Cute Texts Messages Him or Her 1

2023 Cute Texts Messages Him or Her

I had to watch the Titanic movie again today and the part where Jack drew a picture of Rose reminded me of how important it is to constantly express our love to our partner.

So, if you have that one person in your life that your world seems to revolve around and you can’t find the right words to express how you feel, below are 200 cute text messages to help you out.

 Cute Text Messages for Her

You don’t need to rack your brain anymore. These sweet and romantic words have been put together for you to freely use. Express your feelings to your girlfriend/wife with these “Cute Text Messages for Her”.

1. From afar I sight your beautiful smile,
my day it brightens, sparkling with a thousand stars.
You, my love, are my charming jewel, garbed in resplendence.

2. Every second that passes in your absence seems like an eternity, at times I wonder if this is love or obsession. Either way, I don’t care. I would desire this till eternity.

3. The span of your arms, the softness of your lips, the warmth of your embrace and the strength of your shoulders have helped me through challenging times better than best-selling inspirational books. You, my dear, are my motivation.

2023 Cute Texts Messages Him or Her 1

4. Your blue eyes winsome like pure gold,
Your full lips invite a princely sensation.
My heart is soaked with the splash of your affection
and forever I would remain a prisoner under your web of love.

5. You came out of the blues and made my life full like a flower in bloom,
at a point where I had no clue of my next step, you stepped in and became my miracle.
I love you to the moon, handsome.

6. our love is like raindrops on an arid land, you water my soul and cause my flowers to bud. I spring of wellness of the overflow of your affection. Forever with you is a goodbye kiss to dryness

7. The pride of my soul is in its ability to love you, my everyday contentment is decorous in the smile that creases your lips. Your glow of sunshine melts my heart now as always.

8. Bid me come, my love, and I will dance to the tune of our passionate desires, my feet swift in moves of a pro ballerina. I will watch you tilt your head backwards and laugh at my conventional steps that reflects how much of the best you bring out in me. Will you dance with me, my love?

9. I opened my heart to get to you, but when I did, you got to me first. I think I have fallen in love with you. Let me take the risk to hand you my heart hoping you would keep it safe for me.

10. Forgive my inadequacies, my love, our imperfections reveal how quite human we are. We will make it work one day at a time. Give me your hand, I will hold it tight.

11. Loving you is like a scent that comes with first rain, unique and rare, no one is ever anything and no one will ever be everything you are to me, love.

12. A million and one word isn’t enough to sing to the strings your love is strumming in my heart, love you now and always.

13. I cried out to God with my last shred of strength and swiftly you came, my angel in flesh. A beautiful whole I am made again because you came, my tender beauty in the nick of time.

14. I know of a bird, tender with its silvery voice. A sorcerer’s charm dwarfed by its mesmerizing charge. A pure flowing spring gushing from the fountain of love, sweet tender and strong all at once. You, my love, are these and more.

15. Every quarrel with you robs me of my sleep, my mind loses its peace like the leaves of a fig in a breeze. Be patient with me honey, I don’t want to lose you lest I become a martyr for love.

16. You must have been a constellation in your previous life because when you smile, your eyes are ignited in pure delight. You are a brightness sent to lighten up my world, you are my sunshine.

17. You, my dear, are the definition of all that is adorable and smart, the epitome of grace and loveliness, the embodiment of beauty and intelligence, a mirror image of elegance and effulgence. You are a spectacle, Thank God I met you.

18. Like a rose in a thorn bush, like petals amidst grasses so have you stood out amidst the crowd. You are a rare gem, unique and irreplaceable and that is why I love you.

19. ding–a–ling, ding–a–ling chimes the love bell, in my longing heart it sounds. Sweetly, sweetly lurch my heaving belly, in it dances the lovely butterflies in excitement because I have found you, my love, I have found you.

20. When you talk, I marvel at your astounding intellect. When you smile, your beauty amazes me and when you walk, you show an electrifying elegance. What a priceless treasure I have in my possession, am I not the luckiest man alive?

21. I had to have my sugar level tested today because you have filled my heart with so much sweetness. You are my inexhaustible source of joy and for that, I am forever grateful to God.

22. I thought peace was an abstract feeling till I met you, you have calmed me through storms and soothed me through tribulations. Now I know peace isn’t just a feeling, it can be human and you dear are my peace.

23. I want to sleep in your arms always as gently it conveys me to the land of love, a place I am Beset with dreams of pleasant delight and when I wake, my whole is smothered in a burst of sweetness.

24. To a special one whose smile has continually brightened my life and whose arms have carried me when weak, I say good morning and have a lovely day.

25. Who knew anything could be so adorable. From the way you curl your lips to your rhythmical breath which I find amusing. You are a special one and I am holding on to you forever.

26. Though the earthquake from night till daybreak, your love remains unfazed in my beating heart. Though the heavens shake in iron rage, I will hold on to you come what may.

27. How great a favour thou art bestowed on me that thou would choose me out of the mass of admirers. What a delight my life has been plunged since I caught the eyes of my angel in fleshy raiment.

28. It is ordinary to love awesome things. More awesome is your choice to love an ordinary person like me. Together we shall have moments that will always take our breath away.

29. Place your head on my heaving heart, listen quietly to its lovely tales. Hold me tight lest we grow apart for thou art an art of splendid design.

30. Today I awoke with a smile on my face, a dream I had of a future so bright. In it you appeared in a garment of white, your hands I held and our vows we said and forever you were mine as I became yours.

31. Soft and tender like a baby’s palm with tender beauty like the cherry blossom. Your heart of gold is second to none and your acts of love I proudly adore. I love you from now till forever.

32. As the apparel of a queen reeks of her majesty and the crown of a king speaks of his royalty. So have you continually reflected all that is good and honourable in me. I love you.

33. For long I trapped within me the heavy burden of love unshared but into the picture you appeared and blew away my doubt and fear. At your mercy, I now remain, my maiden of light and love.

34. Daily I offer up my praise for a gift that popped up on my way. At first glance, I knew you had come to stay and your space in my heart no one will ever take.

35. Today I make this promise to love you irrespective of what you do or say. No matter what happens or what the world throws at us, I will stand by you even when my limbs grow weary and my joints ache in strain.

36. It’s more than your face or your garment made of lace. It is more than your race or your societal space. It is more of a grace which marks your pace and the way you ace all that is placed on your way.

37. I hope you aren’t too tired because you were active in my mind all day. Get a very good rest my dear cause I can’t promise tomorrow will be different.

38. You are my pink lotus: the beauty in my murky waters, my heart delight; the pleasure in my weary nights. You are my first light at dawn: you brighten my day. You are my magical balm, the relief to my aching heart.

39. This must be what Adam felt when he chose to eat the fruit out of Eves’ palm, I am intoxicated by your love my dear and I wouldn’t mind damning the world for you too.

40. In gold your name is etched across the sky, all day it gleamed lightening up my world. Remembrance of you wipes my sorrows dry, forever you and I in one accord.

41. Your words are a melody, sweet, sonorous and comforting. Your gaze pierces every fibre of my soul. Every moment I spend with you is memorable and unforgettable. I love you, darling.

42. I see your weaknesses and I love you still, I see your flaws yet I am determined to hold you tight. Yes, you can be annoying sometimes but even that I find cute.

43. Few days have jogged by since my eyes captured you. like aeon that never ends, that passing moment shambles on in my memory. I think I have fallen in love with you.

44. It is not really about finding the perfect one but sticking to one whose imperfections you can accommodate. You compliment me in every way and that my dear is enough for me. I am sticking with you no matter what. Love you, honey.

45. Even when the stormy wind blows: in my heart, your love forever glows. From all directions comes the force: but worry not because, with you, I stand in course.

46. The golden morning bird whispers into my ears: your beautiful name it sonorously sings. The silvery raindrops splatter on my window pane: Your glittering face it gracefully forms. Your dazzling steps around the house echoes; The ambience of gaiety descends.

47. I am offering you the best of me right now, I promise to love you through the storms and light showers. To stand by you even when my strength fails. Walk with me, stand by me, watch me become the woman of your dreams.

48. I can’t pretend this isn’t all I have always prayed for, every passing day I am glad I made the choice to spend forever with you.

49. You are phenomenal my darling, the definition of all things bright and lovely. I would love to walk the starry night hand locked in yours, counting down into the future with you by my side. Every day has been a blessing since I met you.

50. Would you love to wake up next to me, to have my breath all up in your face? Would you love to dance with me even when the music fades? Life is a paradise and a war zone, but I promise you the former.

51. This feeling devours like a spell in perpetuity sealed. In rapture, my whole swells as your love drills down my bones. I am madly in love with you darling.

52. There is nothing not to like about you. Your flirtatious smile, mesmerizing laughter, naughty acts and humorous views. You are my dream come true.

53. when the hustle and bustle stress you, remember you’ve got me. When you feel spat and cheated at the hands of vile humans, remember you’ve got me. I will hold you up and hold you still. You can always count on me, my dear.

54. Your mouth is imbued with honey, tasting your lips transfigured me, with pleasures entwined my nerves, to this communion I wish no end.

55. I never believed in true love till you came my way, like the cleansing rain, you cleared my doubts and fear. I am willing to give love a chance again if you will be mine. Take my hands, my dear.

56. Play on my singing heart, this melody for my velvety star. In the canoe of love conveyed I to meet again my unblemished half. Will I always find you waiting, my dear?

57. With you by my side, I have attempted more than I ever thought possible. I have reached for the skies, spread my wings abroad, attempted new heights and searched new depths. You are my inspiration and I love you very much.

58. Your velvety skin glide over mine, in regal cascade this feeling descends and to the Shangri-La of sweetness conveyed you and I. Forever, we will remain together.

59. You have given me much more than I ever hoped to get out of life, love peace, laughter and happiness. God bless the day I met you.

60. Quickly, quickly go little dove, into the ears of my queen coo my whispers of love. Sing to her the joyful tidings; her comely finger shall soon wear my ring.

61. I was evaluating my continual existence in a world full of filth and stress but you came and became my consolation and now, I have a reason to live again.

62. I love the twinkle in your eyes, your rosy cheeks, the softness of your bosom and the way you sigh when tired. I love all about you my dear.

63. A queen she is, one pure in love and dignity. Her sacred self, encased in chastity, a deserving prince her crown is.

63. You are my love, my strength, weakness and the perfect portrait of loveliness. No word can accurately describe how much you mean to me, I love you all the way.

64. You make me feel like a boy on his very first date, the keys to my heart, body and all I have I have given unto you. Lots of love

65. Every day I pray to God to lengthen our days because every minute of the day you take my breath away and each day spent with you is a fulfilling day.

66. A world without you, I do not want to be part of because in your absence nothing makes sense.

67. Pray I darling give ears to my cries, a servant I shall be for life in your father’s house to dwell and serve you tea that your beauty can feed my eyes.

68. Every day with you is an adventure, there are always gems to recover from your wealth of knowledge, you fire me up like a dragon and keep me soaring in the sky. You are my knight.

69. In your idyllic heart I want to dwell, for you alone nothing more I care. Together greatly we would fare and happily ever after of us the world shall tell.

70. You are the best of who you are, don’t let any ignorant person put you down. More so, you are the strongest person I have ever met.

71. In angelic opulence she appears, her silken body perfect in her golden apparel. Her graceful limbs swing, commanding an aura of majesty.

72. I must have done so much good in my previous life hence I was handed a gift so divine., a present of inestimable worth. You, my dear, are my precious lagniappe.

73. For years I had waited for a fulfilling love, I hoped for the one to possess my being and thank God you finally came. My wait was not in vain.

74. My love, my love; outside your window I dwell, to the crest of the tide my ailing heart swells. In the infirmary, the physicians lost fruition for you alone bears the cure to all my afflictions.

75. My heart is drowning in the current of your love. Forget the life jacket, I am not planning on being rescued.

76. Like the stars leave their trail on the dark clouds, your love has carved its way into my narrow heart. Like the illumination of the sun in a stuffy noon, your light penetrates down the recesses of my mind.

77. You burn on my path like a flame, lightening up my way. Thanks dear for showing me the way.

78. Evermore the tender breeze blows so shall your love in my heart forever flows. Be it north, South, East, West I travel; you alone I have, no other, no next.

79. I have been injured and broken by love, I have had my self-esteem beaten into dust but with scepticism, I gave you a chance and that was the best decision I have ever made.

80. You have remoulded my definition of love, you have given the word a better meaning. Now I know love is beautiful, love is patient, love is sacrifice, love is comfort and love is “you”

81. Forgive me my dear for all the times I have taken your love for granted and ignored you when you reached out to me. I was ignorant and foolish then but now I am caught in the web of your patient love. Please give my love a chance.

82. Living for me, started the day I met you for your mesmerizing scent fills my lungs, sufficing for my breath of life.

83. Fresh spring of wellness: in my soul an abode it found. Love drops like melting ice, in my heart, a pool it, formed. Thanks for trusting me with your love.

84. since I met you, love spews in short spurts from my well-filled being, it speaks to the simple little things I do. I definitely have been touched by a goddess of love.

85. Of royalty she is made, her worthy life spews all testimonies. In truth, pure beauty innate transcends one acquired with money.

86. I watched the rain fall today and it reminded me of your love so pure it cured all doubts. I am not planning on leaving you now or in the nearest future.

87. Your love is like the smell of the watered fields, mild and soothing. I only pray it rains in my heart forever so my soul can be continually watered.

88. Like the pangs of hunger on a stressful day, your love has me tight in its clutches. I am not planning on breaking out now or in the nearest future. I love you, babe.

89. You are too wonderful to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. Give me a chance, let me take care of you.

90. never have I loved anyone the way I love you, never have I cared about anyone the way I care about you. I want to grow old with you baby.

91. You are my best and favourite friend, my confidant and counsellor. Thanks for the beautiful times we have spent together.

92. There is this feeling that has engulfed me since I met you. It feels like series of waves rippling through my belly in wild ecstasy flooding my heart with its refreshing waters. There is this happiness that grips me in rhapsodic unds. This must be love.

93. Death is no barrier to the love I have for you, I will love you from this world to the next.

94. Slide gently into my open arms and cover my face with your warm kisses for nothing feels better than your gentle caresses.

95. You are an amazing and wonderful person and I will do anything and everything to prove my undying love for you.

96.The oxygen in the air keeps me alive, food saves me from hunger and clothes protect me from the cold yet, I am not as grateful for all these as I am for meeting you.

97. It is strange how one person out of the billions in the world would matter more than any other. Even stranger is how nothing else makes sense if you are not present.

98. True love doesn’t find the easier way out when things are tough, it stays and fights to make things right. My love for you is true and no matter what happens, I am not letting you go.

99. There is a yearning in my belly for my lover’s touch, a flutter in my heart for my lover’s return. I miss you so much, dear.

100. Twinkle, twinkle little star, find your way to my lover’s place. Lighten up her sky, make it bright. Reflect my love in her tender heart.

 Cute Text Messages for Him

Express your feelings to your boyfriend/husband with these “Cute Text Messages for Him”.

1. Maybe I can’t catch a grenade for you but I certainly will wheel you off the danger zone. Don’t doubt my strength honey as nothing empowers better than love.

2. You are a brother, a best friend and a lover all at once. We have eaten together, walked and worked together, we have made so much memories together and every new day spent with you turns out memorable. I love you darling.

3. I saw your reflection in a saloon but when I went in you were not there. So I knew it was my mind playing tricks on me. That’s how much I think about you.

4. From the very first day we met, I knew you were going to be mine. Over time, we have formed an unbreakable bond. Nothing can ever pull us apart now.


5. You can be witty and naughty, stubborn at times but jovial. You spice up my life and ignite my heart. I can’t imagine being with any other.

6. My heart is your home, dwell therein. Its space I give to none but you, only you. So, live without a care for I will love no other but you.

7. Anytime I think of tomorrow, your face pops up and when I think of the nearest future, your image flashes before me. I can’t imagine living without you.

8. My feelings for you are well- grounded and strong, they would help us through countless storms and trials life throws at us. I know you feel the same way too and that has given me peace.

9. I thank God for my past because it led me to you. I thank him for my present because you are part of it and I know I have a bright future with you beside me.

10. You are the salt in my world, the river in my desert, the sparkle in my eyes and the gem on my crown. I love you.

11. The power in your movement, the strength in your arms, the warmth of your embrace: everything about you endears me to you, my dear.

12. When you touch me: my belly churns in warmth. When you look at me: my heart flutters in wild ecstasy and when you kiss me, my whole shudders in sweet raptures. I love you.

13. Tender but strong, frank but sweet, humble and smart, lovely and firm. No adjective can satisfactorily describe you my dear.

14. You are the reflection of romance, the definition of life and fun. Laughter should be your middle name as there is never a melancholic moment with you.

15. Together we have overcome challenges, leapt over hurdles, crushed barricades and withstood storms. We make a really good team you know, I never want to part with my teammate.

16. You are the perfect gentleman, courteous and kind. Like a hero in a Shakespearean novel, you exude so much dignity and class and I love you.

17. There is a certain influence you exert over me. Your approval matters a lot to me, I say more prayers for you than I do for myself and I look forward to being held by you at the end of my day. I care so much about you.

18. You are like the moon, the sun, the air, the Earth, the wind and the soft lilies. You represent all that is divine and majestic. I love you.

19. You inspire me to aspire for more, you push me to attain higher heights. I am 20 times the woman I was before I met you. Thanks dear for being an inspiration.

20. Thanks for always treating me like a queen, paying close attention to my needs and holding my hands when necessary. Thanks for being there always dear.

21. There is a certain originality about you. You are as free as you are real. Even your ridiculousness is amusing. You are amazing in your own way.

22. I sometimes wonder if you are human because of the level of commitment you put into all you do. I have never heard you grumble or complain, your strength is incredible.

23. You are crafty and can be naughty but all that makes you alluring. You are funny and playful too but that further adds to your charm. I love you.

24. You came at the nick of time, I was almost giving up on love but you came and down I was plunged into a well of sweet love. Now I know love is a beautiful thing.

25. I never thought I was capable of loving anyone as much as I love you. I can’t stop thinking about you. You are deeply ingrained in my heart.

26. You planted your love seeds in my beating heart and watered it with your undying care and attention. Now my heart is blossoming, blooming of love for you.

27. Every moment with you is worthwhile, you make me forget all my struggles and troubles. I am transcended to a world of comfort and relaxation. I want to be yours forever.

28. I am always dazzled by the spark in your eyes. Like the ancient gods, you fill me with a certain wonder. I am smitten by you, my dear.

29. You are as honourable as you are intelligent, you excel in all you do and handle everything brilliantly. You are the description of perfection and I love you.

30. You are not only physically matured but emotionally strong too. You treat me with utmost dignity and respect. You are one of a kind.

31. Stay with me let’s make it work, together let’s settle our differences so conflict doesn’t thrive. Let’s fight for this love, my dear.

32. I will treat you like the king that you are, be your queen and stand by you. I will keep your crown clean and polished, your sceptre shiny and upright. I will stand with you forever.

33. Come to my bosom my love, let me hold you tight. Lean on me my dear, let me massage your weary limbs. I will be there for you every time my dear.

34. You are my crown, you have made me a royalty. Like puzzle pieces, you fit me in all the right places. I love you more than you know.

35. I have been happier since I met you, full of confidence and joy. You have filled my life with peace and tranquillity. Thank God I met you.

36. You know having you is an achievement, knowing you are mine spurs me to reach for more in life. I love you

37. Your attitude is as gentle as your face, your arms as strong as your character. Every moment with you is unregretful and unforgettable. I love you.

38. You have given me a reason to smile, raise my head up and live every day without worries. You have made me a contented woman.

39. You are one of the kindest men out there, one of the sweetest and most extraordinary. Your type is rare and for that, I am keeping you forever.

40. The zeal with which you go about your daily tasks and the passion you put into all you do amazes me. You are a target driven man and I thank God you are mine.

41. There is something so appealing about you that makes you stand out amidst the crowd. There is a certain grace around you that makes you endearing and charming. I love you.

42. You know when to hold me when to listen and the right things to say. You complete me in every way possible and I love you.

43. The strength in your arms, the kindness of your words, the loveliness of your smile and the softness of your hair. I love everything about you.

44. You make me happy and content, you have filled my life with so much beauty and strength. I love you, dear.

46. You have held me when I was weak, whispered soothing words to my ears, you have wiped my tears on sad days and your arms have provided comfort. Thanks darling for your love and care.

47. When you look at me, I feel your gaze penetrate down my soul. You seem to know what I am thinking about even at odd times. Thanks for being my soulmate.

48. You are a handyman and every woman likes her man handy. I am lucky you are mine.

49. I don’t mind cooking your meals and picking out your clothes. I will take care of you as long as you stay with me. That’s how much I love you.

50. I am consumed by your love, entrapped and enchanted. I can’t imagine an existence without you.

51. You are an amazingly talented person, your abilities are beyond extraordinary. You are blessed and I am happy you are mine.

52. You are carefree and funny, your originality is applaudable and I love you.

53. If you were a cactus, I will embrace your spikes without blinking. If you were a leopard, I will lovingly massage your skin and if you are the devil himself, I will love you still.

54. I will love no other but you, have no other but you. There is only one “you” in this world and you are enough for me.

55. Your place is well established in my heart, live within its confines. I am never going to kick you out as my heart is yours forever.

56. No one has ever made me as happy as you do, no one has ever understood me as well as you do. In you, I have found satisfaction.

57. I am fascinated by the whiteness of your eyes, the mildness of your manners, the sincerity of your smile and the honesty of your feelings. I love you.

58. You have no rival, no opposition. No one can ever take your place or subdue your love in my heart.

59. Your exterior charms are as intriguing as what lies within your heart. Your heart is as tender and beautiful as your face.

60. I will openly show you how much you mean to me, tell whoever cares to listen how proud I am to be your woman.

61. If you were a sea, I will swim in you till the tide sweeps me away, if you were a tree, I will build my castle under your shade and if you were a mountain, I will carve a cave in you and lodge there forever. I love you.

62. Your elegance and sincerity warm my soul, your masculinity and courtliness is a thing of pride. I love you.

63. You know all there is to know about me and pay attention to even my faintest characteristics. You make me feel so important and valuable and I am blessed to have you in my life.

64. I will shower you with all the attention you deserve, give you all the attention you desire and treat you like the treasure you are. You can bank on that handsome.

65. You are quite a warrior you know as you have broken down my walls, tore down my defences and captured my heart. I am all yours now my love.

66. Your words are like honey on my tongue: sweet and pleasing. Your scent is like the smell of a rose: appealing and soothing. The feel of your body sends cold shivers down my veins. I love you, honey.

67. My love for you is stronger than the strongest cord, deeper than the deepest depth and brighter than the brightest star. It is a love beyond measurable proportions.

68. Though the rain thunders and the sea rages, I will not leave you. Though the wind roars and the mountains quake, I will remain by your side.

69. I wanted someone man enough to earn and command my respect, someone who would match me in intelligence and wit. I found all I wanted in you, boo.

70. What do you think about moving to Mars and starting our lives afresh, just the two of us in a planet? You know I will willingly trade the world for you.

71. You are my chocolate cookie, I want to munch on you forever, savour your sweetness and leave no crumbs. How are you today love?

72. If our son turns out just like you, I will be a most fulfilled woman, proud and content.

73. I don’t have to pretend to be who I am not when I am with you. You make me so comfortable in my own skin. Thanks dear for appreciating me.

74. Your presence relieves me of all hurt and massages my aching heart. Thanks dear for being a balsam.

75. Irrespective of what you wear, with or without your clothes on, you will always look good to me. Your mind is filled with so much beauty, it fills your whole being.

76. I will choose you over my candies, my diamonds and my costly attires. That shows how important you are to me.

77. I will grease your shield, boost your ego and nurse your esteem. I will compliment you every second of the day. That’s how much I love you.

78. I guess the world is not as bad as I thought since it produced you. You are light in such a dark world and I am grateful this light shines out of my home.

79. I respect your decisions and I admire your body. I respect you a lot and that’s because I love you.

80. If you were a flower, I will be an insect, delight myself daily in your sweet nectar. Your petals will be my home and I will jealously buzz around you for pleasure.

81. Your love encloses me like an armour, it wraps around me like a cloak. It is my most treasured possession.

82. I love your hair, your nose, your lips, your chest, your legs, your eyes, your brain, your soul and even your spirit. I love everything that is yours and all you touch

83. You are honest, well mannered, unobtrusive, sweet, responsible, beautiful and amiable. I am happy you are mine and I will flatter you as much as I want.

84. The moments I have spent with you has revealed a lot about you. You may appear tough on the outside but you have a golden heart, malleable and free and I love you.

85. The ability to love is God’s greatest gift to mankind. Your love fills me, it completes me, enriches me, comforts me, encourages me and sustains me. I will love you forever dear.

86. I appreciate all you do for me, I love and esteem you and I promise to always be there when you need me.

87. You have a striking demeanour, there is a certain fire in your eyes that allures, a certain intelligence in the depth of your frown that captivates. I love you.

88. Our characters are united, our taste similar. We agree more than we disagree. You are my partner and the twin I do not have.

89. You are like a water source that never runs dry no matter how much it dispenses. You are always ready to help and offer succour at my slightest show of discomfort.

90. There is always a freshness to you that fascinates me. Just when I think I have seen it all, you exhibit another virtue that throws me off my feet. I can’t stop exploring.

91. I do not see a single thing wrong with you, what people consider flaws, I adore. I love you so much.

92. Your words ornament your character, they are refined and charming. Your style complements your virtue, it’s classy and dignified. I love you.

93. My being raptures in delight at your touch, your scent fills me with joyous wonder. Forever I will dwell in this cascade of sweet love.

94. Your inclinations and propensities are amiable, I am satisfied with your personality and principles. I love you for who you are.

95. I know enough about you to know you are perfect for me. Your wits and charm are just what I need to live through every day. I want to stay with you forever.

96. The extent of your regard for me you plainly show, the degree of your fondness you manifest. I know you care for me as much as I care about you. I promise not to ever take our love for granted.

97. Your eyes spark off intelligence, you reek of kindness. I want to stay by your side forever so your qualities can rub off on me. I love you, darling.

98. You don’t judge people, you are free-spirited and accommodating. The fact that you give everyone the benefit of doubt shows how honourable you are. I love you so much.

99. Let’s work together, walk together, pray together, play together, stay together, sleep together and live together forever. I want to always be with you, my dear.

100. You are like the light bulb, you brighten up my life. Like the moon at dusk, you lighten my path. What would I do without you?

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