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Sweet Cute Romantic Love Letters with Samples & How to Write them

If all you want the Best of Sweet Cute Romantic love letters with Samples, Best Love Letters ideas, or How to craftily write the best, most beautiful, cutest and sweetest love letters to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, your man, your lady, your husband or your wife, then you are so lucky to be here. So, enjoy the moment.

Did you know?

Enjoying romantic moments in a relationship is more than a measure of pleasant experience. Such thoughts and realization are both so soothing to the soul than the best of available romantic gifts.
Ideally, every farmer understands the principle of seed sowing and harvest, like all physics students – the brilliant ones though – know the Newton’s law of motion which states that, “For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction.” This brings me – and you – to the fact that, when you give you receive.
A bad farmer is the one who daydreams. He is the one who sits on a chair expecting crops to spring up without seed sowing. Even after sowing, there still need to be cultivation process, and even the weed process, as long as their desire is plenteous of harvest. This is applicable to the good farmers though.
And more often than not, this is what most people do in relationships: many people just think that Love grows out of nowhere and so they do nothing to grow it. If you will agree with me, they are wrong!

Love in a relationship doesn’t grow unless it is nurtured – Olalekan Adebumiti. Click to tweet.

However, it is a just cause – the best of its kind – when you do all in your power to keep your relationship working. Isn’t that how you do it?
It is demeaning enough how many wish to have lasting relationships, but they have never bothered to do anything worthwhile to actualize their most-desired blessings. Strange you will say, but true!

Now let’s go to the main reason why you are here.

But, I have a question though. Before we continue, would you tell me why you need to write a love letter? Because you saw it with a friend or for the reason that your lover loves such?

To help you with an answer to that question, I will say this:

There are many reasons you might want to write a love letter. One is because they help express your feelings in a special way than everyday 140 characters sms, a 1-minute-call or online chat would do.
Another might be because your previous lover – your ex – used to love such. Yet another reason might even be because it’s one of those things your lover loves, especially when their love language is “Word of Affirmation.”
So, make sure your lover loves such before you can set out the time to write any, otherwise, you’ll find out you’ve wasted a chunk of your time; which might be hurtful. And if it’s something you want them to really love, then find a way around that.
What about this?
Did you know it’s not that you can’t write that you have to search for love letters online? It’s actually because you only don’t know how to put together such a love letter that your lover would appreciate.
It might even be that you have seen yourself as not being constructive enough. Whichever one you are, you should be able to write romantic love letters yourself without having to search online anymore. But not like you shouldn’t visit my site anymore. Smiles.


How to Write Sweet, Cute, Beautiful, Romantic, Amazing Love Letters

The Dos and Don’ts


Knowing that you are what you write, it is a better and even the best practice to “Keep It Super Simple” since your letter is going to represent you.
Take for instance. If you are going to appear before someone who is going to offer you a contract. How would you dress? You are probably going to go buy some new clothes? Some would even borrow things, including a car. While this might help close a deal in the real sense, it sure has its pros and cons in writing a romantic love letter for your lover.

What do I mean?


Never express more than you can. If you are my lover, I sure would know your limit as far as writing is concerned. So why hire Shakespeare because you want to impress your lover? It’s no sin when you know what to write but you think you don’t have the creativity to pen it down or express it in inks; and then you hire someone to write for you. It’s but a sin when you write to make your lover feel that you are a mentor to Shakespeare. You just keep it super simple and you are safe.

Romantic Love Letter Samples for Her or Him from the Heart


Since you are not really writing to Shakespeare but your lover, you just have to keep yourself off all similitude of fears and anxiety, even if you are writing for the first time. If this, there is the possibility of you not being able to express yourself the way you really would have loved to.
Use simplicity. No matter how intriguing you want your love letter to sound or be seen, never try to impress more than your ability. Make it simple, I say again.

Romantic Love Letters for Him from the Heart


A romantic love letter should reflect love, affection. It must never reflect hatred or dissatisfaction, otherwise it will be read once and then be torn and burnt. Yes, burnt for real.
It must be written in a way that the reader will see himself or herself in it. Even if all women loves flattery, make sure you limit its use. Don’t say more than you mean. And funny enough, don’t say you can die for her when you know you cannot.

Romantic Love Letters for Him – Love Letters for Boyfriend or Husband

If you are writing for the first time, this will help:

You must be opened to what you know the person is, why you prefer them to another, how they have helped you, what your future would be like (it is great when you make them fantasize about the future), what you would have missed had you not met them. How you felt when you met, “limited thought you had before now and how it has changed.” Sweet and/or funny words you will never forget, any selfless service that makes you want to love more, Romantic moments you shared that still linger in your memories. How the relationship has changed you – for the better.
And if you are already in the game, make sure you let them know how you can’t wait for the future. Make it more of the present and the future. Glad you understand that. Mwah.

Or Let us agree that you are writing to someone you would love to have as your girlfriend or your fiancée.fiancée.

This could be a trap, beware! A trap set for yourself and by yourself.
If you are writing to a lady you will love to have as your lover, it is better you don’t make yourself appear before her as a super hero. It could get her intimidated and you will lose the chance of having her to see as a real guy.
In writing to a girl of this category, make sure you talk more of her and not yourself: you are not so important as far as she’s concerned – as far as the letter is concerned!
All you need do is to make the letter show your true person: a kind, loving and caring person. I just hope that is who you really are. Chuckles!
The best part of it – and could be the worst – is how you really describe her:
Don’t overrate her too much that she will start seeing you as someone of lower social class than hers; only overrate her – it’s sometimes needed – when you are together as boyfriend and girlfriend or as fiancé and fiancée.fiancée.
In describing her, make her see her future and how you could help to nurture her to the best. Make her feel somehow incomplete without you by hiding some known facts: this will turn on her inquisitive part and she would want to give you the chance of knowing you the more. No lady likes their secrets being kept.
In all, make sure you keep this super simple and sincere to the last word – remember the KISS principle.
Know this: a love letter is to be written to express and not to impress. Never write words your lover will have to hire a grammarian before they will understand your expressions. Use the simplest of words. As simple as they can be. Taken? Good.
Please, make sure you write a love letter when things are going on well between the two of you, and not when you are having bad times. Choose an appropriate time and you will never regret it.


Write in a way that each paragraph will carry some juice than the previous one. In that way, you will make their heart want to beat at a superfast rate. Never end with an expression they will not like! It will spoil the show and your letter will undeniably end in the trash can.
It is good for you to know that you are not writing an epistle but a love letter. Keep it a simple as possible, I say again. Let your love letter be something your lover will want to read over and over again and not one they will have to plan a day to read.

Romantic Love Letters for Her – Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife


Don’t pretend. Just be as real as possible. Never give room for an ill-thought towards you. Write as if you are before him or her in a discussion. Again I say, be free.


It is okay to be funny, but never use derogatory words. Words live more than you would ever imagine.
And don’t write to show that you are full of yourself, all in the name of expressing all your feelings. Say things that you mean, things that are real. If it’s going to carry some futuristic elements, make sure they are what you can do, and not just empty promises.
Caution: I once read that you shouldn’t be afraid of saying silly things. How true can that really be? Never use any words your lover will have to quarrel with you on. Make sure you know their limit in taking words, otherwise you will soon find out those words are the reason they are mad at you.
I hope you understand that. Claps!
Don’t go overboard expressing your feelings. It’s better and even safe to limit your expressions to the level of your relationshipthe level of your ability.


This type of letter should make your lover feel appreciated but not guilty. It is better you stay away from expressing negative thoughts about them. Just write to appreciate, rather that write for request or to rebuke in any way. “Bottom line is, make sure you know what they can take as far as words are concerned.”


When expressing yourself, make sure you stay away from any words that could appear to make your lover feel a sense of guilt. That could spoil the whole show. Forget about the past and keep the worst memories where they really belong – in the past! If you must talk about it, make sure it’s in a positive way.
If you’ve had rough moments together – and you have overcome them – your love letter must reflect this. It must be able to make them feel like a lover they really are, and not an incompetent fellow. If you need to express your lover’s limitations, it is better to write a separate letter on that; don’t make a love letter an admixture of Praises and Rebuke – it will do more harm than good.


I remember the first of its kind I ever wrote. It was very compact that she could place it anywhere. She would even show it to her friends when they come, and even to her suitors. That is another reason you are not to write to express their limitations but their strength. She wouldn’t want to show her limitations to her friend, remember.


My suggestion: It is a love letter and not a proposal. It’s okay to have a budget on it, but never do anything beyond your real worth: that will only last but for a moment and the real you will be out sooner than you think. Get a nice envelop and send it over. Don’t hire a jet to deliver it. I plead on that. “And don’t write it in a chat! Send it by hand.” Let it be something they can see and touch anytime, anywhere, anyway and any day.


Make sure you use the best. You can hire someone to help you make one that is tailored to your lover’s mental taste – I bet you know what they like. Mine was a handmade card. It took me a great deal of time to make since I wasn’t really artistic then. But she loved it because I made it. If you can’t make what they will appreciate, it is better you buy one in stores or hire someone to make one for you.
Use your handwriting. A handwritten love letter is better treasured than a printed card. Oh, you don’t have a good handwriting? Don’t worry about that. Just make sure you write it one alphabet after another. I just think and I do know that hiring someone to write is not a better option. Use what you have my dear friend.
It is something they should treasure forever, remember!

Extra Tips

Better stay with a black ink, but for emphasis sake (like you want them to pay attention to a word or set of words), you can use an ink that matches their best color.


Now you need to write your own love letter. Heh! What is the shivering all about? I am asking you to write a love letter and not a letter bomb. Take it cool, okay? A smile on that!



If you are writing it on your own, you will get the best expression in your loveliest mood. So, setting a perfect mood would mean getting a perfect romantic love letter. Avoid distractions if you are not like me. Any song that reminds you of your lover or just some instrumentals of such would help you get into the mood.


How do you see the person? How does he or she look to you? Answering this question is the help you need to use the right word as salutation.
There are numerous words out there to use, depending on how intimate you two are (or would be).
Words like “Adorable, Armor, Crown, Jewel, My Love, My Desire, My Dearest “and so on could help.
CAUTION: Never use a word that they will not appreciate – you will spoil the whole show!
It comes easier when you are already in a romantic relationship. Limitless are the words you can use here. We have both used different words at different times. We’ve used words like “Irreplaceable, Beautiful, my Crown, my King, My love, My Joy… (Allow me to keep the rest. Smiles)
She loves the word “beautiful” and I don’t just know why. She even asked me to start telling her, “You are beautiful.” I didn’t have a choice, you know.
You can write it this way.
“To my King,” “To the most Beautiful,” and so on.


The first paragraph must reflect the summary of the whole letter – expression of gratitude!
Since you are not writing to get a grade, you can skip some rules here, but not grammatical rules though.
Now move on to express your deepest of feelings about them. Reflect on past moments, take it to the present and finally make it metamorphose into the future.


Make them know how lucky you are to have met them: the best of memories the relationship has brought. You can cite an example here; make your lover know what really make them peculiar or stand out. Is it about their look (it is very important that you talk about how they look in a romantic way), attitude, and care, sense of humor, humility, passion or compassion, ambition, elegance and/or disposition? Everybody wants to hear what makes them special! I can’t stress that enough.


Imperatively, you must see to it that the ending is as lovely as the beginning. Some are so funny that they will look at the salutation and the signature to see if there is a match.
Make it end in a way that they will know there is more. (I have learnt) you could use sign offs like – and not limited to – Yours ever, XOXO, 1million Kisses, Yours always, Love Always.? A pet name could perfectly fit in here. And whichever way you want it done, make sure it is creative enough.

So, what next?

Write one and send to your lover right away. No need waiting!
P.S. Love letters on this page are samples. Only samples. I will advise you to not just copy to send to your lover if such doesn’t describe them. If you want to have a customized Love Letter for your Lover, make your request here.
Below is an Example. You can also see some we have written for people here

To my King,

Life has been fair and it must have been luck at its best to have had the opportunity of meeting someone like you. To say it as it is, the best of romantic words would fail me to express how deeply in love I have fallen for you and with you!
I have been lost each time I tried to see how I would measure your worth. Should I talk about your care, your love, you attention, your attitude to correction and change or your selfless services of love? Limitless are my reasons to love you – and to do that always!
Like at all times, I wish to express how lovely it is for me to have been favoured enough to have you in my life. It’s been great and wonderful all these while and I must confess.
I have seen the best of relationships end, even those with seemingly perpetual streaks, but how ours have stood amidst all the ups and downs are just too much for me to explain. You deserve the best of gratitude from me. And I only wish I could pay a part of your sacrifices in a lifetime.
Just down the memory lane, I recollected some moments we’ve had together and joy beams on me to have had such rare opportunity to be with you my love. You remember how you said “I am your lifetime merriment?” That statement rings inside my heart every day and I wish it hits reality. Also praying that I will be capable enough to have the wherewithal to maintain that unusual quality.
To be factual, you rock my world!
You see, when I wake up every morning and knowing how glorious our relationship has been, I just wish I could make us teleport into our future of bliss. If you must know, my most valuable goal is to see myself walking down the aisle with you. Can we just go now? Smiles.
So far so good, I have had limitless reasons to be happy that I found my way into your heart. It’s such a memorable event and such that calls for celebration.
And here is my promise:
I want to do my part. I want to give my best to this relationship. I choose to stand by you in worst of moments. And the last time I checked, I didn’t have any other choice than to be with the best – you are my best!
You will remain my lifetime fantasy! Thanks once again for giving me the chance to be on the same path of destiny fulfilment with you. I really love you and I will forever do.

Your loyal Queen

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