Inspirational Love Messages

2023 Inspirational Love Messages for Him or Her

By now, you know that everyone needs some doses of inspiration from time to time. Yea, people sometimes need someone that can inspire them to do better at a point in life or another. And this time, one of this people happens to be your lover.

And to help your ministry of heartbeats, I have written enough inspirational love messages for him or her – Inspirational love messages you can send to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Inspirational Love Messages for Him – Boyfriend

When your boyfriend needs some inspirational love messages, the ones below are perfectly fit for him.

1. I long for your touch. I long for your voice. I long for your playfulness. I long for the excitement of having you. I’m here waiting. Please be back soon.

2. I have found the meaning of love. That is you. You are my dream come true. The reality I ever wanted.

3. Through life’s ups and downs, I brim of confidence knowing you are there with. You are my inspiration, my defendant, no one believes in me like you do.

4. I’m here for you, to stand by you and be with you, no matter the daunting stacks of challenges. We are stronger together, one for each other. My desire, my love, shield not your shades of hassles from me. For I’m here for you, to spur to your greatest potentials.

5. I love your words, they inspire me. I cherish your suave, it makes you a rare gem. Many may sound smooth with acts of kindness but none is like you. Your sincerity is one of a kind.

6. I can feel your presence here; I can feel your bold scent all around here. But you’re not here and all I want is you here. Having you transcend all of my desires.

7. Please call me, I want to hear you speak again; again and again. Please tell me to come over, I want to snug into your arms. If I can have you all day, it would be the best of my days.

8. You’ve shown me true love more than any before. You overlooked my faults and speak highly of me. You are of all men, my one and only; my true desire.

9. You help me heal when I’m hurt. You make me smile when I’m lost. You reach out for me every day. You are my motivation, my essence of life.

10. When I need someone to talk to, you listen. When I need a chest to cry on, you give me yours. Your eyes give me hope. Your arms comfort me.

11. I don’t want to be free from your web. I don’t want to let go of your grasp. With you, I feel peace so divine, I feel love so sublime.

12. I am enchanted by your suave and thrilled by your poise. You excite my subconscious mind.

13. It’s exciting to know that when I fall your pair of hands would be there to hold me lest I smash into the ground. And when I don’t see you, I can feel you by my side loving me like you always do.

14. You brought me healing by the resurrection of love in my heart. By your expressions of affections, care, loving kindnesses and selflessness, you made me love again.

15. In lack and in surplus, I will be by you, in sickness and in health I will stand by you. I will love you always no matter what life throws at you.

16. I will tell of your love to my friends and families. I will carry you like a banner above my head till my frenemies notice, till the whole world know I am in love with you.

17. Your eyes send thrilling shivers of passion down my spine, making me blush at your very sight. Your hands encapsulate my fragilities, making me cosy in your warm cuddle.

18. Loving you as removed every scar of hurts, jilts and betrayals from me. You have given me a new expression of love, a selfless version.

19. When life seems to make no sense and worrying takes the better of me, I know someone who can make me calm and give me hope; that’s you.

20. As twinkling stars line the sky so do thoughts of you line my heart. As the day bears light, so is my love for you.

21. I love you too much to watch you sober. I want you happy and will do all to make you smile.

22. You have nourished me with love and affection like an ever-flowing fountain whose source never dries. I desire nothing more than your love.

23. My life has become so beautiful since I let you in. Loving you is my best decision ever.

24. You are what keeps me going when life’s tough. You give me hope and show me love. I can’t imagine living without your love. You are all of me.

25. I’ve found a reason to live and loving you is that reason. I just can’t do it enough!

26. I love you just as you are. I love you for your uprightness and your flaws. I love you for who you are.

27. I’m pleased to be your queen and love you with all of me. Together we’ll reach for the stars.

28. I just want to celebrate you by blowing balloons inscribed with your name and watch them float in the air. From deep within my heart, I’ll scream and shout that I love you.

29. I just want you by me right now. Nothing elates me like knowing you love me. I love you and am yours now and forever.

30. I feel safe in your arms. I feel safe to have you keep my heart. I feel safe loving you.

31. There is none like you on this planet. You are a special kind, unique in your ways and dazzling with affection and astounding virtues. I love you, darling, to the moon and back.

32. It’s real but still seems like a dream. You’re the best guy I’ve ever known and having you makes me feel I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

33. I hear myself calling you even in my sleep. I’m overcome with your love. My greatest desire is you.

34. Living without you is like living in vain. I can’t imagine losing you. All I want is you.

35. Everywhere I go I will gladly sing medleys of how much I love you. I’m proud to tell the world you’re my man.

36. Through life’s tests and challenges, our love has stayed strong and grown stronger. I love you, dear, more than I ever did.

37. I’ve never felt this free. Loving you has brought me liberty than ever before.

38. You are my ecstasy. I’m addicted to you. Loving you is the best feeling ever.

39. How come gold came to me without mining? How come I met you with no stress? You are a treasure worthier than gold and priced than diamond.

40. I admire your sincerity, honesty and care. I sought for a gentleman and just when I thought it a farce, you showed up and lit me up.

41. Only one thing matters most to me and that’s loving you.

42. When my life was in an eclipse, you showed forth from behind the clouds and pulled me out to the light. You rescued me from the dark and made me smile again.

43. When I see the rainbow, I think of you. I remember how colourful you’ve made and your promise to always love me. I promise to love you too.

44. Every new dawn when I’m set to live again, it’s you that I feel all over my being. My desire for you is blowing hot and I want it so.

45. I can feel my heart burning hot for you. Wishing you can be here always with me. Every moment we spend apart is like a thousand years and every moment with you is like a sec.

46. If I trip or I fall, I know I won’t be alone. I know you will be there by my side to pull me up.

47. My whole life I give to you. You have shown me love and reason to trust you with my whole me.

48. Please have mercy on me. Don’t go far away and make me burn with desire. I love you baby and I want you close by.

49. I am stupefied by your love for me. Despite my many troubles, you still care and show me love. You are rare.

50. Of all superheroes, I know one outside fiction and that is you. You are my superhero. You came into my world and rescued me with your love.

Inspirational Love Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Here comes a cute collection of Inspirational love messages you can send to your girlfriend and get her inspired for real.

51. Your beauty exceeds the rising sun and the compendium of twinkling stars. I just can’t stop beholding you. You are an epitome of inestimable beauty.

52. You have ravished my heart with whispers of your voice. Your voice soothes my heart and brings me joy.

53. Fresh fragrances are incomparable to your poise. Your scent enchants me; perfumes and colognes can’t even compare. Having you by my side is the best time of my day.

54. My love for you is stronger than diamond and weightier than bars of gold. You are an embodiment of golden treasures; you are my diamond, my love.

55. I still can’t believe I’ve got you. I still can’t believe I could be this lucky. Just when I thought I wouldn’t find love, you came through and lit me up.

56. Though you are a million miles away, my love for you will not wither away. Though your face, I do not see for a thousand days, I will always have you in my thoughts, till the day I’ll again see your beautiful face.

57. I have drunk from your cup of love and I’m stuck with you forever. I never want to be free from your love. Loving you is the best I have of life.

58. I love the way you hold me and relish your gorgeous smile. It melts all hurts in my heart and give me the joy I so desire.

59. I will love forever, every day and every moment. You are the apple of my eye, the treasure that makes me glad.

60. Hello, my dear. Where are you my beauty? Just want to let you know my day is incomplete without a thought of you.

61. I’m scrolling through our pictures, reliving moments we once shared. I’m sorry I took you for granted till you bade me goodbye. I never wanted to break your heart and never meant to make tears trickle down your cheeks. I’m sick in love with you cause I suddenly realize you’re is gone. Please let me back in, my darling. My love for you knows no end.

62. I will speak of my admiration for you everywhere I go. On mountaintops and on skyscrapers. I will tell everyone who cares to listen, that am in love with you.

63. As seas are to fishes and the sky to birds, so are you to me. You are where I want to be and with whom I want to be. You are my life; the reason I live.

64. I’m mesmerized by the amplitude of your intellect and swept into the ambience of your words. I’m proud of walking you down the streets under the envious eyes of your many admirers. I’m lucky fluky, am more than lucky to have you.

65. I need you, my love. I need you tonight. I want to feel your touch and breathe in your scent. You know my night is best when you’re with me. I wish this could be such a night.

66. I seek for your love cause it’s all I want. I ponder on your voice cause it’s all I want to hear. I reach for your touch cause it’s you I want to feel. You are a cumulus of my wellbeing. You are most important to me.

67. I saw a butterfly and it reminded me of how colourful you are and how pretty are your eyes. I thought of your adventures and that you’re industrious. I looked towards the heavens and thanked God for having you. I am blessed, truly blessed to have you.

68. I love you for who you are, Natural, Bold and Beautiful. There ain’t no one who suits me like you do. You are my perfect match.

69. You mean everything to my very existence. You are my daily breath and my daily thought. You mean the whole universe to me.

70. Everywhere I go, it’s you I see. I have been encapsulated by your love. You are the beauty nature has blessed me with.

71. Of all I’ve ever held, you are the most precious. Nothing thrills my heart like you do.

72. Moments keep changing and time keeps moving but my love for you is forever. It’s unchangeable and unmovable.

73. You’ve shown me the true meaning of being in love. You’ve blessed e with incomprehensible sweetness, a contractible smile and a heart full of kindness, all in one vessel; you, my love.

74. I’m sorry I waited this long to tell you these few words. I’m sorry I kept them close to my heart and made mere fantasies of them. You’ve lived in my heart for pretty long and here I am to say, “I love you ‘hon’”, I love you with all of me.

75. When I look into your eyes I see passion. When I look into your palms I see our future. I might not be a seer or a fortune teller but I know our ‘future together’ is brighter than the sun.

76. This morning I looked in the mirror and behold I saw a man, different from who I used to be. I realized it’s all courtesy of you; for you have made a better man of me. You now make me believe adults can change to be better. Loving you has been the best experience of life.

77. Like rainfall, you wet my heart with your love and nurture me with your affection. Like a fireplace, you cuddle me with your warmth and your unblemished allure. What I desire at each sunrise is to be with you.

78. Lexicographers can’t express the love I have for you. The most studious of professors can’t explain it in simple sentences. My heart screams out for you; overwhelmed by my love for you; submerged by my desires of you.

79. Hello dear, I just want to let you know that you mean the whole world to me.

80. You are my greatest desire in the universe; my most precious asset on this planet.

81. The taste of your love is sweeter than wine; who can get enough of it? Of all men traversing the universe, I have been found worthy of the bliss your love brings. I am of all men most blessed because I found you because you said yes and blessed me with the riches of your heart.

82. I have been smitten by your incredible love for me and I pray I do not recover from it.

83. Let me scoop from your platter of love, my dearest, and drink from your cup of romance, my sweetheart. For nothing satisfies me more.

84. I’m here and will always be for you. Tell me your worries, your fantasies and your dreams. Tell me everything because I care, because I love you and will always do.

85. My love for you is forever, to be together till life after.

86. I will love you till the end of time; till my years on this planet elapse and I see the world no more.

87. From the first time I saw you I knew I won’t be the same. I knew my life would bubble ‘cause I found you, my love.

88. You are my special one. No one can take your place in my heart.

89. Whatever it’d take to prove my love for you, I’d go the mile. I’d bear the pains till I know you’re mine. You’re what matters most to me. You are the love of my life.

90. Despite all we’ve been through, my love for you remains the same – firm, strong and never slacking.

91. I’m happy I found you. With you, I found purpose and found life in a definite direction.

92. I never knew I would find love with you, if I did I would have come earlier and my life would have been much happier.

93. Love in its mystery brought us together with a bond life storms can’t snap. I’m bound to you forever, loving you endlessly, nonstop.

94. Every day I hear your name whether or not you’re here with me. Your name is a melodious music that rings in my mind. I will sing of you and tell the world that I’ve been overwhelmed by your love and immersed in my affections for you.

95. My dark days are over. My emptiness is gone. Since I loved you, my life has been transformed.

96. Times and seasons may pass away but my love for you will never depreciate.

97. Let’s send all our troubles away to a place far away, that we might live in the liberty love has brought us, and be free like birds flying the skies.

98. With a belief for success, we can make it across the oceans. We can run up to the sky and set it as our home. Together nothing will be impossible for us to achieve.

99. My love, my darling, your happiness is all that matters to me. I want to make you happy and watch you smile always.

100. I will stand by you always and I will support your aspirations. I will watch you live your potentials to the fullness of your capacity.

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