiny feelings

My thoughts hover across the sky
Because your thoughts are such a soft cloud
I will not regret this feeling I am sure
Whenever the night finds me so I sleep.

32. Spices of the Night
Shall I be in your face to say the truth?
Will you open your ears to listen?
I want your heart to hear my sobs
Because I love you so much, it’s too much to bear

You are like a spice for my cold night
A blanket to warm me in my dreams.
I want you close, so I can touch
So I can let my body have conversations.

I can relate with each nerve missing my sleep
The one holding my eyes to random thoughts
The thoughts sunk into the depth of my mind.
I love how tonight is about me and my man.

33. Backlight to the form of Love
I see the flickers like stars
Every day dialling my heart to sweet songs
Like rhythm of rain on water
You become a night tune with hymns.

If my heart claims light
It is not you or the moon.
The nightshades with darkness
But you become a subtle thought of light

I love the echo I feel with you deep down
Whenever you pop in my mind it’s a celebration
An earthquake that split-open my legs.
For tonight makes me feel like telling you to come in.

34. Flowers that bloom at Night
Death find the seed in the night
But you bloom in my heart
You grow like the moon grow into a full one
Leading the night into a splendour.

Flowers blooming at night is you
Always growing in the thick dark shade of us.
I and you in the night
Flowers entwined in love.

35. I Need to Know your Thoughts
Let them open before my eyes
To my heart, I want to feel it close and open
I want to know how much I mean to you
My dear Unicorn

I need to know what lines you ride on
The moods for the words that turn you on
So I leave you happy as you do me.
I want you all over me

I need your thoughts bare
I want to touch them when I sleep
So when a night comes like this
I will sleep with no thoughts in cobwebs.

36. Sadness is Dusk Away
The night seems to target me
For that is when I feel your absence.
It steals away my smile and leave me blank
Shrinking into loneliness like darkness.

I am scared of this dusk
Will dawn ever bring you like sun rays
I want you over me
Protecting my heart from leaping into the void

I want you close to me
Too far from a good night.
I want your body here
So we travel into tomorrow.

37. A Point of Love
Pains travel with the last light
Carried by the setting sun
When your lips bid farewell
I feel like a thousand struck arrows

I am laying helplessly in doubts
If you think of me like I do.
My love for you roars like thunder
Don’t ever doubt it even at night.

38. What I Offer in the Dark
What I offer in the dark can still the night
It can break the moon into a thousand stars
I offer what wine has not tasted
And only a powerful man can drink such.

You are worth everything new from earth
You are worth the definition of gentle
Gently take me into your soft arms
So I become a baby deep in your dreams.

39. Entering the Depth of Dark
I have seen dark nights carry sour taste
With blue moons and warm water
I have seen dark nights become so stale
For loneliness is a stench one has to remove.

Entering the dark needs me and you
It needs the touch and kiss of love.
I want your emotions filled in my brim
So I outpour into passions and seat in sleep.

40. Nerving of the Night
You have become a sweet poison of the night
One I want to take and dream of day
For you are sweet in all sense of the word
My king and soldier, the one for me.

I feel the nerves in me without you
It is like soundtracks echoing into eardrums
While the stars fall in our hearts.
I love you, my dear, I love what we are.

Good Night Sweet Dreams Poems

The following are Touching romantic good night poem for boyfriend to wish him sweet dreams from your deep within.

41. Rains of the Night
The rain pours with my tears
My thoughts flow with the stream
It wets the bed which I lie
I fancy how it accelerates and wipes my eye bags.

The rain carries thunder and lightning
Striking the night to be fearful.
While I think of you, tears visit
And sit beside me and my aching heart.

I miss you most especially in the rain
In this dark fearful night, I want you.
Reach out to me with songs of us
So we dance in the rain, for we’re in love.

42. Easy Songs for the Night
The heart has solo songs of hurt
For you are not close to shake with love.
I fear what dreams may find its eyes
While the night covers your space.

Dear Honey, please come sweet
Come into my ears, heart and make it quick
I want to hear that voice that says it all
I love you into the night and into more nights.

43. Cold of Loneliness
Please come, bring me warmth
Yes, you with the heart of the sun.
I want to smile endlessly
As you always make me inside out with joy.
This cold is much with loneliness
So I seek you my Sun
Come and make me whole with love
So I fall into sleep with dreams of us.

May the night bring showers of love
And ease my eyes to see you here.
May my arms open to hold you
So a good night is complete, with you.

44. The Sorrowful Night without Love
The Night becomes a tale of horror
Whenever you don’t warm my heart with kisses.
My love weighs more than gold
Whenever your thoughts shine like the sun.

Sometimes I pray to stay up to watch you
As you take turns in trying to sleep
So easy I want to slip into you
So I am filled with you, my lover.

45. Fortnight without You
Shall I stop to count
Like the stars in the sky?
Shall I beg to see
With the moon up high?

Do you miss me so
While these nights always come?
Will I see you soon
Like how this loneliness comes?

46. Love like Midnight Stars
That was how we grew in emotions
Loving each other to death.
I still know how you beat on my heart
Making me drive into craziness.

The night glitters with you on my mind
And makes me want to love you so full
How are you not here with me?
To bring these explosions to the brim.

47. Awake into the Night
Steady your heart
Race into this course
Look deep within
I still love you

Awake may steal your eyes
I want to be in your heart
Not as shadows but true
So I lay with you tonight

Humble the moon
So it finds my home
Call me like stars
And I will light your path

Follow my trail
Learn love’s way
Lead us into forever
Forever ever after.

48. Wide Awake
Wide laid my heart
Open to see its thoughts.
You come so easy
As soft as clouds in the sky.

Sleep eludes me in this dark
But you are always a sunshine.
As bright as stars
You are such a moon.

Wide awake I lay to wait
If your whispers would find me
So I sleep in peace
And have cosy thoughts of you.

49. Reaching Stars
I stretched my hands to reach you
As far as the stars
I stretched my hands for moon
So I drag it into my eyes

You are an evolving stream of shade
Covering the sky at night
To guide the way, it holds the light
That flickers up as stars.

Galaxies away I sought after you
So we become a present and a future.
Tonight I pray your face crack a smile
So I dose into dreams caring with you.

50. Good Night My Lover
Good night to the one close to me
Whose heart is solemn with love
The one who is like a cloud of beauty
Covering my pain to heal with smiles

Good night to the one as soft as rain
Who holds my heart in the most fragile ways
Scratching my emotions to be pure.
I wish you an entangled night with beautiful dreams.

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